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May 2009


5-27-09:  Obama’s Supreme Court Pick is a Racist: has an opinion about Obama's SCOTUS pick. OID is now on the Blog Roll.

So Russian and North Korea might Go Hot pretty soon. This is a hard choice here – but I'm afraid I'm going to have to root for Russia on this one. Because NK is batshit crazy and needs a spanking. I'm not really all that worried about NK – except that they have some Nukes now. That makes me worried. Here's why I'm not otherwise worried about them. NK has a history of bluffing. That's all they know how to do. They bluff on the international level, and they bluff on the local level. They show strength, when all they really have is weakness. The only people eating over there is Kim Jong Ill and his Military. Everyone else is starving. They have built fake cities to try to make South Korea think NK has something going on. They have shown that they have a large number of artillery batteries ready to nail SK if anyone twitches. Considering NK's history of bluffing and chest pounding – How many of those artillery pieces are actually operational? How many artillery shells does NK have that are actually functional? I don't know. How many vehicles does NK have and how many of them are functional? Tanks? Planes? I think NK is doing this crap out of desperation because they are going to have a military guarding a nation of corpses... everyone has starved to death. So how do we handle NK? We have China and Russia both go in – mop up Kim Jong Ill's regime – and start feeding the people some food. Once that's done – SK can take over and govern. We'ld have a united Korea again. And anyone of Kim Jong's ilk that doesn't like this – they can be put up against a wall.
The question Russia has – should they hit first? Yes, I think so. They found out just where Kim Jong is – and nail that SOB with a massive strike from Russian Backfire Bombers dropping huge conventional bombs. Shock and Awe them as hard as conventionally possible.

WTA's Best Post: Coyotesfan97 gets the Best Post for his story of misguided youthful experiments in booms.

5-26-09:  I've had some good emails about rifles lately.... Such as questions about which AK or questions about which Tactical Rifle – meaning bolt action precision rifles for serious work. Well, I had to answer this one in Video.

Okay, now speaking of rifles – I have a secret. I'm involved in the launching of a new line of rifles... I can't tell you anything about them yet, other than they are high-end custom AR-15 rifles that will take your breath away. These things are going to rock your socks off. I can't say anything else about them... but the guy that Hates AR-15 rifles is saying this about these rifles – Let me tell you... yeah... they are that good. We're talking Crow-Bar tough but with great actions and triggers. I have to STFU about them now. It's not time to unveil anything yet. But guys – save your pennies. Something wicked this way comes.

President Barack Obama nominated Sonia Sotomayor to the U.S. Supreme Court. She's a Latino Woman who is extremely left of center and believes a Judge should dictate policy. Hmmm... Okay. I'm really not worried about her because no balance has changed in the SCOTUS. This is just more of the same of what we've had. But from this we can see that this is the type of person that the POTUS is going to pick if he gets another chance. So what do we do? Pray that nothing happens to the good guys there. Is anyone really surprised about this pick? She's been overturned 80% of the time... She's been reprimanded by her peers. See, this is a matter of perspective. We look at her and say she's wrong 80% of the time... they look at her and see that she's right 20% of the time – which is a better batting average than Barack has. BHO has so far been wrong all the time.

5-25-09:  Memorial Day: To those that made the ultimate sacrifice – Thank you.

Popularity Around The World. By far, most of my viewers of my YouTube Videos are American. But checking out the stats, it's interesting to see where else I am popular. For example, I'm twice as popular in Ireland as I am in England... and that's curious... Germany has the most viewers in Europe. And in Asia, I'm big in Japan, but huge in Thailand and Philippines. I'm more popular in Pakistan that I am in India. In the middle east, I'm big in Saudi Arabia, but twice as huge in Turkey. In South America, Brazil has the most Ogre fans. In the USA – I'm bigger in Texas than anywhere else in the Nation.

Okay, so I ditched the adverts for Moosejaw and Fetchdog. After checking the advertising stats – no one cared about those ads. You guys clicked on the pretty girls, but didn't buy anything. The Brownells ads, you guys liked more... as in... you guys ordered stuff from Brownells and I nailed a 5% Commish. Much thanks.. Now if we could just get Brownells to hook up a cute chick with an AR-15 – that would be Brilliant. Brownell's needs to put an advert together with the help of Oleg Volk and we'd be set.

N-Korea: So they violated UN Treaty. And no one is doing anything about it. People are “Condemning” N-Korea and that sounds harsh. It's also about as useful as a Sternly Written Non-Binding Resolution. Which is not even as meaningful as a New Year's Resolution. N-Korea is a rotten egg. They have a hard looking shell on the outside, but on the inside it's a mess of stinking decay. Everything we see of North Korea is what the North Korean's let us see. The people are starving and weak and have no will to fight. The Army is well fed and loyal to the regime there, but they have little in the way of operational hardware. They could be stopped easily. But we are not the one's to do it. China is. China needs to lay down the law to N-Korea because China is the only one they will listen to. So here's our first task for our new Ambassador to China, Huntsman. Have China tell NK to STFU. I'm sure Huntsman can get this done, if this was the will of the Obama Administration. Unfortunately, it isn't. Obama is too busy ruining this nation. He's seizing private industry and banks... to much on his plate to deal with N-K. He's going to put us in a position to be like N-K.

We've had calls this morning again, have been having them for weeks now... people are losing their jobs. People are struggling. People are losing the lives they had built. Our economy out here is failing like other areas of the nation now. It's very scary.

