Why do YOU need training?

I got a smart-ass email from someone who thinks they know more than they do.

“I thought you were a Trainer. Why do YOU need training?  Not as good you wish you were?”

You know, that’s a good question.  Most of the serious trainers that know never miss a chance to continue their own education. I dare say the best trainers never stop learning themselves.  When you stop learning yourself, you stagnate. Your instruction stagnates.  There are some of those trainers out there who think they are so all that, that they wouldn’t dare lower themselves to be a student again.  That arrogance isn’t a good thing, not for them and not for their students.  Their only remaining value is having a “Name” and students can then brag that they trained with them… because the actual value of that training stagnates with the trainer.  I could name names, but I don’t want to start any fights or flame wars or foster any animosity.  I’ll just say this, the best in the business know that they need to continually sharpen their swords.  Those that don’t, they know who they are.  The day I decide to stop learning, that’s the day I stop teaching too.

Custom TC Encore.

For some time I’ve been wanting an Encore rifle.  Unfortunately, TC doesn’t make one that I want.  Here’s the run down.

Stainless receiver. Polished blued barrel. Walnut stocks. With barrels in 7mm Rem Mag, .338 Win Mag, .25-06, .375H&H and a 12 gauge rifled barrel.  Then a couple short 16″ barrels in .308, .223, and .30-30… and I’m thinking a .35 Whelen and 7-30 Waters. A nice collection. There are several gunsmiths out there that specialize in TC Encore triggers, and this would also be a requirement for me.   Parting it out, I’m probably looking at about 800 bucks for the first set up brand new, and then additional costs for the other barrels.   But I’m not sure if I am wanting brand new.  I’m thinking old… I’m thinking used.  Used guns often have more “soul” than a brand new gun.  I might start this as a “Project” gun.  No hurry to build this as I’m in no rush… but I’m going to work on this. Many are going to ask “Why”.  To those I simply ask “Why Not?” With a cool leather roll up kit for the barrels.  That would be very cool.

This is Uber-Un-Tactical.  I know.  Many MadOgre readers wont understand this as there are no Rails and Pmags to go with this Single Shot system.  No Bolt-Forward Assists or anything.  I mean, yeah, you can throw on a Ching-Sling and be psudo-tactical if you want, but a simple leather sling would be ideal.