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June 18th, Friday, 2004: 1800hrs:  Damn these terrorists... damn them straight to hell.  I didn't expect anything different but I was hoping. Human life means nothing to these people.  There is no negotiation with these monsters... they will wrap TNT around their own babies for crying out   Fucking bastards.  At least we got one of them.  

It’s Friday… let’s have a little fun.  Check this out.  Madness Combat has a neat little Flash game you can download.  It’s worth the bandwidth.  Lots of different guns, but the game play is really simple.  Simple, yet addictive.  Run through the tutorial, because you will need to, and then try the Challenges.  The Zombie challenge is my addiction of the moment.  My top score is 102 zombies slain with a 91% accuracy.  Not bad I guess. The trick I guess is to not kill the angel… because if you do, he will come back and his gun will be reloaded.  So if you live past his attack, he’ll run out of ammo and just float there like a cheerleader.  I don’t know.  But it’s sick fun.  On the website, check out the cartoons.  There are 4 of them and starting from the top, they get better each time.    The game’s regular mission… I can get into level 2 and that’s about it.  Very challenging.  There is a cheat code for it that makes you basically immune to damage, and I can tear it up and win if I use it… but regular play… dang.  Its tough.  The game options allow you to pick some things for your character and I suggest doing so.  This helps you keep a better eye on what’s happening.    So there is your weekend diversion. 

Cloud 9 Photography.  Check it out, the cat is a member of THR, and his site has a lot of very cool aircraft pictures.  For some reason I love the A-7.  Of all the jet fighters out there, that’s the first cockpit I’d jump into.  That, and an A-6 and the F-18… I think the other jets would get me killed.  Especially the A-10.  I’d be flying so low at full throttle… I’d just kill myself in it.

These things are just nasty.  I’m talking about he US Army’s new uniforms.   They look like something from a Sci-Fi Space Nazi movie.  Future Fascism.  They also look flat out retarded.  I don’t see the pattern as being effective camouflage.   I didn’t read the article, but I am sure there are a lot of high tech fabric tricks going on and experts (feh) used photo imaging technology and billion dollar computers to come up with the ultimate camo pattern.  As Pink Floyd says, “it gives me the urge to defecate”.   These things do not make me think that these guys are fighting for our freedoms.  These uniforms do make me trust these guys.  Okay, it’s bad enough that we have the majority of the army wearing the berets wrong, but now they are going to be wearing these get ups?  They will look like walking used militant condoms. And I don’t mean that in a good way.  Are the officers going to wear these too?  So much for the appearance of a gentleman.   I guess the appearance of a stormtrooper will have to work?  If they can’t respect you, they might as well fear you, eh?     General Patton just rolled over in his grave and turned his back to this.  I agree with Patton’s vision of the uniform, and would totally vote for the WW2 style uniforms.  Especially for the officers with the neck ties and everything. (Unless they are in the infantry and in the field)  Hey, go ahead and make them out of the new materials if you like and sew Kevlar into the jackets… that’s all good.  But just cut the patterns in something that these guys can have some respect in.  Sheesh!

The Makarov arrived!  Yeah!  It will serve as a review model perfectly.  This Mak is a Russian commercial model and it’s chambered for .380.  This is excellent as there are a lot of .380 loads that I like.  I’ve not had the chance to fire it yet, but will do so in the morning.  Along with taking some pictures.   Lt. Tony had said “It rusts if you look at it wrong” and he was pretty much correct.  The Mak arrived with a nice patina of orange dusting across it, but a rag soaked with CorrosionX cleared that up just fine.  There is some pitting across the slide but it’s very light.  After the article is done I’ll probably scrub the thing down with sandpaper and steel wool to remove the pits and then refinish it in OD Green Gun-Kote.  Another thing I would do is to order the fixed rear sight from and swap it out with the adjustable target rear.  There is only one downside to this gun… Mrs. Ogre is claiming it as hers for carry gun duty as it fits her hand absolutely perfectly.  Logically thinking, this is a good choice for her, if she can prove to shoot it well.  I suspect she will be able to shoot it just fine.  In my hand, it feels very narrow and small… Hey, I’m used to Berettas these days.   Look for a range report tomorrow on this.  

I need a little banner or button gif for my O.R.C. page.  Maybe one of the Horde’s artistic types can do one up for us.  If you guys are wondering where the hell that came from, I took the text straight from the E.L.F’s website and just made some edits on it.   Just for fun. 

1000hrs:  The other day terrorists from the Earth Liberation Front have attacked a Utah business and burned it to the ground.  E.L.F of course has officially taken responsibility for the attack and promote it as action in retribution of the lumber yard’s fork lifts they give off pollution.  E.L.F has also made threats to a number of other Utah businesses.  Considering the economic damage that this has done to Salt Lake, I’ve been prompted to organize my own organization to combat the E.L.F.  Meet O.R.C.

One of the Horde was out shopping last night for a CCW gun.  Evidently he emailed me from the gun store on a PDA or Cell Phone.   He was seeking further light and knowledge before he pulled the trigger on purchasing the gun.  This was not surprising to me, and I was happy to give council.  For some reason this was not easily understood by The Bride. 

Speaking of guns, the Makarov heading this way is showing that it is on the truck and out for delivery.  I called Basin Sports to let them know to expect the deliver and that I’d pick it up promptly as soon as it arrived.  The cat on the phone said, “No problem, I’ll call you as soon as it gets in…” and he rattled off my phone number from memory.  Methinks I’ve become a frequent flyer there.  I wonder how many miles I have to go with these guys before they upgrade my membership and stop acting like assholes.  I swear…

The most solid gold people an Ogre can know:

1.  A trusted mechanic.

2.  A trusted barber.

3.  A trusted gunshop.

4.  A trusted gunsmith.

These are the fantastic four you got to know… these are the guys that you send Christmas cards too even if you don’t have enough stamps to send them to relatives.   Here where I am, I’ve only got 1 out of 3.   The Barber.  His name is Gillette.

0644hrs: Café Press has reported the most popular Ogre Swag item people are buying.  The Mouse Pad.  Interesting.   Lots of stickers too.  I find this curious.  I would have thought that the lunch box would be popular, but no one has picked one up yet.  Not one.  I logged into the control panel thing for the item selection and added a few items.  There is now a cool little baby thing for newborns, a bike messenger bag, thong, and some other goodies.  Check them out.   Mousepads?  Come on… the lunch box is so much cooler.  Line it with some foam rubber and use it for a pistol box… first aid kit… gun cleaning supplies. Use it as an ammo can.  Hell, I’ve even seen lunch boxes like this turned into portable PCs.  You can do anything with this box.  Even pack your grub in it for snacking at the firing range.  And no one has ever even got one?   People have snaked aprons and freaking tote bags… amazing.  I’m not sure what you would do with the tile, but someone out there grabbed a ton of them.  WTF is going on there?  Redoing a bathroom Mad Ogre style?  To be honest, I’m a little uncomfortable with that.  Kinda creeped out about that one.   Any babes ordering the Camisole and Thong… if you send me a photo of you wearing it – I would have to post it, so don’t be surprised it I do.   The Stein is a noble way of enjoying a Cold One, btw.    Especially if that Cold One is an Ogre Shake (Chocolate Mint Milkshake).  Hmm, that’s a good One.  *heading to the kitchen*  

Well, this is one way to get rid of pesky lions.  Try doing this in the USA.  Judas Priest.   I would tend to prefer more direct methods of beat control… Like a Marlin Guide Gun in .45-70.  But hey, if you have a dead wife laying around.  

I think they might have a market for this over on the Gaze Strip.  Call it the Palestinian Pacifier.

It’s amazing how the Democrat Candidate goes from bad to worse… Gephardt now?  This guy is a joke of himself.  

Speaking of the Democrat Candidate“One of my brothers recently finished reading 1984 for the first time. We got to talking about it, the themes, the brilliant ideas Orwell had in there, etc and he said something that I really liked.  John Kerry uses Doublethink. Like with his statement that he voted for the Iraqi resolution, before he voted against it.  The two phrases are completely opposite of each other. You either voted for something or you voted against it. Black or white. Yes or no.  But Kerry, with his nuance, wants to have it both ways. He voted for and against. War is Peace. Slavery is Freedom. Doublethink.  And that isn’t the only example.  He served in Viet Nam, came back with three Purple Hearts and other medals and awards, then fought against the very military system that awarded him.  He is decorated peacenik that is so proud of his military service that he threw his awards over the fence.  He was for the Viet Nam war and against it. Doublethink.  And Iraq? Saddam was always a threat, except when he wasn’t. Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia and allied with Eastasia, or that it has always been at war with Eastasia and allied with Eurasia.  But by holding these contrary positions, he can take a stance on either side whenever it suits him. Doublethink is what he thinks can get him into the White House.  I bet he couldn’t be more wrong.  Russell” 

Doublethink requires a great deal of Nothink for it to be effective.  We’ll see just how many people use Nothink on the next election.  Considering how popular “Reality TV” is, Kerry could win by a landslide.   Okay, I’m depressed now.  His now beating up on Bush about OBL's Misunderstood freedom fighter's ties to Saddam's Iraq.  Funny how there is no media mention that these are the same things Clinton was going on... Funny how they are protecting Clinton more furiously than they are promoting Kerry.  As if people are going to vote for Clinton again or something.  I guess I don't get it because I can't wrap my mind around "Complete Freaking Insanity", which seems to be the DNC's new play book.  

Is it any wonder what side Mr Moore is on?  No question in my mind

Some email exchanges about .22 pistols lately.   I really like the Colt Cadet.  For a smaller .22 that could also be used as a BUG, (my Dad will like this one) is the Walther TPH.  This is a PPK style pistol chambered for .22LR.   The Browning Buckmark would be my first choice, but the Cadet is very very close if not equal.   Not that I’d put my life on the line with a .22 as the life preserver, but some people like them and use them.  Especially with suppressors, right Dad?

Mozilla 1.7 is out now.  I’ve been following it and using it since the Beta.  Let’s see… Betas, and the Release Candidates 1, 2, and 3… Now there is the final version of 1.7.  I’ve not tried it yet.  Because 1.7RC3 is so good I don’t need it.  The release notes really don’t cover a lot of details about any changes they have made between the RC’s… so I don’t know how different RC3 is to the actual release… but considering the dates and RC3 is only a week old, probably not a lot of differences here at all.  I’ve not had a crash with RC3, even with PDF’s that had choked Mozilla in the past.  So they got those bugs worked out.  I’ve noticed that it is faster… much faster than IE.  If you have not tried Mozilla, you really should.  Download the whole package and enjoy it.  Especially if you are using Outlook Express as your email client.  Don’t do that!  Outlook Express is BAD!  Very bad… don’t use it.  Use Mozilla’s email client instead because it is more secure and flat out better.  These guys are already busting their buns on version 1.8 and have an Alpha release you can try.  This one looks even better, because it has an FTP tool built in, Intellimouse support, (which is odd for them to say that, mine is working just fine already) and lots of improvements to the email client.

My story is coming along well and I have come to an interesting point… I’ve got to go back and rewrite a whole new section earlier in the story’s timeline.  So I’ve already got some good ju-ju from the English class I’m not taking until the fall.  (weird, huh?)   I’ve been working on that a lot lately, hence my lack of posts yesterday… but I did answer some emails, or tried to anyways.  Mostly only friends and family, sorry if I didn’t answer yours if you didn’t get a reply.  Well, today is going to be busy for me.  Lot’s of writing and reading and traffic court and all that jazz.  Oh, the Makarov should be here today, and I have to get into the Bronco’s fuel tank… what else?  Oh, and all the while try to keep 5 Demolition Experts fed, happy, heal boo-boos, and keep them from destroying the house.   Freak… it’s 6:43AM and I feel like I am behind already.  


June 16th, Wednesday, 2004: 1600hrs:  Of course “The New York Observer” would call Dan Rather a “CBS News Legend”… and of course Dan Rather would give Clinton’s book “Five Stars”.  Watching these guys furiously felating each other is more tedious than the Academy Awards for the rich and famous to pat themselves on the back for being rich and famous.    I’m not going to mention CBS, 60 Minutes, or Bill Clinton again after this point… but I will make one suggestion to Bill Clinton… Insist that he launder his neck tie.  You don’t need another Blue Dress incident.

RUGER:  If you listen carefully… you can hear the Four Horsemen coming this way at full gallop.   Ruger has made an automatic centerfire pistol that made me nod my head and say “Hmm, that’s not bad.”   There are some things about Ruger pistols that just don’t sit well with me… but this new one looks to be almost just about right.  I don't know how to articulate that any better, sorry.  I’m talking about the new KP345PR.  Yeah, that's a name we can all remember perfectly clear.  How do you pronounce that?  I think you stress the P's and roll the R, but I'm just guessing.  Evidently this new design is made to be very slim.  That's a good thing.  I can’t wait to see one in person and try it out.  If it turns out that this gun is thick and awkward like the rest of the Ruger auto line up, I’ll deny I said this.    

