Slipstream Styx just blew me away.

I’ve said it before… Slipstream never fails to impress me.  I’ve been running my Glock 23 on a diet of Slipstream since I first got it.  About the time of the Gun Dude’s hosting of the MAG-40 class, I stopped oiling it.  Didn’t need it anymore.  Hasn’t needed it since.

Well, Gundoc sent me a bottle of each.  The regular Slipstream Oil, and a bottle of the new Slipstream Styx.  Just for fun, on a whim, I decided to slap a little Styx in my good old Glock 23.  Holy crap!  Smooth doesn’t describe this… It’s… it’s… creamy.   I don’t know how to describe this… I’ve never felt a Glock like this before. Beretta’s, yes.  Custom 1911’s, yes.  This is next level Glock slickness right there.