The Perfect Line

There is no feeling like finding the perfect body position, leaning the bike over… you have the perfect entry speed… and you find that perfect line.  You and your bike are one and you cut the apex like a Neurosurgeon.  The aches and pains from a long day at work are far behind you.  You don’t feel your age anymore.  You just feel the Speed and the Road, and the Revs of the Engine as you look through the turn at what’s out there.  The tires are gripping, but at that hairy edge… but you roll on the throttle and bust out of the curve like a Patriot Missile, just almost kissing the outside of the lane.  The perfect line.

There is no other feeling like it.  None.

I had that Perfect Line tonight.  My God it was amazing!  My knee had been hurting bad. But then suddenly… I didn’t feel it anymore. Lost in the unadulterated thrill of murdering that apex and I could feel the front tire raise off the ground at the exit. It was like a beautiful High that I wish you guys could have felt. I wish you could have been there!

It’s Marketing, Remington. You need some.

The .260 Remington is a great round.  Don’t think so?  We’ll get to that later…

Check out the 6.5 Creedmore.  The Rifle Shooter’s Darling Cartridge.  It leaps tall buildings.  It is Sub-MOA to a Grand.  It’s made of accuracy.  It’s everyone’s favorite round.  Right?

Well, how come the 6.5 Creedmore is so popular when the .260 Remington isn’t?   Ballistic-wise, they are almost identical with the .260 actually having a slight performance edge.  Accuracy?  Sixes really. But 6.5 Creedmore is the one people are looking for.

The difference is Marketing.  Remington doesn’t know how to do it.  They had something good YEARS before the Creedmore came out and Remington let it flop.  Basically overall performance is like a .25 WSSM, before that round came and went.  It’s one people are always asking for too… yet there is the .260, sitting there, ignored.  Even by Remington!    It makes no sense.  They should be all over the .260.    But they just don’t get it.

Vice President Debate Prediction

Tomorrow night we are going to watch Joe Biden say some seriously stupid crap. 
Here’s what’s going to happen.  He’s going to go with the Party Line, quoting from his flash cards they’ve been prepping him with.  He’ll start out fine. 
Then he’s going to get frustrated because Ryan is going to dissect him… then he’s going to spew some epic level stupidity.
Or he thinks he is doing well, gets cocky, and then spews epic level stupidity. 
Either way, Joe is going to show his ass and it’s going to be a huge win for Ryan. 
But the Media is going to minimize it and dismiss it all as Bidenisms, and play it off, because it’s “just Joe”.