April 28th - Kodiac's Thirteen Chapters:  The Art of War.  This is a work in progress... I am posting only what I have so far.  I had mentioned that I would post some other works but I have decided that I will not do that here.  The Art of War is an extensive project that will take up my time for awhile.  I am taking The Art of War as was written and adding my commentary with the Personal Defense perspective.

Evade -  Coming back from the Utah TFL Gathering I was cruising along at about 8 MPH over on the speed limit.  I found that I was behind a truck that was dropping little rocks.  Not wanting to have to replace a windshield I went to 4th gear and dropped the hammer.  I hit 80 in about 2 second and was making a power pass.  The trooper in the oncoming traffic lanes saw me do this and read his radar which must have said 80 because he hit his lights and went to cross the median to come get me.  Maybe I was in a bad mood... I don't know... I gunned it and hit warp speed... Took an exit and got outta view before the Trooper could come around.  Since I had been in the far left lane when the guy saw me - he must have thought I went straight... Because he flashed past going Code 3... I got back on and went across the overpass and through the town back home.  I really didn't feel like talking to John Law at the time.  I almost feel bad for this... Wow, you know - what if COPS was with him?  What if he called out for Air?  Oh well.  Hey - what do you guys expect?  I've told you I'm an Anarchist. 

Celebrities and Politics - Why do people care what celebrities think about issues?  I don't get it.  I've heard several guys talking about the political beliefs of some star... It boggles my mind the stock people invest in Celebrity.  Look you morons... Celebes are actors and actresses that get paid millions of dollars each year to play pretend in front of a camera.  They really don't give a nut about the issues unless there are media types with cameras around to cover those "concerns".  Let me fill you in... I have met some Celebes in person... they are not all that smart or even that good looking.  That's why Hollywood has trained makeup artists and script writers.  Another thing that is irritating is the NEED to tell the Celebes how much you like what they do.  A.  They know - by the way you look at them like a kid meeting Santa.  B.  They really don't care what you think anyway.  I've heard a few guys talking about Celebes and stating what a "nice guy" he or she is...  If you got fat bank like they do for being a nice guy - you'd be nice too.  Some Celebes feel the need to dabble in politics.  That's fine for them... The problem is when morons listen to these people and take them seriously.  They don't have the education or experience to make judgments - all they are, are rich opinionated jerks who think they know whets best for people when in fact they have no clue.  Hypocrisy abounds and idiotic star struck fools serve only to perpetuate it.

Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand - It was suggested that I look into Objectivism and that I might like it and agree with it.  I have been looking into it rather deeply for several weeks and I have come to the conclusion that Objectivism has merit and is fine for those that are suited for it... but not for me.  Objectivism mocks religion.  While I am against Government abuses and big government in general... and while I am not the go to church every sunday type guy... I am deeply religious and a proud member of the LDS church.  Yeah, I'm Mormon.  I'm proud to be Mormon.  I'll tell anyone I'm Mormon.  I dont care what they think about it.  If they dont like it - they can kiss off.  Objectivism doesnt mesh with Christianity.  It does however have a lot of good points...  but I dont have time to pick and choose and what not - I like to take something as a whole.  Another problem I have with it is this:  "In one way or another, both conservatives and Libertarians repudiate the principles of a rational philosophy. Conservatives by believing in an all-powerful, all-knowing God repudiate existence, reason and any possibility of a rational ethics. On that basis, claims to support individual rights can only be regarded as lip-service. Libertarians hold the idea that there are many roads to liberty, all equally valid and true, including religion or a relatively new aberration, communitarianism. There is only one road to liberty, one price to be paid for freedom, reason."  What the hell is that all about?  She really doesnt know humanity as well as she thinks.  Pure REASON is an ideal that may sound good - but is just not possible in Human Society regardless of culture.  I dont have the time to outline all my examples of this - but Humans are emotional and violent people at the core with a great deal of restraint and conditioning to try to live otherwise.  Objectivism is trying to get folks to walk around like Vulcans from Star Trek, but with a hell of a lot more Self Rightousness.  Ayn Rand really doesnt understand what the price of liberty is... it isnt reason.  It's blood.  Blood and the specific application of focused violence.  If anyone tells you differently - they are selling you something. 

April 26th - With all the World War Two popularity coming back... I'd like to see some new ads coming out... You guys know that Mitsubishi built the Zero and Volkswagen built the beetle from a sketch Hitler made... Here is a couple ideas for new ads I came up with yesterday:
My new ad for Mitsubishi:
Close up of a WWII Jap ZERO pilot... Leather helmet, Goggles, White Scarf... Through the window you see other pilots. You hear the scream of the engines as green mountains roll past. Camera pulls back to reveal the Red Circle on the side... Pulls back further to show its a Car - the 3000GT VR4. Several cars in tight formation... Camera pulls back further to show them zooming at very high speed along a highway... in Hawaii... There is an exit... to PEARL HARBOR... One at a time the Zero/Cars peel off to take the exit...
Many white clad sailors scramble to the Pontiacs and Mustangs that have hard times starting... close up of one sailor - fear on his face as he is frantically trying to start his car... a Zero/Car flashes past... flames start spouting from the American car's hood... The Zero/Cars leave and all the American cars are trashed... Sailors running around falling... lots of smoke...
Closing Title: Mitsubishi - The Rest is History.
My new ad for Volkswagen:
Panning across a parade of goose stepping German troopers (No swastikas - just Iron Crosses)... at the lead of the parade is a new shiny black Beetle with a sun roof... Crowds are shouting "Zieg Farfegnuggen Hiel!" There is a VW Salesman standing in the sunroof waving with a straight arm... The parade is going past a VW dealership. In front of the dealership is a podium with a Sales Manager screaming into a mic shouting in German and pounding his fists and spitting... Camera pans out across ruined freeways with groups of grey Beetles surging across the screen... out of the sunroofs are jerry-helmed men low and glaring and scanning for enemies... Carcasses of Neons and Civics lay strung across the horizon... The logo comes across the screen: VolksPANZERwagon, blitzkrieging the competition.