If I had a company that was going to build a factory – I'd build it out here. The people out here are the hardest working, smartest, most industrial people in the country – I'd say on the planet. And they are looking for work. You build a factory out here – you would have men who have spent their lives problem solving and building things like oil wells and such... people with skills and talent... these guys would be lining up to work for you and they would give you their heart and soul to make your operation succeed. To see these men like this... laid off... it's tough to see. If I had the money – I'd build a factory here. Just outside of Vernal.

5-24-09:  This has been one hell of a week and I'm glad it's over. Crazy stuff. I rebuilt a number of guns for a few guys, Marlins and AK's. Improving the actions and triggers and one AK that had been assembled incorrectly and had to be redone. The guys at the gun counter that I work with that were there at the time were giving me crap about pulling out another AK and opening the action to check out the spring routing. See, another guy that works there has done the same thing in the past – but ended up having to send the customer's gun back to the factory because he couldn't get the gun fixed and back together. I can take the jokes, but the important difference here is that this customer left with his gun working properly when he came in with it not. Just the opposite of what happened before with the other guy. And really, come on... this customer needed help with his gun, he came in and asked for me, and went away with the gun working and him telling his buddy, “See, I told you he'd know.” It's those little moments that make it worth it. The tools I used to fix the AK – I kid you not – a slab of concrete and a hammer. Gotta love the AK.

The simplicity of the AK's action is pure genius that rivals that of JMB's. To see what the AK action is truly capable of, all one has to do is to look at the SIG 556. I'll have to do a video showing the similarities for the uninitiated. When you look at them side by side, you can see that the SIG is a direct evolution of the AK, taking it and putting it on par with more sophisticated weapons like the AR-15 platform.
As you guys well know, my little AR-15 Hate article speaks to one side and it continues to garner emails of agreement and flak. But let me throw this out here right now. I do like the AR-15 for a lot of reasons. Seriously, the AR is one of the best rifles out there. The accuracy and the ergonomics makes it relatively easy to put rounds on target – and that's what it's all about. The reliability of the rifles have improved over the years and these days most of these new AR's are going to be just fine. I've run several AR's completely filthy. The Charles Daly rifle, I put about 1000 rounds through it – with out cleaning. Just throwing in some Tetra Gun Oil every so often and that CD rifle just flat ran. My Rock River has done more, without jams. No problems. Yes, this goes against what I wrote some 8 years ago or more... I don't even remember when I wrote that... but the AR-15 has gotten better since then.

So I've talked to some guys who had pulled duty riding up on the HUMVEEs in the .50 cal turrets and they say it's cool at first but gets really old really fast. So we've come up with a game for them to not just pass the time, but to make it more enjoyable and a challenge to them against other gunners. This will have to go in as a thread on WTA. I call it Gun Camera Scavanger Hunt. And it's really quite simple. Take your point and shoot digital camera with you next time you roll out. Position the camera behind and above your .50, or other weapon that you might have... MK-19... TOW... GPMG... whatever your duty requires. And snap a picture of your weapon covering the items on the scavenger hunt. PhotoShops are allowed as a distraction if they are hilarious. Bonus points for being wildly inappropriate. Objects to cover: Burnt Out Enemy Armor. Burned Out Van or Truck. A Mosque. UN Armored Vehicle. A Hospital. A overloaded car full of people. A overloaded truck full of some sort of cargo. Any out of the ordinary sports car. Any super rich car that shouldn't be there... like a Merc Limo or something. A guy riding a donkey. Another Nation's Aircraft. A fruit stand vendor offering you fruit. Iraqi Police. A Red Toyota Pickup. A Ford F-150. An Empty School Bus (Short Bus).

For the American Hunter we have a slight variation of this game, called “Endangered Species.” That one is simple. Cover any Endangered Species with your rifle. Camera through the scope... so we can see a good shot to the vitals... but no – don't actually shoot that would be bad. The list is out there, most species wins.

Yes this is horrible and inappropriate And this should not actually be done by anyone.

Pepsi Throwback. You've seen the ads for the new Pepsi made with real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup... I've not tried the Pepsi, but I did try the Mt Dew Throwback. Fantastic. It's crisp and actually refreshing. I can actually drink it and not get the same reaction that I get if I have regular Mt Dew.

From a thread on WTA: Research has found the most frequent cause of traffic accidents. Use caution.

5-20-09:  Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar is a thief and a douche bag. Want to know why? Some time ago there was an auction on leases for land and mineral rights. 77 Lease Auctions were won by different people, different energy companies. The auctions were won legally, and all fair and square payed for. Then Ken Salazar changed his mind. And he's still holding the money. Legally, he can't do that. But has. Carbon County, Duchesne County, and Uintah County have filed suit. For these counties to have to file a lawsuit just shows the deep level of Ken Salazar's douchebaggery. These people are losing millions of dollars that they can't afford to lose. Let me say this... Salazar's refusal to grant these leases is illegal. According to the Mineral Leasing Act, it is required of Salazar to issue the leases. If he didn't want to issue the leases, he should not have put them up on auction. This is like winning an auction at the state auto auction and then after you pay for what you won, you hold out your hand for the keys and title... and they say “never mind” and then wont even give you your money back. Asshattery at the highest level. This is theft. We are seeing that this is how the Obama Administration operates. And the Democrats have the audacity to say that the Bush Administration was a culture of corruption! My hell... Utah should withdraw from the Union and take back all Federal Lands within our boarders. “We changed our minds.”

