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JUNE 2009


6-29-09:  Crusader Weaponry Update: We will soon be taking Pre-Orders for Completed Upper. Things are not quite yet in place to proceed in the building of completed rifles yet, and many are chomping at the bit for them... this seems like the best compromise. We have several different models to chose from, from Basic to Bad Ass:

Partisan Not every one can afford the extravagance of our other rifles. This is the one rifle we will make for the little guy.
barrel-16" Wilson Combat
Gas system-carbine length
flash hidder-A2
handguard-Magpul MOE
MSRP $800

barrel-16" Sabre Defence vanadium, chrome lined 1:9 twist
Gas system-mid length
flash hidder-Vortex
handguard-YHM lite free float
bolt carrier group-match grade, hard chromed
MSRP $1300

barrel-20" Sabre Defence medium weight Stainless 1:8 twist
Gas system-mid length
flash hidder-Sabre break
handguard-YHM smooth railed
bolt carrier group-match grade, hard chromed
Bipod-versa pod 923
MSRP $1600

barrel-24" Sabre Defence heavy contour match stainless 1:8 twist
Gas system-rifle length
flash hidder-A2
handguard-free float tube
bolt carrier group-match grade, hard chromed
Bipod-versa pod 923
MSRP $1500

For the Pre-Order the break down is as follows:

Partisan, $500 down $300 to ship it.
Guardian, $1000 down $300 to ship it.
Paladin, $1000 down $500 to ship it.
Templar, $1200 down $400 to ship it.

We will also have Hats, Shirts, Hoodies, and other assorted Crusader Goodies to order soon.
Any Questions regarding details or alterations to these basic forms can be answered by Joe. Oh, one more thing – the Pre-Orders are for The Faithful members of Joe explains the reason for this exclusive offer for WTA there on his blog. We don't mean to exclude anyone, but The Faithful shall reap the first rewards. There is a huge amount of interest in Crusader Weaponry building rapidly.
Gander Mtn, Cheaper Than Dirt, the Outdoor Channel, Blackwater USA (XE), and tons of notable Firearms Trainers and Gun Shops across the country. The attention forces me to take a knee in humility for the honor. We will not let you down.

I get asked all the time a simple question. Why would I buy a Crusader? The answer is simple. We are building the very best rifle possible. Those doing the actual building of these arms are not just someone shown how to assemble parts. That's not good enough. These rifles are crafted by master gunsmiths who hand fit each and every part, making sure each component is flawless in construction... meticulous in detail... and who ask themselves our own very simple question. “Is this good enough that I would take this weapon to the fight?” If the answer is no – then that rifle is not yet a Crusader. We will not release anything that we would not ourselves fight with. Why would we? To make a buck? Hell no. We'll let the other guys do that. We strive to be better than that... we strive for perfection.

I was asked if there will be an “Ogre Model”.  No, not at this time, and not under that name. If we do, it will be called the “Cleric” and it will smash the unclean like a blessed Mace. As soon as we can figure out how to chamber an AR-15 in .460 S&W Magnum or something just as glorious and horrible.

I'm starting to feel myself again. A good sleep in my own bed and breakfast of fish fry from Shirley's in Lapoint. Starting to feel better. Tons of emails to go through... most information is dated so while I'll review it, I'll most likely not elect to respond unless it's a direct question that still requires an answer. One of the most interesting updates is the interest in Crusader Weaponry rifles by Front Sight. There could be the potential for an order of several rifles right off the bat there. So that's some great news to come home to. An “Up” as I call it.

The trip was well worth it. It was very strange to see the University Place that I used to live in. For those in Tacoma, it was Fircrest, Pearl st, up to Jackson along 19th. That area. The big house “702” that I used to live in was still there and unchanged save for some landscaping. The garage with the covered deck above it... crazy.

I uploaded a ton of photos to my facebook page. It's a fast way to get them uploaded so I used that.

Okay, so that freakish peter pan child molester died and I noticed that all the major media outlets wont shut up about it. Am I supposed to feel sorry about that? The dude was a child molester I am almost happy the fucker is burning in hell now.