April 21st - Gunshow Report.  Many people thought that the last gunshow at the salt palace marked the end of good gunshows in Utah.  This is not true.  The new venue was large and friendly and was actually much better than the salt palace could ever be.  Getting in and out was easy (busy but easy) and you didn't have to park 10 blocks away.  The vendors were plentiful with lots of good product and not your typical Swap Meet stuff.  Sure there was a lot of the crapy knives for sale as usual but there was a lot of good stuff too.  Native Nevadan Sporting Goods was there with all the Galco you could ask for.  Also there was a real HK G36K that was a "Look But Don't Even Think Of Touching" kinda item.  I don't get that idea at all - At SHOT 2000 HK even invited me to TAKE IT APART!  HELLO!  Some dealers have too much attitude.  The G36 rifle is an ARMY Rifle not the GOLDEN FLEECE!!  Bastards...  Anyways, Robinson Armament had about the smallest little table in the whole show, but managed to have the best stuff.  They had 3 VEPR rifles there.  7.62 Russian, .223, and .308... They had an M96 Carbine which was SWEET... and we watched a fellow plop down $9,000.00 for a slightly used HK MP5K-PDW with a select fire trigger group.  Safe, Single, Burst, and Rock and Roll.  Amazing - but it is only a 9MM.  Still - very cool thing to be able to walk around - see an MP5 and say, "Sure, why the hell not?"  You dont see that every day.  One thing I noticed about the VEPR rifles is that unlike other AKs - the Stock to Receiver fit was perfect.  The whole thing was rugged and solid.  Yeah, an AK is pretty dang solid, but not like a VEPR!   I'm wanting one badly.  Next Saturday I'll be shooting a lot of different AKs and getting a better understanding of them.  Yeah - I've had them before - but I am really wanting a nice one this time.  I took a couple guys from work to this gun show and they had a good time too.  They were looking at all kinds of stuff and having a really good learning experience checking out all the guns they only heard about.  One almost picked up a killer deal on a SIG P220... That deal was so sweet - I might have hooked that one up myself... but I'm looking for an AK.  FALs abounded and there were some nice kits and extras that made another FAL a serious temptation.   

April 20th - Avtomat Kalashnikova Obrazets 1947.  I'm thinking that I would very much like to get one now.  The version that I am looking for will be a VEPR.  The VEPR receivers are the same as used in the RPK machinegun.  This is a heavier duty receiver that lends its self to better accuracy and reliability and life span than normal kalishnikov receivers.  In fact the one I want specifically is right here.  The VEPR AK variants are quite often sub-MOA accurate which really puts the pressure on the AR-15s big claim to fame.  In fact - I'll take my VEPR when I finally buy it, and put it up against ANY AR-15.  We will shoot targets out to 100 yards (Only because my eyes are getting bad again) for accuracy and reliability.  Tightest groups win - but the first to JAM is disqualified.  The AK-47 was designed by Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov, who only had a high school education. In 1938 Kalashnikov was drafted into the Soviet army.   He became very interested in the operation of firearms and apparently a genius was awakened in him.  In 1941 Kalashnikov was called to active duty and became a tank driver.  He fought in the battle of Bryansk while the battle raged his tank was hit by a shell wounding Kalashnikov in the arm.  During his hospital stay he studied all the firearms books he could get his hands on. Due to the seriousness of his would he was allowed to spend six months on leave in his home town of Alma-Ata.  Kalashnikov spent his time designing a sub machine gun with his machinist friend Zhenya Kravchenko.  In 1946 Kalashnikov sent off the drawling for a new gas operated rifle based on the m43 cartridge to the Main Artillery Commission in Moscow.  The committee decided that his design had merit and gave him the go ahead to create several prototypes.  From 1946-1948 work progressed on the Kalashnikov rifle, progress was slow with changes having to be made every step of the way.  In 1949 one of Kalashnikovs rifles was accepted as the Soviet Army's AK-47 (Avtomat Kalashnikova Obrazets 1947) namely the AK-47 today.  Kalashnikov then left the military and started work at a factory where he designed server different models of the AK-47 and other spin-offs of other machine guns.  "AK-47, the very best there is.  When you absolutely, positively have to kill every motherfucker in the room... Accept no Substitute." 

April 20th - Black Projects. 

#1. I really enjoy my job.  I get frustrated at certain things... but overall I find a lot of satisfaction from it.  The main reason I like my job is that I have a fantastic team.  Other managers recently have given me some very nice compliments about my team - That I have the tightest crew in the office - that my team actually works together as real team.  While the other managers give credit to me for that, I cant take all the credit.  I have the best people.  When I put this team together I was doing all the hiring for the Router Technology and I capitalized on that.  I hand picked each one for skill level, talent, and attitude.  They have never let me down.  This is why I am troubled.  I have recently sent off resumes to a couple other businesses... I hate the idea of leaving this team.  In fact - even if I get good offers - I might just turn them down.  They would have to be seriously crazy offers for me to leave.

