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One of the big problems these days is LACK OF PERSONAL  RESPONSIBILITY.  Something else is ALWAYS to blame.  No one knows how to stand up and TAKE IT ON THE CHIN if they do something wrong.  If they do take it on the chin - they will SUE you. You can get Sued or Fired for simply stating the obvious... Personal Responsibility BUILT this country. And now the LACK OF IT is RUINING IT. 

Before you continue further - PLEASE NOTE:
I have served my country. I love this great nation of ours. I feel very deeply about everything that transpires in this country. It effects me to the core. Now, I can go on.  I hold no political associations, but I am more "Conservative" than anything else.  I have been told that I am Libertarian, but I am not quite there.  I think there is NO government form today that can lead objectively.  We would be better off in a state of anarchy.  I am of the belief that We The People are no longer free.  Anarchy is a self leveling system. Our country has had it's greatest growth and expansion in virtual Anarchy... Look at the so called WILD WEST. History shows us plain that during that time in the Old West we had LITTLE CRIME. We had PEACE. We had prosperity. We were FREE. Yes we had GOVERNMENT, but it was far away for most of the settlers in the west. No one has been so free since then.  Today we are only as FREE as we can afford to be.  The Government TAXES and REGULATES EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. We are even regulated in our own BATHROOMS! (Don’t think so? Bet you have a 1.5 gallon toilet tank don’t ya? That was a regulation set forth by the government.) They make pointless laws based on LOBBYISTS who pay the POLITICIANS for votes. The SYSTEM is CORRUPT from the top of the Federal Government, down to your local county level. We have to PAY taxes on our property every year... Even though we paid tax on it when we bought it. Annual registration of our cars - Our cars are still registered to us even after it "expires." They know who owns it. So why RE-REGISTER? Does the ownership revert to the STATE? No, it is still your car.

I can not tolerate the government's abuse of it's people.  Now, while I am saying this – understand me here. I am not advocating the overthrow of the government. I obey the laws of the land. (most of them) What I am advocating here is an active resistance to the status quo. I don’t want violence, I am a peaceful person. I just want the People of the United States to WAKE UP. I want their eyes to be OPENED and I want them to SEE the corruption for what it is and to finally say with a loud voice “IT IS OVER.” But how can we do this? Put the “Anarchist's Cookbook” away – there are no answers there. Active Resistance is a lot of work. Here is what you do:

1. EMAIL and send letters to your newspapers – local and regional so the sheople can read your opinion.

2. Vote against our failed leaders. I don’t care who is running for what ever office is up for grabs - vote AGAINST who ever is in the driver seat now.

3. Send emails to EVERY ONE YOU KNOW about current events and politics and point out the lies and the bias and the half truths and the bad wigs and everything else you find in the media.

4. This one may shock you: Run for an office. Join the PTA. Get active in the community. Get out and BE HEARD. Invite those who are contrary over for dinner one night and have some talks "round tables" and then lecture them about what is going on and what the real problems are.

Gun control is NOT AN ISSUE. CRIME CONTROL is the ISSUE. EDUCATION is the ISSUE. TAXES and what the heck the Government is doing with them is the issue...  Gun Control is not about the Guns, it’s about Control.  Let me put it this way; There are three bodies of Government… We have a thing called “Checks and Balances” where one government body does not over rule the other. Well, let me tell you something. There is a Forth body that keeps all three in check and in balance. It’s called The People. As in “WE THE PEOPLE” and “By THE PEOPLE – For THE PEOPLE.” The American public is the one body of government that is supposed to be core reason for the government. This has become skewed. Seems like The People now days only exist to support the government. We have got to do something about our countries administration. . Ever see the show “Little Shop of Horrors? It is a perfect allegory of the US Government.  You see, the government is the alien-plant. The little plant started out with a helpless beg "Feed me..." Then it grew... "Feed me!" became a demand... As it has continued to grow overtaking everything the one time small beg is now a threat "FEED ME!" Always requiring MORE and MORE of our blood. Taking over every aspect of our way of life. Drink our life's blood... devouring our FREEDOM.

When the second amendment is being debated people often say "the founding fathers never intended for you to have an M-16!" Well - two points to that... First, Yeah, as a matter of fact, they DID.  The founding fathers practically INSISTED on it! They wanted every able bodied person over the age of 17 to be able, at a moments notice, to grab his rifle and go fight. That means military grade. That means SERVICE RIFLE - and the US ARMY uses M-16s. Secondly, the founding fathers never wanted the federal government to grow so much. They wanted it to be small. They wanted it to be effective. Now days it is a Monster out of control.

It is very sad that today - the land of the free, is a POLICE STATE. The huddled masses cower in front of the soothing TV, afraid to open the window and look outside the mass marketed world they live in. Afraid of anyone who questions what is really going on - labeling free thinkers as extremist wackos and nut cases. Sheep often behave like that. Stay with the herd... if your not with the herd then your a wolf! And if your a wolf you are the enemy. Stupid Sheople scare me... It must be nice and comforting to be a blind idiot and know that as long as they regurgitate propaganda that they will find shelter and acceptance of the mind-numbed masses. Must be just peachy to live in that world.  No responsibility. I wish I could feel content to be spoon-fed by Big Brother and not have to THINK.


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