I hate Conspiracy Theories…

Some of the biggest and most asinine conspiracy theories out there are really getting on my nerves.

9-11-01. The Government was in on it.
No, It wasnt. 9-11 happened because everyone was asleep at the wheel. Flight Instructors to Federal Agents. All the signs were there and nobody said anything. Interagency communication wasnt happening. No one really cared because it was a different world at the time. No could actually imagine such a thing really happening.

The Colorado Theater Shooter was a false flag attack. No. The Government doesnt need to randomly kill people… unless they dont obey the Capitol Police in DC… That was an act of an individual who went crazy. Probably did some drugs. Lost his mind. Whatever happened to him, there was no Smoking Man behind it. It wasnt a False Flag Attack. That catch phrase has been used, forgive the pun, to death and its not been the case.

FEMA Rail Cars in Wyoming. If you’ve not heard this one…. FEMA has prison rail cars to tranport prisoners to concentration camps, and they keep them hidden in Wyoming. Or Montana. Ive heard both. They often show a picture of an automobile transport railcar, which is unusual looking. They say the railcar is full of shackles welded inside. This is ludicrous. While FEMA does have refugee camps ready for use in the next Katrina Incident, they are not planning on Red Dawn Like Prison Camps for those of different opinions. They would have to imprison half the population. If such rail cars existed… as described… the people of Wyoming would burn them down to the tracks.

FEMA Coffins. Only partially right. They are grave liners that coffins go into. But its not FEMA behind these , its Morticians. And its not a conspiracy, its commercial business. Go ask a Mortician. Or not… because one day you will see for yourself. But it’s a nice conspiracy… The Government is going to bury everyone in nice sealed coffins now instead of the common mass graves. Thats American Exceptionalism at work right there.