Well, some are wondering how things went this morning with the Head Man in the English Department.  You know that scene in Harry Potter when young Harry goes to buy his first wand and the guy gets all sly and creepy and says “I’ve been wondering when I was going to see you, Mr Potter.” 

Well, that didn’t happen and it has nothing to do with this.  However it went very well, and after talking to him I talked to the guy over History and they are putting together a Directed Study course for me that meshes both English, History and early Christian Theology.  Next semester should be a great deal of fun.  In fact, it’s going to be so much fun, he already gave me a 528 page reading assignment. 

One work that will be read for this is by a shut in medieval French woman and her pontifications regarding spirituality.  I know this sounds “Please shoot me in the head right now” dull… but don’t worry, this is all stuff I can really sink my teeth into.  Believe it or not.  I’m a book worm freak and can also sink my teeth into technical reports about the V-22 Osprey… and if you don’t believe me, I can email one to you in PDF.   I’ll have these 528 pages read and done in a couple days.  No problem. Considering this is all meshing in with what I'm writing in my book, it's all gravy.

“So do you write Fiction or Non-Fiction?”

“I write Friction.”

*Spock Eyebrow* “Of course you do.”

Speaking of reading… the latest issue of Concealed Carry Magazine came.  I walked in and The Bride was sitting there reading a magazine.   So I said “what are you reading?”  And she said, “Oh, a gun magazine.”  That’s a first.  She wasn’t even reading my article.  I only got the chance the thumb through it because she’s still reading it.  She is very impressed with the magazine and commented a couple times about that fact.  This is the FIRST TIME she has ever done anything like that.  Normally she doesn’t even glance at a gun magazine.  I don’t even think she read the article I wrote for SWAT, and I consider SWAT to also be excellent.   I don’t know what sort of voodoo CCM is casting on the paper after it’s printed – but that is some potent ju-ju right there.  She has never taken an interest in any gun magazine before at all, but is reading this one.  That speaks volumes.  CCM is solid gold.   Guys, check it out… subscribe… leave an issue around for your spouse to read.   And whoever the lady is on the cover this issue, my wife said “She’s cute”.  That’s so odd because I just looked at the covergirl and thought “Glock.”    

0900hrs: Guys there is a little problem.  I need your help.  The 2nd Amendment needs your help.  Our very freaking liberty needs your help.  If we don’t all fight this right now – we are all going to become targets of public persecution for owning guns.   Seriously.   This Sheriff needs to be rebuked, big time.  This asshole needs to be removed from office.  I don’t care where you live… call this guy and let him know he did the wrong thing.  Call the journalist in question and let him know he did the wrong thing.  Don’t threaten them… don’t be rude… just let them know they made a bad choice and it’s going to cost them politically and professionally.  Then FLOOD the newspapers with demands of retractions, apologies, and Pink Slips… It would also help to contact the State’s Attorney General and let them know.  Governor’s Office is also a very nice place to send opinions too.  Guys… this how it starts… They can’t do this.  The can NOT do this.  This puts the gun owners in Ohio at risk, and it opens the door to put all of us at risk.  We have to CRUSH THIS NOW.  The damage is done there now, and there is nothing we can do to remedy that.  But we can make it known that we will not tolerate this happening again and prevent other jackasses from doing it because they don't want the shit that will come with it.  Read that link.  Respond in kind.

“It was funny how the hardships that I hated the most became the core around which I built memories of camaraderie.”  Robert Mason, Chickenhawk.  I’ve mentioned this book a few times.  It’s one of the finest books of its kind.  I just found that Robert Mason has a website, and was thrilled to find that he has photos there that he took while in Nam.  You may or may not recognize some of his other works.  For example Solo.  I never made that connection that this was the same Robert Mason.  Chickenhawk should be the one made into a movie… done to the same caliber as Band Of Brothers.  That would be more than fantastic.  How many authors have a direct email address like that?  Outstanding.  I’ll have to write him a note.  His book gives one a very clear and unique picture of the Vietnam war that you don’t get from other sources. 


June 15th, Tuesday, 2004: 1630hrs:  This is what I call “snakeshit crazy”.  But this is even crazier.   Have you ever seen a video of this guy doing what he does?  I have.  I almost lost my mind, it is that psycho.  And they want to put this guy on TV?  He is dangerous enough just on the radio.  But damn if he isn’t the funniest thing on the planet.  A lot of the time it’s just stupid… but then there are the times it’s so freaking hilarious you have to stop the car because your laughing so hard you can’t see where your going.   The sad thing is that I can’t get him out here because the local station refuses to play him because the local population of dumbfucks around here can’t wrap there one neuron around the fact that Hendrie is just jazzing people.  I’m not kidding… the local station put him one for a few weeks and the whole Uintah Basin area just freaked out about it.   Phil, I know you read MO some times, so here is a note to you.  You keep doing whatever it is you do and don’t worry about those that can’t figure it out.  I know what you do, but I’d require medication should I discover how it is you do it.   Say Hi to RC for me. 

Hey Mom… I told you!   Neener neener.

Some people have asked me what the hell is up with the Robin Hood song.  I’m not sure how that happened.  I was swapping emails with Commander Martin (Edit: I don't know why I said Nate - I'm losing it)  He remarked about my comment of the Democrats not having anyone as hot as Ann Coulter (tasty) and I said well they have Weapons Expert Janeane Garafalo.     So Nate fires this back: 

“And they can KEEP HER!!!!!  You are truly a mean one.....  Now, I'm going to have that  image stuck in my head all day long.  Do this for me:  Think about the song "Muskrat Love" by The Captain and Tenille.  Now you have that stuck in YOUR head all day.   (laughing)”

So I fired back with that Robin Hood song… but I held that handgrenade a little too long before I threw it… and I’ve had that little ditty inside my skull for most of the day.  I finally got it out with a song from the “Singles Ward” soundtrack… “Popcorn Popping”.  A techno-pop version of the song primary kids sing at church.  That is, I had it out until you guys starting asking all about it again so thank you very freaking much.  That tune is like freaking herpes.

Emails NOT about Robin Hood (btw the only version worth watching is the Disney Animated version):

“Dear Big Latin Orcus:  Just throwing in my 2 Abe’s.  Being an avid .45 fan, I’ve learned the hard way that my 5’ 6” height isn’t the optimal stature for the full concealment off Mr. Browning’s 1911.  As a compromise I’m finding confidence in the Kahr K9/K40 as a good option snickered away inside a Galco UDC.  BTW, I agree with your research (would you care if I didn’t?) on most of your top 10 ( love the XD series! ), but the Kahr is very slim, which accommodates relatively well, the fact that I am not.”

No.  :)  Being the Horde’s Warchief has it’s privileges.  The little Kahrs are good options, but I’m still pissed at them for screwing with Colt’s best handgun since the Python, the Pocket Nine.  

Hey George, Congrats on the potential acceptance into the writing hall of fame, or whatever it is. Hope the meeting goes well tomorrow. I read with interest the bit about the .45 1911 carry and the .380 alternative. Same problem here. I am looking for a good backup. I was thinking of a .357wheel gun just because they are relatively small and have decent punch. But, what I really want, which ain't gonna happen anytime soon because of the previous mail I sent regarding gun safes and my wife, is the S&W Model 25 .45ACP snubbie - 2" barrel. For some reason that  gun just fits into the Addams Family opening lyrics of "...sweet and petite..." (picture Lurch tickling the ivories). But, that is a Performance Center product and is in the $1200 range. So, a .357 is looking more promising for this poor boy. Interesting letter from the politico. Time for all of us to get on the bandwagon and start hammering our reps about the AWB. Take care.  Cpt Bobbitt”

The biggest advantage of the KelTec is that you can even carry it in the front pockets of your levis… something you really can’t do with a little J-frame.  (Well, if the jeans are baggy you can) I know a cat that packs his KelTec in his wallet.

Ogre,  Just a quick note regarding Jason's predicament for carry.  My workplace just came out with their "official" company policy in which guns were mentioned as bad things.  I've been using the Defender from Action Direct and am very pleased with it for a deep cover situation.  We don't have to do the shirt and tie dress code, but slacks and a tucked in polo shirt.  With the Defender I can carry, blouse my shirt a bit, and put my cellphone just in front of the gun.  Works most excellent.  I carry my Commander-size 1911 quite frequently and have even carried my Ruger P89 without a problem.  3 o'clock or in front carry work equally well.  Keep up the good work.  Eric

Excellent carry option Eric… one that will work with many different handguns.  BTW, pictured is the Beretta Cheetah.  Gotta love it.   

1030:  Stuck in my head and can’t stop whistling it:

Robin Hood and Little John
Walkin' through the forest
Laughin' back and forth
At what the other'ne has to say
Reminiscin', This-'n'-thattin'
Havin' such a good time
Oo-de-lally, Oo-de-lally
Golly, what a day
Never ever thinkin' there was danger in the water
They were drinkin', they just guzzled it down
Never dreamin' that a schemin' sherrif and his posse
Was a-watchin' them an' gatherin' around
Robin Hood and Little John
Runnin' through the forest
Jumpin' fences, dodgin' trees
An' tryin' to get away
Contemplatin' nothin'
But escape an' fin'lly makin' it
Oo-de-lally, Oo-de-lally
Golly, what a day
Oo-de-lally, Oo-de-lally
Golly, what a day


0900hrs:  So only Democrats are sexy?  WTF?  I don't think so.  Some of the hottest babes around are Conservatives and or Republicans.  Just look at Karen Hanretty, the GOP spokesperson... she is 10 times hotter than JFK2's money bag.

Okay, on a silly note here.  Last night I caught the auditions for “The Next Action Star”.  A TV contest show where people are trying to become The Next Action Star.  The people that they are picking to move on to the competition… man… see… this is the problem with Hollywood.  What are the best action movies and who are the best heroes in these action flicks?  Clint Eastwood… John Wayne… Mel Gibson… Steve McQueen… Heck, even Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel.  These guys have character just standing there looking at you.  They have presence.  These next action star wannabes?  They don’t look like they just came in from a hard day of work and are in no mood to put up with any shit… no… they look like they just stepped off the set of Days of Our Lives.   Not impressed.  I’m not going to waste my time watching any more of that.  I was hoping “Scrubs” was going to come on again or something, but no luck, so I turned the tube off.    TV sucks.  

Speaking of movies… Lots of members of The Horde’s Inner Circle are reporting back after having seen “The Chronicles of Riddick” and universally they are giving two thumbs up for it.  Not all have reported in yet, but none have given it a negative mark.  There is just something about it that makes it good even if it’s predictable, a little cheesy, less than completely original.   Some how Vin Diesel just takes it and makes it his own.  Just like The Rock did in his last two flicks.  I think I’d like to see a flick with both these cats playing against eachother… kinda like a “Face Off”.  Especially if they put Gina Gershon in there… (yummy)  Come to think of it, can we get a movie with Gina Gershon and Angelina Jolie together?  If I was a Hollywood producer, I’d do a remake of Fanny Hill with these two babes in it and retire a very wealthy and evil man.  Anyways… Riddick… Now I have to buy the DVD of Pitch Black, and then Riddick when it comes out, because these flicks rock to a shockingly high degree.  For those who remember Shin Tao, my blood brother, Riddick totally reminds me of Shin.  Except Riddick is a little friendlier.  

Speaking of actresses… you know who I am sick of?  Juliette Lewis.  I don’t know why this biotch is famous.  She is a shitty actress and she looks like the daughter of sick affair between Frankenstein and a bottlenosed dolphin with that bigass forehead.  She looks like she has fucking sonar up in that dome.  She can echo-locate your ass from 20,000 leagues under the see.  She’s like a chick from HP Lovecraft’s Shadow over Innsbrook.  She’s creepy and disturbing looking.  Yet some guys say she is sexy as hell.  *shudder*  Someone told me she wants to cut a rock album.  WTF?  Well, there are guys that are into anything so this doesn’t surprise me at all.  No, if she is your thing – dude – keep it to yourself.  I don’t want know about it.  Really. 

Okay, on to some more serious stuff.  Eezox is still performing well according to Horde Lt Mark:  “Further on Eezox.  After shooting the CZ-52 and the .45- with and without .22 conversion-, my opinion remains favorable.  The .22 and 7.62x25 cleaned up quickly, bores only taking a good wiping with damp patches, then dry to take out the excess.  It does not seem to work real well on lead fouling.  I wound up with some cast .45's that were a bit soft, and lead the barrel; not horribly, but a pain to clean out.  Even with a brush, Eezox didn't do too well.  But on fouling from jacketed stuff & .22's, works great.  Haven't had a chance to try on a high-power rifle as yet, hope to do that tomorrow.  Range time, Yeah!  The knife blade I treated is holding up quite well.  Between carrying and using, including cheese at lunch, still no visible rust spots.  Better results than I had with Break Free.  Horde Lt. Mark” 

This is good news.  I’m still tickled to hell with the performance of CorrosionX, and I’m still testing Armorer’s Ultimate but no conclusions so far.  Still waiting for that guy to put up his website so I can give you the link.  This is the future URL, but nothing is there yet.  Oh, speaking of A.U., I was going to mail out some of the samples I got that I was going to bring to the Utah Gathering.  I’m flat broke for the week so just hold on.  I’ll get them to you soon.   I think 12Voltman had some he might have taken to the gathering.  Ah, I see he did.  Excellent.

