All of the below images are thumbnails to much larger images.  Big Images.

These are the guns I'll be using.  The top is the Colt Match HBAR.  A very nice and highly accurate version of the AR-15.  While I am no fan of the AR-15, it's accuracy and ergonomics make it the perfect choice for 3Gun Tactical Match.  Wouldn't want to take it into combat, but for playing gun games with, it is ideal.  The next ones down are the Benelli Nova and the Springfield 1911A1.

This is me and the Nova.  Damn, I'm some good lookin man-meat aint I?  Sorry Ladies, I am already spoken for. 

Awesome country out here in Utah.  Oh yeah... one more thing.  Don't fuck with us Mormons.  Got that?

Damn.  If I get any better looking, my wife will never let me out of the house.   The gun says Springfield, the hat says Molon Labe, and the ring says INFANTRY TRAINING CENTER, FOLLOW ME! 

This image makes a great wallpaper.  Try it you will like it.