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   July 1st to the 15th, 2003.

July 15, Tuesday: 1900hrs:  Aw shit… Cuba has gone and done it now Check this out.  Unbelievable.  Castro is such an idiot.  We don’t even need to use naval ships in this one.  Hell, our SEALS could SWIM there from Florida and kick Cuba’s butt.  This is such a retarded act… I look forward to seeing Bush’s response.  If any.  As outrageous as this is, Cuba isn’t worth the spent brass.

Email from new reader:  “Hi, I stumbled across your AR-15 hate page over on Great stuff! However, in browsing your sight, I noticed a few things I was curious about.  First off, on the Girls with Guns page; why is the cowgirl in the middle of the tenth pic down leaning on what seems to be a Remington 870 with it's muzzle in the dirt? Hope they weren't doing any shooting on that photo shoot hehe.  Secondly, no offense, but your Molotov design was pretty wanky.  Number one, the ignition system. It's much safer and more efficient to separate the fuse and the charge. This can be accomplished by putting the fuel in a bottle (I've heard quart Mason jars are good), then screwing the cap back on. Attach a loop side patch of Velcro (a hot glue gun works well, I hear) to the bottle, then put a hook side piece on the rag you are using as a fuse. Soak the rag in an accelerant to ease lighting and terminal ignition, and store in a plastic sandwich bag until ready to deploy. I got this info from the book "Patriots" by James Wesley, Rawles. A manual in novel form, it makes a great read.  Number two, the gelling agents you used in the gas. The best is generally considered to be Styrofoam pellets. They dissolve in the gas, forming a substance very similar to napalm. With the improved ignition system, the lack of splash isn't a problem. In fact, if you are using your Molotov's against a vehicle, the more the burning agent is concentrated, the better. Of course thermite is best, but you can't exactly throw it now can you? Oh, and the ground grain used in cooking is "flour". "Flower" is a blossom on a plant. I had visions of you trying to gel gas by stuffing rose petals in a bottle. Not a good idea, unless you're trying to romance an anarchist hehe.  Thirdly, though you bash the .223 (or 5.56 for the "You're-a-peons ;) on the AR-15 rant page, a lot of the rifles on your best rifle list are in that caliber. A bit contradictory, isn't it?  Anyway, great sight overall. I really enjoyed it, even when I disagree with you. And as you say, we're all on the same side. Even the fucktards on ;)”  Thanks for the email, Wang.  About the asian cowgirls… this has come up in some emails I’ve had lately… Yes.  It does indeed look like she has the muzzle in the dirt.  Well… More like muzzle into really rough gravel that would play hell on the gun.  *shudder*  But if you look at the girls, they are very cute, and wearing some sort of “Sponsor” tags. “Nomad” I think.  I’ve no idea what Nomad is in the corporate world.  Could be anything.  This being said, these guns are probably nothing more than props.  Japan is big on replicas… huge.  If you look at some of the other guns carefully you will see some are real, and some are airsoft.  HINT:  The two pics just above the cowgirls are dead giveaways. I’m not worrying about any real guns getting trashed by some hotties.  Besides, if you had a girlfriend that looked that cute and enjoyed shooting wearing a getup like that – totally forgivable.  I would just refinish the muzzle and keep on grinning.  About the Molotovs.  The idea is about using stuff you have.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t keep a big bucket of Styrofoam pellets around my joint.  Maybe if you have a giant beanbag chair?    Looping velco patches?  Why bother?  Seriously… that’s a lot of extra prep time for not a lot of actual advantage.  The standard stuffed rag method worked just fine.  Now, if you were going to go into a fight and had all the time to prep you needed to defend or attack something… sure, knock yourself out.  Velco and Styrofoam.  But don’t use too much filler material as you lose the splash effect.  You really want a balance of the Splash and Stick.  But if you have too much of both, you can lose the Flash.  Another important part of the Molotov is friends… If something is worth throwing a Molotov at – it’s worth throwing a lot of them.  Wanky or not, we found these to be effective weapons.    You asked a very good question.  I like other rifles in .223, yet bash the rifle.  I dislike the rifle a great deal.  Rolling in the .223 caliber on top of the AR’s other shortcomings is almost intolerable.  Yet this doesn’t mean I can’t like other .223 rifles.  Who doesn’t like the G-36?  That is the coolest rifle I have handled.  Love the optics.  I didn’t say it in the article, but I have often said before that any .223 rifle in the Army should be rechambered for .300 Whisper.  You don’t even need different mags or anything.  Same round count as before, just a bigger fatter bullet in the same case.  Lastly… not everyone at is a fucktard.  There is just a lot more of them over there.   I know some guys that frequent those forums and they are some of the best people I have ever met.  Some of the guys there are very cool cats.  And then there are a bunch of tactical teddy SPECOP/SWAT wannabe fucktards that worship at the alter of “Milspec”.

July 14th, Monday: 1545hrs:  Email from Reader: “Read and re-read your comments on people pursuing the latest and greatest and selling whoring themselves to the brand name.  Once again, despite fairly different backgrounds, we have common ground.  How much happier would all mankind be if everyone followed the 10 Commandments.  God knew what he was doing when he gave them to us. Why anyone would want the life of a Hollywood elite is beyond me.  Spouse hopping, constant betrayal and back stabbing, no real friends, no steady family, drug abuse, loneliness and misery.  Oh sure, they look pretty. Yeah, they drive nice cars.  But I will keep my crappy old truck and my wonderful wife, two brothers that are friends as well, and the best parents. I am even lucky enough to have awesome inlaws!  And even if I lost all that, I still have my faith, and I know where I am going when I am done here on Earth.  Pity the poor atheists. One last thing.  Is there ANY firearm manufacturer out there that isn't run by asshats and/or foreign commie governments?”  Thanks for the email.  The biggest farce of the whole Materialism Movement are Diamonds.  I heard a quickly squelched report that even 50% of even the most expert jewelers can not tell the difference between Cubic Zirconium and real Diamond when shown two gems of the same size and cut.  Do you know what that tells me?  They don’t really know.  It’s a 50-50 chance picking the right one.  Diamonds are utter bullshit.  They are not a rare gemstone… they are really quite common.  The only reason they are “rare and valuable” is because of a diamond cartel that started up within this last century with a bunch of huge mines in Africa.  These mines produced so many diamonds, the DeBeers guys went on a huge marketing push pimping these little glass looking rocks.  They created the whole Diamond wedding ring thing, because “Diamonds Are Forever”.  Look at wedding rings as a history and you will see diamonds are a recent trend.  Hell, these pimps even made it a well known fad that you spend “About a 2 months salary” on that POS little rock.  It’s pretty pathetic when there is no difference between a $1,000 diamond and a $1 bit of polished glass.  Anyways… I’m ranting.  Excuse.    You ask a good question… Are there any firearms manufacturers out there that are not run by asshats?   Yes.  There are.  North American Arms.  JT Enterprises, Taurus, Springfield Armory… hell let me back up.  Most of them are really good people.  It’s just some of them that are run by asshats…  typically they are the big makers that are the arrogant dickheads.  S&W, RUGER, FN, BERETTA, COLT, and HK.  But there are also the unique small house makers that join this fecal roster… such as Robinson Armaments.   Most gun makers with these exceptions are very good and take care of the customer with no problem.  This being said, even the listed arrogant companies… they have some of the best people you will ever meet working for them.   Salt of the earth.   In all actuality, most gun-nuts are good all around folk.  Even the ones we disagree with about AR-15s or Glocks.   Even Mr Robinson of his own Armaments… is a good guy despite the huge chip on his shoulder.   I’d go out of my way to lend any of these guys a hand if asked.  Why?  Because when it’s all said and done, we are all on the same side.  At least these guys are not soccer playing French liberals. 

Thought for the day:  "History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline. There has been either a spiritual awakening to overcome the moral lapse, or a progressive deterioration leading to ultimate national disaster." -- General Douglas MacArthur

0921hrs:  Walt Disney has crossed the line for the last time.  Those fucknuts have pissed me off to a level I have not felt since the last time I saw Hillary Clinton on TV.  I am shaking with rage.  I’m also very glad for the sake of Old Walt that I am not within Molotov distance of any Disney property.  I can not believe they did this.  They slapped everyone that served in the war in Iraq.  Disney just slapped them  across the face and spit on them.  Then by the mere title of this spew, slap all black soldiers too.   Unbelievable.  Inconceivable.  Unforgivable.