Email from new Horde Member:  “Long time reader, first time spammer. Question: As a fellow supporter of the 45 cal ACP I hesitate to look to other cartridge sizes for protection of my person but hot weather isn't ideal for CCW. I've tried IWB holsters but my job is shirt and tie with no coat (read no where to cover it). I love my 45 and know it will be there for me should I need protection from a burglar, a frenchman, or perhaps a democrat looking to relieve me of my rights. I have looked to the Kel-tec  p3at .380 as my hot weather carry but I'm not comforted by the euro sized punch. Even with alot of practice, high power rounds, and placement I'm not sure its the right option. What to do ol'wise one? Use the force to glean me some knowledge for me. Thanks in advance. - Jason”

See, I'm with you on this... I love my .45 but I can't always have it with me.  Sometimes even a little .45 like my Detonics is still too big.  I have been eyeballing the KelTec P3AT myself for carry when I can't carry.  I also remember seeing a KelTec with a pocket clip like right off a Spyderco knife.  This would be an excellent solution and would allow carry where you otherwise couldn't do it... like clipped to the waist band of your boxers under you khakis.  

For deep concealment look into a "belly band" rig.  I know one fellow who uses a belly band to conceal a full size Government Model 1911 when he worked at a University where guns were strictly verboten.  I also saw him beat Chewbacca in an arm wrestling match... big guy... but this just shows the utility of the belly band rig.    If you don’t have one or can't find one, use an ACE Bandage.   You can also use that to fabricate an ankle rig or shoulder rig in a pinch.

I am going to try to do a KelTec review in the future... maybe after the Makarov.  Another gun to consider in this class is the Seecamp and the NAA Guardian.   Both are very small and very concealable.  However the KelTec is lighter and more suitable to "Haynes Carry".

BTW, when you carry like that, the best place to position the gun is up front.  A bit disconcerting.... but for anyone looking for hidden guns, you can just say you're happy to see them.

Now the question remains is this little gun going to be effective?  They can be.  Some .380 loads can be really weak, that’s true.  But others can be nice and zippy… overlapping into the 9MM spectrum.  This is a good thing but from some shooters who are unsettled with a 9MM, this is little comfort.  Here is the thing though… these pistols are not going to be used to clear a building, or hostage rescue, or anything like that.  These guns are what you bring to a knife fight.  Close in dirty fighting at contact range.  Preferable you have some range to work with… maybe a few yards.  Or you can just screw the muzzle into an eye socket before you pull the trigger.   The .380 round will work just fine.  Especially if you send it in with it’s friends… the rest of the magazine.  I don’t know how many guys out there can swallow 6 or so rounds of Pro Load’s spicy hot .380 JHP and still have the appetite to want to eat your lunch.  If you come across a fellow that hungry, I doubt even .45ACP would have satisfied him… that kinda guy needs a buckshot buffet from a Mossberg 590… and I’m not talking about the reduced calorie, diet, low recoil, “tactical” loads either.  

There is no magic bullet in any caliber, and there is no magic caliber.  But there is a .380 when you had to leave the .45 at home.  At least it’s something.

And as far as handgun calibers go, .380 is not all that bad.  It’s an enjoyable caliber to shoot and not that spendy.  You can put it some good practice time with it and prepare yourself for when you really have to use it.  I am still wanting to some day get a Beretta Cheetah Model 84 or 85 in .380.  Such a nice CCW gun.  Very elegant…. Something a KelTec is not.  Then again, the KelTec isn’t trying to be.  It’s a life preserver and there is nothing elegant about a life preserver.

Email from Horde Member Thomas:  “Honorable Ogre, I don't believe I have ever emailed you before, but I am a multiple times a day reader… great stuff, keep it coming!!  (End obligatory flattery)  I'm assuming you heard that eBay enacted new policy that would make it against their rules to sell any 'assault weapon' "parts or accessories".  Aside from being generally pissed off about this, I was confused.  What was an 'assault weapon' "accessory"?  So, I penned them an angry, but generally polite email, asking them to clarify.  I asked if an item such as a bipod, or a rifle sling (that could  be used on an 'assault weapon') would be banned.  I was surprised that I actually got a personal response, and was also surprised by the content of that response.  Here's what I received:

"Dear Thomas, Thank you for writing with your concern.  The primary reason that eBay has changed its policy is that various state and federal laws are particularly complex when it comes to regulating, and even defining, assault weapons parts and accessories.  What is legal in one jurisdiction may be illegal in another, and as the category grew, it became increasingly difficult for us to enforce a consistent policy. To keep our community from inadvertently violating a firearms law, and to simplify our enforcement into a policy that would be fair and consistent to all sellers, we took the step of banning all parts and accessories related to assault weapons. This decision was made purely to help protect our community from inadvertently violating firearms laws, and for enforcement reasons. eBay takes no position on the gun control issue. eBay will continue to allow the sale of hunting rifle parts and accessories because the laws surrounding the sale of these items are much simpler and thus easier to enforce. I apologize for any inconvenience or frustration this policy change has caused. We hope that you can accept eBay’s decision.  As to your specific question, any item that is marketed to promote its use with an assault weapon would be a violation of this policy. Were a seller to list a ball point pen and encourage it be used to write on an assault weapon, the listing would be removed. I understand that this policy may seem overly conservative to you; however, after having read the reasons mentioned above for this policy, I hope you can understand our point of view.  It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing eBay. Regards, Oscar eBay Community Watch."

Please excuse the language, but they most certainly DID take a fucking "position on the gun control issue".  I am no firearms law expert (and who the hell could be with all that's out there?!), but given the limited types of items that were allowed in the first place, the ONLY thing I could imagine they would be talking about as 'legal here, but not here' would be magazines (and they already had a policy limiting magazines to post-ban, 10-round capacity).  All the slings and do-dads and scopes and grips galore wouldn't make a bit of difference as to breaking the law in any jurisdiction.  The only possible exception might be Planet California… but they don't count, because as we all know, that is no longer part of America.  Anyway, I apologize for rambling on, I just find all of this frustrating beyond words (well, aside from the words I've written here).  Keep up the good work, and don't give an inch!  Thomas.  PS - I don't mean to steal a term that might already be out there, but you've inspired me to coin the term "Ogre-Stomp".  I use this frequently when referring to Dianne Feinstein.

With the inability to define “assault weapon” I’m unable to define an assault weapon part or accessory.  And is it an assault weapon accessory if it’s one that can go on a non-assault weapon?  And what about the look alikes such as the “Soft Air” bb guns… if you define assault weapon based on cosmetic features, certainly these are banned from ebay? Fuck – this just gave me a headache.  See, this happens when I try to understand Liberal Thought.  (Oxymoron right there… file that with “Jumbo Shrimp” ) Not classic liberal thought such as forward creative thinking that in fact allowed for the creation of our great nation… but the Modern Liberal type thinking that requires forced ignorance and the shunning of logic and reason… this is what causes my brain to protest.  Ebay, for all it’s pros and cons remains a private company and they can pretty much do anything they want.   They can traffic in sex toys and bibles all they want…  Really when it comes to matters of arms, ebay wouldn’t be the best place anyway. is one that I like, and it’s actually within the Firearms Community.  I like its search parameters to allow you to search within types or price range or location… it’s very nice and you are dealing more with people who know what the hell they are doing instead of some guy out of his garage.  I say “more” because you got the individuals there, but you also have dealers all across the country who are using it too and I’m a little more comfortable with that. 


June 14th, Monday 2004, 1800hrs: Some time ago I lit into Congressman Jim Matheson and gave him both barrels regarding all the issues close to my heart.  Last Saturday he responded to me.

First issue was armor for vehicles in Iraq and body armor for the troops…  There is not enough of it.  Thanks to the likes of John Kerry.  Jim Matheson D-Utah 2nd district says that he wants help get our troops the armor.  He isn’t on the committee but he is wanting to see this happen.  This means should this be called to a vote, he'll vote to save our boy's asses.  Unlike Kerry who voted for it before he voted against it... that fricken bastard.

Next is the M-16 rifle which I can tell you, I chronicled the weapon’s short comings for him in detail along with many many emails supporting my opinion coming from servicemen from all over the place.  I also detailed my support of the XM-8 weapon system.  Especially in the new 6.8MM chambering that the SF is working on. Here is what he said:

“Currently the prototypes of the XM-8 are being tested by the US Army and the weapon is slated to enter full production in 2005.  Given the substantial weight of the other equipment soldier carry, I hope this lighter weight rifle will prove successful through the testing process so that our soldiers will be able to utilize more effective weaponry.

I believe that weapons procurement decisions should originate from within the military, as each service is best able to select the appropriate tools.  I will continue to advocate for the weaponry that is actually requested and supported by the services.”

Jim might not even no what he is talking about… a lighter weapon isn’t necessarily a more effective weapon… but he does have his head screwed on right in regards to letting the experts pick their own tools.  I consider this an excellent response from a politico. 

The next issue was the assault weapons ban.  I made my case for my point of view to this Democrat politico and supported it with as many facts as I could.  His response floored me.   He agreed with me on every point.  The bad has done nothing to reduce crime and he believes in punishing the bad guys instead of the honest citizens with stupid bans.


This cat is a democrat, right?  Then he goes on to say that he considers himself a Utahn first and foremost regardless of the party label and approaches each issue on it’s own merit for the best interests of Utah.  Er… okay.  This was an unexpected answer.  I want to believe him.  Could it be that we have another Democrat with the common sense of Zell Miller?  I want to believe this is possible.  I really do.  However I have my doubts.

Here is what I am going to do tonight.  All night if it takes.  I’m going to go through Jim Matheson’s voting record line by line and compare his actual votes to the lip service he just gave me.  If his votes actually line up – great.  He has my vote.  If not – if he just fed me some lines – I’m going to hand deliver this letter, signed by his name, to the first Republican candidate running against him that I come across… there are like 2 or 3 here locally… so that they can use his own word to burn him.  
Jim Matheson – a word of caution.  Not all voters are like me, but more and more are every day.  We don’t just take lip service on it’s own merit and vote like dunderheads.  More and more of us look into these things in detail now.  You had best say what you mean and mean what you say now because your records are no longer hard to find and shady.  They are posted on the wall for all to see who wish to look.  We are holding you guys accountable now.  What you say can and will be used against you in a voting booth.  So far, looking at the bills you have co-sponsored, I’m finding my self nodding in agreement with some… and scratching my heads at others:

H.RES.94 : Honoring the contributions of Venus and Serena Williams.

WTF?  Do we need congress taking the time and tax payer's money to vote on a congressional agreement that they kick ass at tennis?  WTF is that?   My hell.  Is that what we are paying these guys for?  I bet if I search I can find another resolution saying that Tiger Woods owns at Golf.  Come on, Congressman!  Are there not more important things to worry about?  My hell man!  Oh, like this one… H.R.1454 : To prohibit the importation of bidi cigarettes.  Yeah, that’s a good one… let’s not give too many competitors to the brands we already have.  (WTF is a bidi cigarette anyways?  Never mind… I don’t want to know.)  

Guys, use the tools at your disposal here to find out wtf your representatives are doing for you.

SPECIAL THANKS TO TONY!  I have a Russian Makarov on the way that will serve as the test example for my article for Concealed Carry Magazine.   He says it's in some ugly shape... don't worry about that, I can take care of it with no problem. Maybe for the pictures I'll try my hand at home refinishing with the help of Brownells' refinishing line up.  Look for that report coming up in the near future when the Mak arrives.  Should be interesting and educational.  Tony, check this link out here.  You will find many like minded individuals to glean further light and knowledge from. Welcome to the Horde.  And to make sure you feel welcome, you are hereby commissioned as a Lieutenant within the Horde, so everyone raise a Cold One to Lt Tony!  His assistance here not only helps me personally, and the Horde in general, but will also serve to help CCM become an even greater publication and as a result help educate shooters both old and young.   You are the MAN!   I called Tony this afternoon and found out some of his background in the automotive field, so we will be assigning him to the Horde’s 1st Armored Cavalry Division.     

Some more good news?  Yeah, I have some more good news.  I’m being accepted into an advanced level program in the English department where I can concentrate on and get credit for my writing.  SWEEET!!!  This is validation of all my efforts in that direction.   I’m meeting with the head man of the department personally Wednesday morning to go over a few things, so this isn’t set in concrete just yet.  However I will use this as a good excuse to lift another celebratory Cold One.   Join me!  I am now on my way to becoming a professional and certified custom Wordsmith!  Er… for whatever that is worth.  HA!  CHEERS!

