Lucid HD7 Gen 3 FDE

I’ve tested the original Lucid HD7 and found it to be most excellent.  One thing that continues to impress me is the unit’s ability to handle recoil.  Even after much pounding on an AR, the POA/POI was not changed from when it was zeroed to where the last accurate shots were placed.  Granted this was a short test, only 300 rounds, but I’ve seen slight shifts on some other red dots in this price range.  The first Gen HD7, I beat the hell out of it on many different hard recoiling guns.  I have the impression that the Gen 3 is every bit as tough, if not tougher.   The optic I used to run on my personal AR has been an EOTECH, and has been for years.  This Lucid HD7 has replaced that Eotech.  Because of a couple advantages.  A, more precise aiming reticle and B, much longer battery life.  The Battery life really pushed it over the top for me.  Long lasting, common battery type is a WIN for me.  I only have a couple flashlights that run those Surefire 3 Volt Batteries, so I don’t buy them very often.  And when I do I usually order them or pick them up when I am in certain stores.  AA Batteries can be had anywhere, cheap, and I have them around the house.  This commonality is an advantage.  With the Lucid, I’ve never had to wait until the sporting goods store opens to get my Red Dot to power on again.  I’ve had that problem with the EoTech.

The Gen 3 version has some worthy improvements.
1. Turret Caps.
2. Better Reticle Patterns.
3. Better Clarity and Brightness.
While the price may have come up a bit on the Retail side – it didn’t come up much and it remains the best optic for an AR under $400. I’ve seen these got for as low as 219.99 and as high as 249.99.
Overall – These sights are a Win. Buy one!

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