Life in Jax

It’s interesting living outside of a Marine base.  One can occasionally hear the rapid fire reports of small arms, and the overhead flights of V-22 Osprey and heavy Chinook helicopters.
At any eating establishment one can overhear the conversations of Grunts… The topic of shooting is common.  I feel at home here.  Even if I’m addressed as Sir by these young Grunts… America’s warriors.  So young, they still have spots.  Can’t yet grow facial hair… Yet they are our front lines.  The tip of the spear that is our national will. 
Observing them, I am impressed.  Well behaved, clean cut, razor sharp physically and mentally.
I’m proud of them all.  They are our Nation’s Sons… Our best and brightest… So much potential if they were in any other industry… Yet they are willing to lay down their lives at the command of a Government that spends them so cheaply.  This saddens me, and fills me with pride at the same time… Because they are our warriors. 

The humidity in Jax is comfortable to me. Weather is warm now, soon to be hot.  But I’m enjoying it.
My laptop died during the move. I’ve no internet at home.  So vids, posts, and writing is going to be infrequent at best for awhile.  I’ll need to get a new phone too.  I’ll need a local number.  T-Moble sucks here as much as it did in Vernal.  Didn’t think that was possible… So I will be looking at Verizon. 
Overall, everything is as expected and I’m happy to be here.  Things will be better once I get some furniture, utilities, and such… But we are doing fine.