Ordered a couple things for my bike

Let’s see… shopping list.
New chain.  Current chain is past the “OMG you need to freaking replace this NOW!” point. I really don’t want to experience a 4th chain breakage.  Those instances have a habit of putting me on the ground.  So I got me a nice 530 O-Ring Chain that has some solid reviews for strength and longevity.  I’ll need a hand putting it on.  (Hint to M)
Oil filter.  Past time to change it.  I’ve never gone this long before without a change and its making me feel itchy.  I am almost to the Recommended Miles for an Oil Change.  *shudder* The oil is still pretty clean and same color as new oil, so I’m not worried… but I want to change it soon.  I’ll sleep better.
New brake lever.  When I dumped it shortly after my second concussion, it bent my brake lever to hell.  It’s harder to reach and because of the angle, when I pull it in, it does so with no feel and too much “grab”.  This makes braking… not so smooth.
And I finally ordered some luggage for the Superhawk.  A tank bag.  After spending a couple hours reviewing tank bags and taking everything into consideration for size, style, and how I’m going to use it… I selected the Joe Rocket Manta XL which seems to be just about right for my needs for an Over-Nighter in SLC or a couple days worth of Road Tripping with the additional use of a Backpack.  And the price was right.
Once I get this stuff in and the chain and lever on… I’ll be ready to go the distance.

Oh, and I welcomed a few new additions to the “ATTACK MODE” Play List.
Rob Zombie’s “WHAT”, “SUPERBEAST”, and “DEMONOID PHENOMENOM”  and Prodigy’s “OMEN”.