#2  I am thinking of publishing on Mad Ogre a few portions of some of my stories that I have written.  Area 51, Vibrant Darkness, Sword of Laban, and The Art of War - for Personal Defense.  Just portions, not the whole thing.  That's something to look for in the short term future.

April 20th - Paintball section updated with important news.

April 20th - When I was a young man living in the Pacific Northwest I read a couple books that I truly enjoyed.  The stories of a British naval officer named Horatio Hornblower.  Fun books. High adventure with frigates and battleships... cool stuff.  A&E has been making these into mini movies.  I love it.  A&E has done a fantastic job of film making that leaves Hollywood efforts in the dust.  No eye candy special effects or big named actors... just some very compelling story telling done the right way.  Casting and acting are fantastic and the old ships are just freaking cool. (despite the fact that there are no real old ships they are using!)  Lots of action and adventure.  If you have not seen any of these films - look for them.  Record them.  Enjoy them.

April 17th - I made a lot of editing and corrections to the Presidential page.

April 16th - Shin Tao's Corner updated.

April 16th - My Apology to China:

The United States of America apologizes to the People's Republic of
China for allowing our reconnaissance plane to be hit by your poorly
trained, hot-dogging fighter pilot, while flying in international
airspace.  We're sorry we have to fly surveillance missions to monitor a country
that has nuclear missiles pointed at us. We're sorry your pilot didn't follow international standards of fighter
intercept protocol. We're sorry his aircraft recognition skills were so poor he didn't
realize the EP-3 aircraft was propeller driven and flew his aircraft
through its propeller arc, destroying his aircraft and nearly killing 24
American crewmen.  We're sorry your fighter pilot's survival training and equipment was so
inadequate that he couldn't survive until your poorly trained and
equipped navy could find him (they turned down our offer for search and
rescue assistance).  We're sorry you violated international law and arrested the crewmen of
an aircraft that legally diverted into your airfield under emergency
conditions caused by your pilot's actions. We're sorry you violated international law and boarded a state aircraft.
We're sorry you are losing so much face over this.
We're sorry that you were able to steal missile and nuclear secrets from us.
We're sorry you haven't learned from the Soviet Union's collapse and
failed to embrace democracy (compare tiny Taiwan and
mainland China; same people, same culture, but Taiwan's
economy is a powerhouse and China's economy is still mired in
communism).  And most of all, we're sorry for the Chinese people who suffer its
leaders' incompetence. 

Oh, one last thing.  You pull this shit again, we will rain cruise missiles on your ass. Dickhead.

April 16th - I think any desire to ever grow my hair out long has just vanished.  If I ever do - Please shave me bald instantly.

April 14th - Paintball page updated.

April 14th - 6TH DAY Movie opinion.  This is Arnold's latest action flick that is now out on tape.  The story was compelling and tricky fun to watch.  Arnold's acting was pretty good in this one.  He is getting better.  There are two things in this one that I liked.  One was the Helicopters.  You saw them in commercials as jets... That's because they are helos that can transition to fixed wing flight.  I thought this was very cool.  The design was very believable and realistic.  The other thing I liked was the pistols.  They looked like modified Walther P99s.  The firing was sweet with good effects.  The damage done by these pistols equaled the power of an African Safari rifle - with lots of damage and gross over-penetration.  I rate this movie an 8.  It had lots of action and stuff - but could have used the touch of a more seasoned Director.  Fun movie and worth the rental.

April 13th - Friday the 13th!  Despite the best efforts to do me in by the Deadly Duo, I am feeling much better.  In fact, I feel pretty good.

April 11th - POISONED!  My dear sister in law has it in for me.  She is in cahoots with my wife and they are trying to do me in.  If anything happens to me - its because of this conspiracy.  My wife and sister in law, Dacia, are witch-doctors.  Dacia made for me an evil brew of herbs that are supposedly to make me well - cure my lymes disease. Problem is that its causing massive headaches and body aches and stiffness and making me just sick as a dog.  They say if I keep on it I'll be fine because this is the toxins that are trying to come out...  Feels like its just plain killing me.  Not to mention that the Evil Brew tastes like rabbit vomit and smells like cabbage farts.  Nasty.  So - if I disappear - You know what happened to me!

April 10th - After 10 years the bane of my existence is no longer.  Before I got married my wife bought a brand new GEO METRO XFI.  All other cars have come and gone, but that little GEO has stayed.  Like a tape-worm.  Well - its gone now.  No longer does it pollute my driveway with its underpowered presence.  Sold it for $150 dollars cash.  That cash will go into the Chevy van to get it running like it used to.  If it hadn't been sold it would have met its death at a TFL Gathering from a firing squad.  That GEO lucked out!

April 10th - OFFICE XP has some really nice little features that I am enjoying a great deal.  One word: "Tabs".  Makes this upgrade worth while on its own.  Another thing that's pretty cool is the slide thumbnails in PowerPoint.  Makes life easier if you are forced to live in a PowerPoint world like I do. 

April 10th - Disney is making a new flick called "Atlantis".  Wow - it looks cool.  I sure hope Disney doesn't screw it up with stupid critter sidekicks and just sticks to telling a compelling story.

