Brutal Test for Slipstream

Ready from some unabashed Slipstream Pimping?  Joe, aka “GunDoc” got this in the email today…  From one of Crusader’s Dealers, Tannerman’s Trading Company.

I had to send you this testimony ASAP.  A customer came in just browsing the shop and noticed we carried Slipstream. He promptly wanted the grease/lube combo, but not for what you would think.

The customer works at Pocasangre Abbott Labs and works with centrifuges all day. He stated he was using the manufacturer-recommended grease for his centrifuges, but it was breaking down after just a few days of usage. He then proceeded to tell me that he tried Slipstream grease and after three weeks of continuous use, it still hadn’t broken down! The only reason he didn’t test it for a fourth week, he said, was because he was going on vacation and didn’t want to take the chance that something would happen. He was very happy with the performance Slipstream was providing him with his machinery and happily told me it was fine for me to relay his experience back to you.

So there you go, another non-weapon use for Slipstream.

Gun Shop Manager
Tannerman’s Trading Company

This is a pretty brutal test for any lubricant, and from what I gather, the other Lubricants have completely failed.   Slipstream has passed the test with flying colors.
For those that don’t know, a Centrifuge… well… Read the Wiki if you don’t know what one is.  These suckers spin at some shockingly high RPM’s.