Democrat Economics. Problem – American Car Industry Suffering. Solution – Cut money for advertising, cut dealerships - even profitable ones, and then import cheap alternative cars from China. Yes, this is going to spring board GM into the black... this is going to work. This is a great plan. This is fantastic. Oh wait – we're not done.... Let's make this better. Let's now raise CAFE standards to almost impossible levels required by model year 2012. Sweet. That's going to do it.

You know what? If the goal was to torture the Auto Industry to death – this is how you do it. This is exactly what you do.

If the goal was to make the American Auto Industry successful – This isn't how you do it. This isn't even close to how to fix it. So Chevy – which finally has a car that people are eyeballing with interest, is going to have to go away again. Unless you are going to take the old GEO METRO and put a Camaro badge on the grill.
So on top of everything else Obama is doing – he's shitting on the Heartbeat of America, the cultural icon of the American Muscle Car... the symbol of American will power... something no other nation on Earth has... and he's just shat all over it. That's fantastic. I like our new president so much, I could just give him a hug.

5-19-09:  Governor Huntsman: I have mixed feelings about Huntsman. I think his done some good things for the State Of Utah... and at the same time he accepted Government Bailout Money, putting Utah on its knees before the Fed and now he's accepted Obama's offer to become the Ambassador to China. This gives me some conflicting opinions. On one hand, he's abandoned his state and his party to work for the Obama Administration... he's been using Utah Tax Dollars to fly back and forth to DC to chat up the powers that be to get this post. This irks me. I'm not happy with that. Now, on the other hand maybe he put patriotism first and when The President asked him to do something he said “Yes, Mr. President.” That's not so bad looking at it that way. In that light, most of us would have done the same thing. Huntsman is a unique individual and looking at this objectively from the national perspective, few people would have been as good of a choice. Huntsman knows Chinese, has a long history of working with Chinese Business, already has many ties to China, and he knows business and can effectively work with China in a way that I don't think anyone else could. In all honesty, he would have been my choice too. I think he can do a better job for the USA over there, than he can for Utah here. I really do. And I am pretty cool with the fact that Utah just got rid of another “Moderate” RINO. I don't like RINO's. I think they are Fence Sitters. Fence Sitters are cowards. They straddle the rail so if either side sinks, they'll still stay afloat. They can take either side's position on things because they don't have a firm stand on anything. Cowards. And Cowards usually end up being traitors. So I think Utah, and The United States will be better off with this move.

With China growing in global prominence, economic bindings are the only thing that is going to keep us out of a globe-wide war with China. China is hungry to take over the spot as Global Leader. I suspect it wont be long before the UN moves to Bejing. Probably before 2015. That's my prediction. I think a shooting war is unavoidable with China. All historical signs point to it. Huntsman will delay that. Hopefully long enough that we can get ready for it now. We need more surface ships... new rifles... new handguns... new F-22 Raptors.. and new armored vehicles. I'd also like to see a lot more space based weapons. The Flying Crowbar concept is a good one... space based weapons that can knock down China's Sats, and engage ground targets. We need something that can replace the F-14 – something we don't yet have in place. We need more F-35's. And we need a military that has some balls. Obama's leadership is going in the wrong direction to deal with China. We need another Reagan.

Miss California: Okay, I'll try not to be a pig here... but damn she's hot. I've avoided talking about this because it's kinda stupid. I've been to more than one beauty pageant and I know just how political they are. Mrs. Ogre has taken 1st Runner Up in several of them. When I first met her, she was involved in one for Utah Valley... as a Contestant. Anyways, actual scores, skill, beauty, have little to do with the outcome. It's about the popularity with the judges. And in this case, Miss California was not popular at all with one of them. I really don't understand how a Homosexual got on as a Judge. This is like having a Vegetarian judge a BBQ cook off, it really is. (Like I said, I'll TRY not to be a pig) I'll not go into what happened, we all know. But what I don't understand is how come this lady has some how become a Spokeswoman for Conservatives? She's been all over the media lately. I think it's great she gave her honest answer, and it's horrible that the judges slammed her for it.. and for the Liberal Media to have slammed her for it... but that doesn't mean this lady should become so prominent because of it. Are Conservatives that hungry for National Leadership? Evidently. Or is it the Liberal Media that is setting up this Blond to be put in that position so she can be easily dissected when needed. I'd like to see another beautiful conservative woman retake the spotlight. One who has experience. Sarah Palin. She had more experience in actual real administrative leadership than Obama – that's just a fact. And we can see Obama's and Biden's blunders that she would have been a much better choice. Unfortunately the Left absolutely hates – Hates with a capital H – Palin. Why? She represents a strong woman who climbed to her position her own merits, not because she married a Politician. She's had children, and her children have grown and some have made mistakes, but they remain a strong family. That's a fantastic example of living her values and how to be a leader. Maybe that's why. She's not been given position. She's not on anyone's dole. She doesn't owe anyone political credits. She's not a puppet. Sure, she's a little bit redneck, she's a little blue collar. And the Left hates that. Absolutely can't stand that. Working Class as they would say. I don't like the whole Class thing, but that's the cards they play all the time. They say they support the working class... and yet when one rises, they are the first to slap them down. That's they way the Left is. When I've personally met Elitists... they have almost always been Liberal. I've met one Elitist that was conservative... and he was a dick, yes, but he wouldn't slam down anyone that was on the rise. Not hardly. He'd invest in him or her... because he would eventually use him. But that's another story. Anyways, like I said, Liberals seem to be more often than not, Elitists. And if they are not Elitists, they are Class Warfare Specialists. Always attacking upper class or lower class as the case may be... but always attacking someone. I think there is a reason for this. These Enlightened Spirits of the Left are just flat out unhappy people. For example, I know a woman who is a Liberal... she has written a couple books that have sold maybe a dozen copies outside of her own family, but because she's sold books – she thinks she's intellectually superior. She has some kids but I've never seen her happy with them... unless the kid has done something special and then she's smug about it because her kid is superior to yours. She's adopted a black child because she's ethnically superior to you – never mind the fact that she treats that child as a pet, to the point that he eats after the other kids... but she's not racist. Just looking at her face – you can see the void of joy she has. If that is what it takes to be superior, to be as elite as she is in her McMansion... she can have it. I'll stick with my mumble little Ranch. Sure, my bathroom needs to be rebuild and I need rewiring and more insulation... sure my outbuildings are in need of roofing and a few windows replaced... But I tell you what – when I look at my children my heart swells with love and pride. I couldn't be more proud of my family. I hug my kids... and they hug me back... We hug a lot. I think a hug is important... a simple arm around the shoulders and a mussing of the hair... that communicates more than you can put into words. I've never seen this Liberal Lady hug any of her kids. Maybe Hugging isn't Elite. Screw Elite... they can keep it.

