The Tap Out Affliction

I think Jersey Shore has washed up in the Uintah Basin like an unwanted fist pumping oil slick.  Vernal is a few years behind the rest of the country… thanks to a self induced communal isolationism that Vernal as a community is proud of.  When things wash in, it does so like Katrina into New Orleans… The Jersey Shore thing is all over now, yet the local Young Ones are not quite sure how to apply it.  So we have the Hair and the tight Tshirts that have print that look like enlarged French curtains, as if thats the coolest thing ever… then tight jeans only half on their buttocks and Carhart boots while the guy jumps down out of his Dodge 3500 Diesel as the sun glints off the metallic sticker that they carefully leave on their perfectly flat brim ball cap.  What I don’t get is that most of these guys have literally never been further outside of Utah than Craig Colorado.

My words of advice to these Young Ones… Guys, just be yourself.  You live in Utah.  In the country.  You are surrounded by Cattle and Oil Fields.  The biggest thing that happens here in Vernal is the annual Rodeo and NRA Banquet.  Embrace who you are.  Because if you strip off the Imported Faddish Sillyness – You guys are Cooler than Jersey Shore.  You are better than that.  You ask the JS Crew to get anything done and they’ll ruin it.  Ask you guys to get anything done… and you will repair a Diesel Truck to move an Oil Rig and then gather up a herd of Beef and get it loaded into a trailer… all before breakfast and the next day you’ll go out and hunt a trophy elk and tag it and bag it.   You guys Get Shit Done.  You are independent.  You are capable.   Be proud of that and don’t lower yourself to emulate a pack of slobbering useless idiots on TV.