Email from Tracy:  “I loved your rant about name brands, and identification.  It is all so true.  They buy their self esteem.  Working in retail, I have seen it all.  I have seen really decent, normal looking people steal something they couldn't afford because it was a name brand.  I also know, that a lot of this stolen merchandise, is sold on the black market, usually to those who can't afford it.  I have seen mom's pay two or three hundred dollars for a prom dress.  It is only worn once for crying out loud.  You know, technology is a wonderful thing.  I love so many of the new gadgets.  However, I have found myself growing tired of them.  Let me tell you where true happiness comes from.  It comes from living life.  I don't mean the "Do it all" mind set, but just being alive.  I have noticed people as they watch TV, play video games, and work on their computers, and they don't look alive.  They are in a stupor.  I realize that it takes mental agility to work a lot of these gadgets.  But what is missing, is the interaction of other people.  There is a lost art form in this high tech era.  It is conversation.  This is a form of communication where people ask questions, make statements, and listen to others.  Wow, what a concept huh?  Try to remember the last time, you sat around with some friends, and just talked.  I mean really talked.  Not about the game, or what's on TV, or the latest movie, but about life, about culture, about current events, about history, or art?  The loss of this art form, is why college graduates can't tell you who the first pres. of US is, or where Virginia is.  I remember one evening, our power went out, due to a very bad storm, and we had to light candles to see each other.  So we sat there in our living room for awhile, wondering how long it would be before the power came back on, and it turned out that it was a long time.  At first we didn't say much.  But after a few minutes, we started having real honest to gosh, conversations.  It was awesome.  I will never forget that evening.  Now, to give you a hint about how old I am, when I was growing up, there was not TV, in our house.  After work, and the sun set, we came into the house, washed up, had dinner, and cleaned up the kitchen, all together.  Imagine that?  Then we all went into the living room, and read books!! Sometimes, we just talked about stuff.  I remember in the summer, going out onto the porch, and sitting in old swings, and visiting with the folks, who were walking.  Yeah, they were taking an evening walk.  Guess what people, there is a whole wonderful world out there, with real people to talk to, and beautiful natural growing things, to see, and exercise to get.  Yeah technology is wonderful, in little bits at a time, but it is making us fat, stupid, and introverted!!!  We are becoming slugs, and mole people.  How very sad.  Tracy.”  That’s interesting.  I pictured you as somewhat younger.

Have you ever tried debating gun control with a bunch of stupid retards?  *sigh*  Don't even bother trying.  I would suggest just cutting to the chase and bang your forehead sharply against the edge of your desk.   It might be a painful and pointless effort, but it will save you time and blood pressure that you would have wasted on the stupid retards and given you the same results. 

I don't have any time today for much of anything... have business to take care of at the university and have a plethora of errands to run.  What makes this so annoying is that the seat... the driver's seat in the Jeep has now broken completely.  There is no back to the seat anymore.  It's like driving while sitting on a stool.  My search has only turned up passenger side seats.  Evidently Jeep has had issues with these seats because I've not found a single one in a junk yard.  Not a one.  So, if your at a junk yard, and come across a seat (No Powered seats) for an 86 Jeep Cherokee.  Let me know.  I don't care about the color.   I'd drive the Subaru, but the damned thing wont get past the neutral safety switch to let the car start.  It thinks it's in drive because the dash gear position indicator doesn't match with what the gear position really is.  There is no one near here that can fix this.  I'd have to take it to a dealership in Salt Lake.  Meaning - that aint going to happen.  I've tried to find information on this on the net and I've found nothing that helps.  The manual says nothing about this either.  Oh, and the button on the lever that you push to get out of park?  That button doesn't work either.  To get out of park you have to push the little black override button on the floor.   *sigh*  Anyone want a '92 Subaru Legacy  I'll sell it real cheap.  $2500 as is.  I'd buy another Jeep with the money.

July 12th, Saturday: 1900Hrs: Browning has long been one of my favorite gun makers.  Note the word “has”.  Browning has done something that deeply disappoints me.  You can read about it here.  Geeks With Guns has a format where you can post your opinion, and this subject appears here.  There are 3 Browning guns that I had been wanting to get.  But it looks like I will be getting something other than a Browning after reading what Browning has done.  

If you watch the new movie video, “Inspector Gadget 2” the first 5 minutes pretty much sums up what Law Enforcement is out where I live.  If you have don’t have kids, don’t bother.  But if you do, and they want to see this one… just check out the first 5 minutes and think “Nowherestan, Utah”.

1200hrs:  Keep a Low Profile.  During World War II, German U-boats were a problem for the merchant marines.  Shipping losses mounted as the Germans perfected Wolf Pack attack strategies.  To counter this, the cargo sailors came up with a plan.  The took one some of the cargo ships and armed them to the teeth so they could fight back.  To hide the guns, large panels were put into place.  These ships from a reasonable distance looked just like a nice fat juice cargo target.  When the German subs moved in to attack, these ships dropped the masks and blasted the hell out of the enemy subs.  These ships were called “Q” ships.  An armed ship of war, keeping a low profile until the very moment it is to strike.  This element of surprise was a critical ace up the sleeve for the merchants.  Another dramatic example is found in the movie “13th Warrior”.  When the fight was picked, the older and shorter Viking played tired, inept, and weak.   Then with a sudden burst of skill and speed, he lopped off the head of his foe.  When asked why he drew out the fight so long, the answer was “Now they have to calculate what they can’t see.”  Further examples occur in street racing all the times.  Flash hot rods fall victim to “Sleepers” all the time.  These are cars that look older and weathered or just “plain jane” stock.  But when the light goes green, all the hidden firepower comes to bare and the sleeper shows it’s guns by handing the flashy car it’s ass.  It’s all about surprise by keeping a low profile.    This should be a part of your Self Defense strategy.  Just because you are a well armed John Woo Monk or a Grammaton Cleric, doesn’t mean you have to walk around with those banners flying.  Sometimes such bold posture can make an attacker thing twice before he picks you has his target and tries you.  But other times, if the villain is smarter and knows you might be a harder target, but wants you anyways, he will come at you from a different angle and a lot harder.  Some situations might be better served by sailing into those waters looking like a regular merchant ship and letting the enemy come within your range.  If you let the enemy pass you, he is going to go for someone else… a softer victim who he will have no resistance to taking down.  It might be better to let him come at you, and then you can take him down with a sudden surprise.   I hope you get my drift here, because I am not spelling it out for you.   This is an advantage smart CCW holders have.  This strategy is used often my undercover police.  It has worked several times for off duty officers as well.  I remember one account when an off duty LEO was doing some banking when the bad guys entered.  They took everyone hostage and things were getting very grim for all.  This “Q” ship was well armed with a concealed weapon in an ankle rig.  When the moment was right, he dropped the mask… blew the enemy out of the water and saved all the hostages.   When you go around with your CCW… maybe you should leave off the S&W jacket and Ruger ball cap.  Maybe that H&K T shirt might be better worn another time.  Maybe instead of packing open, you should go concealed.  Stealth… it’s not just for the Air Force anymore.  

