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Rules for Emailing Mad Ogre:

1.  If you want your comments to be immortalized by being published on, it is easy.  Have a take that doesn't suck, or an issue to bring up that doesn't suck, or a link to something that might suck but it's funny enough.

2.  If you you have a question for Ogre, some questions may be published if they are good questions.   Good questions are questions relating to topics, but can also include such items as Books and Film, or something that is really cool.

3.  Unless otherwise specifically stated, it is assumed that emailing is also consent for your comments to be published.  If you do not want your comments published, you must indicate so by the use of the appropriate link below.  Regardless of that, I may quote from what you have said and comment about that, but I wont credit you or post your email address.  I never post email addresses, or keep address lists.  Actually, I pretty much just delete everything shortly after I read it.

4.  Ogre doesn't read every email that comes to him.  Ogre scans through them as time allows, picking out any key phrases that sparks on my interest radar at that moment in time.  If you want Ogre's full attention, simply refer to items 1 & 2 above. 

5.  All comments that get published are subject to Ogre's whim.  They are also subject to Ogre's editing at his discretion.  Correcting spelling, cutting out BS parts of your comments that may or may not suck but are off topic to the gist I'm getting at.  Items with the consent to be published in part or in whole, should be brief and to the point.  For example, it is not necessary to write a 4 page essay on how great I am before you get to your comments or questions.  You might have a better chance of getting posted, but even then, there is no guarantee that It will be posted. Most of the time, I don't post emails.  But if it's topical, timely and a great take or question... then I might.

6.  Personal emails to Ogre unrelated to are now filtered separately.  These emails should have a different subject line other than the standard subject line that I've given you.   This filters the email to a specific folder that I read before other emails.  If you are not one of my friends or family, or long term Horde Member, please use the right email subject like linked below.  Doing otherwise is stepping on the toes of my brothers and friends and the The Horde.  They wont like that.  Neither will I.   So don't do it.  Violation of this may result in the posting of your email address, public ridicule, and burning in effigy.   

7.  Due to the volume of email I receive daily, I am not able to respond to everything... but I do try to read all non-spam emails. 

8.  If you want to spam me, let it be known that once I find out who you are, I will choke you to death with my bare hands and then set fire to your home after confiscating any valuable assets .  

9.  Do not ask me about the guns in the movie Romeo and Juliet.  Ever.

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