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July 10th, Saturday, 2004: 2200hrs:  Quadriplegic Teen tries to buy gun company.   I’m sorry the kid got hurt.  And the Bryco guns are pieces of shit… but I can’t blame the gun for this accident.   The article doesn’t’ say if the kit was playing with the gun or if someone else was… I don’t think it really matters.  Obviously there were some broken rules here.  For fun, let’s review:

The 4 Rules of Firearms Safety:  These basics are the same for any weapon… from pistol to rifle to RPG Launcher.

1.  Handle all firearms as if they were loaded.   This means with extreme caution and care for any weapon.  This rule is the first because it’s essentially the most important and encompasses all the others… this goes for old guns up on the wall, or in the safe, or in the glass counter at your local sporting goods store.  

2.  Never point the gun at anything you're not willing to destroy.  When the weapon fires, whatever it’s pointed at is what is going to get hit.  This is why we try not to point guns at things we want to keep around… like ourselves or kids or whatever.  In the case of this kid, this rule was obviously broken.  Had it been followed, he would not have been hit.  Simple as that. 

3.  Keep your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard until you have made the decision to fire the weapon.  The trigger finger is the real safety mechanism to any weapon system.  In this case, someone had a finger wrapped around the trigger and was pulling it when they flipped off the safety.  And considering the Rule 2 violation, the kid got hit.  You really can’t blame the gun for the operator being a dumbass.  The fact is that the gun worked as it should… it was the operator that failed.  The same thing would have happened regardless of weapon. 

4.  Know your target, and know what is beyond the target.  This is a no brainer… was the kid holding up a paper target?  Sheesh. 

These rules are most important… they are the basics.  If you follow them, you and yours will not be hurt.  If you break them… then bad things happen.  A firearm is no more dangerous than an automobile.  There are rules for operating an automobile, and if you break those, bad things can happen.  Stay on your side of the lines… stop at the red lights… look behind you when you are backing up… etc.   Breaking rules breaks other things.  And this kid is blaming the gun because someone broke the rules.  That’s the most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard.  I’m not a fan of Bryco products… I wouldn’t buy one… but I do not consider then to be any more dangerous than a custom 1911, Glock, XD, Ruger GP100… it’s really simple: Keep your damn fingers off the freaking trigger!  If you can’t do that… if you don’t’ have the self control to do that little thing… you shouldn’t own guns.

Wheeling today.  Took Mrs Ogre and the boys out to a very well used off road test area just north of town.  Went over a few trails and up and down a few hills… Mrs Ogre was FREAKING OUT.  “NO NO NO, DON’T GO UP THAT!”  *VROOM* We go up it with no problem… not even with any wheel spin.  “NO NO!  I’m asking you nicely, NO!” Her panic got the boys worked up and next thing you know, my little off roading monsters who had been with me tackling bigger and badder obstacles starting to freak out too.  So I reeled it in and we went home.  I was disappointed.     I was just starting to have some fun.  Evidently Mrs Ogre is NOT an off roader.  But then again I knew this.  Every time I tell her I’m going she ALWAYS has something to say… “I wish you wouldn’t” or something like that.  I think she would be most pleased if I never drove on dirt again.   Admittedly I am disappointed in this.  She grew up on Idaho spud farms riding with her hottrodding Dad in a dune buggy jumping ditches and chasing coyotes and shit.  I never take risks like that.  In fact, when I wheel, I’m extremely careful and take every little pothole like a mars scientist piloting a rover.    I’ve driven fast off road – make no mistake about that, but that’s over known terrain.   I’m so careful about my driving off road, I’m considering mounting a camera to the front end so I can see what my hood is blocking.   And she was about to piss her pants going over terrain that I took my Subaru over.  Sheesh.

I think my solenoid is going out.  A couple times today I’d turn the key and nothing would happen… but if I held it for a second or 3 then I’d here a click as the starter motor engages.  Weird.  I’ve never had that happen to me before.  I’m afraid of rolling out to go hunting with Ranger because of it.  I don’t want to be out in the desert with the Fremen and shit and all the sudden find myself stranded.  This Ford truck is still pretty alien to me under the hood.  Where there is normally the solenoid… I got 3 different things with wires going everywhere.  I have no idea what that stuff is.  My Jeep, when that solenoid when bad – I didn’t replace it.  I opened it up and fixed it.  This… I don’t know what this is.  Still living and learning.


Noonish:  France, the perpetually paranoid cheese eating surrender monkeys faced and defeated a stunning terrorist threat.   Two twins rampaged through Charles De Gaul Airport and were about to board an airliner for England.   Thank God the French Security Forces stopped this… who knows what could have happened! Considering that this is all apart of the global war on terror, this might qualify as France’s 1st military victory since The Hundred Years War.  We are looking into this… Let’s check the history:

The Complete Military History of France:

- Gallic Wars - Lost. In a war whose ending foreshadows the next 2000 years of French history, France is conquered by of all things, an Italian.

- Hundred Years War - Mostly lost, saved at last by female schizophrenic who inadvertently creates The First Rule of French Warfare; "France's armies are victorious only when not led by a Frenchman."

-Italian Wars - Lost. France becomes the first and only country to ever lose two wars when fighting Italians.

- Wars of Religion - France goes 0-5-4 against the Huguenots

- Thirty Years War - France is technically not a participant, but manages to get invaded anyway. Claims a tie on the basis that eventually the other participants started ignoring her.

- War of Devolution - Tied. Frenchmen take to wearing red flowerpots as chapeaux.

-The Dutch War - Tied

-War of the Augsburg League/King William's War/French and Indian War Lost, but claimed as a tie. Three ties in a row induces deluded Frogophiles the world over to label the period as the height of French military power.

-War of the Spanish Succession - Lost. The War also gave the French their first taste of a Marlborough, which they have loved every since.

- American Revolution - In a move that will become quite familiar to future Americans, France claims a win even though the English colonists saw far more action. This is later known as "de Gaulle Syndrome", and leads to the Second Rule of French Warfare; "France only wins when America does most of the fighting."

- French Revolution - Won, primarily due the fact that the opponent was also French.

- The Napoleonic Wars - Lost. Temporary victories (remember the First Rule!) due to leadership of a Corsican, who ended up being no match for a British footwear designer.

- The Franco-Prussian War - Lost. Germany first plays the role of drunken Frat boy to France's ugly girl home alone on a Saturday night.

- World War I - Tied and on the way to losing, France is saved by the United States. Thousands of French women find out what it's like to not only sleep with a winner, but one who doesn't call her "Fraulein." Sadly, widespread use of condoms by American forces forestalls any improvement in the French bloodline.

-World War II - Lost. Twice.  It’s important to note that during Operation Torch at the beginning of the US invasion of North Africa, US Forces battles French forces for 4 days… by the end of which, we had destroyed the French Navy and they of course surrendered to us.  Later, conquered French liberated by the United States and Britain just as they finish learning the Horst Wessel Song.   

