A couple things

First off, even though I’m going to work for G-Code, I am still in love with my holsters from Adams Holsters.  Luke’s custom leather work does spoil a guy.  My Sharkhide rigs are a step above and beyond.  For anyone looking for good leather, I will continue to recommend Adams Holsters. Even if you don’t want Shark.
When it comes to Kydex, I’ve always recommended G-Code.  Nothing has changed there.  I have a G-Code holster for my 1911 and from my Beretta.  I also have a REAC Rig, which is one of the original Drop Leg rigs from G-Code.  Always been a fan.  My mag holders I use in training and IDPA has been G-Code.

Secondly, I am not a cross between Dr. Cox and Dr. House. I’m just an Ogre.  I’ve always been an ogre.  Severe of opinion and judgmental.  In fact, the first nickname I had as a child was “The Judge”.  I’m not making that up.   They called me that.  Grandparents did.  I can’t help it.  I’m a natural born critic.  I’m not mean… that’s just who I am.  Just know this, more than anything… I’m most judgmental and critical about myself.  I beat myself up to the point of near death… That’s just me.  So cut me some slack on that.  K?