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  1. George,what are your feelings about guards/hilts on serious field knives? Yes, theres a lot of fantasy thinking out there, but I’m not fond of havng a hand slide forward onto a sharp blade. One reason I have a Billy-club style lanyard on my 5 1/2″ Voyager…

    1. Guards came about for reasons… And on serious use knives, I do like them. Any blade for chopping and stabbing – Absolutely. But don’t get carried away with them. The whole stabbing through car hoods… I’ve never met a car that I felt needed to be stabbed. Though, a Prius did come close. So I don’t need any basket hilt guards. Unfortunately, the best Bowie blades tend to come with guards that are just too big. A properly sized guard for the blade is most welcome. Take a look at the Cold Steel Maurader Bowie. That has a good balance like I mentioned. Then look at the Cold Steel Wild West Bowie… and that Guard is out of control.
      Some popular knives that should have a small guard, don’t have any at all, and I don’t trust them in the slightest… Such as the CRKT Hissatsu… It could really use one. I have the Hissatsu and I like it… But I don’t use it because I don’t trust the lack of guard.

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