April 9th - Updated my MS OFFICE 2000 to OFFICE XP.  I don't know why really.  Office 2000 was going great and all was fine - but then I was told that Office XP was the latest and greatest so I had no choice but to upgrade especially since the CD was pressed into my hands with the words "Trust me, you'll like this".  So far - I am impressed.  One thing I noticed right off the bat was that unlike other Microsoft releases this XP setup program didn't go through and build on the foundation of the older releases of the product.  Nope.  First thing it did was destroy and remove all traces of the old version!  Aarrgghh!!!  Well - no problem this time because everything went fine and the new versions of everything came up as advertised.  If you want to upgrade yours to XP - then I would recommend that you have your old version disks on hand and everything backed up like you should.

April 9th - Shin Tao's Corner updated with images.

April 9th - Opinion regarding China.  People are talking about air strikes to destroy the EP-3 on the ground.  That's stupid for 2 reasons.  1. Its too late.  Anything worth taking off the EP-3 has already been removed. 2. China has SU-27 Flankers.  The Sukhoi multi-role fighter is a true monster of an aircraft.  It can carry a great deal of firepower, its mad fast, and it can turn and burn better than anything in the US inventory that's currently on line and in the ranks.  We would get spanked in the air over China.  So as a result, an air strike would be a bad move.

April 9th - Gavin, my 2 year old son... He is a character.  He was watching Cartoon Network when "Cow & Chicken" came on.  "Cow & Chicken" has got to be the worst animated program in the universe.  Anyways, it came on and Gavin exclaimed "STUPID THIS!" and changed the station over to A&E.  There is hope for the future after all.

April 8th - Found a very funny website - I'm not a mountain biker, but you don't have to be to enjoy this page... Very Very funny:

April 4th - Music for Road Rage.  I'm looking for some good disks to spin in my Supra.  I have a few disks in there right now:  Godsmack, The Cult, 2 RATM, Lost Boys sound track, MI2 sound track, and a couple others... I need something hard and fast... Suggestions are welcome.


March 30th - Updated Paintball page.

March 30th - It's official.  I am not happy with the Federal Government.  The IRS can kiss my ass.  

Complaints - I've had some more complaints about my web page... It's too dry or it's too "ghetto".  I have too many words and not enough pictures.  I'm sorry if you have to READ something that didn't come in a 15 second sound byte.  One complaint was valid - not enough mention of Korn and Godsmack.  I'll address that in a second.  Another suggestion was to put date and time stamps on my entries.  That's a good idea and I might do that.  Uh... what day is this? 

Godsmack - The first album was great and the second is pretty good - but is disappointing compared to the first.  Makes for good paintball music though...  I'll speak more of music shortly.

After Action Report - Paintball section updated with the Autococker's performance.

Paintball Marker Upgrade - It was time to gun up.  I took my Piranha back and traded it in on a new gun.  I only took a 50 dollar loss on the deal - so it wasn't bad.  The guys at the shop gave me some good deals on some custom parts so it was a break even.  The place I go for my paintball needs is Pegleg Paintball.  The fellas there KNOW paintball and are players first and foremost... store clerks second.  Good guys.  Anyways - back to the gun:

Current Mods are a Low Pressure system, Venturi Bolt, Bottom Line and a Beavertail.  Planned Mods include a 14" Dye Boomstick barrel and a stainless .45 grip frame.  New gear required for this - Revolution hopper.  I have to make sure I have a good feed for this ugly beast.    Not only did the fellas at Peg Leg hook me up with a good deal - but the guys there worked on the gun and got it timed and all set up ready to rock.  Time to go hunting now!

Shin Tao's Corner - This will be a new section replacing the Detonics section.   Thoughts from Shin Tao, former Marine, Bouncer, Armored Car Driver, and freaking scary big guy.  He makes me look calm and collected.  This will be put up shortly. 

After Action Report - We played some serious paintball this Saturday and learned a lot.  It was an expensive lesson... We got creamed, but it was good because it pointed out all out mistakes.  I never got cocky about anything but even still, it was humbling to be so profusely schooled.  Granted the other guys had some serious hardware advantages such as Boomstick barreled, HPA powered, Autocockers... but we still made our share of mistakes.  

One - MOVE!  You got to keep moving and don't let them hem you in.  If you think your getting pinned and you cant back out - RUSH THEM with full fury.
Two - Make you shots count!  Aim quickly - but aim well.
Three - Communication is essential for team work.   Sneak up on them - but once you engage - yell out the positions of everyone you see... be vocal and loud so your team can hear you.
Four - even if you don't have a great shot - take it anyway.  It freaks them out and you just might get lucky.

Five - Be aggressive and fast... move in on them and hit them quickly before they have a chance to really get organized and positioned.  Move up on them before they move up on you.

The new VForce Shield mask did FANTASTIC!  Fogging of the mask wasn't an issue - my glasses fogged inside the goggles - but the gogs stayed clear.  I'm happy with these goggles like I've never been pleased before.  That and they LOOK COOL... Everyone has the JTs and that's just tired. I got mine from Drop Zone Paintball - and you should too. 

The "Sons of the Morning" - Is my team's new name.  Thanks for all the suggestions, but most of them sucked and I came up with this on my own.  Again, it's a biblical reference.  I don't know why I go to the bible when I need something scary... it is just fitting I guess because scary movies don't scare me as much as Sunday school does.  Here is the low down on the name... Lucifer (The Devil) held a rank in heaven before the war in heaven.  His rank was Son of the Morning.  The war in heaven was when Lucifer rebelled against God and was caste out taking with him the third of the host of heaven.