Brand Names as Self Image.  This is becoming quite the problem in the US and the rest of the world.  I think some people are getting to the point that since the live such sheltered and untested lives… with push button remote controls for damn near everything and micro wave dinners… that people are becoming increasingly unhappy.  They are untested in a sense that they are no having adventures themselves, in any way shape or form.  They are basically shut ins with no dose of reality to challenge them.  Human progression is accomplished through experience and most people are not experiencing enough or are only willing to experience very specific forms of stimulus.    This lack of progression is the cause of dissatisfaction and discontent and develops into hole in the person’s self esteem.  In an effort to fill that void in character, people are succumbing to commercial advertising and are using commercial products and name brands as a plug.  There is a portion of the mind that for some reason identifies celebrities, and this quirk in the mental machine is now being used by these people to track name brand icons, products, and company catch phrases.  The mental machine is rolling this information into the person’s self image.  You have heard “You are what you eat” as a phrase describing nutritional values… but for a large and growing population of people, they are what they buy.  If you have a poor self image, they think they can just buy a new one.   It’s often joked that the man with the corvette has it because he is overcompensating for a small penis.  (Not slighting corvette owners in any way here, but I am sure you have heard comments like that before.  Automotive enthusiasts such as myself understand a Vette is desirable for its high performance characteristics… but I digress)  A wealthy lady was observed recently.  She is working on her second divorce.  Her first marriage was to a very rich man, who gave her no time, attention or affection.  Her second one was abusive, hence the divorce process.  She wears an item of jewelry that she will not fail to point out to you if you give her any attention.  “It’s a Tiffany”.  This is annoying and unimpressive to a fellow like me.  I don’t care what store she buys her jewelry at.  But she does, and it’s now a large part of her self image.  This is a problem with her as indicated by another statement she made.  “I’m going to marry another rich man… I’m not looking for love anymore.”  Can you see where the void is?  It’s obvious.  I’m not being judgmental… I’m just pointing something out.  What she needs more than ANYTHING is love.  She feels that if she can marry a guy with lots of money, she could buy happiness.  What she would really be doing is giving up more of her personal character to her commercial character.   It’s really sad in my opinion and such behavior is a downward spiral, because the more she indulges her delusion, the more unhappy she will become.   Her salvation in this case would come from a healthy relationship with another person would heal her emotional injuries.   You see this kind of thing in high schools all the time.  In fact, it’s hard not to find a case of this… A couple decades ago it was all about Jordache jeans or Gucci whatever.  Now it’s all about what?  Tommy Hilfinger clothes?  I don’t know, I don’t keep track.  The kids are identifying themselves more by what they wear than who they really are as a person.    These same kids tend to grow up moving the product-self-image into other objects.   I met one fellow who was so proud that he had a Sony Laptop, Sony Clie PDA, and a Sony Digital Camera.  Now, I know it’s nice to have nice things, and there is nothing wrong with that… and buying such Sony products would even make sense considering the shared technology and “Memory Stick” storage.  However it goes a little beyond making sense when the person has to have a “Sony” hat and he has a huge “SONY” banner on the back of his jacket.  This person is a walking billboard and apologist for a corporation that doesn’t even know who this guy is other than the occasional product warranty registration card that gets sent in.   His self image is wrapped up in the fact he uses Sony products.    Now is a more of a gun site than anything else… I talk guns frequently and have a section devoted to the subject.  I like guns and part of my character is as a gun owner.  But I not a walking advertisement for guns.  If you were to see me on the street, you would probably have no idea.    I keep it a low profile.  (See my article “Low Profile” above)  I also can go for periods of time without even mentioning guns even here on   Why?  Well, sometimes I get tired of them.  I want to do something else.  Anyways.  Some shooters take to the branding of their favorite firearm or manufacture and wrap themselves up in it just like the Sony Guy or the Tiffany Lady.   They become Ruger Man, or The Bushmaster Guy.  You can almost expect to see a cape wearing SIGMA MAN!  Now I have taken a very long route to get to this point… This is one of the reasons that I am continuing to catch a lot of flak over my I HATE THE AR-15 article that is posted in the weapons section of this website.  There are a lot of people who feel personally insulted because I don’t like the AR-15.  I have made what I consider to be reasonable explanations has to why I don’t like it.   However there are certain people that don’t see it that way.  They feel insulted, hurt and angry.  Anger comes from fear and hurt, so I can understand why they are angry with me.  The most common response I am getting is that I am an “Idiot” or a “Moron”.  This reaction was expected.  Especially from those who are either wrapped tightly in AR-15 Self Identity.  It’s human nature to judge another person’s intelligence as gauged on how they agree with your own opinions… but it’s really quite shallow.  I admit to the same thing… but on political subjects.  I think most Liberals are slack jawed, drooling, mono synaptic imbeciles.  But that is just me.  However I have never called anyone stupid for liking the AR-15.  I have in fact given example to conditions where the AR-15 would even be the ideal rifle.  Yet some people persist upon the personal insults because they feel as if I have injured them, insulted them… even stepped on their manhood.  I guess my whole point is this:  If you feel your blood boiling because someone has different opinion regarding your choice of Golden Calf  (meaning icon of worship) it is not they that has the problem, but yourself.  I suggest a deep examination of your life and values and try to fill your own void and heal your own emotional wounds.  And a big hug.

July 11th, Friday: 1400hrs:  Kids are being baked alive in parked cars.  I'm not sure about the exact numbers, but I would wager that the number of children killed every year by homicidal or lethally stupid parents is greater then the number of children killed every year by gun accidents. We already know that Hot Dogs kill more kids every year than gun accidents (Choking). However guns are what are always the target of emotional cross burnings and witch hunts because of accidental deaths. Such is not the case with parents who are so stupid as to leave a child in a car parked 15 feet from the surface of the sun.  I understand the frustration… but cowboy up. We are going to see a lot more of these in the future.  Why?  Liberals, of course.  They have pushed long and hard to accomplish two tasks. Stupefy the public education system and sexualize the youth. The end goal was create an impoverished population dependant upon the generosity of elected Democrats for further government programs to take care of them since they are unable to do so themselves. And for the most part, the mass frankenstinian conspiracy has worked. They have created “Sheople”.  These deaths we are seeing are an unfortunate side effect of the liberal agenda.  Stupid kills a lot more than guns do.

0930hrs: Battlestar Galactica.  I loved that show when I was a kid and I still watch it every now and again when it pops up.  Well, “they” have finally decided to do it, and they remade it.  SWEET!  Oh, wait a sec.  Well, let’s just hope they did a good job remaking it.  Shouldn’t be too hard.  A lot of it was a mix of Star Trek and Lost in Space.  I don’t mind a reinvention as long as they keep the feeling and the Cylons.  Notice in the back of that picture… a Colonial Viper.  It looks like a smoothed out version of an original Colonial Viper.  NICE.  I’m excited.    

"you are what you do when it counts" - Heinlein, from Starship troopers

"Our current patrol rifle, the M4, has proved itself to be woefully inadequate for medium to long range shooting… it is best limited to pistol engagements.” Ed Head, US Border Patrol.   Note: The M4 is the shorter version of the AR-15/M-16 that all the tactical wannabes go gaga over.  I am sure the AR Apologists are just thinking "Ed Head doesn't know what he's talking about!  Everyone knows the little 22 caliber carbine is Thor's Hammer!"

"Islam is a religion in which Allah (God) requires you to send your son to die for him. Christianity is a faith in which God sent His Son to die for you."  John Ashcroft

Wait a second… Liberia is going to be “All about the oil” now?  When did this happen?  I swear the Liberal Media has no low point any more.  Every news article just makes a newer, lower lever.  This tittypimple Tony Karon has got to be pulling a joke on people.  In fact, this is so stupid that I am not sure Tony is even one of the Left of Center club.  This cat has got to be a Conservative Satirist making fun of the Left’s next move.  Something like an article from  I mean, come on now.  Liberia = Oil?  Please.  Liberia = Added US Taxpayer Expense and nothing more.  We are not going to get ANYTHING out of this Liberia issue at all… Well, we do get one thing.  HONOR.  It’s our DUTY to help Liberia.   I know this is a concept totally alien to the Liberals, but it’s a fact.  Of course since they don’t get it, they have to fabricate other motives.  Oil worked last time, why not use that ruse again?   Hint to the Liberals… try something new… Like “it’s about Diamonds…” or “Soldiers from Gilder kidnapped the princess”.

Our friend Steve was in an auto accident recently.  We are relieved that he is okay. We have some photos of the car including what Steve calls a “Low Budget Animation” of the incident.   The damage isn’t bad and Steve isn’t hurt.  For this we are very grateful.

So this is what happened when the CIA searched for WMDs.  Interesting. 

Some information on an interesting round.  9MM of course.  Since my favorite line of 9MM is out of production, I am going to have to find a replacement when my stockpile dries up.  This Cor-Bon round is a possible candidate due to it's FMJ shaped ogive and it's hollowpoint performance.  The speed is good.  Unfortunately it's because the slug is lighter than usual.  That's the problem with handguns, it's all about compromise.  I like bit more balance in 9MM, but this one is a good option.  This guy has a great website... some good information.  Browse it.

July 10th, Thursday:  1900hrs:  The last update mentioned two things.  We went to a Rodeo and one of my little ones went in for some surgery.  First the surgery.  Even though this was just yanking the tonsils out, to a little one it can be quite the traumatizing event.  The medical staff was excellent all around and I will be sending a letter to the hospital in gratitude for the professional care my little boy received today.  It went well.  There were no problems what so ever and there is very little bleeding.  He is recovering very well and is even playing a trading card game with his brothers… wait a sec… he was… now he is taking a nap again.  He is doing better than fine.   Brave pup, he went in like a warrior determined, and is gritting through the discomfort like a trooper.  I am so proud of him.   At the same time, my heart aches… I would that I could trade places and take the pain for him.  But I’ll not speak of this further.  He is a remarkable boy and the whole medical team was in admiration. 

