Great day

I have to tell ya… I had a great day today.  I slept in until a late 0800.  Then the wife made me breakfast… I relaxed for a bit and then took off on a good ride on the motorcycle with a friend.  Then when I came home, dinner was steak.   Gotta love it.  No bad news.  Nothing bad happened.  Just enjoyed a day off.  Beautiful.

My last Flight

Years and years ago, I was very into aviation.   I still am, but not with the same enthusiasm.  Last time I was in the cockpit it was in a Cessna 142.  I had flown other aircraft before, 152’s, 172’s, and a 182, along with some other small planes, Cherokee, Arrows and even a V tail Beechcraft.  Other than Ultralights,  the 142 was the smallest and the most twitchy.  In fact, it felt more like an Ultralight than the other aircraft, even the 152 which isn’t really any bigger… the 142 is very basic.

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