The Mask of Ogre - The paintball goggle system I have right now, the JT Nvader just doesn't cut it for me. I'm looking at the other systems on the market and I made my choice.  The Scott system didn't do it either. I'm going with something completely different.  I found the Vforce Morph system.  The Morph is awesome (Watch that video clip!) the only problem is that it's too expensive.  There is another version with the same features called the Shield.  I ordered the Shield.  Only difference is the mask - the Morph is soft where the shield is stiff.  I can live with a stiff mask.  I'll update this with a personal review of the Shield system as soon as it arrives and I have a chance to wear it.  This leaves me with an extra mask... What should I do with it?  Hmmm... Maybe get another gun for my wife?  Maybe.  But then again... last time she had a paintball gun she about shot me in the nuts with it!!!

Paintball - Yeah - I'm going to have to make a separate page just for this topic.  Many years ago I had a team that went by the name LEGION.  Well, that team is being summoned again.  I am reforming LEGION with new players.  I am going after corporate challenges and after we get back up to speed we shall enter tournaments.  I feel we have a good team with some very promising talent.  If I could get some of my old team mates out - that would be sweet.  Shin Tao and 155mm would round this team out to a fine tuned death squad.  But they now live out in Virginia - nice place, but I wouldn't want to live there.  (Proper spelling of "Legion" is "LEGION" with all caps and in Bold. There is no "The" or "Team" in the name... Just LEGION.)

RUSH vs. REAGAN - I have been a long time listener to Rush Limbaugh, maybe not as actively as some people, but I do listen to his radio show maybe twice a week as I get the chance.  But as of late - I have grown weary of El Rushbo and his self-congratulatory smoke billowing.  I have started to listen to Michael Reagan.  Now, Mike is not as far right as Rush - but he is still quite conservative.  To my surprise I have found that I enjoy listening to Mike's show more than Rush!  Bonus feature that Mike has is that on his sight you can not only listen to his show, but you can listen to his PAST shows. Rush lets you listen to his online - but only while its on the air.  Rush has just recently allowed past shows - but you have to Subscribe for it and it costs you 50 bucks.  Joy.  No thanks Rush.  I'd rather spend my money on myself than on you.  Nothing personal.  If you guys get a chance - give Mike a listen.  You'll like it.  Trust me.

Mad Ogre Racing - The racing venture has been cancelled due to issues beyond my control.  We shall try again next season.

Paintball - I purchased my new paintball marker today.  After drooling over every gun in the store 3 or 4 times, I made a choice.  I selected a custom variation of the PMI Piranha STS.  It is red and black anodized... Red in the barrel end that fades to black to the rear.  This color scheme is evidently quite rare and there is only one other in the state of Utah. Here is an image of an STS with regular coloring.   The mask/goggle system is the new JT Nvader.  It is billed as an entry level mask, but is getting some fantastic feedback from players that have used it in games.  It can take the X-wind fan system and Elite lenses... Its not that bad.  It wasn't what I really wanted but it came with the gun package...  If this one doesn't pan out - I'll order a Scott BADBOY...  I still cant find a photo of my gun - I'll have to take one when I get a chance.

Top Ten Games - 10, Diablo II.  9, Unreal Tournament w/ Infiltration 2.75 Mod.  8, Red Alert.  7, Jane's ATF Gold.  6, Warcraft II. 5, Starcraft: Brood War.  4, Mech Commander Gold.  3, MS Combat Flight Simulator.  2, Age Of Empires II.  1, Rogue Spear: Urban Operations w/ Nato3 mod.   Rogue Spear is not so much a game as it is a tactical simulation.  I love it.  With the Nato3 mod this is the best thing you can do for your computer.  AOE2 is so good it's sick.  You find your self getting pissed if one of your villager women get killed.  Combat flight simulator is sweet.  Dispite all its disadvantages, the Hawker Hurricane is one hell of a fighter plane.  I've done the Gaming Zone thing with it and while I will rock you and shake you out of the sky - I hate The Zone.  Mech Commander is a strategy that lets you control a lance of battle mechs.  I like this game a lot more than I should, but I just can't help myself.  You want a killer mech team?  Cougars with Clan ER PPCs.  Move fast - Hit Hard = You'll win every time.  Diablo II would be a lot higher on the list if it wasn't so damn repetitive and redundant.  I hate going to the town 3 or more times per area.  Some areas are too easy - others too freakin hard.  I just want a balanced and easy RPG fantasy that takes Diablo II and mixes it with Baldur's Gate.  Don't say NOX - I have hear that it sux from reliable critics.   

Paintball - We are organizing a team of 10 shooters for the amazing sport of Paintball.  However I have a dilemma.  I need new equipment.  Aw Damn!  "Honey! I need a new GUN!!"  Sweet!  I am going tomorrow to Pegleg Paintball, a Utah store owned by Pegleg - a man missing half a leg, but is more dangerous on the field than anyone.  Some of the guns I am considering are a Kingman Spyder, Tippmann 68 W/ Flatline system, or an F4 Illustrator...  But I am keeping my options open.  I used to have a JT Spectra goggle system that I loved.  However dispite the hype - it fogs like a bitch and I wear glasses... so that's a double suck. I like the looks of the Scott BADBOY II system... that will be a serious option.   I'll report soon when I make up my mind on this.  This is a serious choice - I'll live or die by this choice!  I'll probably just buy what's on special.

Michael Crichton's Timeline - Good book to a point.  Would have been a hell of a lot better if the former Ranger guy didn't wimp out and put his guns back on the transporter.  As soon as he did he was filled with arrows.  There is a lesson in there for all of us.  Never, never give up your guns!