The Dinosaur Roundup Rodeo.  It would have been much more impressive if they were actually riding dinosaurs.  The roping events and such I didn’t care for too much.  I don’t care what the cowboys say, cows should not be body slammed.  I think that game is a traditional hold over that should be allowed to fade into history.  Much more interesting were the barrel races.  This has nothing to do with the fact that the racers are pretty cowgirls on fast horses.  No, really.  The skill and speed displayed was impressive. The bull riders were also impressive.  2000 pounds of pissed off tauri was a sight to behold.  We observed more than one cowboy get a good stomping.  Each time the cowboy was able to stand up and wave to the crowd.  This must be the origin of the phrase “Cowboy Up”.  When they announced the “Mutton Busting” event, I was about to take my kids out instantly for fear of what this could be, knowing some of the cowboy types out here… but the event was nothing of that sort.  Little kiddies doing the rodeo “stay on for 8 seconds” thing on wooly sheep.  It was cute.  One kid held on for 9 and half seconds until they told him to let go.  Tenacity.  He won a pair of boots and a big shiny buckle.  That was one happy little cowboy right there.  My boys were enthralled and I am now looking at taking them horsy riding in the future.  Luckily we have some cousins here with a small ranch with a nice peaceful old grey mare that the kids can ride on in relative safety.  Yippee Ki Yea!

Earlier today I finished reading “The Da Vinci Code”.  It was awesome.  One of the best books I have ever read, period.   Read it near a fast internet connection because you will be using google often to pull up images of paintings and sketches and such… if your educated in the arts and whatnot these images are going to be ones you already know.  However once you start reading this book, your going to be wanting to examine these things in greater detail.  And that is just the artwork references.    Fantastic read. 

July 9th, Wednesday: 2200hrs:  Sorry about the delay in updates.  We had some Server/FrontPage issues.  Couldn’t get into to make any updates.  This has been a problem, but is resolved.  I heard there is a new version of FrontPage that I am going to have to get when it comes out.  It wont use it’s own code for updating to the server… so it should be much easier and not have the issues I’ve been having.  Yeah yeah yeah, I know I should be moving to a Moveable Type kinda site, but I want to keep traditional HTML.  Besides, I am not only one of the first blogs (this actually started back in ’98 thanks to free hosting from HOTBOT), but I’m also one of the only ones left doing it the old fashioned way.  Everyone is on PHP and Moveable Type and Zope/Plone. 

Early tomorrow morning we are taking one of our twins in from some surgery.  Nothing serious, just getting his tonsils removed.  But it's always unnerving to have a child put under.  He'll be okay.  We let him pick out a couple cartons of ice cream for after he gets home.  He took full advantage of this situation... can you say stockpile?  Kid is capitalizing on this tonsil thing.  

Tonight we took the horde to see a real live rodeo.  The boys enjoyed it.  More on this later.  I’m posting this update now.

Now that we know what Stonehenge was... You have got to be kidding me.  I don’t think so.  This has got to be the most ludicrous speculation I’ve ever heard regarding the standing stones.  Maybe not… maybe the whole astronomy thing was giving the ancient druids too much credit.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the knife deal.  I will start selling these as soon as possible. I’m still putting things together.  Pretty much if you live in the US, you can get a knife for about 20 buck that will be on the same level as most CRKT knifes.  As soon as I get this all worked out, I’ll post picks of all the folders including a couple large fixed blade knives… they will be a little more but still very inexpensive.  One of them is a Kbar looking knife and the other is a nice big kukri.  I had a KBar once.  I lost it during a rappel and never replaced it.  The guy coming down after me slipped and landed on me.  My ruck padded the impact.  I got face planted into a mucky swamp with 4 inches of water the color of day old coffee but tasted a lot worse.  Don’t know where my knife went, but it was a loss.  This knife, it would have been disappointing, but no big loss.   You could buy a bunch of them for the price of what I paid for my KBar.

Wanna creep your kids out?  Take them to the grocery store and then stand in line with the Daily World News or whatever that rag is called.  The current one has “Alien Skeletons Found in the Desert!”  With a photo on the cover of weird looking skulls with big eye sockets.  My boys saw that and I read the headline to them and said “Hey, that’s not very far from here!”  They FREAKED.  I said “Wanna go see it?”  They turned pale.  It was great.  After I had my laugh I explained how that kind of magazine isn’t really a newspaper and that it’s just a joke.  Being a Dad is cool.

Last night at midnight I had to put my book down.   The house was quiet and dark, but I wasn’t tired.   So I popped in some General Tao’s Chicken into the microwave and DVD into the player.  The chicken was crap… spongy frozen fast food stuff.  But the movie was good… “THEY”.  That was a pretty scary movie.  I liked it.  But if you watched “Darkness Falls” then you probably already saw it.  Same gist really, darkness is really really bad and everyone does everything they can to get separated and get right into dark places so they can be picked off.  If you’ve seen neither, go with this one.  It’s done better than Darkness Falls.

Not again… Geeze.  What is it with these people?  Look, it’s really simple… if your driving down the road and hear a thump and all the sudden you realize that you have someone stuck in your freaking windshield… STOP.  Call the Police.  Don’t go anywhere.  If you find yourself driving down the road and you notice another vehicle with someone sticking out the windshield, just go ahead and call the police.  Stupid frickin people… Hey, why does this always happen in the South?

Email from Reader:Regarding the movie "28 Days Later", go see it.  My take on it?  It's scary.  Finally someone got it right.  I've seen many zombie movies, "Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, etc.  28 Days Later trumps them all.  In fact, I haven't felt that rattled since I saw "The Ring".  I swear my freaking heart stopped a few times during the film. I don't want to give anything away so I'll leave it at that. Sweet dreams. -Matt in Wisconsin”  In my best Mr Burns voice, “Excellent”.  I've had a few other emails telling me 28 Days Later is very good.  So far it hasn't come to this Desertstan I'm living in.  

Email from down under:  “Og' man, hey hows trick me ol' mate?  Firstly, I seriously dig that Lightning Strike mate that was one sure sign.  Thought I better drop by and make a few comments. Who the heck is this Chuck moron? And I thought I knew stuff all about pistols. Some people just take the cake eh. That Band of Brothers article, another reason the media makes me sick. History - lest we forget. Productions like this help to keep such vital things in mind. All these buggers who crush the efforts of others to hold to this history and keep in in the present need a good kicking in my honest opinion. As if we need any further example of ungrateful people who take for granted the sacrifices of honourable people who provided them their freedoms.  Liberia - yes the US does need to rock in. And under Bush you can be assured it will be no Somalia, no 'Blackhawk Down' rerun because the government isn't committed to supporting the troops it sends into battle. Mate, historically speaking, you're right on the nail there. We need to remember the past and take our responsibilities seriously. The US is in a heck of place being the big boy on the block and I commend your leadership for getting on with the business. Other countries, other administrations have been too limp minded to get on with it. And its because of that kind of crap that the world is going to hell in a hand-basket as they say.   I'd be a war correspondent if I thought my stuff would actually get aired. Not today, not the way the media works - their version of truth is the most far removed there bloody well is mate. I know my stuff just won't get the air. Not PC see. Its a sick world when rampaging 'civilians' get the support while a soldier, marine, airman or sailor gets nabbed for doing their job. Same sort of shit in Israel with the Palestinians. Never mind that these people are quite happy to take their children to a demonstration they know is going to get nasty. Never mind filming the dude in the crowd with mister AK, or teenager with pipe bomb... Just film the soldier who is defending himself. See him 'slaughter' those children who should have been at home behind locked doors. What sort of parent allows their kids to confront a armed soldier during IS operations, a Merkava MBT or a bloody Bradley IFV? I ask you...  All they can do is Yanks (apologies to those in the CSA), even hitting civie targets deliberately and blaming the 'em. The Afghanis did that. Sometimes its real obvious if you look at the actual type of damage taken by buildings etc. Funny how there are 7.62 short brass lying about the place or a building has been hit by indirect fire from mortars for example and when the US troops rocked in they were using DF weapons only... for obvious reasons... Aim direct... its all quite sickening really. And yeah Fedayeen wankers don't mind dressing up as civies and popping up outta nowhere. Sure there is guerilla warfare but not at the expense of civies. Gutless coward bastards. let the SAS, SBS, Paras, Royal Marines and those little fellas from Nepal have a party I say. Liberia, Iraq, wherever the heck, let them join their compatriots in Delta, SEALs (Navy boys got to be represented after all :) ), Rangers, USMC.  If the bloody French are so keen to do their part then they can go in first, clear the mines, civilian impersonating Fedayeen and SVD wielding snipers.  New Zealand - we need to be able to help you guys out. This government is piss poor at helping out its mates. History is quickly forgotten and most people in this country are quite happy to sit on their hands and let it carry on. Geez if Afghanistan wasn't enuff example to demonstrate we can play a substantial role then nothing is. Fuck our jokers still haven't left for Iraq yet and the government is a bunch of wankers for it too IMHO.  You can't sit back. Got to go in tooth and nail, boots and all. Got to be pro active, not wait for it. Basically its a Vietnam situ in the urban environs. Been down that road before and history will not repeat itself so long as those in the sharp end of the business are allowed to get on with their job. This time its not about the spread of Communism but something far worse.  Here in NZ our government has no backbone thus we have become a nation without principles. If you're not willing to stand up for them then they meant sweet bugga all. Our government is too scared of offending anyone. Heck don't want to upset the French... so when did they do us any favours. Our troops still haven't left for Iraq yet as the weak minded government who likes to sit on its hands wades through dribble of the first degree. We can't continue to sit back and do nothing while our skills and experience is needed. We need to be able to help our mates out. And now finally we might actually do something about the Solomons. Like East Timor eh, but no, the government knows right - the region is a benign strategic environment - my arse it is. Damn it all its as if the idiots in the Beehive think that the worst state we can get to is having our Ready Reaction Force on 24 hour standby for yet another Coupe in Fiji. Things are going to get much worse before they get better. And still we contend with the military being restructured to become little more than a Armed Constabulary. Mark my words - this country will pay the price, as will any whose majority decide it politically incorrect to take decisive action.  People forget there is a reason why Terrorism is a minimalist problem here in NZ. We have the NZSAS - yet there are all these wankers who want to disband it and use the Police - God Almighty - they can't fight their way out of a paper bag. Tell you what, no fucker wants to deal with any arm of the SAS. You go in and you go hard.   Police are there to enforce the law, they are not there to kill and that is the correct perception and intent of that force. The Special Forces are there to kill. Terrorists go down at the hands of the best in the world.   The bastards in the Beehive certainly don't represent me, or virtually anyone I know for that matter. Domestic or foreign.  Next mission, to do up my next Rant for the website based on this wee letter mate.  Sorry about the ramblings eh, I just needed to get some stuff off my chest. Again...  Best regards from way down under,  Leon "Junior" Harrison New Zealand  Tarrackin's Home Scroll  "When the going gets tough, slap in a fresh one."      Doing good Leon, thanks for the email.  Chuck Taylor is a self proclaimed “Combat Master” and if you take enough of his classes you can get that title too.  He got that title from one of his students who in turn he gave the title back.  It’s very silly if you look at it objectively.  As if any time on a nice clean firing range with paper targets and shooting benches is going to make you a “Combat Master”.   I don’t know about you, but being a Master of Combat isn’t something that your awarded… it’s something you survive.  Chuck Taylor is the northbound end of a southbound donkey.  And I have yet again just offended a large portion of the population by insulting one the top trainers in the US.  Well, I have taken some classes myself, and Taylor’s class was the least impressive at best and the most pathetic at worst.  Let me say that again – I took a course of his and it stunk.  There are much better trainers out there.  When it comes to writing articles for gun magazine… he is even worse.   A Glock isn’t a DAO handgun and most novice shooters know that.  Now that Chuck Taylor has said that though, there are a bunch of dweebs that are now calling it that.  I’m not familiar with the NZSAS, but I’ve never heard of any group of SAS that were sissy. 