6-27-09:  Call off the Search Parties: The Battlewagon pulled into Ogre Ranch before noon today sometime. I don't know when. I had driven straight through from Richland, Washington. Murderous drive. I'm uploading videos to the MadOgre Channel on YouTube. The videos tell the story of the trip better than I can.  Link to the left over there under my glorious portrait. Photos will have to go up on Flicker or something.  Maybe Facebook.  I am still tired and feel sick. Vacations take a lot out of you. I look forward to going back to work.

6-18-09:  Packing up and heading out:

An email so well constructed that I must respond openly, as the last email I respond to before I leave for my adventures through the Pacific Northwest:  

Your ogreness, I must admit, openly and up front, that I've just spent the better part of an hour enjoying your writing more than any other gun writer, ever. And as a sixty-five year old English Lit major/ex-career fighter pilot with impeccable creds I've read the best. But you're better - better because you're unafraid to expose your soul when you write, unafraid to be passionate, unafraid, even, to be vulnerable. That having been said, may I have your gloves-off, just in case you ever approach private correspondence in any other mode, and I suspect you do, opinion of the Bersa Thunder 45 Ultra Compact in fairly recent, pre-Picatinny, Weaver rail configuration, s/n 929355 (some 1800 numbers prior to Picatinny rail fitment) as a concealed-carry personal defense weapon? I personally affirm that I will fill in the missing blanks upon receiving your response. Best regards, Jim - AZ

Thank you for your kind words, Jim. I've much respect for the Bersa line... they are lower cost, but are generally quiet solid and reliable. Generally. Some can be pigs and unfit for polite company. However if you test an example and it fires 200 rounds of full power ammo with no problems and no jams - then you have a good example. Some may fail before 50. If yours fails before 50, it's one to trade off. Some might only need a Fluff and Buff job on the feed ramps and rails and then your in business. The triggers can be decent if heavy and a little attention will go a long way, but it's not required for function. I rate them (the decent ones) at a 7 but have seen examples as good as a solid 8 with the addition of tritium sights. Without the rails is the way to go on this one. Maximize it's better CCW characteristics.

6-16-09:  Going Dark: I'm taking off for awhile. I'll be back around the 28th, so don't take offense if I don't get back to an email or something. I might be able to check emails once or twice while I'm gone – but I'm not planning on it. I'm going to be fishing in the Pacific Northwest. My camera will be in attendance so photos and videos will be taken.

The Daily Coyote brings up the subject of a wolf attack. A pair of wolves, perhaps 3 of them, killed 41 sheep. This is most unfortunate. Wolves have killed a number of Elk on a private ranch and have really hurt the mule deer population near here. Wolves are, obviously, a problem. When they get to killing like that, they will continue. That's just their nature. Now, the Daily Coyote has a Coyote and as developed an understanding of them... I have had two wolves, and I think I have a pretty good understanding of them. If I see a wolf in the wild, most likely... and I'm just being honest here... I'm probably going to shoot it. Just like I would a coyote. I am not cold hearted... I have reasons... The area around here has been badly damaged by an over population of predators. Mule Deer and Antelope populations have suffered greatly. This is just a symptom of natural cycles. Right now the rabbit species have very low numbers. Predators that would normally prey on them are turning to other things. Some of those things are pets, livestock, and as they get closer to humans they get less and less fearful of them. There was one fellow that lives up a canyon from here that was out walking his two large dogs. Coyotes followed them, tracking them, trying to figure out how to hunt them. Because they had no fear of them. That's a problem. Just like the rising population of bears that's been in the news lately... the solution is the same. Increase hunting pressure on them.

The BHO Admin Plan for cities is to bulldoze houses. From an economic standpoint, this isn't making any sense to me. I don't get it. This is going to be an expensive operation that's going to take a long time, draining tax payers for the bill. Why don't we instead put people in there? Not everyone can afford to build a new home. Give some people some incentives to move there. Provide low cost mortgages. That would cost us almost nothing while bringing in money and stimulating the economy of that area. I get headaches trying to understand how Liberals think.