- War in Indochina - Lost. French forces plead sickness, take to bed with the Dien Bien Flu.

- Algerian Rebellion - Lost. Loss marks the first defeat of a western army by a Non-Turkic Muslim force since the Crusades, and produces the First Rule of Muslim Warfare; "We can always beat the French." This rule is identical to the First Rules of the Italians, Russians, Germans, English, Dutch, Spanish, Vietnamese and Esquimaux.

- War on Terrorism - France, keeping in mind its recent history, surrenders to Germans and Muslims just to be safe. Attempts to surrender to Vietnamese ambassador fail after he takes refuge in a McDonald's.


July 9th, Friday, 2004: 2100hrs:  The Manchurian Candidate: This is one Hollywood remake that I am glad they did, and it is coming out at the right time.  Densel Washington is a powerful actor.  His work on “Man On Fire” was fantastic.  But this movie brings up an eerie thought.   For those familiar with the story, you cats probably know what I’m talking about… Kerry.  Look at the similarities in the flick… We have Kerry, who is a war veteran with nothing else to offer, not even any original ideas… yet he is backed by some big bucks and they are pushing him to the top.  Creepy huh?  I think so.  Then again, John Kerry creeps me out.  But as disturbing as Kerry is personally… even more disturbing are the millions of people out there who say “I’m voting for Kerry” and they don’t even know why.

When you ask them to explain why, they say “Because Bush…” That’s all they got.  And they don’t even know why they don’t like Bush!  You ask them that and they will say “The War”.  Okay.  The war.  On the surface that would seen like a valid reason… but the truth is that all the top Democrat Politicos themselves were pushing for it!  That is of course up to the moment when Bush took up that torch.  Then all the sudden the war is bad and Bush was lying.  Yeah right.  I call bullshit.  What about the health care package Bush pushed through?  It was practically written by Ted Kennedy, but as soon as Bush touched it, all the sudden it was poison.  Again, I call bullshit.  One word.  There is one word that best describes the modern Liberal movement and today’s Democrats:


Manufacturing Index is now at an all time high and the highest it’s been in over 32 years.  Yeah, the National Economy totally sucks doesn’t it?  Well, like or not, leftistas, something is going right.  You can’t base the economy on just the Unemployment numbers, I’m sorry.  You can’t.  Where is the hypocrisy in this?  Well, take a look at what the Dems were saying about it… “Oh, the jobs being created are all low end, low pay type jobs.”   Well, from what I have seen these are the same types of jobs that the Dems economic plan would destroy first… Along with the rest of the national economy falling right behind.  I mean come on… Kerry is wanting to give out free college to inner-city blacks and 40 grand a year MORE to each Native American Indian.  Sorry, but I call bullshit on that too.  I’ve yet to see an Indian around here driving a vehicle more than 2 years old… come on.  If he is giving all this shit away, who the hell is supposed to be paying for it?  “The Government”?  Who is the fucking Government people?  Who?  Kerry?  No!  It’s you, Hombre… It’s YOU.   You are the one that is going to be paying for it.  As Capitol One likes to say, “What’s in your wallet?” 

The USA TODAY newspaper had a story saying that this election is going to be a battle of “values”.  Hell, talk about a one sided battle.  Kerry is unarmed.

Email in from Microlon:

On your site, section, you mention... 

"One of The Horde is using Microlon with good results and he is loving it. I’ve not tried it because, well, I’m freaking broke."  If you provide me with a shipping address, I will send you a 4 ounce can of our product.  You, of course, are under no obligation to do anything more than pour it out, use it, shoot it, use it as a sling bullet, or whatever else catches your fancy upon its arrival.  But since we have gotten a few visitors from the link on your page, I thought you should at least see the stuff. 

If you're interested, let me know where to ship it.  (No charge to you, since you're broke.)  Let me know also if you'd rather not be bothered by people like me.  

Either way, thanks for your time.

Michael Whittington

Tech Support Manager

Microlon, Inc

Very cool… Indeed, I’ll accept the offer.  I’ve been wanting to try it out.  Thanks you very much Michael.

Another thanks to Matt in Oregon.  Matt has delivered unto us a Netgear firewall that should put an end to the numerous attempts to hack my box here.  I am much relieved and will be plugging it in shortly.   If it works, Matt gets a field promotion to Commander.

Speaking of Military matters, I posted this:You gotta be fucking kidding me – the Air Force is around the corner.”  One of the Horde was distraught over this.  Let me clarify this for everyone.  I was Army.  This is an example of elbow ribbing called “Inner Service Rivalry”.  It was done in jest, and with the utmost respect for the Air Force.  Besides, I had originally typed “Navy” but changed that to AF because I have more Air Force readership than I do Navy.   And my Navy readers know that I have love for the Navy!  One of these days I’m going to retire to a boat.  Come on.  I have total respect for servicemen and women in all branches… because each one of them are true patriots and heroes.  God bless and be with each one of them.     



1930hrs:  Jeep Commando For Sale.

0930: "Ogre, I received this e-mail from a friend still working in my old unit.  It's a long read, but one of the most vivid stories I've ever read about what it's like "over there".  I figured the readers of might like to partake. - Brad"

Iraq combat: What it's really like over there

Old soldiers in the Civil War coined a phrase for green troops who survived their first taste of battle: "He has seen the elephant." This Army lieutenant sums up the combat experience better than many a grizzled veteran:

"Well, I'm here in Iraq, and I've seen it, and done it. I've seen everything you've ever seen in a war movie. I've seen cowardice; I've seen heroism; I've seen fear; and I've seen relief. I've seen blood and brains all over the back of a vehicle, and I've seen men bleed to death surrounded by their comrades. I've seen people throw up when it's all over, and I've seen the same shell-shocked look in 35-year-old experienced sergeants as in 19-year-old privates.

"I've heard the screams - `Medic! Medic!' I've hauled dead civilians out of cars, and I've looked down at my hands and seen them covered in blood after putting some poor Iraqi civilian in the wrong place at the wrong time into a helicopter. I've seen kids with gunshot wounds, and I've seen kids who've tried to kill me.  

"I've seen men tell lies to save lives: `What happened to Sergeant A.?' The reply: `C'mon man, he's all right - he's wondering if you'll be OK - he said y'all will have a beer together when you get to Germany.' SFC A. was lying 15 feet away on the other side of the bunker with two medics over him desperately trying to get either a pulse or a breath. The man who asked after SFC A. was himself bleeding from two gut wounds and rasping as he tried to talk with a collapsed lung. One of them made it; one did not.

"I've run for cover as fast as I've ever run - I'll hear the bass percussion thump of mortar rounds and rockets exploding as long as I live.  I've heard the shrapnel as it shredded through the trailers my men live in and over my head. I've stood, gasping for breath, as I helped drag into a bunker a man so pale and badly bloodied I didn't even recognize him as a soldier I've known for months. I've run across open ground to find my soldiers and make sure I had everyone.

