Not happy

The more I think about it, the more I’m pissed. The Defensive Pistol Class last Saturday. It wasn’t my best work as an Instructor. I could have been better. The only thing I could have done about the wind would have been to postpone the class. But no one really wanted to put off the training. As brutal as the wind and sand was… the problem was that it threw me off my game.  I didn’t teach as well I could have.

Damn it.

Slipstreamed my Superhawk

We here at Crusader have been slowly working on automotive products.  Very slowly since we don’t have a dedicated Test Mule. 
I’ve been wanting to use Slipstream in my bikes engines.  Unfortunately my bikes have all used wet clutches.  Slipstream in that type of engine would mean I would have no clutch at all.  So instead, I Slipstreamed the Clutch Lever and Brake Lever.  I pulled the levers out, cleaned up the brackets, and used Slipstream Styx on the friction points.  The results were dramatic increases in the smoothness and feel.
Is it possible for a bike to feel “happy”? Because it does.
Still haven’t tried it on the chain yet.
There are other applications I’ll be testing as well.