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I'll fill this in a bit
ASK OGRE.  Free Advice from the Ogre.

Q:  Did R2-D2 really get you out of a ticket?
A:  Yes.  It was a 6 inch tall toy droid I picked up at Wal-Mart for 5 bucks.  Read about it here.

Q:  I just got a fast computer.  What game should I buy?
A:  Read Ogre's Top Ten Games list in the Technology Section.

Q:  I'm wanting to buy my first handgun.  This is just for plinking.
A:  Pick out a decent .22 pistol or revolver.  Handgunning requires a great deal more skill to use well then a shotgun or rifle.  A .22 will allow a much greater volume of practice than any other.  My preferences here are for the Colt Woodsmen, Colt Cadet, High Standard, or SIG Trailside.  The Beretta NEOS is still up in the air.

Q:  I'm wanting to buy a handgun. This is for home defense and range.
A:  Well, you need to decide if you want an auto or a revolver.  My recommendation would be for a .357 Magnum caliber revolver.  They can be found all over any gunshop or pawnshop.  I'd go with a police trade in S&W model 27... Which I've seen as low as $175 and as high as $550.  Shop around.  You can fire up .38 special loads with it for fun, and then stuff it with magnums for putting it into standby mode in your night stand drawer.   If your after an auto, go with the Springfield XD in 9MM.  9MM is cheap and easy to shoot.

Q:  Ogre, I want to get a handgun for concealed carry.  What should I get?  I’m thinking the Glock model 26.
A:  Okay, this is a pretty good question… mentioning the G26 tells me want a small 9mm auto.  This is a good place to start.  The Glock is indeed a good little option and is serving many in the capacity for which your considering.  However there are some other good options out there as well.  There are little pistols out there that are worth looking into before you invest your hard earned dollars.  Steyr makes a nice little auto in 9MM.  Springfield’s XD now comes in a subcompact flavor.  S&W’s P99 is also now available in a subcompact.  They are all good and have loyal followings by the owners.  However which one is the right gun for you – only you can know.  This is a matter of picking them up with your own hands and feeling them.  Feeling the grip shape and how it fits your hands… feeling the weight of it in your hands… the trigger pull...  Really this is a personal matter.  You might not even like these plastic framed guns… in that case Kahr makes small autos with metal frames.  Those might “feel” better to you.  Selecting one of these guns is not a matter of reading all about them in all the gun rags you can find.  No hack gun writer can pick this for you.  Not even the mighty Ogre.  However you can be confident that any of my suggestions are all quality firearms that I myself wouldn’t hesitate to carry CCW.  My personal favorite of these is the little XD, but what fits in your paws is going to be different than mine.  

Q:  How many hits do you get on your website? 
A:  Enough.  I get more than enough really.  I'm always freaked out when people say they have read my web site.  Even more so when I'm talking to someone and they freak out because they just realized they are talking to "the" Mad Ogre.  This usually happens when I'm talking to people and they start quoting me.  It's unnerving.  Seriously, this has happened to me a number of times at gun stores, gun shows, grocery stores by the magazine rack, at the gun range, at an auto parts store... Even once while I was shooting out in the middle of the fucking desert.  So, no... I don't want any more hits.  Frankly, I don't even want to know how many hits I get myself. 

Q:  Can I link to you?  Will you link back to me?
A:  If you wish and not if you suck.  Lot's of inappropriate animated gifs and midi sounds increase your suckage factor and reduce your return linkage likelihood.  Stale or lame opinions and comments also increase your suckage factor.  French, Liberals, Soccer Players, and AOL Home Pages need not apply.

Q:  Do you ally have 5 sons?
A:  Yup.  My wife and I have already had our 10th year anniversary.  All boys. Two of them are twins.  We have given up on having a girl. 