Feedback Required - If you have not noticed, I have just changed the "look" of  This was due mainly to get a few of you complainers to shut the hell up.  There - you get a logo. As for Java, try right clicking on something.  There is your damn java.  You want Shockwave or Flash? Stick your tongue in a light socket.  This is about content for Readers.  Life is a little longer than a mpeg clip or Flash 4 animation.   If you need everything in a multimedia presentation - your pretty sad.  Life is Analog, and anyone telling you different is selling you something.  Still - go ahead and tell me what you think now...  Not much different is it?  Good.  A few folks told me this page was getting too long for them.  They both use palm top devices so I am keeping it as fast to load as possible.  All old entries are placed in the new Archive1 section.

Metal and Wood - written by Dennis Bateman and posted originally on The Firing Line.  This is a MUST READ article, more poem than article actually.  This is the best argument for the preservation of firearm ownership that has ever been written.  Send it to everyone you know, post it everywhere you can as long as you give Dennis due credit. 

Freakin Salvaged - I found out in the nick of time the BMW was a salvage title... I am disappointed.  I walked away from it instantly.  Now what?  I need wheels!  The search continues...

I'm looking at picking up another car - I am looking at a BMW, but I might also look at a motorcycle if I can find one priced right.  My favorite bike I ever owned was a Honda Magna.  Should I find another Honda Magna - my "looking" would be over.  Maybe if I find the right vehicle - I may have enough scratch left over to get a gun.  As to what that is - read below about the CCU. 

Lord Of the Rings"One ring to rule them all. One ring to find them. One ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them."  I have been watching the developments on this epic for about a year now.  I am so excited for this movie... I can't stand it.  Two sites are the best sources for info on this:  The Official Site, and a Fan site.   Many books do not make great screen plays and thus not great movies... so as a result, filmmakers feel justified in hacking the authors work to death to the point that the movie doesn't resemble the book in any way.  Point of fact - two of my favorite sci-fi books were destroyed by the film makers to the degree that mentioning the book causes wincing.  Starship Troopers and Battlefield Earth.  If you have not read these books - you have to.  Epic books that pushed the limits.  Books so good as to influence all sci-fi books afterwards.  I remember sitting in the theatre watching Starship Troopers and listing to a heckler making fun of the film claiming this was rip offs of earlier sci-fi movies. I had to point out the author actually wrote the book before world war two and that if he was such an expert critic he would know this little important detail... I also informed him that if he didn't shut the hell up I would stomp a mud-hole in him.  He shut up.  He lived.  Anyways - my greatest fear as soon as I learned of the LOTR movie project was that it would be hacked to pieces.  I have good hopes now.  These movies should be good... meaning they should do the books justice.  This is important to me - The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings are hands down my favorite books ever.  Bar None.  And movie wise - could unseat Star Wars as my favorite all time movie.  (I include all the SW movies as Star Wars the Movie.)  Funny thing is that I am not a real Fantasy kinda guy - fairies and unicorns and pink bubbles - fuck that... but there is something tangible and real about Tolkien's work.  I love it.  It's the best.  The only fantasy that I can sink my teeth into.  I challenge anyone to suggest a better work of fantasy... Oh - Wheel Of Time need not apply.  

Defensive Power Factor - I was talking with one of my brothers about some different calibers and velocities. This led to the IPSC's Power Factor, which is simply Bullet Weight in Grains Times Velocity Divided by 1,000. This is an easy formula that one can use when comparing loads... but doesn't take into effect Caliber. W*V/1000= PF. Nice - but not enough.  I have been thinking about this for a few minutes now, and I think I have another similar formula that will be more accurate when looking at loads. M&S OSS% has been debunked as junk science. So a simple mathematical formula like what the IPSC uses should be of some help. IPSC's goal was to create a certain level that allows people to compete on a more even playing field. This is a new scale... So the numbers are going to look different. Once you starting running this formula with different calibers and loads, you will see some interesting results. Try them your self and tell me what you think: 

Bullet Weight in Grains, Times Caliber, Times Velocity, Divided by 1000 = Defensive Power Factor or DPF for short. 
For 9MM you of course use its actual Caliber .355 or what ever your bullet is actually sized at. 10MM is .40 cal etc. 
A 230 grain .45 load: 230*.45= 103.5 *900/1000 = DPF 93.15 
Smaller caliber bullets will have smaller numbers, and mouse guns will look more like mouse guns on this smaller scale. Don't get pissed at me if your choice of a carry package looks wimpy... Compare all the loads you want. 
Just for fun - lets look at the .454 Casull: 
300 grain bullet, .45 caliber, 1650 FPS speed = DPF of 222.75! Too Bad that .454 Casull pistols make poor Carry Guns!

This can also be used for Rifles.  Just change the scales so you don't compare apples to oranges... divide center fire rifle loads by 100 instead of the pistol's 1000. 

.223: 55 grain bullet, .22 caliber, going 3240FPS = 392.04
.308: 165 grain bullet, .30 caliber, at  2700FPS = 1336.5

Now, the Speed Freak guys that think faster is better might be getting a little irked here. But I think this is showing a more accurate picture. I mean, everyone knows .308 hits harder than .223, so these numbers should not surprise you. You have a bigger caliber, heavier bullet... it will hit harder that a smaller, lighter one. That's physics. Putting Egos aside - I think we can agree that this is a simple and easy way to compare loads.
(Will this end the 9MM vs. .45 debate? No. I don't have a formula that factors in Hydro Static Shock... or bullet expansion since HPs don't always expand as advertised... we don't have a way to accurately measure all of that.)  K.I.S.S.

