Google Glasses

I want a pair.  But not for Gaming or other such reasons… I want them for my Motorcycle Helmet.  Bike helmets have not changed much since the 60’s.  Sure, we have slicker shapes, better venting, and bold new graphics… But really its just a Plexiglas face shield attached to a padded bucket. 
I was watching Ironman and was thinking about this… How bitchin it would be to have that helmet for riding motorcycles.  Heads Up Displays with your bike’s data, speed, temp, angle, G’s… Navigation and Communication… And superimposed FLIR for greater night time riding safety.
The tech us all stuff we’ve had for decades.  US Army Helicopter pilots have had this for a long time.  We’ve had FLIR in cars too.   Google Goggles puts it into a form factor that could be incorporated into a bike helmet.