0900hrs:  Remember how I used to be so critical of NASA?  Well, someone there must have been reading because they are getting turned upside down.  A huge restructuring is going to happen there to make the agency leaner and meaner and actually effective.   This is about time too, because to date the only organized NASA program that was actually working and stayed on schedule and budget was “Space Camp”.  This is all well and good to inspire kids to want to reach the stars but you could do that with a VHS tape of “Star Wars” and bag of popcorn.  Come on, they are kids… they all want to go into space.  They are all from space!  Forgive me for not being impressed with that program.  This is all very good news indeed.  Because I believed that NASA as it is today is not the agency that we need in place if we really want advances in space.   They are just not able to do anything quickly with any imagination and inspiration.  The most advances they have had recently have all come from outside sources.  People are kicking NASA’s asses for a mere 10 million dollar prize.  (The “X” prize)  So this news is very good news indeed.  I just hope this restructuring retains the people with the creativity and imagination and inspiration rather than the big fat overpaid and underlaid management that have been benefiting from the old system rather than trying to push forward.  Of late the best things coming from NASA are only images from telescopes.  That’s great, but if we are going to be spending so much freaking money – I don’t want pictures.  I want post cards.  Let’s get there!

Email from Horde Member Phil:  “I just read the piece on Cheney, and I think it's a hit piece.  In 1992, we were cutting back from (I think off the top of my head) 23 division to 17; the Abrams, Bradley, and F-15 and 16 were already produced in large numbers; given that the active force _was_ being drawn down, producing more didn't make sense. There's a difference between cutting production of a three-hundred plane production run at 200 (which I think was done for the F-15E) and not saying we should produce it in the first place.  (Of course, drawing down the active force itself didn't make sense, but the American people replaced Bush with Clinton, who decided cutting to 17 divisions wasn't enough and cut the US back to 10 divisions... but I digress).  Kerry wanted to cut these programs back before they produced _anything_.  I think Cheney _did_ try to cut the Osprey, but the funding got restored by Congress.  And finally: I'm not sure I would want to be blaming the defense secretary for any cuts he winds up having to make when the amount of money he has to work with is set by Congress to begin with.  I think the piece was taking a bunch of stuff out of context in order to make it look like Kerry's relatively strong on defense.  I sometimes wonder if this is what it was like, living in the old Soviet Union, and only having Pravda as a news source. – Phil” 

You might be right, and I’m still looking into this.  If I was wrong about Cheney, I’ll admit it and I’ll even send apologies to the man.  (I know I hurt his feelings)

Email from new Horde Member, Mills:Mad Ogre:  I don't know your name and have never communicated here before.  I personally believe what you said couldn't have been said more plainly or truthfully.  I too packed the M16A1 for four years.  I was getting out just as the -A2's were coming in.  My feelings were this:

1)  The gas impingement system (through internal defecation) causes fouling so bad the rifle jams early and often.

2)  The chamber is nearly impossible to reach and therefore nearly impossible to clean.  A shining example of accessibility was the M1 Garand/M14 type action.  If you had a bad jam you could fit a tool(knife) in there to clear it.

3) The cartridge is way under powered.  Granted you can kill someone with it out to 800m.  But only when conditions are perfect.  I use the round to kill gophers/varmints out to 300m.  Beyond that I move to my midrange calibers(6mmRem, 257RBTS).  They will hit them out to 700m.  The point is there were weight saving rounds available but we went all the way to "ineffective" with the 5.56 NATO.  The new 6.8mm shows promise, but it is being adapted to the M16 platform.  If the 6.8 was left full length it would do as intended.  Better still go to a lighter M14 action and chamber it with something bigger than the 5.56 but smaller than the 7.62(.308).  This issue also reverts back to #2.

4) This was the first rifle in which the stock was an ineffective weapon.  Even the 30 carbine as useless as it was could crack someone’s skull with a buttstroke (it's only saving quality).

I hope my feelings confirm yours and I have written to my Congressman to convey my feelings that our boys over in the Middle East need weapons that are going to save their lives.  Not a piece of junk that jams when most needed.  The Rangers who fought their way to Navy SEAL Roberts body, during Operation Anaconda, had to pick up AK's at the last of the battle because the 16's they had no longer functioned and they were out of ammunition. 
That is a sad thought. – Mills

Thanks for the email, Mills.  I get more and more emails such as this from soldiers all the time… Troops that are in the field with actual combat arms jobs instead of filing clerks and radar mechanics… the cats with the rifles in their hands all the time and actual put sights on bad guys… they are all getting very frustrated with the M-16 platform and it’s bastard child the M-4 carbine.  A couple cats that disagreed, when pressed confessed to holding, I shit you not, held the MOS of 25M “Twenty Five Mike” and “77 Wiskey”.  77W?  Wasn’t that a Pauly Shore comedy about 77W?  Didn’t Adam Sandler make a flick about a 77W guy too?  Come on! 

I got more stuff to say… but I can’t get to it right at this moment… Check back later this afternoon for more goodies.   I want to get to Congressman Jim Matheson’s (D-UT) response to my tongue lashing about military programs such as body armor and the M-16 rifle as well as the AWB.  These will surprise the hell out of you.  It did me.  Gotta run right now!


June 13th, Sunday, 2004: 1715hrs:  UN Weapon Inspectors are now saying Saddam shipped WMD’s before during and after we started our attack on Iraq.   Duh.  Tell us what we don’t know… where they are!  The most chilling line in the whole article is the last one.  Smuggled nuclear materials.  That’s just freaking great.  You are not going to catch this on CNN or anything – but this pretty much ends the “Bush Lied” bullshit.  The stupid Liberals can still say “Bush lied and where are the WMD’s” and all that jazz… but when the UN weapons inspectors are saying “He smuggled them out”… that pretty much means that yeah, he had them.

Ranger vs Rabbits.  He only got one today and nothing else… but he had fun.  I didn’t get anything either.  The area we went was one that I used to go plink Prairie Dogs in… and again, there was not a P-dog to be seen… only a few cotton tails… minus one now.  Freaking black footed ferrets are killing them all.  Good news to ferret lovers I guess.  While walking the range we came across a severed calf head that was funky and decomposing and maggoty.  Ranger went nuts on it.  He rolled all over it.  I wanted to puke.  Bad Dog!  He wouldn’t get off it when ordered he was in such wolfy bliss.  So I fired a shot into the air to get his attention and then scolded him.  That did it.  He coward behind my legs knowing I was pissed off and never went more than 3 feet away from me.  Which is unfortunate because I could have smelled him 3 miles away.  I should have just pulled him off and left it at that.  I used a stick to brush some maggots off his fur.  If the Hindus are right… and there is reincarnation… I don’t think I’d want to come back as a timberwolf.  Nasty.    The highlight moment was when a cottontail bolted right in front of him.  He took off like stinger missile and chased it for about 50 yards in a straight line.  He almost had the rabbit.  Unfortunately it went straight down a burrow...  and so did Ranger.  Up to his shoulders and almost got stuck.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I now have a preference for the 150 grain Winchester load for the .30-30.  The lighter round has more velocity and a flatter trajectory that makes it just plain more useful out in the desert.  Of course I know .30-30 isn’t the ideal round out here… .270 being a favorite… .25-06 a favorite… but for a field gun, a Marlin .30-30 is still quiet excellent.  Especially loaded with 150’s.  The rifle is light and when grabbed around the receiver balances well for when you are hauling ass trying to keep up with a dog like Ranger when he launches.  For the first time today I experienced what is called “The Marlin Jam”.  I’ve also noticed that ejected brass has burrs on it from some rough treatment by the action.  I figured this problem would crop up when I purchased a used example of this breed.  I am thinking about sending this gun up to Wild West Guns in Alaska for an overhaul.  When it comes to levergun gurus, those cats up there are the bees knees.  THR member “WildAlaska” there is the resident Marlin Mage and I’ve already talked to him about putting spells of ruin upon this gun.  I think I’ll ship it off next week.  I’m thinking about getting the barrel lopped down to an even 16 inches, crowned, and everything slicked up nice and silky with Wild West big loop, and maybe sights.  I wouldn’t go down below 16 inches as the .30-30 round starts to give up too much after that.  I’m thinking that even at 16, the 150 grain would still work just fine out here.  Especially higher up in the mountains where the brush is thicker or in the trees.  And that is just fine because there is nothing worth even plinking at down in the foothills any more.

Noonish: Commercial Email:  “Dear Mr. Ogre Person.  About ten minutes ago, I  read your April 26 post regarding Mitsubishi and Volkswagen ads.  Now that I have stopped laughing, I must tell you that you are a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad man.  Very Bad!  Naughty! - Malcolm

I try to repent from my wicked ways.

Riddick Email:  “Ogre,  Glad to hear the Chronicles is good for Riddick fans.  Sorry to hear about the ticket.  Seems things go that way for me too.  Couple of good things get me stoked….something brings me to reality pretty quick.  Anyway, about the Bourne Supremacy I loved the books (Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy, and Bourne Ultimatum).  When the Bourne Identity came out a couple years ago I was wondering how they were going to work Matt Damon in since the Bourne in the book was a Spec. Ops type in Vietnam.  The movie was alright I guess, but as a fan of the books I was completely disappointed.  Not even close to the story in the book.  The only thing that was the same was the amnesia and the US agency in charge thinking he had gone rogue.  Oh, and that he falls for the lady.  Don’t know if you had read the books or not, but there wasn’t any mention of Carlos the Jackal in the movie.  The action was alright and the car chase in the beat up Mini was excellent.  I just had to completely forget about the book to get into the movie.  Haven’t decided yet if I’ll go see the new movie.  I might just use the money to buy the books since I loaned out my original copies and they haven’t found their way home yet.  On a more serious note, I appreciate your comments about Reagan the past few days.  I was just getting old enough to understand what kind of man and leader he was as he was leaving office.  Wish that all of our leaders would stand by their convictions the way he did.  Even Democrats would be easier to debate with if they would do that I think.  Keep up the good work.  Eric

Yeah, I’m going to order the books off Amazon…  Read the whole series again.  They were excellent books.   If they took the depth of the books seriously like they did for Harry freaking Potter – these movies would have been outstanding.   I cringe when I think about the Da Vinci Code being made into a movie.  How are they going to cram all those details into a film?  They are not… probably get Tom Cruise to play the Professor and Pamala Anderson to play the chick and they’ll run around France with Desert Eagles on Triumph motorcycles being chased by the assassin who is played by the guy on Monk.  Feh.  If it turns out better than that, I’ll be surprised.

Email from Horde Captain Gordie:  “Og, Just a short note to share with the Hoard on the best damn movie since Forrest Gump.  Second Hand Lions with Robert Duval and Micheal Caine and that kid that sees dead people.  Great film! Went to the Top of my list before I was half way through it!  Got to watch this one from the opening scene to the credits or you are gona’ missit.  This thing is great because it has so many levels to it. Hell a good English teacher or Philosophy teacher could make an entire course out of this movie.  You have to watch it.  Not  a lot of great lines but a few…  “Relatives!  Damn!”  I really don’t understand why this movie did not do better at the Box Office or with the critics. Other than it is a feel good movie of the old school. If you cannot watch this movie and find something in it to laugh at or some of yourself in it….. Well, you got a candidate for your professional services Og. Because you surely got a screw lose.   You can let your kids watch it and not worry.   It is a great movie.  Just wanted to share.  Thanks, CPT Gordie”

Oh, I agree 100%.  That movie was enjoyable from start to finish.  Loved it.  Those old guys are my heroes.  I love the part when they find the lion has escaped and they all run into the house and grab rifles… even the little kids had them.  That was hilarious.    

Email from Horde Air Force Commander Martin:  “Ogre-  On PD Ammo.  Please don't discount hand loads.  To someone who is anal about the loading process, such as myself, hand loads can be far superior to anything purchased over the counter.  Through much experimentation, I have developed the exact load that performs flawlessly in my P220ST.  I make myself matched ammo.  That means that I weigh each piece of brass, allowing for no more than 0.1 grain variation, I weigh each bullet, again 0.1 grain variation max.  Of course I weigh the powder.  Each completed round is again weighed before being placed in the ammo box.  This ensures uniform ammunition and the last weigh-in will flag any rounds that missed the powder dump.  In order to load one's own ammo, it requires diligence and dedication and some decent equipment.  But I'll put my 230gr hollow points up against any commercial ammo as shot through MY PISTOL.  Like you said, every gun and every shooter are different. - Mart  P.S.  Did you get the thing I sent about Orin Hatch praising the F-22 on the floor of Congress?"

