Kenya & Evil

Like many of us, I watched the reports and read the articles, and looked at the photos of the Islamic Atrocity in Kenya.

I was going to write a scathing open letter to Islam, calling for peace.  I’ve thought about this all day.  How I was going to illustrate how Islam’s fundamentalists lead to hatred and extremism, and fosters violence in the fervent, the ignorant and the enthusiastic.  The more I thought about it, the more hopeless the effort became, because it would fall not on deaf ears, but ears that choose not to hear.  Ears on the heads that have already decided.

I am reminded of Matthew Chapter 7, Verse 16.  I’ll link to a wider translation, than just the King James version which I prefer. Also, Luke 6:44.

These actions are happening for a purpose, for a reason.  They are fulfilling the goals for which they are directed. These are people who are being lead to do evil, by evil.  Because their fruits are obvious.

Top 10 movies that need to be made.

10.  At the Mountains of Madness. By HP Lovecraft.   Directed by Guillermo Del Toro.
9.  The Black Library’s “Horus Heresy” series.  The first 5 books. Directed by James Cameron
8.   Man Kzin Wars.  By Larry Niven.  Directed by JJ Abrams.
7.  Stephen King’s The Gunslinger.  Directed by Quinton Terantino.
6.  Starship Troopers.   This time, following the book. Directed by Micheal Mann.
5.  Larry Niven’s Ringworld.  Directed by Ridley Scott
4. The Iron Druid series.  Directed by Stephen Speilberg
3.  Monster Hunter International.  Directed by Joss Whedon
2.  The Grimnoir Chronicles.  Directed by Bryan Singer
1. The Uprising Saga.  Directed by Tony Scott