We just heard the news about a shooting at a Lockheed Martin plant.  5 dead + the gunman, an employee.   CCW holders could have ended that rampage sooner.  I don’t care where it is, what job it is… every good and honest adult should be allowed to carry concealed.  Gun Free Zones are Free For All Zone.

This just in:  “French ban fireworks:  The French Government announced today that it is enforcing a ban on the use of fireworks at Disneyland Paris. The decision comes the day after a nightly fireworks display at the park, located just 30 miles outside of Paris, caused soldiers at a nearby French army garrison to surrender to a group of Czech tourists.” Now that is funny. 

July 7th, Monday: 1919hrs:  Well, today was pretty much shot.  Other than picking up some food at the local Wal-Mart super center and taking care of some university business… I’ve accomplished about nothing.  Why is that?  Because Heath (thank you thank you thank you) sent me a gift from that arrived first thing this morning,  "The Da Vinci Code".  I was going to start reading it tonight, but after I got it, I decided to “just take a look”.   I had plans… I had a list of things to do… RUINED!    This book is so good.  I’m afraid I will have to be mostly off line until it’s finished. 

Oh, I mentioned movies and stuff earlier… well, I heard the news that Arnold might be lined up for Aliens 5.  Okay, that’s freaking cool.  I’m down with that.  But if the series does it’s usual work, Arnold will be killed off right off the bat.  Aliens always kills off the coolest characters first.  Frost and Apone?  What’s up with killing them right off the bat like that?  That sucked.  Then the cool survivors from Aliens got toasted even before Aliens 3 started.  That sucked.  And the whole Aliens 3 sucked.  4 was much better, but again, they killed the coolest character right off the bat.  The Captain guy.  Still, the Aliens universe is pretty worthy of further exploration and the ties to the Predator universe is tight… we still look forward to any AvP movie that has been rumored for a decade now.   Later – back to my book now.  Oh, when we return, we will pick up with reader emails and other stuff.  Hasta!

1131hrs:  Fox News is asking the question, “Are we losing faith in Bush?”  Well, first off, my faith is in the Lord, not in some elected official.  If your talking confidence, then I have lost some confidence.   While he is strong on issues outside the US, he is weak on issues inside the US.  I’m not bashing Bush or anything, because he isn’t the only one.  The Republicans on the whole have become very weak.  I don’t get this.  They have the House, The Senate, and The Whitehouse.  But they are acting like a bunch of pussies letting the Minority ride all over them.  It’s sickening.  The only people that have any balls are the Democrats.  Howard Dean has a huge set.  His asinine politics aside, you have to give him credit for making some bold moves.  He could probably boost himself up to a good position to actually beat Bush.  I’m disappointed in Bush’s recent political games… I’m disappointed in his turning his back on the American shooters.  The AWB is a big issue for us.  We want it to go away and Bush isn’t going to make that happen. 

Looks like the Special Forces are going to be the largest unit in the Army.  Crazy.

I picked up a Beretta Catalog at my local gun shop.  Beretta makes some very fine firearms.  I knew they made some gorgeous shotguns… I knew they made some nice pistols.  I even knew they had some hand in some nice rifles since they own Tikka and Sako.  And I knew they owned Cimarron Arms… makers of Single Action revolvers, Colt Peacemaker clones.  But it was still surprising to see them in the catalog.  Flipping through it, there are fine shotguns and automatics… and Peacemakers.  That’s cool.  I love new high tech gun, like the Storm.  But these old style guns… they speak to you.  They speak about history.  If they made one with a short barrel and birds head grips, that would be awesome.  I know .45 Colt is traditional… but one of these in .357 would be sweet for doing lots of shooting.  I’m no SAA expert, but they look really good.  No, my local gun shop didn’t have any examples.  Sure, they had all the Rugers you would ever want.  Such a lame store.  I asked about when the Storm would be coming in.  “Oh, we don’t carry guns like those.”   Oh geeze.

Have you seen the trailer for “28 Days Later”?  Whoa… that looks awesome.  Scary.  I like scary.  But quite often “Scary” is just really freaking stupid.  “Freddy vs Jason”?  Oh man… that’s about as lame an idea as I have ever heard.  How many Jason and Freddy movies are there now?  I lost track.  Sure, the first ones were kinda scary.  Nightmare was very creepy.  But the idea is played out now.  Tired.  Time to move on.  I like original ideas for scary movies.  Darkness Falls, the movie sucked but I have to give it credit… it was original… they tried to something different.  That is what made it worth seeing.  They made the Tooth Fairy scary.  You gotta give them credit for that.  Freddy vs Jason?  Gimme a break.  This 28 Days Later… Old idea.  Zombies.  But they are doing something different with it.  The zombies are fast… lots of potential there.  And its all started by a bunch of tree hugging animal rights activists.  Classic.  I love it.  I think this is one I am going to have to go see in the theatre.  Terminator 3?  That’s a rental.  Now, I am not dissing all sequels.  Sometimes the #2 is better than the #1.  Or even further exploration of a universe like Alien and Aliens.  Or Dune and The Children of Dune.   As long as the story is viable, it has some potential.  I just hope 28 days later isn’t another Ghosts of Mars.

Speaking of Dune, if you liked the movie or have any interest in the Dune saga… the recent “House” books are well worth reading.  They are better then the original.  I like the deeper character explorations.  Duncan Idaho is a badass.  Kills a bunch of Harkonnen when he is just 8 years old.   

I have a craving over here.  I want a Spicy Chicken Bowl from Teriyaki Sticks and a plate of some good sushi.  These are both things that are totally unavailable in this town.  Mainly because you can’t wear a cowboy hat while eating sushi.  Well, you can, but then you have to commit seppuku.