Yeah, I read that.  Kudos to Hatch for it.  You know, Hatch is a funny Senator.  I want to love the guy for all the good stuff he does… but then he does some of the dumbest things one could possibly do.  Such as support the RIAA’s request to be able to hack into people’s personal computers to stop piracy.  All the while pimping his own records because he sang a few songs or something.   Yes, Senator Hatch… I boot leg your records and share them with my friends, because I just can’t get enough vocals from crotchety old white guys.   If anyone has any MP3’s by Walter Mathieu, oh yeah baby, send them my way!  (If anyone actually does have one, fall on your sword!)  On to the other topic, handloading is an art.  It really is.  Those who do it have my respect.  I don’t do it currently, but one of these days I’ll get back into it.  After we move into a new Ogre Manor that has more space.  Where we are at now makes even consideration of such venture totally impossible.  This joint isn’t really Ogre Manor.  It’s more like a temporary Horde HQ based out of an old M577 Command Vehicle. (The Bronco)  Anyways, once a proper Manor and compound is reestablished (preferable NOT anywhere near where it is now) then reloading is something that will be explored.  

Ammo Email:  “Read your column about ammo, and think you are right on.  Some ammo you might be interested in is STARFIRE made by PMC in  Boulder City NEV.  I did a water & penetration test some time ago the 230 gr. opened to the size of a quarter in water, went through a gallon water jug and into a second large phone book.  Weighing the bullet it came out to 229&1/2 grains,these are essentially BLACK TALONS w/out being black.  Another load you might be interested in is PRO LOAD TACTICAL made in Post Falls ID. very accurate & devastating in all calibers, at least in my guns.  Rave on OGRE enjoy your work.  – Smokey

Good suggestions.  I’ve used all these rounds before and they are all good.   I especially liked the Pro Load stuff.  Another good source for ammunition is Georgia Arms.  When I was in Virginia, I always got some boxes of it at the gun shows.  You can order it online now and the prices are quite good.

Okay, here is something that happened Friday Night.  After I got home from Riddick and my last post here, I noticed my second youngest boy was coughing.  The Bride had treated with over the counter meds and it helped for a bit… but throughout the night the cough just got worse and worse.  We did everything we could, but at about 4 AM the cough turned into a very tight wheezing and he could no longer breath between coughs.  He was turning blue from the lack of O2.   I rushed him into the ER where they gave him some O2, and some bronchial mist to help him breath again.  Thing is though, in the truck on the way there… his cough settled right down.  It was still tight, but he was no longer blue.  They gave him a steroid in a cough syrup form that he drank down… and also some Benadril because we believe this was an allergic reaction to dairy.  He is fine now… but man, did that scare the shit out of me.  NO MILK FOR YOU! – Milk Nazi.  He had snuck a drink of chocolate milk that day.  These boys are going to be the death of me.   I can’t imagine the heartache I heaped onto my folks… because I was a little shit.  Man… do see one of my sons in trouble like that… I would rather parachute into Afghanistan armed only with Harsh Language and my M-12A2 Rolled Newspaper (Sunday Edition).   So I had been up ALL NIGHT, then I had some responsibilities all morning.  Come late in the afternoon when I was thinking I could escape and make a run out to the Utah Gathering… I just couldn’t do it.  I had to sleep.  I was so exhausted it felt like I was drunk.  As a young man, I could do all nighters.  I remember going days without sleep… running on that exhaustion euphoria.  But not any more.  If I don’t get sleep, I am a zombie.   Well, I imagine The Gathering winding down about now.  Damn I wish I could have been there.  Especially considering the tiff my wife and I got into last night.  It was brief, but she still isn’t speaking to me.  We were both exhausted and had short fuses… I asked her a question and she jumped up into my grill like the chick from Riddick.   Maybe I’ll just take Ranger up into the mountains and let him do his thing while I snooze under a tree. I’ve still not reached equilibrium from Friday night.    


June 11th, Friday, 2004:  2200hrs:  Good things happen in threes… things have been going great and all day I’ve been in a good mood.  Good thing #3 today was I got the chance to go catch Riddick.  Not 10 minutes later, I get pulled over and ticketed.   Looks like my good thing streak came to an abrupt ending in the flashing colors of blue and red.  Utah Highway Patrolman Joe Snuffy was good enough… not the normal overbearing German accented “PAPERS PLEASE” type trooper that we have out here all the time… but still.  This was on a back country road too… why was he there? Aarrgh.   I think damn near every member of my church went past as I was sitting there with the flashing lights behind me… and every one of them rubber necking with a shocked expression.  Yes, I’m a hardened criminal.  Actually I think this guy is in my church and sat behind me last Sunday!  I guess I was due the ticket (read the bit titled “evade”) and the karma caught up to me.  Trooper Snuffy (don’t remember the name and I don’t want to read the ticket until Monday) just gave me a warning on the speeding. 38 in a 25 zone that was about to turn into a 35 in just a few feet… so the ticket was for the seatbelt and insurance card which I didn’t have in the truck.  Nothing too devastating… it’s just that I should have expected this.  3 good things in a row? Every time – something bad happens right after.  Shouldn’t have seen the movie.  Shit... my migraine is even starting to come back.

Riddick.  I’m not going to recommend it unless you are already down with the Riddick character from Pitch Black.  If you are, then the movie won’t disappoint.  If you are not, then go see Harry Potter III.  Riddick is hard core sci-fi, like Pitch Black was… but with some obvious flaws.  If you have a planet that gets blow torched every 15 minutes to 700 degrees – how is there breathable air?  Don’t think about it, just roll with the flow.  I was right about the Warhammer 40K universe.  They used Bolters and Bolt Pistols, if you know what those are.  If you don’t… don’t bother.  Anyways, the movie rocked… and while predictable, was so in a creative and very cool way.  I loved the Conan the Barbarian ending.  Hope there is another one, but Vin D isn’t in to serials.  Surprised he made this one.  The Riddick character is very slick… a hard cool that Diesel pulls off and owns.  No one else could play this role.  No one.  It’s not Diesel’s best roll… not his best acting (see A Man Apart) either.  But it’s all about his presence, timing, and delivery that does it.   I enjoyed the hell out of it.  When the DVD comes out, I’m getting it.  The downside to this flick is that it reminded me in some ways of something else.  But it was good entertainment... good sci fi.

I noted the movie preview for Bourne Supremacy.  I've read the Bourne books, and this flick should be pretty good... but I would never have cast Matt Damon for this role.  Whoever did is a dipshit.  The role is for a more mature adult rather than a punkass kid.   Maybe I should read that book again.  I remember it was rather good.  When did I read it last?  10 years ago?  15?  I don't know.  

Email from The Horde:  Thanks for saying: "5,000 people an hour are visiting Reagan’s coffin. Do you think maybe President Reagan was loved?  Hey Ted Rall, Mikey Moore, Ted Kennedy… how many people are going to visit your coffin when you die?  How many people are going to stand and cheer?"  I was thinking that same thing the day I read that. Also add in Jaques Chirac, John F. Kerry, oh heck, the entire Democratic Party in the Senate and the House. And Impeached ex-President Bill Clinton.  All of them will fade away, mostly forgotten and ignored. History won't have much more than a footnote on some, nothing on the others, and I bet what is there won't be flattering. Gone and forgotten. Swept away by history's tireless march.  But President Reagan has achieved immortality. He is a legend and a hero and his legacy will last for generations.  So thanks again.  Russell”

No, thank you President Reagan. 

1400hrs:  I had some questions about personal defense ammunition selections.  The load of choice of the reader was the 165gr Federal “Personal Defense” load for his .45.  As luck would have it, a thread on THR resurfaced that I think answers the question perfectly.   

The problem with this load isn’t the bullet design… it is the power that the round is loaded to.  These rounds are loaded too mild for defense use.  They are soft recoiling so sensitive people like it, and they are accurate too.  Lots of people buy it.  But they shouldn’t.  Not for defense work.  These rounds have been shown to fail to expand when fired into water, and that’s not cool.  While I do believe that expansion is a bonus that you shouldn’t bank on – if a round such as this doesn’t even have enough grunt to expand in plain water, I have serious doubts about its ability to penetrate deep enough to destroy vitals if the target is wearing heavy clothing.  165 grains is very light for a .45ACP round, and that means it just doesn’t carry the momentum.   

.45ACP was designed around a 200 grain FMJ.  That’s the ideal weight.  Popular is the heavier 230 grains, and even the lighter 185 grain slugs… but 165 is way too light.  If you must have a lighter bullet, it should be loaded hotter, not weaker.  

I believe in shot placement and penetration… with expansion as a welcomed added extra.  These Federal Personal Defense rounds just don’t deliver the goods.   If you want your .45 to feel like a 9MM, then don’t use it for personal defense work.  Target work and plinking is fine… but don’t be betting your life on it.

The most important thing about your weapon is the ammunition you load into it… because it’s the ammunition that does the work. I don’t care if you are packing a Lorcin or Hi Point or an HK or a Browning.  The gun is just the launch facility for the missile… and it’s the bullet that does the reaching out and touching someone.  Plink with whatever cheep stuff you can find, but when it comes to loading the gun, and slipping it into your holster for CCW or Duty or Home Defense you need to load it up with your “Good Stuff”.

People who have been around a long time and have been in and out of more gunfights than I’ve been in say “Practice with what you carry”.  That’s good advice.  But I can’t afford to fire off 500 rounds of Hornady XTP or Ranger Talons in a practice session… not when I am paying for the ammo.  Maybe if I was on a Department that handed me the ammo to practice with.  So here is what I like to do:  Buy a box of my good stuff, and the rest in the cheap fodder.  I shoot up all the cheap stuff first, running my drills, practicing, etc.  That’s the bulk of my shooting.  When I am done with it, I fire up my “Duty” ammo so I get the feel of my good stuff again.  Then I load up my mags with my carry ammo and I’m set.  Go home, down some Cold Ones while cleaning my weapons, and that’s it.  Simple.  And I just saved about a hundred bucks that can be used for other things… like spare mags… more ammo… a new Makarov.  Whatever.

Now to find the right ammo for carry, that’s a different story.  It’s a process.  It’s a time consuming and expensive process.  It involves buying a lot of different ammo at different weights and different brands.  I’ve explained this before, but I’ll go over it again.  Shoot everything you can get your hands on, and measure the shot groups.  First consideration is reliability.  The ammo has got to be reliable.  If your gun jacks up on one round – set that ammo aside and move on.  

Once you found the ammo that your gun likes to run, look for the accuracy.  The more accurate rounds in your gun (that are still the most reliable) become your candidates for Duty. Keep testing these candidates until you are comfortable… If you think Golden Saber 230 grainers are your load – fire 500 rounds of them through the gun.  If they pass the mark with out a failure, great.  If not, you go to your next candidate.   

Your carry ammo has got to be perfect in your carry gun.  This is your parachute for when everything else has failed you.  Your situational awareness has failed, or planning and forethought has failed you, or intimidation and smack talk has failed… this is your darkest hour. This is when you skin your smoke wagon and all bets are on the table.  The dice is rolling…  Failure here can cost you your life, or the life of someone who you love.   So take your ammunition selection seriously. 

This is why I don’t talk a lot about ammo in my reviews.  What works in my gun might not work for you in yours, and I don’t want to be responsible for you.  Sorry.  I don’t.  Gun ownership is no easy thing.  People hate you for it, it’s expensive, it’s messy, it can get you in trouble, alienate you and get you fired from your job… Let me paraphrase a quote from the Lord of the Rings:  “I do not love the sword for it’s sharpness or the arrow for it’s swiftness, I only love that which they defend.”   While I do appreciate firearms for the artistic nature of the lines and quality of the workmanship… and even the history that a gun holds… it’s not all about that.  Look at those around you.  Your friends.  Your coworkers.  Your family.  That’s why you carry.  That is what it’s all about.

LED Flashlights.  I have a little LED light on my key ring, and a little LED flashlight that takes 3 AAA batteries. It's short and fat, but the batteries last forever and it puts out enough light to be useable as a real flashlight, but not as a small arch light for searching for German Bombers. This one flashlight is used all the time. (BTW, the one I have is no longer made… it’s a single LED light with 3 AAA batteries in aluminum.  I use this thing ALL the time.  I have a Streamlight rechargeable... a tactical light that I used to carry on patrol. I NEVER use it any more. Yeah, it puts out a blindingly bright beam, but it only last 30 to 45 minutes before it’s completely dead again and has to get recharged. It was fine for patrol work where the light was mostly a belt ornament... but I mostly used the bigger 3 or even 6 D cell Mag Lights for searches and stuff.  Anyways, I read in bed with my LED light. I'm lazy and don't want to get out of bed to turn the light off... and I dont' have a "Clapper" for the wall light switch... so I read by LED. I also use it after dark to go out and check on Ranger when he gets worked up about something.  LED light in one hand and Beretta Cougar in the other. (unless he sounds really aggravated and then it’s a rifle, cause sometimes he just wants to say G’night) A friend gave me this light... he had been using it for I don't know how long. I continued to use it for reading every night for I don't remember how long. Just replaced the AAA's two weeks ago after at least 100 hours of my own use. With these new batteries, I don't know how long they will last... but I don't expect to replace them any time soon.   Reading Robert Mason's Chickenhawk (again) BTW. Great book.  SureFire has a tactical model out with LED lights and a super bright regular light for tactical use.  That would be awesome. They are small with a little pocket clip.  That would be perfect for daily carry opposite my folding knife.  I recommend getting an LED flashlight big time.  One of the most useful things you can get.  Which one is up to you.  When these things first came out, I laughed at them.  An LED?  Feh… that’s a fad.  Uh, no.  I was wrong.  

