Walther P22 KB

Ever see a Rimfire KB before?  I hadn’t.  Until today.  Customer brought in a Walther with a “Problem”.

The KB cracked the P22's frame and subframe is damaged.

This isn’t just from one bad round.  The customer had a second piece of brass that looked exactly like the first.

It wasn't a squib or barrel obstruction... I think the ammo was double primed.

When we have a KB, there are are two Culprits we look at… The Gun or The Ammo.  Most of the time, the Ammo is the cause.  Remington Golden Bullet Bulk Pack.  I don’t have a lot number or anything.  The Customer Cleaned and Lubed the gun, fired several magazines full with no problem and then suddenly had a jam… then another jam and the slide wouldn’t go forward with the magazine in.  Then he noticed the frame and the brass.  Looking at the brass, the way the casing was blown out like that… I think we have some cases that were double primed.  If it was fired out of battery, the brass would be blown out differently and distinctively, indicating it… in this case, the primer material in the rim blew out the rim.  A normal amount of primer wouldn’t do this, and there isn’t enough case volume for a double charge… but the pressure spike from too much primer – would do exactly this.

Luckily no one was hurt, nothing else was damaged.  We’ll see what Walther and Remington does.

Government Gone Wild

What country is this?  The US Secret Service getting hookers, the GSA going on a Vegas Binger like the guys from The Hangover or Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Presidential Vacations and private jets to fly the Presidential Dog to Vacations.  The BATFE sending guns to Mexican Drug Cartells, The Department of Education buying Tactical Shotguns, and the TSA is feeling people up and stealing their iPods.

Is this our Government, or a Sacha Baron Cohen Comedy?  If this one another Country – it would be freaking hilarious… but it’s not… It’s our Government.  And it’s frakking pathetic.

Speaking of a Useless Government.  Let’s talk about Utah for a moment.  Utah passed a 50 dollar bounty on Coyotes… but it’s all held up because they can’t decide on just how to do it.  And even if they do get it all settled down… Uintah County doesn’t get any.  Instead of paying our Local Boys to bag the problematic Yotes, they would rather pay a Guy in a Helicopter.  When you break down the cost per dog, a Chopper is freaking retarded.  Too inefficient to be believable, but that’s what they’ve been spending our money on.
This needs to be put before the public vote.  This needs to be on the Ballot.  A Government Gunman in a Chopper, or hundreds of hunters across the county collecting on a pair of ears at a time.  What’s more efficient?  Just paying for the ears, or paying a gunman and a pilot and maintenance and everything involved for operating a helicopter?   And where is that chopper?  It’s only in one place at a time, flying only when they want it to.  Not out there all the time, all over the county, wherever the coyotes are stirring up problems and the money going to guys who could probably use a few extra bucks.   Where should our money go?  What makes the most sense?   I don’t think a Chopper makes any sense at all.  This should be put to the Vote.