Q:  What do you look like?
A: This

Q: Where'd you get your information that Mil Spec was "Minimum Standard"?  Military Specification is determined as the standard deemed necessary for actual combat, which is what the military does.  I've seen and read about those pretty Baer and Wilson guns having reliability problems caused by out of spec parts, and those parts having to be replaced. Never seen that on a Bushmaster. Mil Spec is developed by years of pragmatic, practical testing and research, not by aesthetic or artistic reasoning. The Military usually requires much more fortitude in their equipment than is necessary or typical for anyone. They also require certain dimensions for  parts so that they are all interchangeable... something lost on the "custom" Wilson and Baer buyers.  Sometimes you don't want your shit to stand out, you want it to be like everything else, so you can rip it apart and mix pieces if you have to. It's not a ****ing toy, it's a life preserver.  My 2cents. Doubro
Well, it all depends on what the specific standard is your measuring… Often the Military standard is high, and rightly so.  But then again, often the Mil Spec standard is not even average and easily exceeded.  When talking about a “Mil Spec” gun – the standards are generally dimensional to certain specified fractions of an inch tolerances in manufacturing.  Often “Custom” standards are holding to much tighter tolerances. Or Mil Spec could be referring to the finish and level of corrosion protection offered.  Again, here the Army’s specs are out classed buy the “custom” options available to civilians… same with a guns acceptable accuracy.  My point being is that “Mil Spec” is not the holy grail of categories.  A Mil Spec gun is just a good place to start.  Your right, custom hand-fit parts may not be able to be fit back into the mix with run of the mill parts from the assembly line’s parts bin… but then again they don’t have to.  Guys that get and shoot custom guns are not going to be dipping into the parts bins anyways.  Quiet often, Mil Spec IS the minimum standard.  Why would you take offense at the notion that “It can be done better”?  Everything can be improved.  Even the beloved 1911, which Mil Spec often refers to the standard original patterns with a parkerized finish.  If that is the kind of gun you want, then great.  But again, to me, it is a place to start and not the goal.  I'm not so much of a Gun-Snob as to say that Mil Spec is low class... I'm just saying that I am not a fan of guns that are billed with the best selling point and emphasis on the fact that it is "Mil Spec".  I'm thinking "So freakin what?"  Because for me - that little bit of information just isn't enough.  The AR-15 is "Mil Spec" and I think the whole thing is a hunk of turd.  So, you will have to excuse me if Mil Spec doesn't impress me. Note: This dialog continued

Q: Hi Ogre.  I’ve seen that you dislike the AR line as much as I do, but do you have any thoughts on the AR 18?  Also would you happen to have any thoughts on the Springfield Mil Spec 1911-A1?  also have you ever had any experience with a Desert Eagle .50 AE? Evil Jesse.
The AR-15 is a pathetic attempt of a target rifle trying to be a fighting rifle.  Not unlike Anna Nicole Smith trying to be an actress. AR 18?  AR 18 is Argon, one of the noble gasses. A colorless, odorless, tasteless noble gas. It is the third most abundant element in the earth's atmosphere. It is continuously released into the air by decay of radioactive potassium-40. The pure form is obtained by industry from fractional distillation of liquid air. Used in lighting products. It is often used in filling incandescent light bulbs. Some is mixed with krypton in fluorescent lamps. Crystals in the semiconductor industry are grown in argon atmospheres. Enough of the Chemistry… I can only assume that you are actually talking about the AR-18 RIFLE.  Right?  Well, if you are, then you are talking about the rifle that Armalite built to compete against the AR-15 rifle for the military contract during the Vietnam War.  This is a select fire weapon that has a lot going for it.  First off and most importantly it uses an operating rod to push the bolt instead of direct gas impingement… meaning that the potential reliability is higher by a factor of 10.  For a civilian shooter you can get the AR-180 which is the same thing only Semi-Auto Only.  If you have the chance to pick one up… go for it.  They rock.  For the Springfield Mil Spec – good gun.  Go for it too, if you are looking for a single action auto.  I prefer a few features that Mil-Specs don’t have… These features are a beaver-tail grip safety, extended safety lever, and a lowered, widened ejection port. These improvements aide in handling and reliability.  Now, the Desert Eagle pistol?  Okay, it has some good features… It has a fixed barrel that gives it some good accuracy, and it is available in a selection of good working calibers.  The down side is that it is a very large handgun.  It is mostly seen in movies used by either the villains, or the action heroes depending upon how cheesy the flick is.  Also seen in just about every video game.  In reality it is much less common.  The .50 AE round is impressive in regards to ballistic energies… but if your wanting a D.E. to actually shoot – consider either the .357 Magnum or the .44 Magnum options.  Why?  Simple.  Ammo is fucking expensive and a gun you can’t afford to load is almost useless.