The new Chevy Camaro. Independent rear suspension. That alone will insure the Chevy will knock the socks off any Mustang it faces. Horsepower is great... but handling is greater. This is the same thing as Speed vs Accuracy. Speed doesn't mean a damn thing if you miss. Horsepower doesn't mean much when you have a curve and no handling. This is why I was able win so many races in my little VW GTI against Ford Mustang GT's with more than double my horsepower. I'd race them through Provo Canyon and I'd blow them away because they couldn't apply the power through a corner... they'd slide off. The GTI with it's super sharp handling, was able to keep the power on, slice the apex, and exit at full RPM's... and I'd exit the curve almost as fast as I entered it. Mustangs couldn't hang with it. I should have raced for Pink Slips instead of Pizza. Now this new Chevy car comes to the table with more power and better handling. Too bad the price tag is way too high. For should answer this with a new version of the Stang... a GT-T (for Track). The GT-T should have a Turbo. Ford did an SVT turbo many moons ago and it was good, but still suffered because of the rear end. The GT-T's Rear should have an independent suspension and of course 4 wheel disk brakes. The car should be light. No power anything. Stereo, sure. All the seats and belts, sure. But a quick detach rear seat would be slick. Keep the options low and keep the price low. All the electronics should be striped out. The car should be BASIC. The transmission should be a simple 6 speed manual. Price the GT-T under 20 grand. This can be done. And if this is done – Ford would would be On Top of Everything.
Chevy's answer? They could do a similar Camaro configuration... but they should counter with a Mid Engined Vette for about half of what current Vettes are going for. That would put the Vette with it's racing theme, back into the hands of racers, and give it much better handling... which would almost instantly put it at the top for American Road Racing. (Yes, I know that's not NASCAR.) That's what Chevy has needed to do for the last 10 years.

Still, one thing this new Camaro has for it – looks. It has those old school muscle car looks. Something that has been rather lacking in American cars lately

Unfortunately for these pony cars is the new mandates that at some time in the future cars are going to have to hit very high MPG ratings with will effectively kill the Muscle Car forever.

5-17-09:  READ MHI NOW: I've spoken many times about the rocking good time that is “Monster Hunter International”. This is an epic novel written by our good friend, Larry Correia. Bean Books has published the first 7 chapters online as a sample. Go. Read. Then order the book.

