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Beretta 92FS

Elizabeth Hurley Prefers Men With Berettas...  YOU should get a Beretta!  And YES, I know this is really a Beretta Cheetah... I just had to use this picture because she's hot.Many years ago when I was a much younger man, I was a soldier.  I carried a 1911 .45ACP.  One day my pistol was switched to the M-9.  I didn't like it.  I don't remember clearly why I didn't like it - but I do remember switching back because a grunt higher up on the food chain was pissed that he didn't get one of the new M-9s... I remember being most pleased to get my old, worn, rattle trap .45 back.  That was pretty much my experience with the Beretta, and years latter, I never even bothered trying one out again.  At that time the only pistols I knew anything about were the 1911 and the Peacemaker.  (at least I had a "classic education") After that, I have been searching for that one pistol... The special one. The one that was just right for me.  Pistols would come and go... HK, Sig, 1911... I'd go the rounds and was never fully 100% committed to any one gun.  No matter how much I loved it - I'd cheat on it... And eventually dump it to pick up another.  Then one day I decided I was going to get either a Browning Hi-Power, or a Springfield XD 9mm.  Well, I found a couple of each, but they were either not right for various reasons... or were beat up too bad to consider.  Then I saw this Beretta.  It was in the corner of the case actually under a box.  Turns out the guy behind the counter was purposely hiding it.  He wasn't too pleased when I asked to look at it.  He was waiting until payday and was going to purchase it himself.  When I picked it up, I found out why.  This Beretta had the smoothest action I had ever felt.  The trigger in single action mode broke crisp at 4 pounds... Very nice.  I looked at the price and knew I had to get it.  The gun was well used with holster wear showing... But it was taken care of.  Reminded me of a line from Star Wars.  "She might not look like much, Kid... But she's got it where it counts."  Shortly after I got it, I took it shooting.  I wasn't out to test accuracy... Just reliability.  A shake-down cruise.  It blasted fine, with not a single failure of any sort.  I was shooting out doors with a friend, and we were blasting away at rocks some 200 yards away with rifles, and junk on a berm at about 15 yards. The 15 yard targets all received plenty of hits with no problem.  So I then went and aimed dead on at a decent person sized rock out at 200... The Beretta barked, and a split second later the slug crashed right into that rock... More shots confirmed that the hit was no fluke.   After shooting nothing but .40 and .45 all these years - this amazed me.  I think those were Winchester 115 grain FMJ rounds that day.  Since then, I have fired dang near every type of 9MM Parabellum on the market... About 3,500 rounds.  I have yet to encounter a jam.  This includes using a very stiff 20 round magazine meant for the 93R machine pistol.   The Beretta 92FS is an updated model 92.  The only changes I believe are a beefier slide to overcome early M9 slide breakage issues.  Since then, Beretta has a number of other varieties such a Inox, Vertec, Brigadiers... And in .40 a well with the model 96 family.  The 92FS is very similar to the M9 that I rejected years ago.  Funny how life goes full circle like that.  Years ago I picked up a generic Yaqui style belt slide holster and have found it to be able to carry almost every gun I have tried it with.  Same thing with a Safariland "Custom Fit" holster... In either rig, the big 92FS rides comfortably, and hides rather well.  If I want more concealment, I'll go with my beloved G-Code holster.  It gives me great security as well a concealment.  If I want to roll open carry and aggressive, I'll roll with Edgeworks excellent REAC rig... Which is in essence the G-Code holster sans paddle back, and attached to a thigh rig.  This system is the fastest out there, and the best.  I'll have to write a full review of the REAC system later.  With my Beretta, I have four 15 round mags, a flush fitting 18 round Ram Line mag, and the 20 round 93R mag. That’s a great deal more firepower than I'll ever really need... But It's very comforting knowing that I have more than I need, instead of being afraid that I don't have enough.  This gun seems to like any ammo.  I've found no preference for any loading... They are all going into sub 2 inch groups.  This accuracy is wonderful.  Some times I'll get sub 1 inch groups using match ammo, but better groups should be expected with anything that says "Match" on the side of the box.  Ammo selection for a 9MM is important.  It is probably more important than in other calibers. You must make sure you have good quality hollow point ammo and you be just fine.  Right now I'm running some 147 grain Winchester JHP, but I'm going to switch out to some 127 grain Federal Nyclad hollow point ammo as soon as it arrives. There are two schools of thought here... Heavy slugs or lighter and faster.  The Illinois State Police always did well with the 115 grain JHP loading.... And some say it's ideal. But I also like the easier shooting 147 grain sub-sonic loads.  It is a matter of taste I guess... There is no magic bullet regardless of marketing hype. Packing the big Beretta concealed is a bit more challenging than your average auto.  The pistol is large in every dimension, but not impossible when it comes to concealment.  With a gun such as this is, proper concealment requires careful planning.  You have to consider the weather and your clothing options more carefully.  Hot weather can be a huge problem.  I'm living in the middle of a desert where it can unbearably hot.  Open carry in town is not an option.  Here it is important to be concealed and stay concealed.  I find that even with this large automatic, the G-Code rig keeps everything in close and well hidden under light covering garments.  Often I wear a t-shirt with an untucked shirt over it.  Buttoned or unbuttoned depending on mood, style, or wind.  This system doesn't print, and I've haven't been made yet.  Spare mags are less of a concern for me now... I'm loaded with more ammo than Ii used to carry with my gun plus a spare mag.  Instead of packing the spare mags on my person, I still make sure they are near by... I have several in my car, which I feel is close enough because in this little town, I am almost always close to my car unless I am at home.  When I do carry extra mags on me, I'll carry 2 in my back pocket where they don't print like a spare magazine.  In the movies, Beretta's are good and plenty... And if Jet Li is in it, he will strip the slide off the pistol leaving it useless.  In my police academy this trick was actually demonstrated to be possible... But while possible, it is also highly unlikely.  If the Bad Guy is that close to you and reaching for your gun... How come your not pulling the trigger?  Anyways, to guys that debate this Beretta takedown stunt, you can argue the same thing can be done to other guns.  Like depressing the mag release on a Browning Hi-Power type gun making it impossible to fire due to the magazine safety...  Or clamping ones hand over the cylinder of a revolver keeping it from revolving and thus locking up the action.  My point is that these retarded "What If" scenarios are just that... Retarded.  To sum up my Beretta 92FS, I'd have to say it's one of the finest automatics out there and I wouldn't hesitate betting my life on it... because I am.


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The 4 Rules of Firearms Safety:

1.  Handle all firearms as if they were loaded.

2.  Never point the gun at anything your not willing to destroy.

3.  Keep your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard until you have made the decision to fire the weapon.

4.  Know your target, and know what is beyond the target.

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