Bike Bling

Well, the new chain for my motorcycle arrived.  Holy cow…. The Gold Chain is a hell of a lot of BLING for me.  What was I thinking?  Oh well.  We’ll put it on and see how it looks after 10,000 miles.

The new brake lever I ordered was silver.  The one that arrived though… Black.  I was going to send it back… but I went ahead and put it on.  Looks sharp.  I think I’ll order a black clutch lever too.

Presidential Evolution

I find it interesting that the term used for flip flopping positions is “evolution”.  Especially in the Gay Marriage issue.  Evolution being an argument over Creationism pitting Science against Religion…  And the whole Nature vs Nurture argument about homosexuality.

So essentially what the POTUS did was to make a solid stand on side of the fence over the other on an issue that is very divisive.  States are voting against Gay Marriage… California did twice, as did North Caroline recently… Yet the POTUS is coming down hard for it.  This isn’t surprising because of two reasons… He’s far to the Left and the Left loves this stuff and there is the rumors that the POTUS himself has homosexual tendencies.  Evidence – the bike he peddles.  But really the big “No Shocker” here is that this is a Big Government move.  This is a path to take another decision out of the States.  Carving anything out of States Rights is going to be – of course – the way Big Government is going to go.  This isn’t about Gay Marriage… this is about States Rights.  According to the Constitution, this issue is a State issue, not a Fed issue.  And the POTUS just made it Federal.  Expect to see the wedding announcements in your local papers next year.

What is my position on the issue?  I’m very Libertarian on this.  A.  I don’t care.  B. It’s not my business.  C.  Who the hell am I to say who someone can or can’t love?  This isn’t advocating or accepting… it’s tolerating.  Now, this position of National Acceptance of “What Consenting Adults want to do” opens the door.  Polygamy is an issue that comes after Gay Marriage… and this is an entertaining one at that considering that this topic will come up and it will be asked of Mitt Romney – A Practicing Mormon.  Mormons of course are Famous for the early church history of practicing polygamy which was later abolished.  But that’s a whole other topic.   Expect Mitt to fidget on that issue probably soon.