McQueen was the King of Cool

Steve McQueen was the coolest man on earth. I’m not going to write a Bio, but trust me… the man was Cool Personified.
He was a Hollywood Actor as his Job, but when he wasn’t acting – he was out there in the world doing cool stuff all the time. Racing cars and motorcycles is seriously cool. High Octane and Awesomeness flowed in his veins. Even when he wasn’t doing cool stuff, he was just chilling at home – being cool. If Chuck Norris is the King of Asskicking… and could kick everyone’s ass on the planet… He couldn’t touch McQueen, because McQueen only had to given him a look of disdain and disappointment that would leave Norris in quivering ball of tears and vomit.
The world is much less cool because of the loss of Steve McQueen. This was the cause of Global Warming. Ask NASA.
So what actor could possibly replace Steve McQueen as being the new Super Cool?
Clooney? Depp? Not hardly. The new Bond Guy? Getting closer… but that’s not him… I think there is a guy – and he is pretty damn cool in real life.
Eric Bana.   Look at his movies… awesome stuff… and he races.  I think Eric Bana is the Heir to Cool.

Yesterdays shooting

One thing that I failed to mention… Jim’s .45-70 Marlin was crazy smooth.  The action felt like a Henry Goldenboy, it was so slick.  None of the rough grittyness that is typical of a Marlin, in any caliber. 
My own Marlins never felt half as good.  My Rossi M92 .44 Mag feels really slick and smooth… But not like Jim’s.  He’s been running Slipstream for a long time through that gun, letting it really work in.  Mine will get that way eventually, given some more time.  You feel the new Marlins we have at the store… Slipstream makes a new one feel just plain sad.
Marlin should be using Slipstream at the factory. Just saying.  Because they would then be smoother than a Browning BLR…