Crusader Weaponry, accomplishing the mission

When Joe and I first started talking about doing Crusader Weaponry, the goal was very simple and focused.  “To build the very best AR-15 rifles possible.”  That goal was accomplished.  Joe’s rifles have consistently outperformed everything they’ve gone up against.

Then someone asked us a question.  “What lubrication do you recommend?”  Huh?  Oil?  That’s a good question.  We tested everything out there and were not able to make a recommendation.  Some oils worked just fine in the heat of the summer, but failed when it got cold.  Some worked fine for the first hundred rounds then left you high and dry.  Others just flat out were not slick enough.  We wanted to recommend an oil that helped improve reliability when you needed it the most.  So we got to work and came up with Slipstream Weapon Lubricants.  The very best lubrication possible.  We recommend it for all firearms.  Marines wanted something for corrosion protection for Salt Water Environments.  We came up with Slipstream STYX.  Again, the goal was met, and it even provides better lubrication on top of protection.  That goal wasn’t just met, but surpassed all expectation.

We were asked about a long range gun.  We delivered the Longbow Rifle that gives you Sub MOA precision accuracy.  We were asked about Shotguns.  We now have the Crusader WRATH shotguns.   We were asked about Handguns, we have an upgrade package for Glock that makes it what it should have always been.  Those goals were met.  We were asked about something different… We did a line of Sterling 9mm SMG type guns… legal semi auto versions.  Done.  Again the goal was met.

Weapons.  Training.  Lubrication.  All this serves a purpose.  We accomplish our mission, so you can accomplish yours.  Crusader Weaponry.


5 thoughts on “Crusader Weaponry, accomplishing the mission”

  1. My Wagner paint gun kept jamming up and not working right, so I put some slipstream oil where the regular oil should go, and while not flawless, it’s about a million times better than before. I also keep my Dillon reloading press running smooth with a couple of drops of slipstream here and there. And, it makes guns feel like butter…..the more you use the gun, the better it gets. I recommend it to everyone, and if they will let me, I take their gun, clean and slipstream it for them. I have yet to have someone dislike a gun after I slick it up a little.

  2. I think you guys can do a special sevice re-making Century Arms weapons. A crusader C-93 or CETME would be awesome.

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