I suck.

I called a friend the other day and his response was “Dude, you have never called me before… What’s wrong?”
Huh.  Really? This has been bothering me ever since our conversation.
I guess what is wrong is that I’ve never called him before. We’ve been friends for over a decade… talk online all the time… but that’s not the same… its not really talking.  Its sad because I consider him a brother.  I suck.
And another friend… I only see when I need to crash at his place.  Damn it… I really suck.
I have good friends, but I am not a good friend.
I need to work on this.

Any of my friends are cool to call me any time. If I can’t talk, I’ll call you back the instant I can. You don’t need to leave a message, I’ll return the call. You can send text messages. Now, if you call, and I answer, but you only hear wind… I’m on my bike with my ear buds in and I can hear you… probably… and when I stop… I’ll call you back.