"I've raided houses, and shot off locks, and broken in windows. I've grabbed prisoners, and guarded them. I've looked into the faces of men who would have killed me if I'd driven past their IED (improvised explosive device) an hour later. I've looked at men who've killed two people I knew, and saw fear.

"I've seen that, sadly, that men who try to kill other men aren't monsters, and most of them aren't even brave - they aren't defiant to the last - they're ordinary people. Men are men, and that's it. I've prayed for a man to make a move toward the wire, so I could flip my weapon off safe and put two rounds in his chest - if I could beat my platoon sergeant's shotgun to the punch. I've been wanted dead, and I've wanted to kill.

"I've sworn at the radio when I heard one of my classmate's platoon sergeants call over the radio: `Contact! Contact! IED, small arms, mortars! One KIA, three WIA!' Then a burst of staccato gunfire and a frantic cry: `Red 1, where are you? Where are you?' as we raced to the scene ... knowing full well we were too late for at least one of our comrades.

"I've seen a man without the back of his head and still done what I've been trained to do - `medic!' I've cleaned up blood and brains so my soldiers wouldn't see it - taken pictures to document the scene, like I'm in some sort of bizarre cop show on TV.

"I've heard gunfire and hit the ground, heard it and closed my Humvee door, and heard it and just looked and figured it was too far off to worry about. I've seen men stacked up outside a house, ready to enter - some as scared as they could be, and some as calm as if they were picking up lunch from McDonald's. I've laughed at dead men, and watched a sergeant on the ground, laughing so hard he was crying, because my boots were stuck in a muddy field, all the while an Iraqi corpse was not five feet from him.  

"I've heard men worry about civilians, and I've heard men shrug and sum up their viewpoint in two words - `F--- 'em.' I've seen people shoot when they shouldn't have, and I've seen my soldiers take an extra second or two, think about it, and spare somebody's life.

"I've bought drinks from Iraqis while new units watched in wonder from their trucks, pointing weapons in every direction, including the Iraqis my men were buying a Pepsi from. I've patrolled roads for eight hours at a time that combat support units spend days preparing to travel 10 miles on. I've laughed as other units sit terrified in traffic, fingers nervously on triggers, while my soldiers and I deftly whip around, drive on the wrong side of the road, and wave to Iraqis as we pass. I can recognize a Sadiqqi (Arabic for friend) from a Haji (Arabic word for someone who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca, but our word for a bad guy); I know who to point my weapons at, and who to let pass.

"I've come in from my third 18-hour patrol in as many days with a full beard and stared at a major in a pressed uniform who hasn't left the wire since we've been here, daring him to tell me to shave. He looked at me, looked at the dust and sweat and dirt on my uniform, and went back to typing at his computer.

"I've stood with my men in the mess hall, surrounded by people whose idea of a bad day in Iraq is a six-hour shift manning a radio, and watched them give us a wide berth as we swagger in, dirty, smelly, tired, but sure in our knowledge that we pull the triggers, and we do what the Army does, and they, with their clean uniforms and weapons that have never fired, support us.

"I've given a kid water and Gatorade and made a friend for life. I've let them look through my sunglasses - no one wears them in this country but us - and watched them pretend to be an American soldier - a swaggering invincible machine, secure behind his sunglasses, only because the Iraqis can't see the fear in his eyes.

"I've said it a thousand times - `God, I hate this country.' I've heard it a million times more - `This place sucks.' In quieter moments, I've heard more profound things: `Sir, this is a thousand times worse than I ever thought it would be.' Or, `My wife and Sgt. B's wife were good friends - I hope she's taking it well.'

"They say they're scared, and say they won't do this or that, but when it comes time to do it they can't let their buddies down, can't let their friends go outside the wire without them, because they know it isn't right for the team to go into the ballgame at any less than 100 percent.  

"That's combat, I guess, and there's no way you can be ready for it.

It just is what it is, and everybody's experience is different. Just thought you might want to know what it's really like."


Early Morning:  Ah, we had some fun today!  The boys are totally sold on Off Roading now.  I think they will remember this day for the rest of their lives.  We went along some trails up into the Uintah Mountains and got up on top of the biggest one over looking Vernal.  I don’t know the names of them or anything… but it was a hell of a climb.  Couple of observations about the Bronco.  It’s hell of a good off roader.  It really is.  However there was one spot today when I got a little stuck for a minute had to rock my way out and go back down and pick a new line.   That sucks.  I need lockers and some tires that are a bit bigger and more aggressive.  A couple more inches clearance would have been a big help too.  Oh, and a compressor to air the tires back up.  I used to have some recovery gear, but I don’t know what happened to it.  A big bar jack and a come-a-long and some tackle and shackles.  I think I left it Orem, but I could have sworn I packed it up.  I don’t know.  I needed a new bar jack anyways, and to be perfectly honest – screw the shackles and come-a-long crap.  I want a beefy Warn wench… but then again, who doesn’t?  There is a tow anchor that would be most helpful out here in the desert since sometimes you don’t have anything to hook onto to help you pull out.     But I think the first thing I need to really get are some lockers.  Anyways.  We had a hell of a good time today.  Tomorrow, we are going to hit a different trail.   Nothing really harsh, but just enough to give the boys some thrills.  Today was priceless.

Emails about the Saiga: Hi Mad Ogre!  I have tried the Saiga 12 gauge in an IPCS-shotgun match. The importer has the shotguns, but the government (Norwegian) will not yet approve them for sale. So I borrowed one just for the match. I do not know the AK-47 well, but i reckon the shotgun is of equal quality, imho. What I didn’t like about them was the mag-changes. They were really difficult, with a full mag, a round in the chamber, it was nearly impossible to get the mag in. to get the mag in you had too turn the gun upside down and really push! it took too much time. The solution to the problem at the range, was to empty the gun and put the mag in with the bolt in the back position. If you get hold of one you have to use a Dremmel tool a lot, too adjust the mag-well. The mag was also in plastic, with small bits of metal at the stress points. All in all it was A neat little package, really evil looking. it handled very well, but, I`d rather go for a rem. 870, like one from Wilson Combat, Scattergun Technologies.  Best regards STIG.  (I don’t know if you have a Dremmel-tool in the states, but if you don’t it is a power tool,  sort of a big dentist drill.) Speaking of power tools have you seen this video from a euro-techo freak, called benny bennassi? heres a link, its worth watching, even if you think the music stinks.”

Good grief!  Yeah, we have Dremmels here in the States, I have one.  But they don’t hold a candle to those power tools!  That jackhammer?  Judas Priest…  Guys, even if you have the world’s slowest connection – hit that link.  Seriously… but not from work or around a spouse.  Whooo!  It’s racy.