Let's talk cookies. Say, you want to sell some Girl Scout Cookies. But no one is buying them. What do you do? Pretty much you follow the good old fashioned rules of selling. You advertise the hell out of them and you put them in every city in every state, you make them hard to miss. You put your sweetest and cutest girls out there holding boxes of cookies and have them look up at guys with with wallets with their big cute eyes. That's how you move those cookies. Ever Girl Scout knows this. This is how I've purchased about 985 boxes of girl scout cookies.... but that's another story. Okay, now lets say you want to sell some cars. You do the same thing, but leave out the puppy dog eyes. Every Car Guy knows this. Democrats evidently do not. Obama's Posse told Chrysler to cut their advert budget in half. That's half the advertising. Then they are told to cut dealerships. This is especially thick. See, Dealerships are privately owned. Not owned by Chrysler or GM. You have independent owners who place orders with the factory. The factory builds the cars and ships them to the dealers. Thats all they do. To the customer, Chrysler or GM is the dealership. That's all they see. What they are seeing is the Company cutting dealerships. What this is – is Chrysler slashing their own throats. This doesn't make a lick of sense to me. Every dealer wants to put new cars on his lot to show them off and move them. You cut Dealerships – you cut those orders for those new cars. You also cut all the jobs of all those people working for Not Chrysler or GM – but those that worked for those independent Dealerships. GM and Chrysler did just about the most stupid thing you can do. Let's say I was in the mood for another 5 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies... I'm going to go to where the cute little red haired girl has my Macaroons. Oh, wait... she's not there. Where did she go? I don't know. But I do know there is some Chips Ahoy right next door. Oh well... I'll get some Chips Ahoy, because I need a cookie today. So right there – The Girl Scouts just lost a sale. That is how it works. In my town, there use to be a Ford Dealership, and down the street was a Chevy Dealership. Well, the Chevy guy went Bat-Shit-Crazy, closed his dealership and started his own church. Reading too much L Ron Hubbard or something. Well, here we are 10 years later (or more) and there is no Chevy Dealership. Guess what most dudes are driving around in now. That's right. Ford. (Most of the Chevy trucks you see running around tend to be either company fleet trucks owned by companies that are not local companies.... or their owners are die hard Chevy fans. And there is a lot of them here... but the majority of trucks going on here are Fords. The site has been tweaked and improved... unlike my other links – that's where I work. Unlike the others who you don't know where they are or who's there. I'm there. We've got a Brick and Wood store front. It's a nice store. Best damn sporting goods store I've ever been in. We've got baseball gloves, soccer cleats, and .300 Remington Ultra Mags. But what we've got that we really need to sell – Swarovski Bino's and Spotting Scopes. If you need any – or if you know anyone who needs or wants one... have them call Basin Sports and talk to George or order online. (of course mentioning that I've sent you) You know those “Guys Who Have Everything” kinda guys – Get them some Swarovski's. Company Gift Giving... give Swarovskis. Your boss? Give him some Swarovski EL binos. Yes, they are not cheap... but they are the most fantastic binos EVER.

Look on the right column and down the banners we see a new one. FetchDog. If you are a Pet Owner, specifically a dog owner... buy something for your dog there. When you buy from my sponsors – I get commissions. Small amounts, but it adds up. This pays for Brownells is a good one considering our interests. If you need some gun care products and you don't live in Vernal – hit that. When you buy from these guys, I get from 5% to 8% commission. That's not bad at all. Speaking of advertisers, Gerber Knives, they have a slick little razor knife that's in my opinion the way they should have always been made. Order one, and tell Dennis I sent you.. They are 10 bucks and worth putting one in your tackle box, tool box, and one in your truck.

5-15-09:  I learned something new today.

This is why I like simple regular old rod and reel and a simple lure kinda fishing. I break it down real Short Bus on my lure selection. If it's a sunny day, I'll use a Gold lure. If it's overcast, Silver. And if nothing else works, I'll use a worm. Generally, I'll catch my limit. That Limit is either the max number or until I run out of cold ones.

But really, fishing isn't about catching fish. That's not it. What fishing is really about – is getting away from things, letting your mind work on simple processes, enjoying the outdoors, and untangling knotts. It's a form of therapy that allows a man's brain to reboot and be better prepared for another week at work. Actually catching a fish is really just a bonus. Because you can have a fine time without catching anything. Hell, sometimes, you don't even need a hook.

Nancy Pelosi needs to be impeached..

I've opened up some invitations for some of The Horde to write some product reviews for The first review to come in is from our man Ferguson. He's reviewing something that I've been planning to purchase myself so I found his review very helpful. I hope you do to.


Next Training Day: July 11th. Advanced Carbine. 300 Rounds Rifle, 100 Rounds Pistol, 9AM to 6PM. Rifle Sling, Good Holster for your side arm, Mag Pouches for both rifle and pistol mags... I suggest a bunch of mags. Water bottles or hydration system. It's going to be hot. Very hot, to the point of scorching. If you don't drink lots of water – you will get dehydrated. This course will be extensive, fast paced, and aggressive. You will be shooting a lot, moving a lot, you will be hitting the ground a lot. Knee and elbow pads will probably be a good idea.

Airsoft: I have for a long time, hated Airsoft. Couldn't stand it. And I used to question the manhood and sexual preference of anyone who had an Airsoft gun. But my opinion has been changed and I am now an advocate of Airsoft as a training tool, if you have an Airsoft gun that replicates your weapon. This can allow you to use an analog of your weapon to safely practice clearing drills in your own home. See, you should be able to protect and clear your home from your bed to your vehicle. Doorways, hallways, windows, closets large enough for a bloke to hide in, behind furniture. You have to plan out your response, map out the danger zones. Like coming up with your fire drill. You can not allow yourself to be taken by surprise in your own home. And the force on force application between you and your buds can be a hoot. And that's all well and good. But just remember that Airsoft is not a replacement for actual real training.

5-12-09:  Something I've been wanting to talk about: I am against the Fair Tax. I thinks it's a hideous idea and it would be huge invasion of privacy and leash around the neck of Liberty.