6-13-09:  Getting ready for the July 11th Advanced Course. Are you ready?

6-10-09:  Illegal Aliens: California is going to cut off welfare for everyone, yet The Governator has said that he is happy that California has been able to give those benefits to illegal aliens. I suspect that if you take every dollar given and spent on illegal aliens... in welfare, health care, and law enforcement expenditures including incarceration – that will have been enough money to have resolved California economic difficulties. Unfortunately, I can not find anywhere were these figures have been documented or calculated, but in talking to experts with economic master's degrees who have worked in and for the State Of California – they have all said that there are two things killing California. One is illegal aliens (of course they used the phrase “Undocumented Immigrants” because that makes breaking the law sound so much more benign) and the other is High Taxes.

My own Uintah Basin is faced with the issue of Illegal Aliens and this has been a question in the local Fish Wrap. (I wont call The Vernal Express a News Paper anymore) The local police chiefs and Sheriffs were asked about this and I'm not really pleased with the answers save for one. The Vernal City Police Chief gave the best answer – that his Officers will work to identify those breaking the law. That's great, because this issue of illegal aliens is rather simple. If someone is breaking the law and they are in this country illegally – pitch them over the fence. If they broke a law that requires restitution, make that happen – and then pitch them over the fence. Justice must be served, and then that person needs be sent back to the nation they came from. Simple as that. No excuses. Why? Because that is the law. The fact that no one wants to enforce the law makes no difference. If it's a law – it must be enforced. We can not selectively obey laws and disregard others. The law is the law and if we don't like the law – we can change the law. But while it is a law it must be obeyed and the law must be enforced.

Turning this into a political issue turns every unpopular law into a political issue. I don't like our immigration laws as they are now. A good friend of mine beat his head against the rocks trying to become an American Citizen... he's now back in South Africa. He still loves America – he just can't be one. The law does indeed require fixing... but until it is fixed... it still needs to be enforced. Just because I don't like the 60MPH speed limit I drive every day to and from work, doesn't mean I have the right to disregard it and drive over that limit. Sure I can – but I must face the reality that if I get pulled over I face the penalty of law. That's the framework our society must live within.

Back to California, so Cali is going to cut everyone off instead of cutting off those that shouldn't be there. That's not quite fair or just. Many of those people that need the welfare have paid into that system all their lives, and because of the national economy have been laid off. Those people need and can use and deserve the benefit of the system they paid into. People that slunk into the country like a burglar have no right to it just because they are now here and want a TV and DVD player. One problem with the Welfare system is the generational abuse by those that never pay into the system. I don't mind having a welfare system... many will argue that, but I feel that we are the greatest nation on the planet and we can take care of someone when they are down on their luck. But that person getting the help needs to do everything they can to get back on their feet. If you lost your job, you need to work on finding a new one. This idea of “Funemployement” is bullshit. You lost your job so you get on the State's dole so you can spend your days going to the zoo and museums and art galleries... the only people who like that idea are those going to the Zoo, the Zoo operators, and the Democrats because these people are going to keep voting for the dole.
Look, I've been there myself... and it's a kick in the nuts and I didn't have a single day of fun. It was hell. Pure living hell. I took the first job I could. Even if it was one that I really hated, I took it. Even if it was a pay cut, I took it. Americans need to work. That is how our society is built. If you don't like that – GTFO.

6-9-09:  I tell you what, I am sick and tired of hearing about how bad the economy is – while at the same time hearing how great Obama is. There is a disconnect of logic there the size of the Grand Canyon. Bush's economy totally sucked according to these same morons, yet unemployment hovered around 5%. Now the economy is doing worse – with unemployment soaring near 10% now – yet Obama is Golden. News reports are calling being fired “FUNemployment”. Good hell people. Liberal Ideology and Economics do not mix. I've been thinking that Obama is ruining the Economy as fast and as hard as he can. Rush Limbaugh agrees with me. There are 10 parts of this video – listen to them all. Everyone needs to hear this.

