Sig Sauer makes one of the Worlds best .45  - The Sig P220. If you want a 1911 better than the P220 - youíre going to have to spend a ton of money.  I carried a SIG P220 as my duty carry pistol for a long time.  I loved it.

In the .45 caliber I like the P220 better than the HK USP. The HK does have an advantage over the Sig in that AS IS it can fire the mighty .45 SUPER. The Super load isnít all that important to me - and I canít really see the advantage it has over a regular good old 230 grain Hydra-Shok.

The Sig while full sized - has a good feel to it and isn't as heavy as it looks. The aluminum frame while light - is quite strong. The fit and finish is excellent. The P220 has full length guide rails that are polished smooth - so it feels nice and slick.

The Sig is quite accurate, reliable, and feels good in the hand. It has a different kind of system than the norm - it has a decock lever where the slide release usually is and the slide release where the safety usually is. It is quite odd the first time you handle it. The second time you handle it you like it. The third time - your hooked. The Sig pistols have the best triggers of any DA auto out there. There are only a couple companies out there that put out a trigger stock from the factory as good as SIG.