Okay, now hear me out. I've heard all the arguments for it... all of them... It's an attractive idea on the surface... and lots of my Libertarian Friends have taken up that banner. But it's the sub surface issues with it that just don't get looked at, that I have my problems with. All the questions people have are usually responded to with vague off the cuff answers that sound like people are making it up as they go along, with no explanation as to how it would actually work. Now, in order to make this work, this Consumption Tax... you can't just hand it all to the retailers. This has to be tracked individually. Which means everyone from the moment of birth must have a Social Security Number, or some other National ID card with related number. Everything you do will be monitored, tracked, recorded, and taxed. You buy a carton of eggs and a gallon of milk, that is going to be recorded. You buy a new car or a new gun. That's going to be recorded. The IRS will not go away... they will be up your backside. Everyone that sells any goods or services become Tax Collection Agents. All those people would have to register with the .Gov or they can't be in business. If they neglect their collection duties, they are in big Federal trouble. This gigantic invasion of privacy is something I find distasteful. But there is more to it than just that. If you put money into savings or if you have paid into social security, when you pull it out to spend it, you will have been double taxed on it. The tax rate for the “Fairness” is about 30% and the rate calculation is so vague, it's too easy for the government to raise it. The Fair Tax doesn't do anything to address the fiscal responsibility of the .Gov to manage the money and control the spending... this is like using your Debit Card instead of your Checks... your still spending it... your just transferring that money a different way. And now for another big reason to avoid the Fair Tax – A whole new economy will spring up almost over night... The Black Market. Organized Crime will be be the regulation there, the Mob, whoever. The Black Market will be able to service you for everything you need... Smuggling will become huge.  As a result, ordinary people would easily become Tax Dodging Criminals. Or are you going to tell me that just because the tax is Fair everyone is going to all the sudden become completely and perfectly honest?

So let's sum this up. Tax Collectors everywhere, Black Markets and Organized Crime, No Adjustments for Inflation, and No More Privacy. Yeah, that sounds just great. I'll pass. I'll pass now, and I'll pass forever. Okay, now let's take a look at what the JPFO has to say about this. In short, I think the Fair Tax would be a Disaster and would radically alter the American Landscape. We can't allow this to happen. I think a lot of my readers will have been Fair Tax Advocates and are probably either trying get their heads to stop spinning, or are cussing me and calling me impolite or rude names. For this Fair Tax discussion, hit it at WeTheArmed.  This should be lively.

5-10-09:  Late:  Thank you for the support. It has helped me get through this. In my life, I've come to know pain. Friday, I was introduced to such pain that had prayed I'd never have to feel. The kind of soul crushing pain that finally truly defined the term “Heart Break”... because I felt that in a tangible, gasping for air, wanting to die kind of torturous pain in my chest. The true horror moment was looking at the ultrasound and seeing my baby girl there... and seeing the stillness. The utter helplessness. They prepped my bride and wheeled her in for surgery... and there I was... in the hospital... alone... I couldn't stop shaking. I needed something to help stop the shaking and I wanted to shake my fist at God. I got a cigar. I hadn't smoked one since the last time I cruised around the city of Richmond in a cruiser at 3 AM. God has a cruel since of humor... While puffing and looking down at my shoes trying to stop shaking I looked at the cigar... about 2/3rds of it was gone... but it still had the little band on it. It said in pink letters, “It's a Girl!” I really lost it right then. A nurse came out to see if I was okay... I think I told her to F-Off... I don't know. But it was at that moment I was very glad I had told Ben to hold on to my guns, including my sidearm. (I'll clarify that in a second) I pulled myself together in time to go back in and meet my bride in the recovery room. It hasn't gotten any easier since.

Saturday, the 9th was Training Day.

I am not sure what my next course is going to be... Tactical Carbine 2 or a full day of Handgun.

Tonight took my oldest son out and we saw the new Star Trek show..

I still think Galactica kicks it's ass.

One last thing. This is the last time I'm talking about my daughter. I appreciate the support... more than I can say. It helped... But now is the time to put it behind and move on and not reopen the wound... even if it isn't really ever going to heal.

5-8-09:  My Daughter died today. Deveni was expecting... but we lost it today. We had a name for her... we had been wanting a girl for so long... and she's gone now. This is the second time this has happened to us. Both girls failed to go full term. I feel deadened inside... numb... even though this happened before, this one hurts in a way I never knew I could hurt. Deveni is home from the hospital now and I've got my sons all home with us.

Yes, I'll still put on the training tomorrow... that will go forward as planned.

Sabre Rattles Part 2: Looks like my post about the Sabre Rattlers kinda stirred some folks up. The discussion that this has raised has been fascinating. Read the thread on WTA here.

Mike Savage is Banned in the UK? While I am not a fan of Savage, I stand behind his Free Speech. What the UK has done is to try to squelch his Speech. Listen to Savage's own remarks on this. This is the line in the sand for me. There is a back story to this that Mike didn't talk about. Mike has thrown some harsh truths out there about Muslims. The UK is being overrun with them and the leaders in the UK fear the Muslims. Eventually the UK will become a Muslim nation and when that happens they will cease to be in an alliance with the USA. The followers of Islam hate Savage, and I strongly suspect that it was under Islamic Influence that Savage was named as one to be banned. This might be a connection that Savage himself has not yet made.

This isn't going to turn out well. China and the US mixing it up... Word to our boys in the Navy... Keep your fingers on the Safety Switches. China will try to sucker-punch us. The number of news reports talking about China's build up and threats is increasing daily. I think the US and China will throw punches sooner rather than later.

Okay, you ready to get angry? Read This, start to finish. I'm livid. The G-Men have nothing on this kid... the complaint and evidence is thin... very thin... and the Fed Storm Troopers over reacted like tardy crazy lady. I mean, come on... raiding the house, taking everything, putting the kid in jail, as if he was Osama Bin Laden... That's an over reaction. And I bet every Fed Officer that raided that house knew the same thing. That kid needs to be released back to his parents, and if the Feds come up with anything – they can follow the normal legal course. This is unconstitutional and can not stand.

