Glock’s Model 42, their new .380 pistol.

Okay, the cat is out of the bag on Glock’s new Model 42 pistol.  It’s a sub-compact, single stacked .380 Auto, according to TFB.  Check the link for the apparent specs.
Now, a lot of people have expressed disappointment over this pistol, even though it’s not been released yet.  I’ve even muttered that Glock is about 4 years late on the .380 Craze Wave.  Colion Noir has even said that “It’s the gun no one has asked for“.

You know what though?  I think it’s brilliant.  Look at what this little Mini-Glock is going to be and compare it to what’s already on the market.   What is it going to compare with?    Ruger LCP, KT P3AT, S&W Bodyguard, the Kahr something or other… I think Glock is just Depth Charged everyone else in the Little .380 Market.  What’s one thing none of the other .380’s have?  A decent trigger.  Is a decent trigger important on a little gun?  Sure as hell it is.  Even more so.  Try to shoot a Mouse Gun accurately.  It’s damn near impossible.   So if Glock rolls out the 42 with their stock 5.5 pound pull, and if it has a decent barrel in it… the 42 will have instantly blown everything else out of the water in that market segment.  And if we have easy to swap sights like normal Glocks… fantastic.

Pocket Pistols remain a popular choice for Concealed Carry.  .380 isn’t the New Hotness anymore… That was taken by .410 Shotshell firing revolvers and then by 9mm Sub Compacts… but .380 Auto remains popular.  Glock took their time engineering it.  So what?  SIG took 2 years to roll out a .40 cal pistol, and they did that with the 229.  This was back when SIG took time to do actual engineering, sure, but see, Glock is even more careful.  We’ve not seen Glock’s Pistol Caliber Carbine yet, have we?  And that’s been rumored since before there was an Internet.  I think I first heard about it on my Dial Up Prodigy account.

I’m not saying I’m going to rush out and get a 42.  But I can see it banging the gong for a lot of folks who want something as concealable as possible, yet still want to be able to shoot it. I think the 42 will be a real winner.