I’ve not talked much about the Zimmerman Trial here.   But I feel like I want to vent my spleen about this.  Please bear with me here.

The prosecution has turned this into a huge clusterfuck, obscuring Florida Law and interjecting race as an issue to pander to the media hype.  In the prosecution’s argument they railed that Zimmerman wasn’t afraid when he got out of the car because he had a gun on him.  As if there was something wrong with that.  Being Afraid isn’t a condition that shows premeditation to murder.  Being afraid was what happened after Travon started bouncing Zimmerman’s head off the concrete like he was dribbling a basketball.  And according to Florida Law, that’s all Zimmerman needed to legally justify his use of deadly force.  The fact Zimmerman had a legally carried and conceal pistol on him did not justify Travon for ambushing and attacking him.

Travon was a drug using thug and attacked Zimmerman.  Zimmerman exercised his human right to self defense.  Travon died not because Zimmerman had a gun and had murderous intent.  Travon died because he was a violent thug that attacked another human being who in this case, was able to use lethal force.  The violent thug got what he deserved.  Simple as that.

The Race Card being thrown out by the Media and the Prosecution is disgusting.  They took a simple case according to Florida Law and turned it into a pathetic media circus.

Pistol Training with Steve Reichert

Had the chance to train with Steve Reichert today.  Not as an Instructor, but as a Student.  And I had a great time.  Photos can be found here.

Steve Reichert puts on a top notch training class. It was an honor to train with a man of his experience and insight. I can honestly say that he made me a faster shooter. From 2.3 seconds to 1.42 for first round hits on steel from the holster. It was hot, muggy, and we had some rain showers, but we trained on.
Starting out, there was a lot of repetition in some core fundamentals that many instructors gloss over because they are not fun to train… but the Wax on Wax off approach to building good habits made the difference in building our speed and confidence.
Steve is a beast with his SIG P226. And he shows you how to do the same with your gun. Some people may be intimidated about going to a class taught by a certified professional badass like Steve, but I found him to be very personable, professional, without the elitist chest pounding. The same went with his assistant instructor. I was impressed. Excellent training. Some of you may not know who Steve is. Watch this:

The range was gorgeous… The Spartan Ranch in Maysville, NC. If you get a change to train there, with Steve… Take it. You will not be disappointed and you will come away sharper than when you first arrived.