Bi-polar guns

Guys, don’t let your guns get bi-polar… Your AR doesn’t need everything out of the MAKO and Blackhawk catalogues to be cool or effective.
Here is a rule of thumb for you.  If you have a VFG or an AFG on your rifle, you don’t need a bi-pod.  The reverse is also true.  If you put a 4-16 Nikon Monarch on your gun, you don’t need to try to put flip up iron sights on it. 
AR builds tend to fall into three classes.  Short, Intermediate, and Long Range/Precision.
I’ll post more about these three build types tonight or tomorrow…


I’ve not posted about the Trayvon Zimmerman shooting, because I don’t have the details.
I still don’t.  But enough people gave asked, so I will give you my two cents.
Zimmerman, no matter what he did wrong in following after the police dispatcher told him not to, was violently physically attacked.  Police on the scene evidently thought it was a good defense shooting, because the man was not arrested. 
Trayvon however wins this, because Zimmerman gave him something few thugs ever get… Remembered. He will probably be remembered for a good ten to fifteen years.  Most thugs are forgotten in a matter of weeks.