Armed American Radio problem

I don’t know if you guys caught this last Sunday night.  But about 5 minutes into Hour 2, we had a Technical Glitch.  The feed to the studio where Mark Walters and Rob Pincus dropped.  They could hear the Producer, Shawnto, in Dallas, but no one could hear them.
Take a listen.

I heard the worry in Shawnto’s voice and knew he was having a bugger of a time, so called in.  Listen to the relief in Shawn’s voice when he hears me.  Well, we covered the rest of the segment together and then Shawn rolls some archived stuff until they got the Feed back online.

This is Live Radio.  This stuff can happen when you run a live show.  Other Gun Rights type talk shows are pre-recorded.  Not Armed American Radio.  This makes AAR a lot more fun.