This Bailout Business needs to stop. John “JFK” Kerry wants to bail out his local newspaper. This is nothing more than BUYING VOTES. To understand why, you have to understand Business. Now, for those in Eugene Oregon, let me explain it to you... Here's the problem with these bailouts. The Market votes with their feet... and the Market has not gone with the Boston Globe... they have been losing subscriptions and as a result ad revenue for a long time... they can no longer afford to operate in the manner in which they are accustomed. And yes, this is too bad. But instead of asking for bailout money, they should instead improve their product. If they had a product that was more popular, people would buy the paper and advertisers would be knocking on their doors instead of the other way around. Now, when a poliwhore like Kerry offers to give them money, it seems great on the very thin surface. Unfortunately what happens is that very quickly that money runs dry again and fixed nothing... because the Boston Globe is so distasteful no one even wants it for a Fish Wrap. So that money granted to them went to waste. This was a bad investment of the US Tax Dollar. What you call, good money after bad. The same thing goes to the US Auto Industry.

The only place where a Bailout makes any sense would be if it was a good investment. Like a company that had a hard time because, say, their warehouse burnt down and they need help building it back up and restocking it. The business was going great, until the fire.

Hmmm... wait... isn't that what fire insurance is for? Yes... it is. Okay, bad example, but maybe you catch my drift... a business that is going great that hits a snag and could use the help to get back on their feet is different than trying to prop up a failing business because that business us poorly planned, managed, and unpopular. And then to have The .Gov administer it? They couldn't even run a Nevada Whore House during the boom (Bada-boom?) years. Come on, if it's the one thing in every market that everyone knows – Sex Sells. How could they screw that up? Well, they did. Spectacularly.

Now tonight I heard on the radio, from the voice of the .Gov – that Banks can no decide what capital they need. WTF? On one Statement – the Government just said that a Bank is no longer Public Sector... The .gov has just taken over everything. This was the most chilling statement I've ever heard. I shuddered. For real.

This is brings me to the highlight of the news for the day Oklahoma has shown huge stainless steel balls. That's fantastic. Utah needs to do the same. Like Montana did.

Okay, now back to the regular Ogre Stuff...

Leupold has a new line of rifle scopes, called the “VX-3” series... this is different from the regular old fashioned “VX-III” series. For one, the three is just a number rather than the roman numeral. The glass may have some intangible differences that I can't see, but I'm sure Leupold will blow jargon as far up you want it to go. Now, we did get in one of these new “3”'s and there are two things that are different and stand out. This is a 4.5-14 model that looks just like the old “III” unit, save for one detail... a turret you can adjust without taking off the cap. That's nice. I'm not big on it myself, but it's handy. Until you are pulling your rifle from the bag and hear a thousand clicks roll off like a machinegun burst. You wanted to go to the Zero Range again anyways, right? The other thing that is different is that you have a crazy amount of eye relief. The optical quality looks about the same to my well trained eyes, but this eye relief is just insane. Its like 5 to 6 inches and it isn't an EER scope. This unit we have – I may have to take a vid of it – it isn't on the Leupold site. I can't show you a link to it. But we have it. It's cool. I like that extra room in the scope. This makes it ideal for guns with some kick. If you have a .300 Win Mag or above – this is your scope.

I know I've gushed about my Swarovski Binos several times... But I can't help it. The glass is shocking when you are out in the field actually using it. It's amazing in a way I can't even describe... You've not seen the world until you get these and use them... you just have not seen it. Swarovki's rep called up today.... they have their 60 year anniversary pricing out – a steep discount – and we put that up on the website. Okay, our site sucked and we redesigned it... and a lot of you guys looked at it and scratched your heads... so we redid it again. You can now log into it without going through checkout to create an account... yada yada yada – lots of tweaks. So check it out and tell us what you think. Yes, we know – we don't have all our product in there yet. But check it out... we've got in a lot of new stuff... BUCK knives, which isnt on the site yet... has new all US made knives out and they rock. We got them. There is one simple medium sized knife that they put out that I really dig... i'd link to it but it's not even on Buck's site that I found. I'm going to buy one. USA Made, Super slick, 29 bucks for a Buck that should have been 60.

I have to tell you guys – I think I have one of the best jobs in the world... I talk guns, I play with guns, I study guns... and Optics, and Accessories to all this stuff... and work with some good guys. We all have some different opinions on things, and I'll talk about that next time I post... but we get along pretty good and have a good time talking about guns and stuff.

Well, the other day Ben and I were talking about Alaska and such... and Jellied Moose Nose came up. Something I had heard about and I mentioned that I'd not mind trying it out just to say I did. Now, Ben has lived in Alaska. He's been there, done that. And when he heard me say that, his response was “It's like Cthulhu had sex in your mouth.” You know what? I don't think I want to try it anymore.

Now, Ben and I look – Kinda alike – if you are very drunk and squint a lot. Ben has, since I've known the man, always worn Carhart pants. I've never worn them. So the other day I decided to try a pair. Ben ribbed me that I was copying him... well, I got the black pants because I needed some black trousers and I didnt want to get slacks... these are for Sunday Go To Meeting wear... but I dislike “Church Clothes”. So these fit the bill. They also fit me pretty good too. I like the feel... feel good. Okay, now so there I am, in these pants (because I put them on to try them out) and Mike says that he has the same shirt Ben had on, in his box in the back. So I go grab the shirt, throw it on, and Mike tosses me the same hat too. So there I am – looking like Ben's Twin... and Ben comes around the corner. Laughter breaks out. It's funny... It really was... you had to have seen it... but unfortunately Ben suffers from Asthma pretty damn bad when he gets worked up a little... So next thing I know, Ben's on the ground, trying to laugh and breath at the same time. And now all the sudden I'm thinking “WTF am I going to tell his wife!?!?!?”