Another one:Hey. I heard you were considering a Saiga, and I have a few words of advice on them.  They feel cheap. They feel like they are made out of nasty, thin plastic, and it feels like it’s going to snap if you drop one. The magazines are even worse, and they are expensive (At least around here), too. As for gun cleaning, I’ve been using the new Otis tactical cleaning kit…  it works fine, and the little bottle of fluid it comes with is pretty wicked stuff; Seems to do everything pretty damn well but lube, and that’s what I use Hoppes #9 for. If you need a really compact cleaning kit, go for the otis...You can even put it on your belt and take it to the range. I keep one in my glove box, and one in my house...Great kit. G.O.N.”

I’ve never tried the Otis kit.  It’s expensive as hell, at least the ones I’ve seen.

Last one on the Saiga:George, as you know I've been using one of these for the last year in 3gun.  Just one point to consider.  It is not as straight forward to reload as an AK.  The top round of the magazine sticks out a considerable distance.  It is almost impossible to reload with the bolt closed.  You need to drop the old mag, reach up and retract the bolt, (luckily there is a little button by the trigger guard that acts as a manual bolt hold open) rock & lock the new mag in.  Then retract the bolt handle and let it go.  With practice this can be done pretty darn fast.   A mutant Saiga is going to be my first post Sept 14th project.  Looking forward to it.  And I'm looking forward to plentiful cheap good magazines.  – Larry

Oh, I know it can be done fast, Larry… I’ve seen you do it.  And even if some consider it not so fast, it’s a hell of a lot faster and easier than me trying reload the shells one at a time.  I remember a certain shotgun stage in Nevada… I remember it pissed off Pvt Pyle too.  LOL, yeah, I think the Saiga is the way for me to roll with buckshot.  Properly equipped, I think a Saiga could be “THE ULTIMATE SHOTGUNtm”.  

A good rant from Glenn: “Few links for you: Link 1, Link 2, Link 3.  I just have one thing to say to them.  "Farewell you pansy-assed cowards!"  I'm always amazed at people's ignorance.  What did they think they were going to be doing in the Army? ... Of course every bleeding heart, tree-hugging, granola is dashing to their defense!  I guess that makes these two the poster children for pansy-assed cowards the world over.  Next thing you know they'll be giving running lessons to the French Foreign Legion!  A quote off of one of the sites caught my eye:  "I would vote for Sen. Kerry. Not because I'm enthusiastic about his candidacy, but I see him being the lesser of two evils."  This is pretty much the stump Kerry is running on... "I have no stance on the issues.  In fact my opinion on any matter will change from sentence to sentence in the same speech.  My only redeeming qualification is that I am not Bush!"  Hell that's a glowing reason to cast a vote for a guy (not that either of these panty-wastes will have any say in the matter! - Thank GOD!)  -Glenn”

Glenn, I totally agree.  I have no sympathy for these to cowards.  They don’t believe in the war?  That’s a pathetic excuse.  Today’s military is an all volunteer force… everyone in it chose to be in it of their own agency.  We don’t have a conscription, we don’t have a regular draft as such.  Everyone is in it because at one point that decided that this was what they wanted to do.  However they also made a commitment to serve and honor dictates that they do so.  A soldier does not have the luxury of picking and choosing which war to fight, or which orders to obey… Such optional service would leave the Military completely useless as no one would do the dirty work.  The military wouldn’t function because no one wants to do KP duty, or Honey Pot duty, or stand guard duty at 0300 hrs.  The military functions because the men and women in it are dedicated professionals that take pride in their service and obey orders.  It’s as simple as that.  If these dickless little rabbits can’t handle that – they shouldn’t have joined up.  The Military is scrambling to get people in, when what they should be doing is just trying to get in the good people.  They pretty much have to take damn near everyone that walks into a recruitment station when the recruiters should be about to look at the guy and say “You gotta be fucking kidding me – the Air Force is around the corner.”   These guys, I’m sorry, I don’t care how much support and popularity they garner… The need to be slapped upside their heads with a copy of the UCMJ, which was, the last time I looked at one, was about 5 inches thick and bound in heavy leather.  They need to be dealt with harshly and swiftly because if not, we are going to be having a lot more guys puss out like this.  Note to the younger hordlings out there that are thinking of joining… if you do, make sure you grow a dick first, because the military is not the fucking Peace Corps or some extended Boys Scout Camp.  It’s the real deal  Basic Training has been known to be FATAL for the ones who couldn’t hack it.  We had 6 casualties in my training battalion.  6!  Six guys DIED because they wanted to play GI Joe but were not prepared for it.  One died from fucking around with a grenade and took an instructor with him… he didn’t take it seriously.  Another one died because he didn’t feel like drinking the water out of a canteen… so he got heat stroke and just fucking died on us.  He was right next to me when he dropped.  Instead of drinking, he would pour the water down his shirt so we couldn’t tell his body stopped sweating… he wasn’t taking it seriously.    Simple as that.  Toasted brain, long term coma, and then organ failures.  Had he survived, and awoke from the coma, they said that the kid wouldn’t have been able to function because the brain was so damaged.  So I guess he death was a stroke of luck.    The military is serious shit and if you want to go for it, then do it… but before you walk into that recruiter station – you need to be committed 150%.   


July 8th, Thursday, 2004: 1100hrs: Drudge had me busting a gut this morning.  This is hilarious.  Looks like they are a couple of High School lovers there.  Sheesh.  Are they pushing for the gay vote there or something?  

As much as that made me laugh this pissed me off.  Did this guy pull a hoax?  If so, that was unbelievably cruel… not just to his family but to his community back home.  This man, a Marine too.  This is inexcusable.  This is betrayal.  I hope they find this guy and arrest his sorry ass.

Kim seems impressed with some rich SOB’s power boat.  It is an impressive boat.  Very fast. Very dangerous.  Very expensive. When it comes to boat racing, having grown up in Seatac, I prefer Thunderboat Racing.  Again, very fast, dangerous, and expensive.  Take a look at those engine stats, Kim.  2,650 horses out of a Chinook Helicopter engine.  How cool is that?  Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I know I’ll never get the chance to play with that throttle.  Just as well… it is not a safe sport.  But having fun going screaming fast is not something out of reach of mere mortals… and the best thing about this is that we can actually call it a fishing boat.  Yeah, fishing.  Right.  This might be the only way I could take up an interest in fishing.  Forget the rods and reels… but a skeet thrower on the front, break out the Saiga shotguns – race out to the middle of the lake and play some serious Sporting Clays.   Those power boats Kim likes… sure they are cool… but how would you justify selling your house to buy one?     