0100hrs:  "All AR-15 Fans - ATTACK OGRE!"You just gotta love fanatics.  They make life interesting.  I am still catching flak about dissing the AR-15/M-16.  (I have my supporters too) I point out some things I dislike about their favorite rifle and all they can do is insult me.  Then they pull out and quote to their choir where I was exaggerating and take things out of context in an effort to discredit.  That's something to be expected. Mainly from both Liberals and AR-15/Glock Bevets.  When I remark about the lack of power, they instantly go to the 5.56MM fragmentation bit.  Only SOME of the US ammo fragments. And then again, it doesn't do that from the M-4 Carbine which is increasing in numbers in our service units and in the hands of Tactical Teds and SWAT Pup Wannabes everywhere.  And of course when talking velocity, they always quote the figures for the full length barrel.  Why is that?  It’s either they are hiding something or they are just too fucking stupid to realize there is a very large difference.  (Hard to tell when your just shooting paper targets) Even if the little pill did fragment, it still can't match the lethality of a .308.  Itty bitty fragments don’t penetrate very deep or cause much tissue damage or enough bleeding.  (See MAGIC BULLETS)  It’s simple physics and there is no amount of flat tops and vertical fore-grips that are going to change that fact.  Not by a long shot.  (bad pun) 5.56MM might sound cool, but it's still a wee little .22 caliber bullet.   Besides, if you want to sound cool, 7.62MM sounds a lot cooler.  I believe that when I said I was in the service, I admitted I had few jams during that time.  “It’s an AR vs AK debate.”  No, it wasn't.  Did I even mention the AK?  Maybe, but I made no comparisons like that.   Then the other insult I got was “I have a problem with cleaning”.  Well, you know what?  I do.  Cleaning my guns is a chore.  I don’t like doing it.  I’d rather be shooting, or drinking something cold and refreshing (Chilled Apple Juice) or going on with my day.  I’d rather not be spending a lot of time cleaning my rifle.  No, I’m not anal about cleaning either.  I just like to do it right.  What I consider right is the way my Drill Sergeant taught me in Basic.  Using those same standards in cleaning, do you know how long it took me to clean my FAL rifle?  3 minutes.  3 Minutes vs at least an hour.  “You just hate black rifles.”  Ouch that insult stung!  I feel all weepy now.  Dipshits read one article and think they even have a clue who I am.  I seriously prefer “Black Rifles” over “long Brown” rifles.  Not because they are more tactical or anything like that, but because you don’t have to baby them.  Well, really Black Rifles you don’t.  Try taking your beloved AR-15 and low crawl with it 100 yards through mud and then fire off a magazine, reload, and do it again.  Well, first off, your not going to do that with a nice long brown gun, but a black rifle, okay.  Second, your not going to do that with an AR either because it’s either not going to be able to fire off two mags after that or your not going to drag your 1,500 rifle through any icky grit.  Bevets… there is no point arguing with them… “They will never learn… they will be eunuchs all their lives.”  What an overly sensitive bunch of little girls they are. You would have thought I stepped on their manhood or something.   Look, if I offended you, I’m sorry, but you need to grow a dick.  Just because someone has a different opinion than yours you don’t have to get your panties in a twist.  I have even admitted that the AR-15 series is a fine rifle for some applications… police work… target practice… showing off and acting all badass in trying to overcompensate for some shortcoming.

Speaking of weenies… 7-11 has a good new hot dog.  It’s a “Spicy Italian” sausage with a marinara sauce on it.  It’s awesome.  If you ever have to grab a bite to eat at a 7-11, that’s what to get.  At least it didn’t make me want to puke like other 7-11 stuff does. 

Another NBA Player arrested?  Who what?  Koby Bryant for sexual assault?  No!  Your kidding.  The NBA is fast becoming a joke.  It’s going to be hard to finish the next season when all your players are locked up or on parole and can’t leave the state to play an away game.   What ever happened to sports stars being heroes?  Like in the good old days?  Oh, wait a sec… where was my head?  That’s right… they never were heroes!  They run around like spoiled rich brats playing a fucking game for a living… and now thanks to a generation of poor parenting we are now seeing the results.   Well, maybe I am biased.  I dislike Round Ball.  I like Football and Paintball.  Run to this end and throw the ball… run to that end and throw the ball.  Its like Ping-Pong or something.  Lame sport.  Soccer is even better, and you guys know how much I dislike soccer.   Oh hell.  There I went and did it again.  Offended a whole new bunch of people. 

Police use mug shots for target practice… Some people are upset at this.  I like the idea and think it has merit.  A little more realism in the training and you get those faces in your mind so you wont have a problem recognizing the bad guys when you see them.  I see no downside to this.

Spammer gets busted.  This is a great article.  Then you think, man, I wish this was in the US.  Then you notice a link to a related story… the US is about to legalize spamming.  *Sigh* 

Back to the long brown rifle topic… Sako Safari 80th Anniversary Limited: 5 round magazine.  Chambered for 375 H&H Mag.  Scope and leather case included.  $15,960.  You gotta be kidding me.  No way.  Not even if I was filthy stinking rich would I drop that much coin on a freaking production rifle.  On a collectible rifle, or a one of a kind rifle… maybe… a machinegun?  Probably.  But on a production rifle?  No. Freaking. Way.

July 5th, Saturday:  The article that was here has been moved to the Weapons Section for lack of a better location.

This above article will be placed in the weapons section in a day or two.

Happy 4th of July!  To all my brothers and sisters, our boys over seas, and to my Horde – Happy Independence Day! 

Should the US go to Liberia That’s the big question right now.  US Military Advisors are going there right now to find the answer.  I think the US has some Parental Responsibility to Liberia, just like we do Israel.  We helped father these nations… and like any parent when a kid gets in trouble, we should help out.  It’s a moral responsibility.  Not only that, we are long over due.  This brings up the question as to what the role of the US should be around the world.  World Cops?  Maybe so.  Why not?  We are the only Super Power capable of it or willing to do it.  We are the leaders of the world in every way.   Everyone looks to the US if they like us or not.  Its all about America.  Don’t know about you, but I am proud of that.   Liberia was founded by the US as a home for freed slaves who wanted to return to Africa.  They use our Great Seal, our Flag, and our Constitution.  They just fucked it all up.  Because of that, they need help.  The government there needs to be rebuilt, the warlords need to be put down, and the people need to be babysat for awhile until they are able to get going again under their own steam.  However I am afraid of another “Blackhawk Down” situation.  Everyone there is well armed and very skinny just like Mogadishu was.  Factions will not want to roll over.  I am confident in one thing – Our forces that go will have all the support and all the back up they need because our current President has some balls and they are not in some intern’s mouth.   Bush knows how to use the Military, and Clinton didn’t.  Liberia is right on the coast, easy fast access to more firepower than Africa has ever seen before.  I say send in the Marines and let a few MEU’s crawl all up Liberia’s ass.  Show those thugs what a pro can do. 

Speaking of firepower, today I observed a flight of F-16s.  Flying trans-sonic at about 200 feet.  Judas Priest… for the US Air Force’s weakest aircraft, it was an awesome sight to behold.  I feel sorry for the Iraqis.  Poor stupid bastards.  I still can’t believe that the Air Force wants to use those jet fighters to replace the A-10.  That has got to be one of the most retarded things the Air Force has ever tried to do since the “Parasite Fighter”.  

Along the same lines, we hear news that our friend “Pvt Pyle” is deploying with the 19th SF group to Afghanistan.  Having deployed with them myself, I know them to be awesome guys.  Totally professionals.  He is going out with the best possible unit to deploy with.  Our prayers are with James and his family.  I also pray for the stupid saps that are going to be under his rifle sights.  James is one hell of a soldier and shooter.  God speed, James.   I know you will return with honor.

Things that make you go hmmmm… Today on the 4th of July we are all celebrating our country’s independence.  All true Americans are celebrating this joyous day.  Hillary Clinton?  What’s she doing?  She is in France.  Of all places to be… the most Anti-American country out there that still wants our money.  Just like the Clintons.  Figures.

Good night, Barry White.  I loved you music, my man. 

Careful what you ask for… you might get it.  If there is no God… explain this one

July 2nd, Wednesday: 1530HRS:  Check out the Weapons Section of  I have put up a couple new items in there.  Girls with Guns… nothing naughty… just chicks with guns… all fully dressed and packing mainly Beretta pistols.  Then I have a thing I wrote about “One Shot Stops” called Magic Bullets.  More a technical piece than a rant… I examine the medical reasons of how bullets stop bad guys.  I wrote that last year, or something… I don’t think I ever posted it.

