The problem with Libertarians

I am libertarian.  I ran as a Libertarian (Notice the difference in “L’s”) for State Representative.  I support libertarian causes and philosophy.  So take what I am about to say as Constructive Criticism.

When I went to the Utah Libertarian Party Caucus in SLC during my Candidacy, I looked around and listened to the other people there.  The event was quite interesting.  Before the event there was a little get together over some food just across the street from where the meeting was to be held (at the SL County Library) and I talked with the other Candidates.

Brilliant people, and good people.  Professionals in Law and Business and Healthcare fields.  Yes, the Ogre sat down at a table of Doctors, Lawyers and Business Executives, and no one got strangled… because we were all on the same page there.  I thought this was fantastic.  If these are my fellow Libertarians (I was a Card Carrying Member) we will do very well as a party.

Well, not so much.  I might be wrong, but I don’t think anyone won their race.  I garnered the highest percentage of the vote for my district out of all the other candidates.   Maybe it was a money issue.  In my race, it sure was.  I didn’t have the funds to get my message out.  But for the State of Utah as a whole, the Party should have done better.  Because the message, when received, resonates with people. The problem though is getting that message received.  Freedom of Speech isn’t saying that people will listen to you.   Back at the Caucus meeting, I saw the problem.  A good solid portion of the Libertarians there were hippies and stoners who all they could talk about was Drug Legalization.  Come on.  This is Utah.  That just doesn’t represent the good and solid side of the Libertarian equation.  The Utah Libertarian Party was still recovering from that clown SuperDell, having run for Governor on the Libertarian ticket, having been arrested for pulling a gun on a guy in some road rage incident. Then the head of the Utah Libertarian Party got this great newspaper article… with a photo that made him look like an Occupy Wall Street type vagrant, and it mentioned his office… above a sex shop.  Yeah, that right there probably killed the chances for more than a few Candidates.  Again, this is Utah.  Not Nevada or California… But Utah.

The Utah Party needs to put people up, front and center, that look like they represent Utah.  Like some of the quieter people I met that day… Those professional guys.  Have those guys do the Interviews and get their pictures taken.  Not me… I’m not that guy.  Someone with a full head of hair and an expensive suite and looks like they sell Movie Contracts or something.  Or a lady, like our own version of Sarah Palin.  Hot Librarian look to her, smart, with a voice that doesn’t sound like nails on a chalkboard.   But we need that Charismatic person to lead the party.  And lets NOT nominate Stoner as the Libertarian Candidate.  If the Party in Utah wants to be taken seriously… Don’t talk about drugs.  Don’t talk about Abortion.  And if asked, “That’s between them and God” and move on.  And in Utah, don’t support it.  It’s not going to get you votes here.

On the national level, the Libertarian’s number one Front Man is a dweeb in a poorly fitting suit who has some great domestic policy ideas… but not only does he completely fail on foreign policy, but he has a history of Anti-Semitic comments that further turn people off.

Libertarians need a good Front Man.  Charismatic like a rock star.  “Clean and articulate” as Joe Biden said of Obama.  We need someone who doesn’t just have the ideas… but has the Leadership.  We need someone other than Ron Paul as the center focus of the Party.

I read some time ago that Dennis Leary was a Libertarian.  He’s make a better Front Man.  At least he’s entertaining and makes you listen to him.