Officer Safety

I’ve got a lot of friends in Law Enforcement, including a brother. It’s very hazardous for them to make a traffic stop because of other traffic. Lots of cops have been hit because of this, and the resulting interview of the drivers that hit the cops always comes down to “They didn’t see them.”
Also, there has been a lot of cases where Fake Cops pull people over and kill or rob them or just get their jollies off acting like cops.

For the concern of Officer and Public Safety, I think all Law Enforcement Vehicles where the Officer may make a traffic stop… I propose a simple idea. All vehicles driven by Officers who are authorized to make a traffic stop, County, City and State… Nation Wide… All vehicles should be painted High Vis Green.
Don’t like this idea?  Tough.  This is for Safety, so get used to it!
This has been proven to work in the UK!
This way, Motorists can see the Police Officer from farther away, and be mindful of Officer Safety.
You are not against Officer Safety are you?  Public safety is better as well.
Let’s extend this to all Emergency Vehicles as well.  Firetrucks have been rolling in High Vis Green for some time now, with reduced accidents because of it.  So only Law Enforcement and Emergency Vehicles should allowed to sport High Vis Green.  So if someone tries to pull you over, and he’s not rolling HVG… Call a real Cop.   If a Cop sees a guy trying to pull someone over and he’s not rolling HVG, he knows something is wrong.
Hey, this is for SAFETY.  So get with the program, or you are NOT SAFE!
We should implement this nationwide starting next month, with full implementation by Jan 1 2013.