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The Guns of The Boondock Saints:

Unlike the other Guns Of articles I've done, this one is not precipitated by a plethora of emails asking me what the guns of a given movie were. The Boondock Saints is being done because I simply enjoy the hell out of this movie, and I want to share it with The Horde. It's one of my favorites because of the mix of strange characters, dialog, humor, and weird action that you really don't have in other films. This movie is unique. I've you've not seen it before, treat yourself. It's well worth the rental or the 10 bucks for the DVD at Wal-Mart. There is a good reason you have probably never seen it before, or even heard of it before... it was shown in only 5 theaters for only one week when it came out. (according to Wiki) I'm hoping that a sequel will come out eventually, and I don't say that very often, but the chances of that are next to nothing.

There are not a lot of guns in this movie, but there are a few and I've seen heard incorrect ID's in discussions. Oh, one more word of introduction... this movie has perhaps more cussing than most movies out there barring any given Quintin Tarrantino flick. So watch it when the kids are in bed.

The first guns we see are a pair of Desert Eagle pistols owned by a couple members of the Russian Mob. Normally I scoff at the use of Desert Eagles. But in the case, with a pair of huge Russian thugs looking to intimidate their marks more than actually shoot them... it works. That and for guys the size of these gorillas, the “Deagles” are probably the only handguns that fit their paws. Look at the guy's hand when the FBI agent tests for powder residue... massive. These guns are a source of pride for the owners. Modified with some Russian patriotic engraving, and the barrels and slides were traded between the two guns with different finishes. This shows that there was a connection between these two thugs, close friends, veterans in the same military unit, or even brothers perhaps. Notice how there are three Russians that come into the bar, but only these two come back for revenge.

The Deagle is a decent weapon and I've talked about it before. (Guns of The Matrix) With the right ammo, they are reliable. They tend to be selective about what they like. Regardless of reliability they are accurate, and thanks to the magnum calibers they are powerful.  They are intimidating handguns.

The next weapon that comes to play is a toilet dropped from the roof of a 5 story building. Toilets tend to be rather heavy and made from rather solid ceramics. I'm not a math major (shocked?) but given altitude and the mass, the falling toilet would easily crush a guy's skull into a gooey mess. Even a dude the size of a bear. The shards of the shattering ceramic would also be lethal. Being at the bottom of this thing would be a very bad place to be.

The two Saints take the Deagles to a Fixer. The Fixer then offers the Saints a little shopping spree in a nicely stocked arsenal of some very fine weaponry.

Center stage in the arsenal is a tripod mounted machinegun. This is a huge beltfed Russian unit that you can see in person if you happen to be in Draper, Utah. Stop by FBMG there to see it. Tell them who sent you. The arsenal is stocked with too many guns to really ID, but let me make a quick list of what you can pick out:

An AT-4 rocket launcher, an RPG, a couple FN FALs, an HK PSG-1, a FAMAS, an M203, a Remington 700, an AK with a folding stock, an few MP5s in different configurations, a few MAC-10s, and an M27 Grenade Launcher, an HK G3, a Czeck Skorpion, a couple rows of Glocks, a Sterling, a few revolvers, an Accuracy International sniper rifle, a couple of blinged out 1911's, a pair of nickel plated Beretta's, a couple pairs of suppressed 92's, a rack of pump action shotguns that look like Mossbergs given the cap at the end of the feed tube, and some rope. Oh, and a really big bowie knife of some sort. Quite a selection of some really serious hardware. This Irish armory would have to be a storehouse for the IRA or other such group not operating in the USA, but set to ship out to Ireland. At least that's my theory.

The Beretta 92 is one of the best handguns for suppression in my opinion. The full length barrel, the accuracy, the high capacity magazine. 9MM 147 grain subsonic hollowpoints are quite effective. They penetrate very deep and they suppress very well. They can also be even more accurate when they are suppressed if they are set up right.

The Funny Man comes in with a snub nosed Colt Python.  It's a simple weapon which was given to him to make a hit, but not to make it out. A gun like this isn't a real high value sort of piece. Disposable. Like Rocco. Poor guy. Poor cat.

If you look carefully you see that all the guns in the used in the rest of the movie are up on the wall in the arsenal. This happens a lot in action movies. The production only has so many so guns that are going to be used again are only briefly shown in shots where there were lots of guns. The revolvers and the 1911s were on the wall in the arsenal shot. Rocco's revolver is also used again, and the Beretta 92's get a couple more suppressors. The firefight outside The Cleaner's house is pretty brutal, and pretty unique. That's not a kind of gunfight you see all the time in action flicks.

The reason that the hitman used all these different pistols pretty much gets illustrated when the FBI guy tries to put it together... it makes it look like there were 6 different guys instead of just one guy doing New York Reloads. This also shows that this hitman must have been pretty good in his day. Firing two guns at the same time is very hard if you are wanting to do well and hit your target. Firing two guns of different calibers and types of actions is making it even harder. I say “must have been” because we see that this hitman doesn't make a solid hit on any of the 3 guys he ambushes. So he's a little rusty.... he's been in jail for a long time. These are perishable skills. What's a guy to do?

The Russian mob boss has an interesting handgun. He loads up a Colt Anaconda. This is a very powerful, very accurate handgun. A rather refined choice for a guy that isn't that refined. The Colts are great revolvers with the best actions and triggers around. Very smooth. Very slick. They are outstanding. Not the most rugged of pistols but for a guy wanting to make deliberate and accurate shots with some high power rounds, there is nothing better. It's a perfect choice for a the character who aspires to some culture. He picked it out because it was shinier than the S&W's and more expensive.

The FBI agent pulls an interesting little shooter out of his purse. (btw, William Dafoe makes for one scary queer) I'm going to have to research what this one is. I'm not sure and I don't see the a good enough, clear enough image to make the ID easy and complete.  Some are thinking it's a Colt Woodsman, which is possible.

Email from an astute reader, Lin Meiring helps out.  The gun William Dafoe uses is a suppressed Walther P5.  This is a gun I ID's in my Ronin review, but missed here.  Thanks Lin for the hand! 

The P5 is a great gun, but an unusual choice here.  The P5 doesn't have much of a following here in the USA, because we didn't get too many coming over here from Europe.  Some, but not many.  Certainly a most unusual Agent of the FBI would use an unusual but very refined weapon.  Look at how he orders his coffee... very specific in his tastes.  So it's very likely he would have a bit different but specific tastes in his weapons... Walther has made good solid guns for some time.  You can just imagine him at the gun shop buying it.  "9MM, single stacked, full sized frame, compact slide... twist of lemon."   This was a good choice.






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