Speaking of dogs… remember when I said Blue Heelers are known to be a smart breed of dog?  Well Pepper isn’t.  Oh, she’s a Heeler… but damn if she isn’t the stupidest dog I’ve ever seen. Sometimes she shows a glimmer of cleverness and it gives me hope… but most of the time she is just rock hard stupid.  She’s a puppy… so I will give her time before officially dubbing her as “Special”.  Badger was twice as smart as Pepper.  Well, I don’t know, he got himself drowned in the water bucket, so he wasn’t that bright… but that just shows you how dim Pepper is.  She is so dumb that Ranger will even roll his eyes at her and walk away shaking his head and will huff a dismissal on her.


1000hrs: Remember when I said swapping the DVD/CDRW drive would take about 30 seconds?  Wrongo!  It’s only a 1 Cold One process.  It took less than 20 seconds.  Most of that time was admiring the Dell’s cool case.   Crap, I should have taken some pictures or something.  Let me describe it… the new drive came with the frame rails installed.  It’s a straight pull out for the old drive, unplug the ribbon cable and the power cable.  Slide in the new drive. *click* Plug the cables back in, and you are done.  Close the case like you close a briefcase and kick back with a Cold One.  Had this been a longer process, I would have had to have thrown in an extra Cold One right after I pulled out the old drive, but it wasn’t.  New drive reads properly without the banshee screams.   Excellent.   LOVE the case.  All the metal edges are rolled, the lay out is excellent… dust isn’t sucked in… and it’s quiet thanks to the duct work that lets you use a low speed fan on the CPU.  And that duct work flips up and out of the way easily, unlike Compaq and HP units that can be very annoying.  This case is actually one of the things I loved about the Apple G4, because this is just like a G4 tower case on the inside.   Very slick indeed.

WTF?  Putin agrees with Bush on Iraq?  *shudder* This makes me a bit uneasy.  He said the Democrats had "no moral right" to criticize President Bush.   I don’t like Putin.  I don’t trust him.  The man has no soul… and he is patting Bush on the back?  I’m less than comfortable right now. 

Safety Tip:  Don’t stop for hitch hikers, or big foots.

Required to run the next version of Windows

I’ve been eyeing the Wild West Bushwacker.   I am wondering about what it would cost to have those cats in Alaska chop down my Marlin to Bushwacker size… without the take down stuff.  Hmmm… maybe it would be better to do that to a .44 Mag 1895 instead of my .30-30 336.  I don’t think the ballistics would be that great with such a short barrel.  In .44 you would have a better – more useable weapon.  But still… the cool factor is there in spades.

5,000 people an hour are visiting Reagan’s coffin.  Do you think maybe President Reagan was loved?  Hey Ted Rall, Mikey Moore, Ted Kennedy… how many people are going to visit your coffin when you die?   How many people are going to stand and cheer?

I’m going to go see Riddick tonight if it’s playing in town.  I can’t go to the Gathering… damn it.  I will at least go see this flick.  I’ve been looking forward to this since I first heard about it.  Coolest Sci Fi Character since Han Solo first came out… Watch the flick “Pitch Black” and understand.  From what I am seeing in the commercials, it is looking like Riddick’s universe is the Warhammer 40,000 universe.  If you know what that is, you will know that there is a lot of possibility there for movie making.  If you don’t, don’t go there…  Don’t worry about it.  Some reviews are saying this flick kicks ass.  All the potential is there.  Solid cast, solid character… it would take a true dumbass to ruin this potential. 

Would it be bad to say that I thought Ray Charles had died a long time ago?

It seems that my remarks about Dick Cheney has pissed some people off.  Don’t take it out on me… take it out on Cheney.  It’s not my fault he really is a dick.

Notice some cool search engines I linked to… on the bottom left column.  Check them out.  Excellent search resources for research.  Science, library, media… things Google wont give you.  Then some Google alternatives – even if they use Google’s technology.

June 10th, Thursday, 2004:  1630hrs:  Dick Cheney is an asshole.  Bush really should have picked someone a little less fucked up, but Cheney is along for the ride as long as Bush is in the Whitehouse.   I have recently ripped on John F’ing Kerry for his military votes… but Cheney is actually worse.  I didn’t know this about Cheney… but he has taken a shit on more things than Kerry has, and funny – the one thing he didn’t shit on was the V-22 Osprey.  The one thing that DOESN’T ACTUALLY WORK.   Great.  That is just Great, Dick.  You wanker… you just made JFK2 look like PATTON by comparison.

1430hrs:  I’ve taken this directly from “AWB renewal now on Senate calendar. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has once again introduced legislation to renew the so-called "assault weapons" ban. S.2498 was introduced last week, and, by using a "nuclear option" referred to as Rule XIV, has gotten the bill placed on the Senate calendar. As a Senate educational article on the subject puts it,

"Most bills are routinely referred to the committee with appropriate jurisdiction as soon as they are introduced. But if a Senator plans to introduce a bill and believes that the committee to which it would be referred will be unsympathetic, Rule XIV permits the Senator to bypass the standing committee system altogether and have the bill placed directly on the Calendar of Business, with exactly the same formal status the bill would have if it had been the subject of extensive hearings and exhaustive mark-up meetings in committee."

The article goes on to say that this option is considered a last resort by Senators, because it "undermines the committee system as a whole and because they do not wish to encourage a practice that can be used against their own committees." So, Sen. Feinstein and her 11 co-sponsors (the usual suspects) have thrown down the gauntlet, and a true showdown is shaping up. Once again, we must contact our Senators, ESPECIALLY those who voted against the AWB renewal amendment several months ago, to stand firm in their opposition to this ill-conceived and proven ineffective idea. Because the AWB renewal has enough votes in the Senate to pass, a filibuster is likely the only way it can be stopped there.  The Senators who voted against the recent amendment renewing the ban need our support and encouragement to stand their ground, as it the rhetoric put forth by the anti-gun side will undoubtedly be intense and viscous. It is unclear when S.2498 will come up for consideration, so let's get busy NOW. You can see how your Senators voted recently on the AWB here. You can find your Senators' contact info here.

Okay, here is Ogre’s personal take.  The AWB extension passed last time, but it was thrown into another bill and the whole bill was shot down, luckily.  This bill, as it stands right now, will very likely pass again with a good lead.  This isn’t even a close race.  With special thanks to the asshat republican turncoats like the fools in Virginia.  NOW is the time to write letters, send emails, make phone calls, send faxes, and pay visits to the offices of your representatives.  Find out who your Senators are, find out where they are, and contact them repeatedly.  Let them know that if they vote for the AWB you will do everything you can to get them out of office at the next election.  Let them know that you will fight to get them out.  Let them know that if they vote against the AWB, you will fight on their side.  This isn’t just politics here… this is about a lot more than just one issue here.  Reagan said that he wanted to be remembered for giving the Government back to the people – and damn it – he was right… it is OUR government and we will not let it tread on us.   The AWB was totally useless, is totally useless and there is no rational reason for its continuance.   It is time to FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS!  If this AWB extension passes – Just look into the mirror and see why.  Complacency is our own worse enemy… not these 11 jackasses.  Get off your asses, and get out, and make your representatives hear you.  I don’t care if you are living in a state with clear headed reps… I don’t care if they will already vote against the extension – still – let the person hear your voice.  He or she is supposed to represent YOU.  Complacency has kept most of us silent and the only voices our reps have heard are those of the nut cases with socialist agendas.  BE HEARD.   I write my reps at least once a month.  They know me by name.   Go introduce yourself!   The majority of America is with us on this… so let’s make our Representatives represent us.

Lot’s of people are talking about the XM-8 which is now going through trials by the US Army right now.  I like the XM-8.  It’s modular, reliable, and accurate… I like it… but it isn’t perfect.  The only thing I don’t like about it is the caliber.  Make it in .300 Whisper or 6.8MM or 6.5MM or even 7.62X39MM and then it would be fabulous.  Still, since it’s a hyperspace jump over the M-16 series, it gets full Ogre Approval. 

The Horde stands, thank you very much.  We do not lean either.  We either stand at Attention or at Parade Rest.  We do not sit.  We hate it when our Johnsons hang down into the water.   If we wanted to get it wet, we certainly wouldn’t put it in there.  Sitting... Feh.  Obviously Velociman hasn't had his BSU read 10 Things Every Woman Should Know How To Do


1100hrs:  Watched a little TV last night.  I don’t normally do this but I wanted to catch Reagan’s funeral.  Reception on Fox wasn’t very good so I caught it on NBC, I think it was.  Let me be perfectly honest here… the farewell for Reagan was beautiful and was worthy of the man.  I admire the strength Nancy had… she is a tough and admirable woman… a fitting bride for the Gipper.  The words spoken should be canonized.  I wept.  Not sniffling or anything, but my eye got wet for certain.  President Ronald Reagan was loved by the American People.  The reverence shown by those in attendance and of the Honor Guard… I don’t think it would be possible to show any more reverence and respect for any mortal human.  Every step from where he died, to and from the plane, and into the rotunda… every single step was a testament of love and respect.  It was all very fitting.   President Reagan was/is one of the absolute greatest Presidents these United States has ever seen. 

Email about Reagan:Wow, what magnificent send of Pres. Reagan is having.  I love all the pomp and circumstance.  It is amazing to me, that we think the world is in such bad shape and yet, we can see that people do respond to a great man.  They all came to show respect to this great American President.  The most touching thing was the love Nancy has always shown for Ronnie.  I wept at the scene of her waiting for his casket to make it to the top of the stairs and then as she caressed the flag draped casket, and whispered to him.  What a boon to the patriotic soul.  People who willing stood in line all day, in the thick sultry heat of the south, to walk past the coffin of a great American President.  You just have to love it.  In contrast to this great moving event, I had a message from a pal in Wash St. who mentioned that people were protesting.  This is pretty typical of the NW these days.  It has been taken over by Hippie Liberals.  I hope you had a chance to watch the magnificent procession today. - Tracy

Now I am going to talk about someone who I wasn’t going to mention before… Ted Rall.  Would it be wrong to pray that he gets pushed in front of a bus?  Any death more noble would be too much of an honor for him… he doesn’t even deserve a rope, because the rope would be better used for something more worthy.  His artwork is below a juvenile level, and his messages are poisonous and anti-American.  His take on Pat Tillman was revolting and unforgivable.  His take on Reagan has shown that he is not worthy of his citizenship.  I have to remind myself that it’s because America is such a great nation, that people like Ted Rall have the freedoms to express what they want to express – but to backhand the very people who have guaranteed his ability to exercise free speech – heroes like Tillman and  Reagan… this is beyond the pale.  This is unforgivable.  Free speech has it’s limits.  The limits are already lined out… Inciting a riot and sedition are both illegal and Rall is trying to do both.  He is deserving of a unhappy end and I don’t say that about many people.  He has my utmost and deepest contempt right now.   

Email regarding Canada:Ogre, You are more right than you know. Paul Martin is an elitist tax&spend liberal scumbag, and his 'official representative' Governor General Adrienne Clarkson (a leftist veteran tv news anchor) is just as bad.  Knowing the Liberals (that's what his party is actually called) track record regarding US/Canada relations I'm surprised ol Paul actually took the time to have a staffer write any kind of letter of condolence to the Reagan family. Martin was NOT elected, but was given his office by his party when our previous dicta-  I mean Prime Minister, Jean Cretin retired. I take great solace in the historical fact that our last two lame duck prime ministers who inherited their office were soundly DEFEATED when they went to the polls.  On Friday please note that one of the eulogists will be a long-time friend of the Reagans, former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. As far as I'm concerned he's the true Canadian representative at Ronald Wilson Reagan's funeral.  Reagan was a great man who taught a generation politics and economics by EXAMPLE. I'm sorry he's gone.  Hamm172

Email about my take on Ritalin:  “Hey Ogre, I've had my share of problems with people trying to force my son to take Ritalin. When my ex-wife and I started taking him to day-care centers, the people there would tell us, after one or two days, that he needed to be put on Ritalin. I always refused and after sitting down with my son and explaining to him the consequences of him continuing his bad behavior (a quick spanking), there would be no more discussion about Ritalin. When I divorced my ex-wife, low and behold, she jumped on the Ritalin bandwagon also. He had just started at another school and of course, having suffered thru a divorce, he was having problems in school. The teachers started saying that he needed to be given Ritalin and she very quickly agreed. When I found out, I told her that it was child abuse to put him on Ritalin and I would take her to court if she even thought about giving him Ritalin. After that, she "saw the light" (loss of gravy train) and ended up getting the kid kicked out of the school where he was going (he didn't live in the district, it was close to my ex-wife's work) because she wouldn't give him Ritalin. If you ask her about this, she will probably tell you that she read up about it and weighed all the options and decided that Ritalin wasn't for my son, but the truth is that if I hadn't threatened her with a child abuse investigation and loss of the gravy train, she would have happily drugged him up just to make things easier for herself.  El-ahrairah

They should have put Cindy Newton into 72 hr mental health observation.  I would like to ask her this… if she has these flags, what else are they for?    What a stupid bitch.   Pitching a fit at the cemetery like that… she has no tact… no respect for heroes.   I think she is going to be shunned a great deal by her community. 

