We have friends in Japan.  So when we first heard of the massive quakes there, we’ve been glued to the news and have followed every story, and watched every video.  Contact has been made with everyone and all of our friends are alright.    Thank God.   We continue to pray for the people of Japan.

I’ve been asked by a few readers, how they can help.   The answer there is the same as in all the other disasters… The Red Cross.

After Katrina there was some stink about the Red Cross in their use of Katrina funds.   You know what?  I don’t care.  My Grandparents where Red Cross Volunteers for years and years and they went all over helping people in dire needs… that’s what the Red Cross does and outside of Governments, they are the biggest dog in the fight.  They are a great organization.   If you want to do something to help Japan, contact the Red Cross.

Japan has been an important ally to the US and our Economies are tied together like we were a married couple.  Even tighter than our ties with the UK.  We need to help Japan to stand back up… get them on their feet again.   Japan is a part of us… and they need us… Please, donate everything you can.  Do what you can.