Ender’s Game

The movie was fantastic.   I read the book when I was young, and my sons have as well.  We were not disappointed.  We all enjoyed it a great deal.
Well acted, well directed, good casting, and awesome effects.
The story is solid.  A good morality tale.

The ending of the conflict had an important dialog.  Normally I’d agree with Harrison Ford’s Character that Winning was all that mattered.  But Ender’s response that how they win is more important.  This is true in any War based on Political Agenda.  World Wars I and II were both Political Wars.  The Civil War and our Revolutionary War were Political Wars. In these, “How You Win” is critical.  Look at WWII specifically.  Germany and Japan, who were our biter enemies, quickly became our allies.  How You Win is what made the difference here.  Look at WWI, how the Allied nations in that case is what set the ball in motion to start WWII.  Many reasons for this, but allow me to oversimplify.  The Allies were poor Winners in that conflict.  Ender went the extreme route to Poor Winner, by the utter destruction and genocide of the enemy.

We see that pretty much as the goal of our Enemies now.  The extremist Muslims who vow extermination of everyone that is not Muslim.  As a result of these statements, a lot of guys I know have said the same thing in reverse… That we should exterminate the Muslims.  This is the wrong tact.  The wrong direction.  And it’s counter to our beliefs as Americans.  America is a Mixing Pot.

The talk of killing Muslims just because they are Muslims makes me ill and disappointed. We shall fight to defend, certainly. But only to defend. We kill only to protect. We do not engage because someone has a different belief system than our own. We do not shun someone because they come from a different corner of the world than our own ancestors who came here from a different corner of the world.

I enjoy Orson Scott Card’s works, and Ender’s Game was the first of his that I read.
I’ve had a few chances to meet OSC.  Sat in on a lecture on writing once.  Interesting fellow.  While I do not agree with him in certain political areas, I do like his work.