A good question:  “Ogre, OK, I know that a lot has been going on in your life recently (and hopefully everything turns out for the best), but "Enquiring Minds Want to Know" about your choice of gun lubricant.  You've got a bunch of info on Breakfree CLP, seem to like (or did like) FP-10, and your latest love is CorrosionX.  Fine products all, but nonetheless different - which implies that one should be better than the other two.  So, where's the test?  Paul

I’ve not done another formal test since I lost all my data when I was doing it last year.  I should do it again, I know.  Breakfree CLP is good stuff.  It does everything you need it to do and it does it all very well.  It’s also pretty cheap and you can buy it at most gunshops.  That’s a bonus.  The other products also claim to do everything, but tend to have strengths in one area more than others.  For example, FP-10 has it’s strength in the Lube arena.  If you are looking for a straight lube, look no further.  However if you want to Clean and Protect too… I have found that CorrosionX is very good.  It lubes about the same as Breakfree CLP, but does a better job of protecting and about the same on the cleaning… and you don’t get that smell that BF has.  CorrosionX does have a smell, but it’s not nearly as bad.  Then there is some other stuff I’ve been trying out called “Armorer’s Ultimate”.  But the guy marketing the stuff hasn’t done his website yet.  It’s working pretty good and I’ll do a more detailed review of it when he does his website so I have something to link to where people can get it if they want.  It’s like a thin BF CLP that stinks less.  The cat making this stuff is up in Alaska and he is making this stuff for those tough conditions up there.  If this is the case, then it should be a really good option in the winter time.  

One of The Horde is using Microlon with good results and he is loving it.  I’ve not tried it because, well, I’m freaking broke. 

I have a little medicine dropper bottle that I’ve filled with Mobile One synthetic oil.  It lubes very well indeed, cost me nothing (on my gun accounts because I just used the remainders from the bottle when I was topping of the oil in my Bronco one day) and it’s also handy for other things too… hinges around the house… anywhere that I might have used WD-40 or 3-in-1.  It’s a handy thing to have around and saves money because I’m not using the more expensive gun oils.

I’ve been thinking about mixing up some “Ed’s Red” and I probably will.  Last time I did that, I used it for years… never even used it all either because someone grabbed the bottle out of my garage and used it in their car… with out asking…  It was the guy next door when I was living in Orem.  Not the cool guy north of me, but the freak dude just south of me… Dumped the stuff into his engine.  I don’t think I’d have done that considering I knew what it was.  They guy was an ass so I didn’t tell him what it was either.  

My Jeep has had some serious corrosion issues under the hood thanks to some ugly battery terminals and neglect.  I treated the terminals, with that acid crust all over it, with CorrosionX.  I just squirted it on, and then a few seconds later wiped the terminals off with a rag.  They looked new again.  Seriously.  And they still look new weeks later.  I also treated the rest of the metal fittings in the Jeep and in the Bronco and I’ve not had any corrosion problems since.  That’s pretty good.  The Mak I got in, which used to rust whenever it could… I’ve not had any rusting problems since I hit it with CorrosionX.  So that, Paul, is what I’m using in my guns, save the Cougar which is my test bed for the Armorer’s Ultimate.      

If you want to try the CorrosionX, it’s not bad price wise.  Less than 7 bucks for a 4 ounce bottle and a little bit goes a long way.  When I run out of this stuff, I’m going to place an order for some more… and I’m going to order a couple of cans of the spray stuff to treat the Bronco completely.  I’ll make sure that gets done before winter, even before I run out of the gun stuff, because salty Utah roads are murder on old trucks out here.

I posted a thread about Project Bronco HERE.  I’ve had some email suggestions about the rig… so if you want to share and discuss this project you can do that there.   I’m only mentioning that now because I’m about 15 seconds away from loading the beast up again and hitting another trail with the boys.  I would be working on my book, but with this straight keyboard – forget it. The Natural Keyboard should be here soon enough and I am needing this mini vacation.  PEACE!

July 7th, Wed, 2004: 2359hrs:  Ogre’s pick for an AWB Farewell Gun.  I know other shooters are themselves speculating on what gun to buy.  This is an individual choice that would depend on personality, temperament, terrain, budget, beloved spousal unit considerations, and desires.  We are all going to have to make this call on our own.  But for me, I am thinking of getting something that not only would enrage any and all Liberals out there, but one that also would fill a tactical gap in the Ogre’s defenses.  You see, I love the AK-47.  I also completely suck with a shotgun.  Oh, I’m fine for the first 8 rounds or so, but then I have to reload.  That’s where I start to fumble like a Jr High kid trying to navigate his first encounter with a bra strap.  It’s not a pretty sight.  Luckily for me, there is an answer.  It is found in the form of a Saiga 12 Gauge shotgun.  Normally they come with a straight style stock, but in that image there, we have regular AK style furniture with a trick buttstock.  Now that is what I’m talking about.  There is some green AK furniture out there… and I think that would be too sweet to pass up… Maybe a folding stock?  Hmmm.  The mind boggles at the possibilities.  Anyway, the Saiga is built on a robust AK action with of course the obvious modifications.  It’s fed by a large detachable box magazine that works just like a standard AK.  So mag changes are no more tricky than that of an AK.  No, not as fast as an AR mag change, but much faster than fumbling one shell at a time.  This is a perfect solution for me… in my opinion.

Is it just me, or does the new Democrat John-John ticket seem like a younger version of “Grumpy Old Men”?  They have nothing to offer themselves, but bitch incessantly about President Bush.  I still can not see a single reason, and no one has really stepped up to the plate and offered one, as to WHY they would vote FOR Kerry.  The only reasons that they have is that they are voting AGAINST Bush.  This Super Liberal Ticket they have now… if you Democrats really want that, then why don’t you vote for the Green Party?  Because the Greens, those nuts are at least true believers and JFK2 doesn’t believe in shit.  At least he doesn’t act on what he says he believes… illustrating the fact that he no longer even pretends to have a core anymore.  No core values… no guiding principles… just the one – that he will prostrate himself any way that is necessary to gain power.  And that my friends, is truly disturbing.  Much like how Al Gore did – Kerry scares me because he wants that power so desperately that he will do anything to get it.   Guys – that is exactly the kind of person who we do not want in the Whitehouse.  Why does he want the power so badly?  What is his real motivation for it?  What is he planning on doing with it?  Democrats – You candidate is completely useless to you, but he has an agenda that I bet is much less than patriotic.  The Two Johns are going to be riding roughshod across the country like Thing 1 and Thing 2 – and you are okay with that as long as Bush is out of the office?  Damn.  I don’t know who is worse. "We've got better hair"?  That's the depth you guys are willing to sink to? 

I was asked if I had seen F’911 yet.  No I have not.  Why would I pay to see a political advertisement that’s a collection of lies?  If I wanted to see that, I would just take a shit and not flush it.  Same could be said of looking at the filmmaker too.

Oh, no… I’ve not put up an auction for The Head as of yet.  Maybe after I wake up.  I’m tired.  I went wheeling with the little hordlings and just had a blast.  Nothing severe… nothing risky.  I don’t have a roll bar or 5 point harnesses for the 5 passengers… so it was light duty trail stuff.  

I’ve got a lot on my mind right now… things I don’t want to talk about… some heavy things.  So if it seems like I’m going nuts or something, well, I am.  Forgive me.