Email from our man at Dulles:  “DAO (Double Action Only) Solved a problem that never existed! Jeff Cooper. DAO Sucks! What's the point of it anyway? Can anyone explain this? Why did the SA auto need to be improved to begin with? Where there are folks who walked around saying "Gee. I'd feel better if the hammer was down!"  Haven't these ninnies heard of the safety? Hell, If this guy you talk about likes Glock (Barf) so much, why doesn't he talk about the lack of a safety on the SOB! John”  Can I explain this?  Yes.  Yes I can.  DOA stems from A very few people who thinks Police Officers are too stupid to either grasp the concept of a DA/SA trigger… or are too reckless to be trusted with a SA trigger.  And of course the Gun Rags have to pimp the shit out of these newer DAO guns so the Shooting Sheep can then buy up all these special new guns because the rags told them too.  Did I miss anything?  Well, we observed a video of a negligent discharge where a police woman came within an inch of punching a .40 caliber whole through the head of a suspect being handcuffed.  I’m not going to say anything about a woman cop or that it was a S&W or anything like that… I’m just illustrating the fact that these things can happen.  Had this gun been a DAO gun, would that shot have been fired?  I’m not sure.  Was that gun a DAO gun?  Again… Don’t know.  However I do know for a fact that if you give the officers proper training so they know to keep their damn fingers out of the damn trigger guard – then this would not have happened.  And if they can accomplish that – then they can be taught to handle a DA/SA trigger system or even as shocking as it sounds… an SA gun.  DAO was brought about to try to overcome training with a gimmick.  Training is expensive… gimmick devices are cheap.  To be truthful… I don’t mind DAO triggers that much.  I think they are just fine on Double Action Revolvers.

Email from Tracy:  “You are dead on about Southwest Airlines.  They are freaking cattle herders!  I felt like a slave on a slave ship headed for America.  Not only did they cram us and shove us in there, but they held us up for nearly two hours while they tore through everyone's luggage.  Well it is all apart of the no tolerance crap.  Now that is a stupid concept if I ever heard one.  The new shoe inspection thing, is a perfect example of that concept.  If I am wearing flip flops, why do I have to take them off????? I don't think I can hide a bomb in a flip flop.  Also, baby booties, will have to come off.  Come on.  This mind set is so asinine I can't even say enough bad things about it.  I can't even come up with words that would describe how stupid that is.  But guess what?  If you want to get on the plane, you take the shoes off.  Does that make me feel safer?  No!  What would make me feel safer is if the would check everyone that looked like a rag head!!!!!   Too harsh?  Too bad.   I am sick to death of these people.  I am getting real sick of the Iraqi people too.  I’m thinking, let our boys come home, and send in the French.  They wanted to help, so lets let them take the hot seat for awhile.  Even better yet, why don't we send in every special forces guy we got, and go house to house till we find So-damn-insane.  If he isn't in Iraq, then I would offer the worlds biggest reward, for his rotting, stinking, corps.  What do you think????”  I think Southwest should have a few more interviews before hiring someone.  I think National Security begins and ends at the Joe Sixpack who should be allowed to own and carry a gun.  Even in an Airport.   Because it’s Joe Sixpack who looks at the tickets… who checks the bags… who drives the truck out to the plane to load it… to the Joe Sixpack who is waiting for the flight and sees someone who leaves a bag in the terminal to go take a piss… It’s a whole parade of Joes who are heart and core of National Security.  But in this case… the responsibility is square on the shoulders of the fucknozzle who is checking boarding passes and doesn’t even bother to look at them.   For that reason alone – Southwest should be sued at full throttle.  About Iraq… We need to keep the faith in the fight… get more aggressive… and destroy all the crazy bastards that want hard Americans.  Be they Americans within the States, or Americans abroad in or out of Uniform.  Terrorists should be scared shitless that they might harm an American because of the repercussions.  Bush is acting tough, and saying bold words but we are still pussy-footing around with the globe.  You mess with an American – anywhere at any time – your ass is grass.  THAT is what I think.

Email from Reader:  “I just got done reading your comments on buisness and their propensenty to violate the backside of their employees.  Being on the employee side of things, I tend to agree.  But then, an awful lot of management has been promoted to a place where they can't screw up as much.  Never understood that principle, but it isn't my company.  I will say though, that one reason so many jobs are being moved overseas is that the employees themselves are the ones chasing them away.  Unions have drives wages higher, and have had help with minimum wage laws.  Employees demand all manner of perks, from insurance to gyms to months of vacation and maternity leave.  And all the various taxes don't help either.  All of this drives up costs, which are either going to be handed to the consumer or will drive the company out of buisness.  So jobs go to some third world country, where the new employees are paid a small fraction of what their American counterparts got.  But despite the small pay, this is a good thing for the new employees, because they have a much lower cost of living. So anyway, I have a question for you to ponder; why don't you start your own company?  You seem to have the management skills, you obviously have other skills, so start your own buisness.  Hire your own employees, and treat them as you want.  If you are the top Ogre, no one can drop torpedoes on you.  And with the economy being in a trough instead of a crest, you can take advandate of low intrest rates and the prospect of better times ahead.  Just don't get too deep in debt, and you will be fine for te next recession in 5-8 years ( barring unforseen calamity).  If I could figure out what I wanted to own/run, I wouldn't be sitting in this awful, life-sucking cubicle!”  Thanks for the email.   Start my own business?  I’m planning on it, eventually.  Once I finish college up and have my Masters or maybe a PHD and I am making some coin… then I can roll on making my dreams.  Do a search for my Air-RIB idea.  I also have ideas for small and Ultra-Light aircraft I want to develop.  I have designs for automobiles, firearms, knives… I have a lot ideas.  But I can’t do crap about any of it without money.  Same reason your still in the Cubical, right?  I suggest finishing some school for you too.  If you want to start a business, you need to be able to spell business.  Best of luck!

I don’t know about you guys, but my spam has become out of control.  I just got spammed by a British car dealer offering me a frickin “Vauxhall Astra 1.6 Club 8V”  for only 188.30 a month Pounds Sterling.  I’m sure if I was in London, that would be a good deal.  But instead, it just irks me.  I know a lot of guy out there who dislike me, use my email anytime they see a form to enter an email address… and that’s fine.  That stuff gets filtered.  But the really annoying stuff is the Spam where the address is faked and the subject line is deceitful.  A national do not spam list is fine… but better would be to outlaw spam all together.  This is something that must be done.  Spammers are ruining the internet.  I used to think the porn spam was bad… but you set a few key words and your filters catch it all.  But now they are spamming for damn near everything.  I think spam could also go away should everyone grow a spine and NOT BUY ANYTHING advertised via Spam.  If Spamming didn’t work – they wouldn’t be spamming.    So if you come across a spammer – punch him in the mouth.  If you come across someone who buys via spam – punch him in the mouth too.

June is all archived now.

July 1st, Tuesday: 2030hrs: My brothers and sisters of the Horde, I'm not happy with our government. In fact, I'm angry.  Yes, brothers and sisters, I'm a Mad Ogre today.  The government is truly screwed up. Republicans are pushing Democrat issues and the Democrats are still fighting them for no other reason than simple contradiction.  Spending is so far out of control it's silly.  It's as if every politico in office has turned into a drunken frat-boy with a stolen credit card.  The best example has got to be California.  I mean, seriously, Grey Davis is absolutely insane.  California is in an economic tail spin.  The taxes are ludicrously high and businesses are jumping ship left and right.  Davis himself is looking at getting his skinny liberal ass fired.  Yet while this is all going down, Davis now wants to raise taxes again by another 8 Billion.  There you go for Liberal Economics. Just raise taxes and keep raising them until everything gets better!  What a retard.  If California wants to improve the economy, they need to stop spending like a bunch of fools and cut back the taxes on every level, and on everything.  But I'm ahead of myself.  The very first thing they need to do is decapitate Grey Davis and the rest of the State's government.  And when that happens they are going to give the job to freaking elitist actor with a dozen Hummers who is married to a Kennedy.  Lovely.  Fire Pan to Fire.  California deserves everything it gets.   Arnold is a RINO who is Pro-Abortion, Anti-Gun and Pro-Every other Liberal thing you can imagine.  The only thing that makes him a Republican is that he has some jingle in his bank accounts and a Republican name card.  But make no mistake… he is no more Republican than John McCain or Tom Daschle.    

ESPN has a new show... Rome Is Burning.  Wish I could see it.  Thats one of the shows I miss on the radio... The Jim Rome Show.  I'm down with Jungle, but the 1 radio station out here doesnt carry it.  In fact, all they carry is fricken Golden Oldies, ABC news once in awhile, the occasional Paul Harvey spot, and lots of dead air.

