In one week I’ll be driving across our great country… Going home… Leaving Vernal, Ut and heading to Jax, NC.
Most likely, I’ll be heading East on the I-70 route.
What are the points that “I Must Stop At”?  The best Eats, the best sights… If I’m crossing Kansas, there has to be something worth stopping for other than another tank of juice.
Normally I blast through as fast as possible.  But there has to be something worth pulling off the interstate for.
Or should I take another route?
Talk to me, Road Warriors.
I’m bringing one, maybe two of my Sons with me… So no titty bars.  I want them to see the best of our beautiful Nation along the way.
Speak to me, Road Warriors.
This is an important time for me and my Oldest son.  A time to bond.  A time to build memories we’ll cherish.  Maybe have some fun along the way.
React to me, Road Warriors.
Build me a map worthy of Remembering!

UPDATE:  If I take a route other than I-70, it would be a more southern route, not north.  I will travel no where through Illinois.