What’s your Destination?

Guys, I’m sick and tired of the Bug Out Bag and Bug Out Vehicle posts.  Do you know why?  Because you don’t have a Destination and a Plan on how to get there.
If you don’t have those two things… Your Bug Out Preps are utterly useless.   You are prepping for Failure.

Do you have a Destination?   Is that Destination prepared and ready to receive you?   Do you need to make any stop to pick anyone else up on the way?  Okay, where will that person be if they are not at home or work?  What’s your Plan B?  Do they need help in their Preps so when you do come in for a Dust Off, are they going to be ready to go?

What’s your Route to your Destination?  What if there is a Road Block at various choke points on that route?    What’s your alternative route?  Be it road closures from MIL/LEO or Natural Disasters, such as flooding or snow… You need to plan your route according to your capability.

Do a Dry Run on your Bug Out Plan.  Load your Shit up like it’s Real and Roll out.    How are you going to load everything you are bringing?  Do you have ROOM for everything and everyone you are bringing?  All your Ammo.  All your Food.  All your Water.  Any Meds. And whatever else it is that you can’t live without.  Can you get it all in your cool little Jeep?  Do you need a Trailer?  Can you actually pull your trailer on your route?

If you don’t have answers to these questions, you’ve not prepped for shit.  You might have a nice Day Pack and Load Out and a Trauma Kit… But you are not ready to Bug Out.   You are not Prepped.