Glock 21 .45

A lot of guys have discovered the Glock 21.  Glock’s full sized .45 pistol.  Even Guns magazine has a gushing article about it.

Yeah, it’s a great gun.  But why have that, when you can have the model 20 in 10mm and have something amazing?

10mm > .45 Auto.  Always.

To Ride

Riding a motorcycle makes one contemplate mortality, as I hold it on my own hands… I am more aware of it. Every time I fire up the engine, I know it could be my last time. I say a little prayer… Asking that I have a good ride, and if it be my last, that I am taken home quickly. I trust in my Skill, and in my God. I have faith. This allows me to Not Fear. As a result, I enjoy my Ride more… And I enjoy everything else more too… My Wife. My Children. My Friends. And the little things in life are sweeter too. A sip of a cold Tea. A smile from a pretty girl. A laugh from kid. Wind in my face. Jokes are funnier. Food tastes better.
I don’t ride because I want to die. I ride because I want to live.