Marlin 1895GBL

New in box Marlin 1895GBL in .45-70. This is the first time I took it out.

This is the Guide Gun with the Big Loop Lever. Great looking gun, but has a hitch in the Lever mechanism. The Lever would not close the last 1/4″ some times. Sometimes it would, sometimes it would lock up and I’d have to work the lever a bit to get it to go. This problem got worse until it was almost intolerable.
After this video was shot, I did some work on it and smoothed it out with some Slipstream Weapon Lube from Crusader Weaponry… Slick as butter now.
Unfortunately the stock is loose and wont tighten, so before I shoot it anymore, I’m going to send it back to the factory so Marlin can fix it.
I’m happy with the gun, but at the same time, disappointed in Marlin for this stock. It has some good gaps and a lot of play even with the bolt tightened down all the way. That’s not cool. But then again, I purchased this Marlin knowing I’d probably have some sort of issue with it.
The ammo fired was Hornady’s LEVERevolution 325 grain load. Shoots like a pussycat.