Sorry, I killed your husband on accident...”

5-4-09:  Sabre Rattles: Sometimes I wonder just how much more our nation is going to take before this out of control .gov crosses the last line in the sand. Do we even have a line in the sand? Never before have I heard such talk from normally docile people... about Revolution and Insurrection... this disturbs me. I'm quite bothered by it. Especially when these people have no idea what they are talking about. They do not know how to shoot a rifle let alone stand up and fight with one. They are angry... and anger mixed with some stupidity and a double dose of enthusiasm is going to get people hurt. But these are the time we live in. The Constitution has all the weapons we need, written in. We can change everything about the Government... through Voting. What infuriates the most is that these fist shakers are some of the same guys that said they refused to vote for McCain.  Well, you can STFU now, you gave us just what you wanted.  Hope your happy, assholes.

We have the .Gov owning Chrysler now... which is funny because for a long time the Chrysler K Car platform was the general issue for the G-Men... and now they own the company. It's like a Norelco commercial on crack. I can honestly tell you right now, I'm never going to own a Chrysler. Ever. The Government has a track record of screwing up the simplest of matters and now they think they are going to run an auto company? Good hell.

We got in a couple new pistols, these new CZ P-07 Duty 9mm pistols. They feel cooler than they look, I can tell you that much... took a little video, showing off the pistol. It's on my YouTube channel, linked to the left under my gorgeous portrait.

5-3-09:  I have heard rumors running around about other trainers following my lead and doing training Ogre Style. What I mean by that is by breaking the training down into bite sized chucks (time and economically speaking) so that students can not just afford to go, but to have the time to go. Because not a lot of guys can drop several hundred bucks and take a few days off work. Especially now with ammo being hard to find and more expensive than ever. So my training program is broken down into blocks... what I call stackable blocks. Each class gives you new skills that build on what you have already learned. Once you have completed the series of blocks, it's just like a full course taught in the normal fashion. Well, until now those rumors of Copy-Ogre training had been unsubstantiated. That's totally cool that they are doing this. It just illustrates the brilliance of my idea. In turn, I'm going to totally rip off Todd's 3x5 Card Drill. Well, that and I don't have any more paper plates and I don't feel like buying a pack. Hmmm... Come to think of it... maybe I should use Pokemon cards instead.

Anyways, ToddG there at is a friend of LittleLebowski on WTA, so... well... that doesn't mean anything... but I'm going to add these guys to the Blog Roll.
Okay, now here is something cool. Check this out... LRI is doing a combined training course for long range shooting and handguns. That would be EPIC. I wish I could attend, but I'm locked in with other obligations that I can't break.

Yes, the Training Day is coming quickly... This Saturday, the 9th. To get to the range is easy. If you are coming from SLC... Come in to Vernal on Highway 40, what we also call “Main Street”. In the middle of town, there is Vernal Avenue. Turn left so you are heading North. You will pass a 7-11 on the left and go down hill... there is a car wash joint on the right... that's 500 North. Turn Right so you are now heading East. Follow this road past all the residentials and my In Law's house, you will cross a small bridge... go past some farmer's fields... then you will go up a curving hill and you'll find the Vernal City Garbage Dump on the left... the road forks, so be sure to stay to the left. About a mile and quarter or so, you will come to the Buckskin Hill Shooting Complex. You should be able to find my Silver Chevy Truck... target stands... and there you go. Pay the Ogre in cash, and hopefully offer something to show respect... like something good to eat from Cafe Rio or Sonic... some place we don't have in Vernal.
Okay, seriously... Training starts at 9AM, Defensive Carbine 1. We'll go through everything fast with a short break for a snack and for reloading... and then call it quits at 2 o'clock. Short break to run to the latrine and eat sack lunches, sit in the trucks for some shade or whatever... then at 3 o'clock, we work strictly handguns.
The Magic Ladders will have been replaced this time with some new barricades.

All in all, this is going to be fun... and this is going to lead in to Carbine 2, which involves transitions to side arms, and lots more fun that we don't do in Carbine 1. So come on out and get some skills... because chicks dig guys with skills...

After training, for those who wish and if everything goes well... I'm thinking about going to that new Mexican Joint north of town for some nachos and a cold one and some laughs.

5-1-09:  Primer Frenzy. So we got in 3 pallets of ammo and primers. Still, it was just a smallish slightest fraction of what we have on order, but hey... we're happy to get what we can get. Federal Primers. Tons of them. You know how long they lasted? They didn't. You know how if you start feeding seagulls, pretty soon you got a crapload of seagulls and you can't even throw a french fry and expect it to hit the ground? That's how it was with the primers today. I'd put a sticker on the 100 count pack, and thats it. Gone, done. I almost lost a hand.

I set some aside for my own purchase Monday after I get my paycheck. I had to fight for those.

I know how to save GM. Turn a GM factory into an Ammunition Plant. Make Primers and ammo. They could make .45ACP, 9mm, .380, .223, .308, and they could start turning a profit almost immediately. Hell, just Primers alone could get them back on their feet.




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