Mad Ogre's Political Positions: 




I am not sure where exactly I am politically. I have wondered about this for a long time. I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican… I'm more of a Compassionate Libertarian. I believe in a smaller government, but I also believe in some of our social programs. This is why I tend to vote for the individual rather than for a party ticket.

Here's where I stand on important issues:

Gun Control: The second amendment says very clearly that "The right to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed." What part of SHALL NOT do liberals not understand? I would revoke every gun law on the federal law books and pressure every state to do the same. If they don't want to follow along, Federal funding gets cut back drastically. Guns are what makes America FREE. More guns mean less crime. This has been proven repeatedly.

Criminal Control: Criminals Should Not Have Guns. However, there are different types of criminals... There are the Violent ones, and there are the Assholes. The Assholes are the ones that committed some sort of crime like embezzlement or something... Once they pay the debt to society, they are cleared and are thus citizens again. Fully qualified for all citizen's rights. We call it the “Department of Corrections” right? It’s about correcting them… make them good citizens again. Then there are the Violent Ones. These fuckers are the rapists, thugs, and murderers. These guys have proven to society that they are not worthy of citizen's rights. If these guys get out of prison - no, no guns or voting or state/municipal jobs. If an Ex-Violent Felon gets caught with a gun or ammunition then they get hung. Hanging in a public venue. This is with a short trial held the same day the guy is caught, no appeal, and execution to be carried out within 1 hour of the verdict. There is no playing around. Parole violators... watch out. Executed persons will have their organs harvested for those people waiting for a transplant. US Prisons have become nothing more than Boot Camp for Thugs. No more. No more weight lifting, no more open court so thugs can teach skills to other thugs. Uh huh. It is going to be all about Literature, Poetry, Ethics, Math, History, Painting, Music and Politics (conservative politics). We will force feed education, refinement, and civility into these bastards and if they don’t like it they can go to the hole (solitary) until they are ready to participate. By the time these guys are released, they will have the social manners and tastes of a Victorian Era Gentleman who will rise above any violent or underhanded pasts. After ten years, if proven worthy by living a good and moral life, they could be restored to citizenship. This is the only way that we can make the Department of Corrections functional. We need to get prisoners out of prison and make it so they don't come back.

Foreign Aid: Any country that is still wallowing in poverty after decades of foreign aid obviously needs to be governed better, so these countries will be supervised by American officials. This wont be a Federal thing, but will be privatized as much as possible. US Embassies will become the new control center until the country is on it’s feet again. If these countries don’t like it – fine. No more Foreign Aid. Period. I call this my “Teach a Man to Fish” policy. If they protest America in any way, all funs are withheld until they get a clue. This is my “Don't bite the hands that feed you” policy.

Foreign Policy: Anybody who tries to jerk America around gets stomped. Tom Clancy will be my Secretary of Defense. "Goldberg" and "The Rock" will be my Ambassadors to whatever nations are on my Shit List. I’m not playing around here… Sure we will start out with Sanctions… Sanctions include freezing of all assets of that nation both public and private that are in the US. Ambassadors will have 48 hours to "fix it" or be expelled to Canada or Mexico, whichever boarder they are closest to. During that 48 hours time US Carriers will slide into striking range. Visas will be revoked and students, tourists, or businessmen will be flown or bussed out of the US. The INS will have something to do now… round them up and ship them out!

Immigration: Immigration is what built America. We are the global mixing pot and we will continue to be so. However immigration will be done so legally or the person gets a free bus ride to the Mexican or Canadian boarder, which ever is closest. We are not obligated to fly someone all the way back to France, but if they can buy a ticket, they can fly home. If they can't, perhaps their embassy will treat them. Whatever works best, we are not totally heartless.

Human Cloning: I believe this to be a benign science… mostly useless. I support the ban of Human Cloning. All cloned creatures so far have been short lived with many health issues. It’s not a viable way to create life. There are better uses for genetic sciences. Now, if they can prove they can grow viable organs for transplant patients, then that is something worth while.

Animal Rights: Animals are FOOD. Cute animals get played with by kids, ugly animals get eaten. That is pretty much the fact of life. Disney explained that well with the whole circle of life thing. Farmers have rights and US Consumers have rights as well. People need meat. However animals deserve to be treated without cruelty. People being cruel to animals should be given the same treatment in return. Animal Rights activists can go to Guam, where they can make friends with the many interesting varieties of snakes.

Resource Development: Mining, forestry, and energy are all necessary. We are way too dependent upon foreign resources. I advocate Fast-track permitting for all energy resource projects in Alaska or elsewhere. The more independent we are, the stronger we are. Places that can support wind energy should have windmill generators. Hydro electric is all fine and well, but there are not enough places where this is realistic. There are a lot more places where wind is a better option. Coal isn't such a great resource, but it is a reliable one until we have better ones. Such as nuke. But I think we should not store nuke waste in our own back yard. We could always pay some third world country to store it for us. Like Canada. The frozen north would be a good spot. The worst that could happen there is we get giant mutant polar bears and hockey players. For the bears we sell hunting tags and the players we put them on Olympic teams. Easy.

The Environment: The Earth has built in mechanisms to clean its self up... We just need to stay out of its way. Given time, the Earth will clean off whole cities and return them to wilderness. We just need to make sure we are keeping everything as clean as possible. Dumping, Spills, all of these things need to be looked out for. We don’t need to pollute if there is any way possible to avoid it. We are better than that. We don't want to be like China.

Global Warming: There is really nothing we can do about it. I don’t believe in Global Warming. Besides, if it is, the Earth is just coming back to temperature. Remember all your old Dinosaur books? The whole planet was tropical until the Ice Age hit. Planetary cycles have nothing to do with Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury.