It's reported that US manufactures are wanting to cut back on imports from China. They are petitioning the government for this?  Oh really?  Why don't you weasels petition the people that actually control that?  The Suits that walk around glass offices and get the best parking.  You guys need to talk to them.  Because it's all about stroking the Share Holders - not the Employees.  That's why so much stuff gets made in China instead of over here.  Because they can save a few cents per item and make more profit for themselves instead of making better lives for the people supporting them. Oh, I'm plenty capitalistic when it comes to business... But I'm also very socialistic when it comes to taking care of employees.  In my book - people come first.  This is why I'm never going to be in Corporate America again... I just don't fit in with the suits in relishing the forced sodomy of employees.  This is the reason I've left every management job I have ever been offered.  Well, here is the pattern, I take a management job... I improve the crews and make things run great.  I don't bend my people over.  I become more popular than those above me and they feel threatened.  Then I start getting torpedoes fired at me until I'm gone one way or another.  Never has anything to do with my performance... Just politics.  Once I had even been given a good review and a pay raise - just before a suit decided to cank me because I was too popular.  I was once told "Friends don't put food on the table."  Funny thing, I wasn't out to make friends... I just didn't want to act like an asshole like him.   The friends were just a bi-product.  Guys like that are out of touch... The don't see the big picture.  But I guess that’s hard to do when you've got some suit's zipper in your face and something down your throat. 

More about the knife thing.  There are 8 different folders and 2 fixed blades I am going to start selling soon.  As I said before... very good knives for cheap.  The one I have is pretty damn excellent.  For 20 bucks, it smokes a lot of other knives that cost more than double that.  These are not gun show or flea market cheapies.  These are good knives.  I can see the following happening... You buy one to give to a buddy as a gift or something.  Once you handle it, you get one for yourself.  

1509hrs:  The hard right finally dumbs out?  I don’t think so.  NY Daily News looks about as clever as the New York Times now. In an Op Ed piece of liberal spew, Richard Cohen (seething liberal idiot) makes a pathetic attempt at flaming one of our members of The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.  The target of this vomitous git's anger is our own Ann Coulter and her new book "Treason".  I will not soil the web servers of by posting quotes from this slug’s whimpering scat. However, I must post the URL so you can smell this sewer and judge the stench for yourself.  

Now that you have agreed it stinks, I want to point out something.  First, Richard Cohen is a moronic ass.  Second, Treason has been in the top 5 since the day it came out.  Third, it trumped Hillary Clinton's book on that same day.
Forth, at this moment in time, Treason is #2 under Harry Potter. While Hillary's fictional crap is down at #8. Don't take my word for it,
check it yourself.  Just go to and check out the best sellers list. You see, this list is generated real time based on one simple factor. What people are actually ordering online. Seems people are ordering "Treason" left and right.  A lot more people that you would be lead to believe if you were to look at the Best Sellers lists put together by some agenda motivated asshatted New York Times Editor.  Ann Coulter, Right Wing Goddess, is right on the money. The truth hurts. Suck up the pain, Liberals. Suck it up.

Side note:  Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code is solid at #4.  Hey, I think Treason has actually climbed up as East of Eden was #2.  Good book too BTW.  Anyways, looking forward to Dan Brown’s book as soon as it arrives.  Thanks again, Heath!   

1314hrs:  There is a fellow who is one of the more well known and respected gun writers and firearms trainers around.   He writes for several well know periodicals and has garnered a lot of followers from people who spend more time reading gun rags than they do at the range actually pulling triggers.  To me, this cat is an inspiration.  He gives me hope.  Because if such a dumbass bullshitter can make a career out of talking guns, then maybe there is hope for a guy that knows more.  No, I don't like this guy.  I think his methods and techniques he teaches are flat out dangerous to both the shooter and the suspect.  I also think his knowledge of firearms is either greatly diminished or nonexistent.  I've just read an article of his where he is talking about the advantages of a DAO (double-action-only) handgun over a traditional DA/SA type gun.  He goes on and on about who great this DAO system is... Yet he isn't really talking about a DAO.  The dumbass is talking about a Glock.  Glock uses what they call a "Safe Action System" where the main hammer spring is cocked by the weapon's cycling action - not by the manipulation of the trigger.  This is why you can't make a Glock go "click click click."  You can't do that because the trigger doesn't cock the gun...  Because you pompous clusterfuck, the gun isn’t a double-action!  You can't talk about DAO using a gun as an example that is more of a single action than not.  I'm not going to use a 1911 as an example when talking about a Glock trigger... They are totally different.  This would be like the History Channel doing a show about the historical ruins in Rome while being in and showing footage of Seattle.  I know Seattle is a great city and perfectly lovely... But it isn't Rome.  It isn't even close.  Chuck Taylor is completely useless.

Last Saturday the family had an incident that I chose not to mention at the time.  I have 2 little sister in laws, one 13 and one 9.  They were going to fly from SLC over to KC to visit some cousins.  Southwest Airlines.  Checked in through the front desk, then at the gate and walked aboard by the airline people and sat down.  Wrong plane.  Oops!  Pulled off that jet and moved to another as directed by Southwest. Checked in, boarded, and onto another jet.  This jet was heading to New Mexico... Nice job Southwest!  Let's ignore the fact that it took 3 tries to get a couple little girls on the right jet...  Let's not even go there. I don’t have time.  Instead let's look at how the idiots at the gates are checking people in… not looking at the tickets… not even glancing at the tickets or boarding passes.  If they are doing this, twice in a freaking row, I wonder who else is slipping past them?  Why buy tickets anymore?  Just print out a fake looking one and slip into line?  Airline Security?  What the hell is that?  Oh, I know.  Airline Security is hassling old Medal Of Honor recipients saying that they can’t take the medal on the plane, or hassling any businessman that comes through looking like he hasn’t slept in 2 days and is packing a giant heavy laptop (THANK GAWD FOR MY IPAQ) case that must weight at least 85 pounds and a heavy raincoat.  That is what the airline security for.  2 little girls?  Who cares about 2 little girls?  You know what?  I do.  2 kids flying alone need to be taken care of.  The airlines should have taken just an extra second to look at the fucking tickets.  3 tries.  That is 2 times 2 security breeches until they finally got on the right plane.  Southwest Airlines… buncha fucking clowns.  I’ve flown on probably every air carrier and Southwest has already been my least favorite.  Not they are not even an option.  No freaking way am I ever getting on a Southwest flight again.  Who knows who else they let on the plane?  They run the plane like it’s a damn cattle truck.  Fucking Southwest.

I’ve been busting on people pretty hard today.  I was thinking when I first wrote all the above last night laying in bed, that I might be pushing it.  Then I saw this article on Wired News.   Bloggers (man, I hate that term!) now are legally protected from Libel.  Nice.  I’ll have to keep that in mind.

Well, I got in this mystery knife… I’ve mention it before.  It’s new line of folding tactical knives that I can start selling for only 20 bucks.  They are pretty damn good.  In fact, I would put it up against a CRKT folder in quality easily.   I think I’m going to fill out the dealership papers and start selling them.  I’ll only make a couple bucks off each knife for ammo money but it’s cool.  These knives are nice and you could buy several at a time for the price of one other knife.  So if your looking for a cheap folder that is still decent – this is it.  Seriously.  I wasn’t expecting ANYTHING this nice. For what I paid for it.   The knife locks up rock solid with no blade wiggle.  Liner lock.  Dual thumb studs for one hand opening.  440 blade, not the chinsy AUS 6 like on other cheap knives.  The scales are made of what looks like it could be G-10.  Pocket clip that is wide and smooth… won’t tear up your pants pockets.  Smooth opening and closing action with an affirmative “click” in each direction locking open or closed.  Knife feels good in the hand in different fighting grips.  Over all, it’s a good looking knife.  I could see people paying 50 bucks or more for one of these, easily… but I won’t try to stretch profits and jack prices if I can keep buy cheap.  I think Twenty Bucks is a screaming good deal on this.  You could get one of these for gifts for just about anyone.  Everyone should have a knife clipped to a pocket.  A knife is mankind’s oldest tool.  More on the knives later.

Email came in making mention of this article. This article just sent me slam off.  “Band of Brothers mythology”.  What the freak is that?  Band of Brothers was history!  I can’t rant about this again or I’ll pop a fucking vein in my fucking skull!  I FREAKING HATE THESE WEAKMINDED LIBERAL TEA SIPPING NANCYBOY JOURNALIST PUSSIES!  I opened a discussion on this here.  Bob Grahm is a LIMEY GIT!  I would that I could meet this prick in person so I can take my left thumb and drive it through one of his crossed, bloodshot eyes.  Fucker.

Okay… got a migraine going on again now.  Where is my duct tape?  I have to wrap my skull to keep it from exploding now. 

And then I saw this.  /Passes out.

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