1100hrs: The cute little blonde babe that wants to trade a Pathfinder for the Bronco… Hell no.  She can go find another one.  And it wasn’t an 89… it was an 87.  No freaking way.  Yeah, they are decent vehicles… but I’m not interested in decent.  I’m interested in brutal.  I’m keeping this big green bitch through hell or highwater.   I’m going to take the time and do a rebuild on it.  It’s just too much fun to let go.  If a vehicle could be built that represented ME – this is it.  It’s a keeper.

I’m also going to keep the Detonics.  It’s not for sale anymore.  If I did sell it, I’d be kicking myself in the ass for the rest of my life.  So instead of selling it… I’m going to just auction off some other things… some art and stuff.  Ever since I got married I’ve used the guns as an investment reason, and I’ve always ended up having to liquidate a gun every time an appliance dies and needs to be replaced.  Screw it.  These are not investment pieces.  These are collection pieces.  So what else am I going to auction?  I’m an ogre… what else?  A severed head. I'll put it up on ebay tonight. Can you ebay a head?  How do you price one?

July 6th, Tuesday, 2004: 2100hrs: Well it seems that summer is now finally here.  The last few weeks we have had overcast and rain and generally cool temps.  Today it was solid blue upstairs and down here it was hot.  I had to run a couple errands in the Bronco and without an AC system, it was going to be miserable.  I was looking at the rig when all the sudden it struck me… It’s a full size Bronco.  The top can come off.  Duh!   So the first thing I had to do was to find out how to get the rear window to roll down.  The switches never worked and it was stuck in the full up position.   You can’t take the top off with the window up, so jumped into the back armed with a screwdriver and harsh language and opened the tailgate up from the inside.  Found the problem, made the repair, and presto!  Lowered window.  Then I hit connecting bolts, undid everything, and with the help of Mrs. Ogre (who can kick Xena’s ass btw) we lifted the top off presto!  I now have a bikini topped pickup truck.  Hey, Chevy Avalanche, bite me!   The Misses was kinda freaking out because the rear seat has no belts and she didn’t want the little hordlings getting bounced out the back while I’m wheeling.  No problem… with generous applications of harsh language, a Cold One, and the belts from another vehicle that shall remain nameless… I had belts in about 5 minutes.  Nothing to do but load up the Tax Exemptions and take it for a spin.  



“Can we keep it like this?”

It would seem that The Boyz like the Bronco now.  I also noticed that 200 pounds over the rear end changes the vehicle dynamics a lot.  Removing it improved it a lot.  The truck felt rather spry with out it, and there was no cowl shake noises.  Note to self, when putting the roof back on – put on some weather stripping material to dampen that racket.

So the errands turned into some adventures and we had a great time blowing off some steam and unloading some stress.  Felt good.  Pictures of the topless Bronco found here. (May not be safe for work)


1400hrs:  Something I did NOT want to do.  But I am forced to.   Choice came down to liquidating the Detonics or the Cougar… I need more cash than what the Cougar could get me and I shoot the Cougar better, so I have to let the Detonics go.  I’ve been told it’s worth 800, but I’m not going to ask that much.  600 is the asking price.  If you are in Utah, I’ll consider a partial trade for an XD or CZ.  I need at least 200 bucks cash guys.  I don’t want donations… I just want to sell the Detonics so I can take care of business.  

The story is here.  “Also Tuesday, a group of armed, masked Iraqi men threatened to kill Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi if he did not immediately leave the country, accusing him of killing innocent Iraqis and defiling the Muslim religion.”  Now isn’t that an interesting turn of events?  If you read that article, you can get a sense of some serious underlying resentment.  I think maybe the more cognitive Iraqis are seeing the truth at face value and are understanding just what the US has done.  Taken Iraq back from a bloodthirsty dictator and given it back to the Iraqi people… doing what they all wanted to do, but never had the balls to do it.  We did it for them.  Your welcome.  This reminds of some that has really really been bugging the hell out of me.  Saddam with his big fucking brown puppy dog eyes is getting a complete pass in the US Media and with the Liberals for murdering thousands and thousands of innocent people… Yet they call Bush a “Hitler” and are advocating his assassination because a couple asshatted retards did some sick shit and humiliated and abused Saddam’s thugs.  But each one of those guys that got a banana up the tail pipe – note this – they all got to go home.  We didn’t cut their heads off… we didn’t put them into chipper shredders… we didn’t use poison gas and nerve agents on them.  We didn’t cut off their hands or cut out their tongues.   We didn’t rape and mutilate their wives, sisters, girlfriends or daughters.  But Saddam and his Posse – they did.  But Bush is the bad guy?  How morally and intellectually disingenuous America’s Liberals are.  They should be outraged at Saddam!  Instead they are outraged at Bush for putting a stop to it.  You know, if someone was to go around and assassinate Liberal Celebrities and Politicians, I bet there would be an outcry.  Maybe I should write a little novel that talks about that... But oh… wait… I cant do that!  I would be a heartless cruel bastard for doing that… why?  Because I’m not a Liberal.  I’m a White Christian Conservative Male so I don’t get any pass.  I’m not even legally able to be offended by anything.   The more I think about the Modern American Liberal, the more I despise them.  The more I am insulted by their lies, insults, slander, and ignorance in the face of truth and reality.  Today on the radio I heard Rush say that we are in WWIII and it’s against these Muslim Terrorists… Sorry Rush – you are wrong.  Our war is against these Liberals who are doing everything they can to help the Muslim Terrorists!

Man, I need a Cold One over here… I’m about to bust a gasket.    

Email from Porter:  “Ogre,  Heard about John Kerry doing the doublespeak this weekend where one of his spokespeople was quoted as saying that he doesn't believe in abortion but he can't 'force his beliefs' on others!?!  He believes life begins at conception but then passes laws to destroy that life?  Sounds like Kerry wants to stay elected rather than standing by his convictions!  The ol' puppet analogy comes to mind.  The Good Book has a name for people such as him, hypocrite!  Gah!  Just read the article about the 59 Deceits of Fahrenheit 911!   And the Bowling for Columbine movie which also seemed to be another monumental waste of celluloid.  He'd be such a joke if he didn't know how lie so well.  I wonder who taught him that?  The Good Book also mentions people of his persuasion of calling good evil and evil good.  Too bad Kerry didn't make Moore his running mate!  They'd be a match made in...well you get the idea!  After reading those articles I felt like I just licked the floor of every movie theater they showed those loser films in.