NATO 3 - This is a Mod for Rouge Spear and Urban Ops.  Read my review below of Rouge Spear... The NATO 3 is a Weapons mod that gives you an impressive arsenal of weapons that adds to your standard list.  I have tested almost every weapon mod out there for Rogue Spear and Urban Ops, and have found that the NATO 3 pack is simply the best there is.  A couple of my favorite new weapons are the IMI Tavor for when I need a .223 rifle, the Micro Tavor when I need an SMG, the Colt M4A1-SD .300 Whisper when I need a hushed rifle, or the .338 cal Whisper for longer range quite work.  While playing a LAN war, I just love the G3A4K... its big .308 round punches through body armor like a dream. Its short barrel lets you move around good and not get in the way... its a beautiful thing.  The new pistol selection is just outstanding... the 1911 is here, as is the Taurus Raging Bull revolver in .454 Casull!  You can also get a selection of Glocks, the full auto Glock 18, and a couple in 10MM.  For single player gaming you get a couple really fun things, like a grenade launcher and "Old Painless" from the movie Predator... Big Fun.

Trip to Virginia - I went to Virginia for a week and spent time with family back at the old homestead.  Hanging out with my brothers, shooting, watching movies, goofing off.  It was good.  We all went to the range and exercised my brothers skills with the pistol.  They shot well.  FAA regulations forbade me bringing my handguns with me as I pack light and take only carry on luggage... so we used some other guns belonging to a fellow on The Firing Line that came out with us... Special thanks to Son Tao for the use of arms, and to Mike in VA for the same.  Momma took care of me while away from my own home... My Momma Rocks.  My father, as enigmatic has consented to me assisting him in his business by way of creating a commercial website for him.  This we will do with great haste.  He has a great deal of information... This will be a vast website with a catalog that rivals some of the largest. The goal of this is to expand my father's business and ease his work load.  (And he will be able to brag that he has a web page.)  

"You little scumbag! I've got your name! I've got your ass! You will not laugh! You will not cry! You will learn by the numbers. I will teach you. Now get up! Get on your feet! You had best unfuck yourself or I will unscrew your head and shit down your neck!" - Drill Instructor Hartman  Full Metal Jacket - one of the best films showing what Basic Training was really like.  Many recruits watched this film before heading out to boot camp.  I was not one of them.  I watched a different training film before I shipped out for my boot... 

Rainbow Six Rogue Spear - This is God's Gift to Former Military computer geeks.  I have played many FPS games (First Person Shooter) and some have impressed the hell out of me... others have been just plain weak.  After Quake III and Unreal Tournament with all the MODS available such as INFILTRATION (If you have UT, you have to do this mod - its 100% Pure Bad Ass) I have returned to the Grand Daddy of Tactical Simulations - Rainbow Six.  The Rouge Spear sequel is better then the first and now we have available some add-ons... Urban Operations and Covert Ops.  After playing for a friggin week and not yet finishing all the campaigns and mission - Okay, gratuitous multiplayer mega matches and duals get in the way... I have come up with some Rouge Opinions...  forget game opinions - I'm talking weapons.  Lets go.  MP5 - good entry weapon for non-armored threats since its a 9mm.  The suppressed version is one of the quietest long arms you can use. The trade off is that you can hose a Tango center mass and if he's wearing heavy body Armour - you still might not stop him... best aim for the head. Stepping up is the MP5/10mm.  10mm is much more powerful then the this is a much better choice.  Unfortunately the sound is louder.  The best SMG is the UMP which is HK latest SMG chambered for the man-stopping .45 ACP.  Silenced, and it doesn't get any better for an SMG. Moving up to rifles, the M4 and M-16A2 are available, standard US ARMY fare... The M-16 is the worst weapon design I have ever seen since a certain WWI French machine gun... The M-14 is available and that makes a great rifle for the winter missions since its stock is white. Kinda sucks in jungle missions.  My 2 favorite weapons... The HK G36K - gives you rifle power and range in an SMG size. Its chambered for 5.56mm and is a fine weapon for medium armored threats.  Moving up is the HK G3... this is a serious battle rifle chambered for the sacred 7.62mm Nato round.  Its a bit long and not as well suited for CQB - but its manageable.  Even better is the HK G3A4KSD which is the G3 rifle that's shortened, with a collapsible stock (collapsed of course) with a sound suppressor.  Hits like a truck but in a small SMG like size... The very best there is. For the bigger machineguns available, the HK 21E is the best.  Pistols... The HK SOCOM makes a good choice... its .45 caliber does great.  The Desert Eagle pistol is in the game in .50 and .357 Magnum calibers - I dont know why they are in the game... I dont know any SPECWAR Operator who would use one.  They are too big and heavy.  Also a word about grenades in the game... Use them early and use them often.     

Weapon Opinion - The CCU from Mech Tech Systems has a great deal of promise. The Mech-Tech Carbine Conversion Unit. I think that an old but reliable 1911 frame, the CCU, and a trip to Arizona Response Systems for the Metalcol III finish in Satin Black, Houge rubber grips... yes, that would make a nice package... I'ld top it off with a Trijicon ACOG sight and some Wilson Combat 10 Rounder mags... That is a killer package that would go up against a UMC, M1 Carbine, or any of these other pistol caliber carbines... Costs:
CCU = 315
Frame = 150
Finish = 150
ACOG = 300
Wilson 10 rd mags, 30 X 6 = 180
Total = 1095.
What seems really cheap at first adds up fast... but when you take a look at the total package and what your getting out of it - its not bad. I thing the CCU is a good use for those off brand 1911's like the Norinco, Charles Daly, IMI, etc... but what would really rock is if you used frames from Para Ord, or STI or the Springfield double stackers... Using those older grand fathered "Full Capacity" magazines... You would be ahead of the program compared to an HK UMC. That is, IF you already had the frame. If your buying everything new... its still not a bad investment. I've seen them, handled them, seen them shoot - but never fired one before... I am afraid of what would happen if I did. Further dipping into the savings account! Ouch. It makes a really handsome looking little weapon. Would look really good in my collection...