Let’s look at some lighter subjects.  Last night after the Reagan services I caught a new comedy show called “Scrubs”.  I’ve never seen it before, or even heard of it.  Damn if I didn’t laugh out loud at that show.  Funniest sitcom based in a medical setting since “MASH”.  Good casting too.  The actors clicked and meshed together.  I might have to watch it again.  It entertained me. 

Caffeine.  One of God’s greatest creations next to Eve.  Have you tried Mt Dew “LiveWire”?  Caffeinated orange soda… freaking awesome.  Nectar fitting the residence of Mt Olympus.  To challenge LiveWire, the Coke people tried the same thing with Mellow Yellow that they call “After Glow”.  This shit is nasty.  Sickeningly sweet like candy made from rotten fruit and some nerve agent. It was disgusting.  It’s like straight syrup.  Maybe it would be better over shaved ice – but I doubt it.  LiveWire is just awesome.  You can get it in a half case fridge pack… awesome.  The crappy thing about it is that I’ve run out.   

I asked about the Horde’s Final Four for handguns… Springfield is a universal entry.  Some for the XD pistols… but almost universally for the 1911 pistols.   With the 100 Year Anniversary of the 1911 coming up, and with the 60’s anniversary of  Normandy and all that, I think it would be a good time to get a GI Mil Spec.  

Email from Horde Navy Commander Bobbit:  “Ogre,  Enjoyed your snippet about the vast service experience of your readership. You'll just have to reassign me to the battle group, being ex-Navy and all. By the way, there's an excellent article in the July edition of Popular Mechanics about Panasonic's Toughbook (p.30). If you can't access it, let me know and I'll scan it over to you. It actually saved a soldiers life in Iraq. Also, same edition, p.66, is a tidbit on Ford's concept Bronco. It looks fairly worthy, and if they build it, I hope they don't fuck it up with unnecessary bullshit and a plethora of plastic, cost saving garbage.  Later, Bobbitt”   

The one thing I would love to have in a new Bronco (I’ll take a 5 speed manual, thanks) would be an XM Radio system.  That would do nicely.  However for the price of a new Bronco, I could buy a cherry original Bronco which would be twice as cool as the new one.   And I could pop the hood on it and know what I am looking at… Hmmm… And I could put an XM system into that and still have money left over for new motorcycle and a couple guns.  Of course the cherry old originals are getting harder to find.  Then again, that just makes them all the better.  Now report to the shipyards and oversee the fitting of the Horde’s Destroyer “Vendetta”.


June 9th, Wed, 2004: 1100hrs: Truth Laid Bear is now classifying me as a “Flappy Bird”.  I just got used to the “Slithering Reptile” thing.  Lets see… I go from a Slytherin to a flappy bird and then next step up is a rodent?  I don’t see this as getting any better.

I know JFK2 was just shilling for the cameras when he visited Reagan’s casket yesterday… but at least he was there and was reverent and paid his respects.  I think part of it could have been even, maybe, genuine.  This very small gesture Kerry made yesterday means very little ultimately because later today or tomorrow he was degrade Reagan for something.   He’s never met a topic he didn’t flip-flop on.

Does anyone have a DVD of “The Mystery Men”?  The goofy super heroes… remember the try outs for the new hero to join the team?  The Waffler?  The guy with the waffle iron of justice.  I don’t know if anyone has done it yet, but a picture of that guy is just begging to have JFK2’s mug photoshopped onto that guy.

If I hear another jackass say, “I’M RICK JAMES, BITCH”… I’m going to punch that person right in the mouth.   Just fair warning.

Kudos to DELL.  My DVD, CD/R drive started making some screeching sounds and it was really annoying… I called up Dell and the next day Airborne Express dropped off the new drive… frame rails on it and everything.  Damn.  Not only that, some cat from Dell called up and said he would come over and install it for me.  Wow.  Real service… and I am out in the middle of nowhere.  I’m impressed.  Considering how easy the case opens and how the unit is put together… swapping this drive is a no brainer and looks like it will take about 30 seconds.  Note to my folks:  You guys are waaaay overdue on a new PC… think about a Dell. 

Due to a situation that is out of my control, I’ll not be able to go to the Utah Gathering this weekend.  Shit.

Beretta, SIG, Springfield, CZ… my final four when it comes to handgun makers.  These guys are my personal favorites.  The models I favor: The Mini Cougar, The XD, The P245, The P-01.  Who is your Final Four?


June 8th, Tuesday, 2004: 1830hrs: Darth Vader called, he wants his Empire back.When Chad Taylor noticed his son was apparently experiencing serious side effects from Ritalin prescribed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, he decided to take the boy off the medication. Now, he says he may be accused of child abuse.”  I don’t know where to begin. Here is the whole story.  This sort of thing is disturbing on so many levels.  Parents have no right to make choices for their kids… Medication is the solution for unwanted behaviors, and it will be enforced by the State.    Here is the scary thing: "He was losing weight, wasn't sleeping, wasn't eating," Taylor told ABC News affiliate KOAT-TV in New Mexico. "[He] just wasn't Daniel."  Obviously the drug was harmful to the child… but as long as the teacher didn’t have to actually engage his brain!   Very few children that are on these drugs really need to be.  Kids are high energy, motivated, curious, and messy beings.  You don’t solve this by putting a label on them and drugging them into limbo.  Some kids might have a chemical imbalance… but most cases… maybe 90% of them can be regulated by diet and nutrition.   Last semester I was talking one person who said they were disordered.  I asked them what they ate…  Fries and chicken nuggets and a frosty from Wendy’s earlier, while they were munching on cheetos while I was talking to them.   Nice.  Maybe instead of popping pills, you should exercise a slight level of self discipline and eat something with some sort of nutritional value.  But for the State… or a person in Child Services to even mention child abuse charges… that’s coercion… that’s threatening every parent in the State.  And that is Tyranny. 

Ha, I was right… it was a Colt:  “Ogre,  I happened to run into your article about the guns of Ronin, in which you had some trouble identifying what make of 1911 DeNiro(Sam) used in the movie.  If it's any help in regards to clarification of said matter, I have a link to a site which was selling the actual prop 1911 used by DeNiro in the movie, and offers numerous close-up pictures of the gun.  The link is: .  It appears to be a Colt, as you suspected at the end of your paragraph.  Hope this helps you out some.   Take care.  Taylor”  I can’t get the link to work, but I’ll take your word for it. (Note, this is a cut and paste from the email, unedited.  That’s the link as it was sent to me.  The “&” may or may not be in the address or the address was cut off when it was sent. 

Some musings on your recent comments:

The P-40:  because it was a great plane AND it was in “1941”.  At the start of WWII, the P-40 was somewhat outclassed by the performance of the fighters it was up against, but it was tough – and THAT means it was just like the men who went to fight the war.  The American pilots who flew the P-40 didn’t complain about it being outdated, they learned to use its best characteristics to their advantage and they obtained an outstanding kill ratio even against the Zero.  The P-40 was updated several times throughout the war and its latest versions never got the praise they deserved.

The F-22:  simply amazing.  But I want to see it fly against the F-15s and F-16s in a forced situation where some of its advanced technology goes bonkers and it has to really engage.  That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the value of its high-tech capabilities, either.  But equipment can fail.  What I DON’T want to see happen is the future Air Force making the mistake (again) of thinking advanced technology will reduce the necessity of pilots being able to FLY when the SHTF.  We ended up putting guns back in the F4 during Viet Nam after we learned that high-tech missiles weren’t enough, and our pilots adapted to using guns again very quickly and very well.

Venezuela: no shit!  But this argument is lost on those who think Bush invaded Iraq for oil.

President Reagan:  the first president I was old enough to vote for, and I did.  Farewell, Mr. President – you lived an extraordinary life.

D-Day:  too many things to talk about, but here’s one – My dad taught me about Pointe du Hoc when I was very young, and I have never forgotten.

Pinky Toe:  heh heh

Sacrificing liberty for security:  amen to what you said.  It’s like a big black cloud creeping across the sky over the U.S.  Jeff Cooper’s many discussions regarding “The Age of the Wimp” are right on the money.  So, who do we look to now?  Take care, Mark

I wouldn’t worry about the F-22 with a systems failure.  It is plenty capable of turning and burning with the other planes and engaging with its gun.  Thanks to it’s design, this big plane is very agile.  The only downside is the price tag.  It’s expensive, but worth it. 

You want to know a sign that shows officials are corrupt?  When you have a Mexican State Governor who survives an assassination attempt that kills a cop and wounds a bodyguard, but the police investigators turn around and say “no, there was no assassination attempt.”  What the hell did they do when the governor showed up with a dead cop? 

“Governor: 'Ello, I wish to register a complaint.

     (The District Attorney does not respond.)

     Governor: 'Ello, Miss?

     District Attorney: What do you mean "miss"?

     Governor: I'm sorry, I have a cold. I wish to make a complaint!

     District Attorney: We're closin' for lunch.

     Governor: Never mind that, my lad. I wish to complain about this Cop what was on duty protecting me not half an hour ago in front of this very boutique.

     District Attorney: Oh yes, the, uh, the Mexican Cop...What's,uh...What's wrong with it?

     Governor: I'll tell you what's wrong with it, my lad. 'E's dead, that's what's wrong with it!

     District Attorney: No, no, 'e's uh,...he's resting.

     Governor: Look, matey, I know a dead Cop when I see one, and I'm looking at one right now.

     District Attorney: No no he's not dead, he's, he's restin'! Remarkable cops, the Mexican Cops, idn'it, ay? Beautiful Uniform!

     Governor: The Uniform don't enter into it. It's stone dead.

     District Attorney: Nononono, no, no! 'E's resting!

     Governor: All right then, if he's restin', I'll wake him up! (shouting at the cage) 'Ello, Mister Polly Policeman! I've got a lovely fresh fish burrito for you if you show...

     (District Attorney hits the body bag)

     District Attorney: There, he moved!

     Governor: No, he didn't, that was you hitting the body bag!

     District Attorney: I never!!

     Governor: Yes, you did!

     District Attorney: I never, never did anything...

     Governor: (yelling and hitting the body bag repeatedly) 'ELLO POLICEMAN!!!!! Testing! Testing! Testing! Testing! This is your nine o'clock alarm call!

     (Takes policeman out of the body bag and thumps its head on the counter. Throws it up in the air and watches it plummet to the floor.)

     Governor: Now that's what I call a dead policeman.

     District Attorney: No, no.....No, 'e's stunned!

     Governor: STUNNED?!?

     District Attorney: Yeah! You stunned him, just as he was wakin' up! Mexican Policemen stun easily, Gov’nor.

     Governor: look, mate, I've definitely 'ad enough of this. That Policeman is definitely deceased, and when I was out front it not 'alf an hour ago, you assured me that its total lack of movement was due to it bein' tired and shagged out following a prolonged fiesta.

     District Attorney: Well, he's...he's, ah...probably pining for the fjords.

     Governor: PININ' for the FJORDS?!?!?!? What kind of talk is that?, look, why did he fall flat on his back the moment I got 'im home?

     District Attorney: The Mexican Policeman prefers keepin' on it's back! Remarkable Cop, id'nit, squire? Lovely uniform!

     Governor: Look, I took the liberty of examining that Policeman when I got it home, and I discovered the only reason that it had been sitting in its car in the first place was that it had been NAILED there.


     District Attorney: Well, o'course it was nailed there! If I hadn't nailed that cop down, it would have opened up to those doors, and  VOOM! Feeweeweewee!

     Governor: "VOOM"?!? Mate, this Cop wouldn't "voom" if you put four million volts through it! 'E's bleedin' demised!

     District Attorney: No no! 'E's pining!

     Governor: 'E's not pinin'! 'E's passed on! This cop is no more! He has ceased to be! 'E's expired and gone to meet 'is maker! 'E's a stiff! Bereft of life, 'e  rests in peace! If you hadn't nailed 'im to the steering wheel 'e'd be pushing up the daisies! 'Is metabolic processes are now 'istory! 'E's off the twig! 'E's kicked the bucket, 'e's shuffled off 'is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisibile!! THIS IS AN EX-POLICEMAN!!


     District Attorney: Well, I'd better replace it, then. (he takes a quick peek behind the counter) Sorry squire, I've had a look 'round the back of the shop, and uh, we're right out of policemen.

     Governor: I see. I see, I get the picture.

     District Attorney: I got a security guard.


     Governor: Pray, does it talk?

     District Attorney: Nnnnot really.