On another more entertaining note, saw Spider-man 2 over the weekend.  Very nice, some touching moments.  Like to see Doc Ock make a return!  Saw Chronicles of Riddick the week before.  Way over-blown space-opera-ish, but some good moments!  A Furian, eh?  Sounds too much like a Cimmerian of Conan fame!  Especially the ending, with him ending up with the whole Necromonger armies at his command!  Perhaps some homage going on?  Liked the bad guy, though he could have done without that helmet plate thingy.  Snatching souls right out of you is pretty evil!  Also wondering about Riddick's curved blades he used to carve up the baddies.  How useful are they?  They fit his persona of getting up close and personal, but how useful are they?  You'd think they slip and twist in his hands, if he hit something hard.  'Course it's a little more original than some variation on a Klingon blade! – Porter

The curved blade is excellent for slashing…. And since the curve isn’t too extreme, it would make for an excellent stabbing weapon too.  I was thinking about those knives after I saw the movie.

Yes, it’s overblown with impossible physics – but that’s par for the sci fi course.  The dialog could have been better too.  But come on.  Let’s be honest here.

We all just wanted to see Riddick aka Vin Diesel kick some ass.  And for that reason, it didn’t disappoint.  It’s kinda like the movie Walking Tall with The Rock.  While he had a SWEEEET truck – we really just wanted to see him bring out the big whacking stick.

Kerry… Feh.  “I was against abortions before I had one!”   Do you know who he reminds me of?

Remember the old Isuzu commercials?  With the guy smiling and lying?   For some reason, I always think of that guy when I see Kerry.

Hey, check this out… happening right now. CHINA: Massive American Carrier Force Intimidates Chinese.

July 6, 2004: The U.S. Navy will conduct a major “surge” exercise (Summer Pulse 04) off the China coast later this Summer. Seven carrier task forces (or “strike groups”) will rendezvous near Taiwan and conduct joint exercises with the Taiwanese navy. This is part of the new Fleet Response Plan (FRP). The new plan keeps strike groups in port more, making it possible to concentrate more of them at a major trouble spot in a hurry.

The FRP calls for sending six 'forward deployed' (already at sea) or 'ready to surge' (in port) carrier task forces to a trouble spot within 30 days. Two more task forces can be sent with 90 days. This Summers exercise will be the largest concentration of American naval force off the Chinese coast since World War II. The last time this many carriers were in the western Pacific was during the Vietnam war, when there were as many as seven carriers off the Vietnamese coast, and coming and going within the western Pacific, in support of combat operations in Vietnam.

Seven American carrier task forces means that the Chinese would have a much harder time seizing Taiwan by force. Unless the Chinese can take the island within a few weeks, seven American carrier groups is more than the Chinese believe they can handle for the next 5-10 years. At present, the Chinese are trying to muster sufficient air and naval forces to deal with two American carriers. And even that is not a sure thing. Putting seven American carriers off the Chinese coast not only upsets Chinese military planning, but rubs the Chinese the wrong way by pointing out Chinese military weakness.

Peace through superior firepower!


1100hrs: Email:  “Comments on the 4th:  Yep, the day meant a lot to me this year as well.  My wife and I saw some great fireworks the other night, but next year I will be looking as far and wide as necessary for a celebration including a real military-style marching band complete with drum major.  How inspiring that would be.  Women in combat:  Some mindsets NEED to stay outdated IMO.  I agree with Mr. du Toit on this point.  I don’t think there is any way in hell you are going to get U.S. fighting men to suppress their need to protect females – even at the expense of mission objectives.  And I think there are other reasons for keeping women out of ground combat roles for the most part, especially when it comes to Special Operations.  This is somewhat of an apples-to-oranges comparison, but I’ll throw it out there anyway.  I’ve been involved in martial arts for a long time, and I have helped train a lot of people – and I’m proud to say some of whom are currently serving in the military.  In my experience, there are women who are capable of becoming excellent martial artists.  They do very well in the technical aspects, they can certainly get in outstanding physical condition, and some are very good fighters.  But through all I’ve seen, the fact remains that there is a difference between fighting in the dojo or a tournament and facing an enraged man with a broken bottle in his hand who wants to kill you.  Fortunately I have rarely been in this type of situation, but my experience tells me that even women who have trained for years don’t want to go there.  Of course, men don’t want to either if they have a brain – but a true warrior mindset goes a long way when forced to deal with that kind of violence.  On more than one occasion I’ve seen women act pretty badass in class but who become much less enthusiastic when things transition from sparring to fighting.  Hell, some men are the same way.  Now it is certainly true that there have been historical examples of women rising to the occasion and serving as true warriors.  But a study of such examples shows a couple of interesting things.  First, there are some combat roles that women are very well suited for.  They make excellent pilots and snipers, as shown by history.  Second, in cases where women have taken on traditionally male roles as primary fighters it seems the men have failed to do so and the women had to take up the slack -- which is a testimony to what they are capable of.  But that doesn’t make it right – the men should have done their job in the first place.  On all of this I’m open to learning a new viewpoint but that is my current thinking on the subject – I’m admittedly old fashioned in some ways, so I guess that plays into it. 

On the XD: I’ve been trying to help my wife select a handgun for her personal use.  She likes my 1911 and one of my S&W revolvers so far, be we’re still looking.  I really want her to make her own choice and be comfortable with it.  She likes the idea of having the same trigger pull with each shot so I’m not sure a DA/SA auto is the answer.  I think we’ll go rent an XD and try it out – I just wish they made a .45 ACP version because I’ve been trying to streamline my ammo needs along those lines.  Regards, Mark R. Aka Infidel”

Thanks for the email, Mark.  Do you remember your history lessons?  The Spartans?  Warriors of high regard, without question.  The were homosexuals and each man was paired up with his “Battle Buddy” kinda like the US Army today… but with the Spartans the Battle Buddy was… ahem… a lot more.  The theory is that the emotional bonding was very strong and thus made each man fight all the harder to protect their lovers.  At least that is the theory.  If that is true… wouldn’t the same thing happen with a coed integrated modern army?  It is proven that in units with female troopers, the males act tougher, complain about discomfort a lot less… Hell, if there was a woman on board Kerry’s boats, I bet he wouldn’t have 3 purple hearts for being such a baby.   As far as women in special operations… I would have to take that at an individual case by case assessment.  Just like men going into the special forces.  For a woman to make it into the SF, she would have to a very special woman.  A true cast iron bitch that would be most worthy of the role and title.  Just like there is a place for female operatives in the Intelligence field… there are places for a woman in the SF too.   A woman is just another weapon, to be used where she could be most effective.  Like a golf club.  Saying “no chicks” is like saying you are not going to use any 9 or 7 irons.  You are only making things more difficult for yourself, because there may be some shots where a 9 iron would be ideal.   We have said women can’t be nurses in a war zone.  We have said women can’t be doctors in a war zone.  We have said woman can’t fly fighter jet in a war zone.  Each time we say that, the women have proven themselves to be just a capable as the men.  I remember reading an article about a female A-10 pilot who was flying combat missions… her Warthog got shot up extremely badly.  Lot parts of the wings and tail and everything.  She had finished her mission, and she was able to limp that bird all the way back to base and land it properly.  She just blew away all misconceptions about females flying combat missions – even in an ugly, muddy, gunslinging A-10 Warthog.  I also remember reading in The Art Of War, how Sun Tzu took a group of fragile little imperial love toys and trained them.   Even way back then.   It would be a huge mistake to underestimate the human will…. Male or female.