GunBroker Auctions:

Steyr Aug

Rock River Entry Tactical

Rock River CAR A4

6-6-09:  Major Announcement: Crusader Armory is the name of the start up company that I am involved in. We are going to be building custom AR-15 rifles, with an initial offering of 3 different flavors of AR. An entry level rifle, and a high end Tactical and a high end Precision rifle. We are still in the initial stages of the start up, but because of different things going on, we are wanting to move as fast as possible in getting things going. Right now we are still waiting for the FFL and Business Licenses to process. Web site should be up in a week or so. The Crusader Shield that you see here, will be our company symbol and logo. As soon as we build the first batch of rifles, several will be designated T&E guns for reviews and trials.

I know I've not posted in awhile... but I've got good reasons... I've been hella-busy with all sorts of things going on as you can see. So let me get to the points today.

I've heard rumors running around regarding VA Hospital Docs asking Vets if they “Feel Stressed”. If they answer “Yes”, then that would have gone on to their Medical Records, been reported to the Department of Homeland Security, and any CCW Permits would have been instantly revoked. I don't know anything else other than that is what I have heard. So I have some questions about this validity and if this is just with VA Hospital medical staffs doing this or if other Medical Types outside the VA chain would do that too. Because I mean, my friggin hell... with all the shit going on – who isn't stressed? World wide everything is circling the drain, companies going under left and right – anyone with more than two functional neurons sparking in their skulls are going to be feeling stress about things. I just have a problem with the potential use of an honest response as a signal that a Vet is a potential danger to the Home Land. That is BULLSHIT.

6-4-09:  Congratulations to my little Brother: He's just been hired as a Deputy Sheriff.

I am not sure about this news reporter that bowed to Obama. I can understand being in awe about being there with the POTUS and showing great respect for the office... but bowing? Are other people doing that? Is a bow the obligated gesture for BHO now? Was he told to do that? Or was this guy just wanting to fellate Obama? The one thing we know for sure is this... that reporter is going to have some bias in his “journalism” that he wont be able to hide anymore now. I hope the Main Stream Media goes the way of newspapers... I really do. The forgot how to Report the News. Simple Job, they just can't get it right. You just report the news... that's all you have to do. How Short Bus do you have to be to get that wrong? Speaking of Short Bus...

Let's say you are running a company. You need a new CEO to run it. You can pick this young guy who is evidently pretty smart, but all his experience is in a completely different field, and he hasn't graduated yet – or you could pick a number of other people who have graduated and who does know the industry. Would you pick the kid? No, if you have any common sense, you wouldn't. Unless you are BHO who makes the wrong decision every damn turn. Some guys, everything they touch turns to Gold. Others, everything they touch withers on the vine... BHO seems to suck the life out of any industry he even looks at. He's like a mythological Gorgon.

A Good Point from Email:

What he hasn't thought out, is that if he truly fears allowing someone to drink and have access to a deadly weapon, he needs to prohibit anyone operating a motor vehicle from entering a bar. What's to prevent them from drinking to the point of intoxication and murdering some innocent person. We all know more people are murdered with cars than guns, right? Only there's more forgiveness when you kill with a car, than a gun..

Manslaughter vs. Homicide? And, when was the last time you heard of a justifiable homicide done using a car?

Just something to think about. Thanks for your time and consideration. Keep writing.

I'm not really fond of the idea of guys tying one on while strapped... but you make a good argument to allow it. There is a big difference between a guy that just wants a beer or a shot of Jack and hang out, and a guy that wants to get wasted. One guy will spend an hour in there having one drink and by the time he leaves, it's almost all out of his system already. Then the guy that gets plastered and thinks he's okay... You are quite right. It's not our job to determine intent. I can see both sides to this. The Conservative in me and the Libertarian in me both tend to argue with each other. This is one of those cases. Thanks for the email. I'll let The Horde hash this out on WTA.

6-2-09:  Chicago fails to understand the very simple language of the Bill of Rights, which applies to all Americans... even those dumb enough to live in Chicago. Chicago continues to ban guns – unconstitutionally and in my opinion, illegally. How is the 2nd Amendment hard to understand?






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