Sorry, I got carried away.  With corruption at that level, I’d be watching my back very carefully.  Mexico is a crazy place.  I know some folks who were offended by the movie Man On Fire because it makes Mexico look like a corrupt and evil place.  Well, if the shoe fits, M8.   Maybe when we finish up in the M.E. we could do a regime change down south.  Of course when we are done in the M.E. it will be the day after the second coming….   It’s so corrupt down in Mexico, we should move the UN down there… they would feel right at home.  Habla Bribe?  With this sort of shit going on, it’s no wonder that Russian President Vlad Pooty-Poot Putin was there yesterday in a meeting.  Shit attracts flies.

Before you email me – I’ve nothing against any Latin person or Mexican person – I’m talking about the corruption in the government.

Okay, while I’m talking about the government south of us, let’s look at the Government north of us.   Prime Minister Paul Martin is a chicken shit coward.  I’m not going to honor him with a rant… but not going to the funeral is a slap in the face of the entire United States.   Politics aside, Ronald Reagan is a damn SUPER HERO.  He saved the WORLD.  And this chicken shit doesn’t have the backbone to pay respects as a symbol of the unity between the US and Canada… well then fuck him.  He doesn’t deserve the honor of being near the Reagans at this time.  I hope he gets his ass voted out. 

I hope I live long enough to have the chance to visit Al Gore’s, Michael Moore’s, and Warren Christopher’s graves… So I can spit on them and sprinkle salt… and if no one else was around… take a nice long piss on them after tap dancing for a few minutes.   Not that I would waste my time to go out of the way to do it… well maybe… I might.

What’s with all the hubbub about Venus?  We can see it better at night anyway.

EMAIL: “Just got done reading the news article about American's trading rights for securities.  Couple things stood out.

One:  A lot of fear from the press about their right to slander the President and the USA.  That's not the majority of Americans, that's a tiny segment of the population who suddenly fear they might be held accountable for their words and actions.  Fuck 'em.

Two:  Just who are these supposed "experts", anyway?

One quote my dad always told me was this:  If X is an unknown quantity, and a Spurt is a drip of water under pressure, then an "Expert" is an unknown drip under pressure".  Take a look at any liberal bullshit that quotes "experts" and you'll find some schlub sucking at the liberal tit and regurgitating whatever the DNC wants.  Point in case:  The flap over Michael Moore, who had his agent release a quote, which was printed by the New York Times, which was then quoted by the Fat Fuck From Flint himself.  He manufactured a quote so that he could use it.  He quoted himself.

Three:  When trying to find someone who will help your cause, some sort of objectivity would be a good thing, right?  Right.  So when I see some spitwad quoted as:

"But, said Isaac Kramnick, professor of government at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, "all of those moments of fear pale in significance to 9/11 in reality and also in the way it's being exploited and manipulated by the Bush regime." 

I automaticly know that this little shitsmear is nothing more than a syncophantic prick who's been giving the DNC's scrotum a tonguebath for so long that all manner of brainpower and logic are flat out gone from his grasp.  When the only real "expert" you can get a quote from is some parasitic fucknozzle who's been drinking the Kool-Aid since 1967, you know the entire story is 99.99% bullshit.  Just had to get that off my chest.  Thanks.  Raging Dave

0900hrs: Further (and final) thoughts on the Berg video:  “Hey, just a thought on the lady with the Nick Berg conspiracy theories:

1.  EVERYPLACE in Iraq is the same damn color, not just Abu Ghraib and wherever Berg was.

2.  I can't recall his name, but there was a driver for Halliburton or some such who was taken prisoner in an ambush and eventually escaped and led a U.S. patrol back to his captors.  Great story.  Anyway, they showed excerpts from his "Identify Yourself and Tell the Americans to Give Us What We Want" tape, and in it, he was seated in the back of a European car with masked thugs holding rifles on him, wearing an ORANGE JUMPSUIT.

Gee, maybe the insurgents use bright orange distinctive clothing for the same reason U.S. jails use it--to make escape and evasion that much more difficult.  Sheesh.  Don” 

That makes more sense than anything else... also stripping the prisoner and putting him into a jumpsuit means he has no hidden weapons.

Recently I discovered I had a number of music videos on my computer.  Don’t remember where I got them… one of them is Walk Like an Egyptian by the Bangles.  As sick of anything Egyptian as I am from last semester, I had to watch the video again… Damn… them chicks are fine.  I understand the Bangles as a new album out.  I’ll have to look into it.  Not that I was ever a big Bangles fan.   

Delinking.  Some bloggers that I had links to are no longer updating, others have just started to suck, or for whatever reason no longer rate linkages.  Yes, I know Laissez Firearm is not updating due to death, but it still rates.  And always will.  If you feel you have been delinked in error… it was probably because you suck.  Pull your head out, get your act together, and get writing again.

Dean Spear’s Gun Zone is always an interesting read.  Check this one out.  Seems the VPC is calling the .500 Magnum a “Chest Buster”.  Well no shit.  Anything designed to bring down big and dangerous game will probably defeat soft body armor as worn on patrol by police officers.  That’s just physics.  My old .30-30 will crash through most police body armor.  But the cops here pretty much don’t have to worry about it… because I don’t shoot at them.  My Bronco can go above 65MPH… and my Cherokee can too.  That’s breaking the speed limits on most freeways.  Breaking the law.  And these cats at the VPC are probably driving cars that are capable of much higher velocities… potential law breaking.  Doesn’t mean they will do it.  If I had a .500 Magnum, doesn’t mean I’d shoot cops either.  And one more thing that the VPC needs to understand with the limited capacity that they have… S&W doesn’t design guns to defeat body armor.  They design them to specifications that fit the requirements of the intended goal.  In the case of the .500 Mag, that goal was to be big and powerful.  Applications for this is in the hunting fields, not on Main Steet.  But you can’t even talk to the people that support the VPC.  They are idiotic, closed minded, bigoted assholes who are not worth the wasted breath.

Early Morning Hours:  Letter about the Carrier:  “Ogre, In regards to your comments on the USS Croatan. She was designed as a merchant, had a crew of 960, displaced 9,800 tons, was 495' long, had a single screw and was capable of 17.5 knots. The Fletcher class destroyers which were considered large for a destroyer at that time had a crew of 273, displaced 2,100 tons, were 376' long, had twin screws and were capable of 36 knots.  Although you have the specifics wrong in this case, there was a lot of adaptation and innovation to meet urgent needs during World War II.  Really enjoy your site, I'm a frequent visitor.  Robert, Chief Gunner's Mate, USN (Retired)”  Thank you, Chief.  I stand Corrected.  I’ve had several emails about the Croatan, such as this one.  Please forgive me, as I am not that familiar with Navy affairs.  I just think the ships are cool as hell.  Hmm… Didn’t realize I had so many of the Horde in and of the Navy… I considered this strictly a Grunt affair. I’ll have to organize the flotilla and find the appropriate Officers for it.  Air Force too.  (You can tell those cats… they are the ones that play Volley Ball for PT) 

Horde Lt Mark is giving us some very good reports about the gun car product “Eezox”:  Stripped, cleaned & lubed the CZ-52.  Eezox seems to do quite a good job on fouling; ran a damp patch back & forth in the bore, repeated, dry patch, and it gleamed.  This was after 30 rounds of S&B ammo.  It also seems to do a good job cleaning off old grease & oil.  If I had a lot of old crap in a firearm, I'd probably use low-stink mineral spirits & a brush to get rid of it, why use up the good stuff for that?  But it did work.  Time will tell about how it holds up as a lube, but so far, seems to be good stuff.  Mark” Let’s see… This makes, what, four products in the Horde’s Armory? FP-10, CorrosionX, Breakfree CLP, and now Eezox.  I’m going to have to order some Eezox and try it myself.   I had a bottle of Militec1 oil and a little tub of their grease.  I don’t know what I did with it.  Did I burn them or did I just throw them away?  *shrugs*  As long as that shit isn’t in my guns.  Right now I have five bottles of some stuff called Armorer’s Ultimate.  It’s made by a cat up in Alaska, which like Utah is not friendly to guns.  The dust and the heat and the cold… at least we don’t have humidity… unless you pack CCW, and then it gets right swampy in the gun.  The fellow behind this new stuff sent me these samples to test out at the Utah Gathering this weekend at Strawberry Reservoir.  We are going to stress test this shit big time and give a full report.  I tried it in my Cougar and it’s not bad… so far… we shall see.  Oh… BTW… If you are of THR and or The Horde, you are invited to attend this weekend if you can make it.  There is a lot going on that Saturday, I know… TONS of stuff all over Utah… Guns and Shoots and Airshows and mud drags and stuff… But I’m going to be out it the brush, kicking back in my big folding camp chair, talking with friends about guns and life, and pretty much taking it easy.  There will be shooting… maybe some gun trading going on… I’ll be bringing a tent too… and maybe Ranger.  Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday I guess… not sure about the Sunday – depends on how sunburned and low on ammo I am.  Hmmm… pretty freaking low on ammo to start out with but good to go.    

An email of concern said “Don’t Sell the Detonics!”  I’m not planning on it.  I was mulling it over and I’m not sure if I would trade it… if I did it would be for a very nice arm of some sort and a worthy trade.  I wouldn’t sell it.  If you sell a gun that turns it into cash and cash goes to things like food and gas and the powerbill and next thing you know there is no cash left to even by a box of rounds with.  No way… screw selling.  It’s all about trades and I’ve had a good streak of what I consider to be Upward trades.  Some guns I’ll barter with and discuss… some guns I never mention and will never sell.  The Detonics is not in the “Sacred and Holy” category of guns.  Almost… but not quite.  Maybe if I had an XS 24/7 front sight?  Hmmm… And some grips by Hakan…  Hmmmm…. Now there is a thought.  Feh… like I could afford such custom gunsmithing right now.  I’m a freaking full time student and there are no jobs out here in this fucking hell hole of a dust bowl.  *counting to ten*  Yeah, the Youth Councilor job?  Went to the freaking Rodeo Queen or some shit.  At least he looked like the Rodeo Queen.  Queen at least.  I’ve never had a job here save one… and that was security for the power plant going through a refit… Westinghouse contracted me out of Salt Lake Freaking City.  Had it been local I’d not have got on.  In SLC they hired me because I can tie my shoes and spell my name.  Here in Vernalstan laces scare them and spelling intimidates them.  If I could afford some custom gunsmithing, I’d have a light “melt” job done to the Detonics, put on some night sights, and have it refinished in green and black.  By these guys.   They have just the right shade of green that I like.  I would want to put the same finish on my Cougar.

I heard rumor that the Democrat National Committee refused to lower the flag to half mast for Reagan’s passing.  I don’t know if this is true or not, but if it is, this is disgusting and marks a tremendous low point for the Jackasses.  They can’t even offer the traditional courtesy.  This is just fine with me… and if that is how they want to play ball… that’s just fine.  But the had best not act affronted when we return in kind.  October 10th, National Bitch Slap a Liberal/Punch a Democrat in the mouth Day.  Mark your calendars accordingly.  No, I can’t even say that.  I know several Democrats who are not like that.  They are good people and this sort of thing shames them.  This is showing us the true colors of the DNC, the real jackasses.  The Democrat Leadership… they are small and petty people… nasty like a Toy Poodle with distemper in a room full of strangers… only capable of nipping and snarling and other such unpleasantness when not quivering in fear.  Such creatures deserve to be treated someplace between “Ignore” and “Crush their fucking skulls with the buttstock on an M1 Garand”.  I’ll leave it up to you to decide which and where… but personally I am sick and tired of the DNC.  They bring out the worst in the party and put it up on a platform and worship it.   Sick and twisted harbingers of loathing and cowardess.  They deserve to be tied in a sack and thrown off a bridge.  They stop representing real Democrats a long time ago… and whoever they represent now should be ignored by them.  These radical leaders should be ousted as fast as possible.  For the love of pete – Democrats – Vote GREEN PARTY!  Split the vote like kindling and then split the DNC’s heads and rebuild your party!  The DNC as it stands now is a mockery of America.   They are disgusting and foul... bitter and miserable people and I pray to God that they do not wrap their stygian claws around this nation again.

Lots of questions about handgun recommendations tonight.  Please – do me a favor and save yourself a bit of time… Go look at the Springfield XD series of pistols.  They are truly excellent arms, they fit damn near everyone’s hands very well, they are safe, they are accurate, they are reliable, they have a lifetime backing by Springfield, and they are not expensive.  I talk about a lot of guns… mostly it seems in the 800 dollar area… but you can get an XD for around 5.    The Sub Compacts are great for CCW, the Service model is perfect for damn near anything, and the Tactical is a great target or duty carry gun.  Don’t think the Tactical is too long… 5 inch barrel… like a 1911 Government Model and that’s the standard.  Give me a 9MM or .40 caliber Tactical in a G-Code REAC Rig and I’d take that to Iraq with confidence.  Hell, I’d even wear it in Richmond and I can’t give a greater endorsement than that!





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