Q:  Mr. Ogre, Why are so many people obsessed with accuracy? Most rifles today can shoot better than their owners can, so what's the big deal? This accuracy obsession even extends to assault rifles, where one is ripping off a short burst at franticly gyrating enemy infantry. What gives?  Baal in Virginia
 Because Baal... People are ignorant... Even the enlightened Shooters.  You see the problem stems from people reading Gun Magazines more than actually picking up a fucking gun and firing it.

Q:  Mr. Ogre, I am a LEO with a lot of experience shooting 1911's.  Due to today's litigious society, my LE career has been dotted with Glock "one night stands".  The Glock is a good sidearm but now I have the opportunity to purchase and carry a 1911 for duty/off duty use.  I have the chance to get a Kimber Pro Eclipse II very reasonably priced, but I have been out of the 1911 loop for a while.  I have checked out most of the forums but all I can decipher is that most 1911 users that want to talk are whiny-assed punks that think that if you don't have an expensive Wilson or Baer you wasted your money.  Aren't there any 1911's out there that are worth the while without making you mortgage the farm?
 No – you don’t have to spend as much as a Wilson to get a “Real” carry gun.  Kimber makes a fine gun. Tacoma PD in Washington State has selected the Kimber Pro Carry II… You can get it for a few hundred less than the Pro Eclipse II.  Make sure you have a good tritium insert in the front sight and your set.  That’s all you need for the gun.  Springfield has some good options as well, and I favor the Springfield brand more than I do the Kimbers.  The TRP is a personal favorite as I used to have one and found it to be a dream come true.  (wish I didn't have to sell it)

Q:  I browsed your site and I see you know a lot about .45s so Id like to ask if getting a PT145 over a Glock 30 or 36 would be a wise idea. I don’t like the Glock 30 to much.  The PT145 is a lot less expensive thanks.
 Don’t think about the cost – in a defensive weapon the most important thing is to get the RIGHT gun.  To do this – you will have to try out several handguns of this type – compact .45s. Charles Daly has a compact .45 that is a polymer framed variant of the CZ-75.  I recommend checking that one out as well.  Also take a look at the Sig P245.  It’s more cash – but it’s worth it… and if you shop around you can find them about the same price as the Glock options.  Springfield and Kimber and others make very sweet subcompact 1911 types…  Here is what you do – you find a shop that has all these selections.  Take a look at each one in turn.  Try the trigger – look at a spot on the wall and bring the gun up to eye level – see if the sights are lined up when you change your focal depth from the spot to the gun… If the front sight is high – skip the gun.  If the front sight is low – you can still consider it.  If the sights are right on the money – BUY THAT ONE.

Q: Hey Ogre, other than TFL, what is your favorite website?
You mean other than THR and Geeks with Guns and the other links in the Selected Links box?  That's a stupid question.

Q: Dear Mad Ogre, I borrowed my Dad's Ruger GP100 (actually, it's a 141 if you understand their model numbers) and it's really dirty now that I've shot it a whole bunch and I need to clean it. It has a ton of baked-on, caked-on black shit that won't come off. I have tried RemOil, BreakFree, and Brite Bore. What should I use to get this black shit off of the top strap and the front of the cylinder? Also... Do you have a generic cleaning routine that you would recommend for use with *any* gun? Thanks, Dave.
Well, it sounds like you have a lot of carbon build up.  You need to SOAK the gun in some HOPPES #9 solvent to help break it up... I suggest letting it soak overnight.  Then you need a great deal of Elbow Grease.  The area around the front of the cylinder is tough.  That is where the hottest and dirtiest of the gasses escape the gun between the cylinder and the barrel.  There is no easy way out of it.  Breakfree CLP is GOOD stuff, but what you need there is a good solvent.  Hoppes #9 is the way to go there... and after you clean it up with that - then wipe it down with the BF-CLP stuff for the protection.  No - I don't have any generic routine save for a guns bore.  10 times with a solvent soaked patch.  10 times with a bore brush. Once more with solvent, and then 10 times with a dry patch. After the bore is clean, I'll hit it once with an oil soaked patch (breakfree) and then once more with a dry patch.  This is the basic bore treatment I use.  Everything else depends upon the specific gun and such.