Ever Wonder - What would happen if Pooh Bear went bad?  Want to find out?

Quote of the Moment - "It is the soldier, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press. It is the soldier, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech. It is the soldier, not the campus organizer, who has given us the freedom to demonstrate. It is the soldier, not the lawyer, who has given us the right to a fair trial. It is the soldier who salutes the flag, serves under the flag, and whose coffin is draped by the flag, who allows the demonstrator to burn the flag."
--Rev. Dennis Edwards, chaplain, USMC

Al Gore's phone call to George W Bush - I have it on tape!  Listen!

My Wife - I gotta tell ya... I love her.  She is the best. She is the toughest person I know.  All her babies have been born 100% Natural, and usually its like an hour later before she asks for an Advil.  Hard Core.  She can cook, clean the house, get all the kids ready and out the door faster than a stripped ape... she can fix the VCR when the kids get the tapes stuck... She is an amazing woman.  Here it is, about a week since my wife gave birth... and she's taking over the school's Christmas program.  My wife can also SHOOT.  She is a fantastic shot with a rifle and she's even good with a pistol.  She has a preference to the 1911 in .45ACP.  How cool is that?  Point of fact... My wife can kick your ass.  

Accusations - I have been accused of being both a PEOPLE PERSON, and a CHRISTMAS PERSON.  Well, then... Here's your gift. (Special Thanks to GeekswithGuns for that little image) 

New Baby Boy! - I am pleased to announce the birth of my 5th Son.  He was born in perfect health and is absolutely beautiful.  For those who don't me personally, I have 5 children, all boys.  My oldest is seven, I have twins who are 4, then my special little one who is 2 and now my newest.  My boys are what's called Super Kids... They are highly intelligent and learn faster than Rosie O'Donnell can down a bucket of KFC.  The three oldest are in private school and when the younger ones get old enough - they'll go too.  Public School is a waste of a perfectly good kid. Anyways, education is a rant for another time.

Complaints - I have had several complaints that this web page is BORING and I'm an idiot who can't design a simple web page.  Let me think about this for a second.  No, you guys are just morons... this is a simple web page.  If you haven't noticed it - its almost instantly downloaded with a decent connection.  I guess that's the problem YOU have.  You have to READ these pages.  You morons are so handicapped with your sound-bitten, blip advertised, short attention spanned, color illustrated existences that you don't know how to really READ.  Have you ever read a book that didn't have pictures in it?  A book that didn't have advertising in it?  If you picked it up and its all floppy and under an inch thick - that's a magazine.  Here's something for you - get hooked on phonics

Brothers - I am very pleased that two of my brothers will be returning home from adventures in Mexico.  They have been gone for two years.  Unseen and little news from them.  I have mailed several packages to them which they never received.  Home is in Virginia... I'll be flying out there as soon as they arrive.  This will be EPIC.  I have another brother there in Virginia already who is engaged to be married soon.  I look forward to meeting her too. 

Election Coverage  - Many people ask me why I care about the election if it is really true that I am indeed an Anarchist.  That's easy. Despite my personal feelings - whom ever gets into the Whitehouse will have an effect on me.  I would rather the person have as little effect as possible.  George W Bush will have little negative impact on mine and my families lives... Hopefully he will even have the nuts to something positive!  Positives would be the Vouchers for education, the tax cuts he said he wanted to make, the tax credits he mentioned, and if his nuts are stainless steel - get rid of the magazine capacity limit.  That's why I care!  What effects will this have on me?  One - my kids can continue private education with out my wife having to work. Two - I hate taxes. I want as much back as I can get and as little taken as possible. Three - I want to buy a Mini - Uzi with a 32 round magazine... but don't ask me why. Oh - and one last thing... Al Gore sucks profusely. 

"Sons Of The Hounds, Come Hither And Get Flesh!" - This is the battle cry of Clan Cameron... Aye, I'm a Scott and proud of my clan. Read more about Mad Ogre's Clan.

Molon Labe: This is a battle cry that will ring loud across RKBA circles and across the nation.  We get it from the battle of Thermopylae Xerxes of Persia demanded that the Spartans lay down their arms. Leonidas, King of Sparta, told Xerxes "molon labe", or "come and get them."  The 300 Spartans present then proceeded over the next 3 days to kill 20,000 Persians while fighting to the last man. They saved Greece.

To show your support for RKBA - Put those two little words in your email and other digital signature files.  When you sign a Check - write it on the little note line.  On all your dollar bills, write it in permanent ink.  Make it a bumper sticker.  Print it on your T shirt.  Post it everywhere you can. This is our battle cry.  We shall fight to the last man.

Pistol Opinion: Alchemy Arms Spectre.  Totally horrible and grossly over priced. This pistol should be no more than 400 (about 1/2 the suggested retail) and even then its very questionable.  Its reliability is unacceptable and its accuracy is lacking.

Mad Ogre News: opened Nov 30th to better serve mankind, and to scorn Sheeple.