Pimping Crusader.

Some jackass tried to post “Why don’t you stop pimping Slipstream and Crusader?”

Really?  I’m part owner of Crusader.  I have a vested interest in Crusader… and Slipstream.  The reason I am involved is because I really believe in what we are doing and what we are making.  Crusader puts out staggeringly good weapons that outperform rifles costing twice as much (or more) and our lubrication product “Slipstream” is so good in automatic weapons that active members of the military have described it as a “Force Multiplier”.

When Crusader stops putting out the very best we can… then I’ll stop pimping Crusader and Slipstream.

How about this… Instead of being a dickhead – why don’t you try it? I double dog dare you.  You might find that I’m actually right.  If you come to one of my training courses – Defensive Pistol coming up May 26th – you will need it!