Defense: More defense spending means a stronger America, and only traitors are against that. Clinton and the Democrats ruined the US Military. We have a world to protect. However that doesn’t mean we give the Military a blank check. They need to mind their budget better, true. But they also need the funds to operate. And most importantly, pay the soldiers better. A US Soldier with a family should not have to be on food stamps, damn it! Soldiers are risking more than any IT Tech or Nurse… Soldiers should be well paid, and taken care of after service should they be injured. VA hospitals are currently the worst – when they should be the Best of the Best. Privatization is the key.

Civil Rights: You are your own person and can do what you want. Just don't infringe on someone else's rights. If you can take responsibility for it - go for it. If you can't - then don't do it. Frivolous law suits - like the woman who stepped on a needle in a sewing shop - are social burden. If you go into a sewing shop, there are going to be needles. It’s part of the package. That is as asinine as going to a lumber yard and crying about a splinter. Such lawsuits are bogus and should be dropped. However – if you go into a shop and are attacked by a crazed needle wielding lunatic – well, that’s what you carry a concealed gun for. Right? Blacks, Whites, Yellows, Browns, Reds... all the hyphenated Americans... it's all gone. There are only Americans. All race tracking in the census is gone. All race check boxes on forms and applications should be deleted. Jesse Jackson is going to have to retire or sell something else. I suggest time shares.

Taxation: The current tax code is an insult to the American People. The whole thing needs to be rewritten and rebuilt. Income tax isn’t constitutional. I’ve no answers for this mess at the moment – but I would get the best minds on it ASAP. The idea is to create a simple tax system that is easy to understand by anyone, and not a burden for everyone. Flat taxes sound good but Americans love their deductions. We need a simple system that satisfies both. This would be a first priority for my administration.

Education: Any high school student who cannot pass a basic literacy test will be held back until they can. If they turn 20 before they can pass the tests they can work at the DMV or Post Office or DNC with the rest of them.

Drugs: Drugs are a horrible bane to our society. The current drug standards and practices are a joke. This whole system needs rebuilt as well. Zero Tolerance policies have got to go. All current Zero Tolerance policies only lead to unjust actions. Aspirin or Advil at a high school isn’t the same thing as a rock of crack cocaine. Let’s be smarter than the drug people!

Labor: I don't know much about labor, except that I don't like unions. But if your company likes them - fine. Enjoy. Companies should also have the right to dismiss all Labor Unions and Members and operate without them. At one time they were a good thing... now they are killing American Industry.

Agriculture: American Farmers feed the world. I’ve seen Farms of all types. I am not a farmer, but I have bailed hay, milked cows, slopped the hogs and gathered eggs from the chickens. I’ve even driven a tractor and planted a field of corn. There is almost an economic war against the Farmer. This must end. The Farms should be owned by the Farmer. Such farms are more productive. In Russia all the farms were owned by the state, and hardly anything grew. They gave some farm land to private farmers and the productivity doubled. Some lard ass politician doesn’t know jack about farming and should keep his nose out of it. Farmers should get economic incentives to grow the crops we need, but other than that, we leave it up to them and the market demands and stay out of their way.

Genetically Modified Food: We need it. Corn is almost always a genetically modified crop now. It makes the crop stronger. It grows better. It yields more food. It’s a necessity these days.

Homelessness: It isn’t a Federal issue, it’s a local issue. Some are homeless because they want to be. Some are homeless because they have mental issues. Others are homeless because they deserve to be. There are plenty of programs available to help them… the programs are all there if they are either smart enough or if they want to use them. Many of the homeless are Veterans. These Vets should not live on the streets. There should be group homes for them.

Cuba: It is time to liberate Cuba like we liberated Iraq. Simple as that. Get rid of the regime and open it up to private enterprise and economic development. Castro either dies or gets a nice jail cell, same as his brother.

China: I bought a pair of shoes made in China, and the leather split after two weeks, so fuck China. Its not the people or the nation or anything - its the Chinese Government. They have been a pain in the ass for too long now. Next time they push us - We push back with fucking cruise missiles, warships, attack planes, and all of our secret space based weapon systems. We are not going to be China's bitch.

The Space Program: Until the rocket jocks at NASA can tell me how they can put up condos on Mars - I'm not interested. Funding will be cut unless they make some big advancements real damn quick. 100 billion just to launch a rocket is bullshit. I'll privatize the whole program to guys who watch Star Trek. Scratch that. Star Wars. I want a light saber and a damn Star Destroyer. I don’t care if they sell advertising and sponsorships… just get it done. We can do it, but NASA isn’t the ones to be doing it. Burt Rutan should be the man in charge.

Third World Debt: Pay up, or we are going to Repo your land and your assets.

The National Debt: Don't worry about it, it'll go down. With faster economic development, less taxes, and more jobs... The Debt will fade to black. But most importantly, we need to look at and curb our Federal Spending. The Federal Government is bleeding money like never before and that has got to stop.

Social Security: We need to plate this in Armor. Put a little more into it and fix it. Not everyone gets rich… and not everyone dies before they can no longer work. US corporations are not the source for retirement like they used to be. Probably because we are taxed harder than we used to be. Companies can’t afford it. They no longer take pride in retiring a worker… they would rather dismiss them or lay them off or find some bullshit excuse to fire them. Let’s change that attitude. Our Seniors deserve better and some day we will all be seniors too.

Medicare: The health care system is the best in the world. It’s also one of the most expensive. Drug companies have a strangle hold on the Seniors. In the US, drugs are often as much as 10 times as expensive as they are just across the boarder. This puts a choke hold on Medicare. This needs to be fixed. This needs to be adjusted. We are spending a lot of money on bullshit programs when we need to be spending it on what is really important. Taking care of each other.

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