Q:  The Para-Ordinance LDA .45 has caught my attention and I am interested in it. Do you think it would be a good gun for me to shoot? The cocked and locked 1911 has never bothered me (I like my guns cocked and ready), and I love to shoot the Springfield, but I would like to try this double action. It is the light trigger pull that made me think I might be able to shoot it well. It looks sweet. The picture I’m looking at is all black with wood grips- a cool look for the 1911. My concern would be the grip safety. I’m not familiar with it and don’t know if I would have difficulty in fully depressing it before firing. Then again, you’ve got to try it to like it.
Well, yeah it is a nice gun.  It is still based on the 1911. (superior to every other handgun on the planet?  Maybe!)  Now the LDA stands for "Light Double Action" but this is not quite true.  It's really NOT a double action - but a fucked up Single Action.  There is no "second strike" action in the LDA because the slide action cocks the mainspring so all the spring tension is caught up as in any normal auto pistol.  What is different in the LDA is that the hammer lowers while the spring tension is held back.  When you pull the trigger, you move the hammer back to where it should have stayed in the first place.  Because there is no spring tension on the hammer at that stroke, the pull feels as light as it is.  Once the hammer gets back - then the mainspring releases and the hammer falls under power.  This is a clever trigger system, and Para did a good job on developing it.  Overall its a fine handgun for those that have a thing against the locked and cocked type auto.  Oh, and about the grip safety... I have never met anyone with a real problem with that safety.  When you hold the pistol properly the safety is disengaged naturally.  The purpose of the grip safety is to have it safe while in the holster - not in the hand.

Q: Ogre, I want to go buy a gun.  What kind of gun should I get?
You should go buy an Marlin Lever Action in .30-30.  No... Kidding.  How am I supposed to know what kinda of gun you need to get?  I don't know you and you didn't specify what the gun is to be used for.  Thus you will get my default gun answer.  If you have to ask... then get a Shotgun.  Get a pump action like a Mossberg 500, or a Remington 870.  The pump-action shotgun is the most versatile gun platform you can get.  Specific applications can be achieved with a few modifications from stock form.

Q:  I have 50 bucks and I want to buy some fun.  Craig in Phoenix.
I suggest some Weed.  For 50 you can buy a bunch and even resell some of it to recoup your initial cost.  What? Oh, something LEGAL?  How old are you?  Look.  Just go buy a video game and stay out of trouble... Okay?  What game?  Operation Flashpoint.  When you turn 21, then your options open up.

Q:  Mad Ogre, Sir.  Your site just ROCKS!  Keep up the good work!  Can I ask a question for your Ask Ogre?
Yes.  You just did.  Fucking Idiot...  NEXT!

Q:  Dear, Ogre.  I Got 3 Questions.  First, Taurus or Beretta?  Second, 10mm or .45 +P?  Finally, any recommendations on a good auto-loader 12 gauge shotgun?
Taurus for better support.  .45 for better load selection and availability.  And lastly a Remington 1100 for the common availability of parts and accessories. 

Q:  I have a Bushmaster AR-15 rifle.  It keeps jamming and I am at a loss.  I have cleaned it lubricated it with Rem Oil.  Nothing is broken and this rifle in only a few months old.  What should I do?
Sell it and buy an AK-47 type rifle.  Oh, and use BreakFree CLP or a different lube instead.  Rem Oil sucks to a high degree.  Now, go and sin no more...

Q:  Dear Ogre, Mary Anne or Ginger?  Charles in Connecticut.
Both... Dumbass.


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