Obama’s antigun move predictions

Obama’s popularity is crashing.  He is unable to just make “suggestions” to congress with any expectations that they will get done.  If he does so, all the Blue Dog Democrats are going to stand up against him because they remembered what happened when they passed the AWB under Clinton.

This means he’s gong to have to make an Executive Order.  Something that we’ve known he’d do if he won reelection.  A Second Term Obama means an Obama without his Mask.  If he wins, not only is his mask off… but also the gloves.  He’s going to be a disaster of biblical proportions that makes the damage he’s already done look like a simple bad hair day.  But what we are starting to see here now is something actually potentially worse.  We’re starting to see a Cornered Obama.  Backed up against the wall he’s going to be desperate to advance his agenda in his last days in power.

One mistake people make is in thinking Obama is stupid.  He’s not.  Acting incompetent like a greenhorn is how he’s getting a pass from the masses of the growing uncomfortable supporters.    So he’s going to make some seriously draconian actions that can be argued as “Reasonable”.

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