About the .45 XD… I’d love one too.  I think that would be handgun perfection.  However Springfield and the joint in Croatia are not looking at a .45 ACP version… but instead a .45 GAP version.  Admittedly, I do not like the .45GAP cartridge – but such a cartridge in an XD just might be attractive.  I don’t know, I’d have to try one out when it comes out… but maybe – maybe – there is some potential there.  Until that time, the .40 caliber is an acceptable replacement.  Especially if you are using modified Beretta 96 mags to give you a higher capacity.  Look, I’m a huge .45 fan.   I’m most comfortable with a .45ACP automatic.  But in all honesty I do not loose sleep when armed with a .40.  When I was doing patrol work in Richmond, I was running a SIG P220.  Outstanding gun… Lots of guys were packing them.  Henrico County was issuing them.  But one day I noticed in my SIG hairline cracks right there at the feed ramp.  Time to make a change and I ended up getting an HK USP .40.  Accurate, rugged, easy to use… and with a good supply of high capacity mags so I was actually packing more firepower than before. 

One thing I noticed about that HK, an advantage over the SIG.  When you draw down on someone and bark commands at them… there is a brief moment there when you two connect eye to eye and you can see the bad guy going over his options in his head.  He is deciding to either run away, comply with the orders, or eat your lunch.  With the SIG, I could watch this process for about a second… and luckily they all complied properly.  After I got the HK that process time dropped dramatically.  Compliance was almost instant.   I have no explanation for this… but I’m just illustrating the point that I did not feel like I was under gunned.  And I don’t thing the bad guys thought that either.   BTW, my load of choice was the hot 135 grain Cor-Bon loads.  In an XD, I’d probably choose something different. Not because the XD isn’t tough, but the HX was a bigger, heavier weapon with HK’s recoil dampening thing going on so shooting hot loads isn’t punishing to the shooter, or slows the shot to shot time.  In an XD, I’d probably roll with a 180 grain standard pressure load… A little less sharp in the recoil pulse.

Edwards?  All Kerry’s taste is in his mouth.  Edwards is boring as hell… No flair.  No style. I’m not going to bang on Edwards… I’m just chalking this one up to Kerry sucking just as much as I thought he did.  And how the hell does this guy say he believes life begins as conception, yet supports abortion?  That right there my friends shows that he has no morality that isn’t for sale.   


Early Morning:  I was watching the Alan Smithee version of "Dune" last night.  Then today I watched a music video by Sting, “Desert Rose – Club Remix”.  I’m thinking, shit, Sting really is a Harkonnen!

You want to read something that is going to really piss you off about the US Army Stryker?  If you do, read this.   Someone needs to be investigated for corruption, because this bullshit is criminal!

You know how I’ve talked about wanting to turn a sport bike into a chopper?  And many of you have said, naw… wouldn’t work.  HA!  Someone has done it and the results are just sick and twisted.  See!  I told you it could be done!  My hell, that thing is BRUTAL!  But a Duck engine isn’t much better than a Harley when it comes to wrenching on it… I want to do something like that, but will a 996 Honda Superhawk powerplant.  So I don’t have to bring a tool kit with me if I want to run around the corner for milk.

Poll: over 40% of Canadian teens think America is "evil".  Okay.  Poll: over 40% of The Horde thinks Canadian Teens are drooling, maple sucking, socialist idiots.

I’m sorry, but Mexico has no honor.  Fuck Mexico.  They couldn’t wait 10 freaking minutes until the service was over.  Bastards.

Kerry’s VP pick.  Before it is announced, let me just say who I hope it’s going to be:  Howling Dean.  He’s even more nuts than Kerry is.  At least if anything, should he be the VP and they win… the next 4 years will be entertaining.  That and the Conservative outrage will probably end up sparking off a Liberal/Conservative civil war which would be even more entertaining.


July 5th, Monday, 2004: 1700hrs: I’ve often said I was a huge fan of the Springfield XD pistols and that Springfield is perhaps my #1 favorite handgun maker.  Here is why.  Here is my own write up on the XD.  As far as defensive pistols are concerned, I think the XD is state of the art.  It’s high tech, has all the gadgets and can mount more… but it’s not about the gimmicks.  The XD is a hard core fighting handgun in any size you select.  This is why for a defensive handgun, it’s my #1 recommendation for most people.

Some people have asked why I’m not a high road moderator anymore and asked if I was banned.  No, I’m not banned, and yes I am still a moderator.  My participation started to drop off because I was getting more and more busy with other things.  I don’t post as often as I used to… but I’ve been posting lately in the Roundtable arena… being my usual smartass self.  Time constraints are one thing… the other is that I’m flat out burnt out on gun boards.  I’ve seen damn near everything that could ever be said about damn near ever gun out there… I’ve heard all the complaints and all the arguments and quiet frankly, I’m just tired of it.  I’ll scan for some threads about any new gun out there, and then I’ll go out and see if I can find one to look at.  Dabbling really and no longer involved.  I suggested a replacement for myself and it seems that he is doing just fine in my place.  The High Road remains my home gun board, even if I’ve been enjoying the company over at American Backyard… where most of my posts have been about things other than guns.   Guns are important to me… but they are not my life.  I like other things just as much.  Talking guns all the time is like watching a movie over and over and over again.  I don’t know about you but I like a little variety.   I’ll still write reviews, and I’ll still gladly answer questions and make recommendations… I’m still Ogre.  I’m just an ogre that is spending more time on other things right now.  Like knives and hotrods and bikes…

Speaking of hotrods… if any of you guys are into restoration projects and you need a cool old car to work on – drop me a line.  The one good thing about living out in the middle of the desert is that this town has a shitload of old cars in pretty decent shape that would make for good restoration project.  I’m not talk about cars from the 80s.  I’m talking 50’s and 60’s.  Sometimes I’ll pass an old jalopy with no tires sitting out in a field… and I can just image it with some aggressive rebuild and a 12 coat paintjob.   There is what looks like an old 54 Chevy not too far away from here sitting on gravel… it’s torn up but the body is pretty good shape metal wise.  If someone wanted to give it some love, it would be a show winner.   If I had the money to get started, I’d be buying these old hulks, rebuilding them with modern parts making them in to classic looking daily drivers or aggressive rip-snorting hotrods, and selling them for profit.  I know of about 25 to 30 such worthy rebuild candidates right here in my little town.  That’s not even going outside the county to where there are even more such candidates.  I would need a shop, and some start up cash… but it would be very workable.  Take about 10 grand to put into each car, and sell them for 30 or more…  people would buy them too.  New cars have no soul.  New cars have no character… The old cars… man.  I don’t see why anyone would spend 30+ grand and finance it for 4 years for a new car like that, when they can buy a fully restored and rebuilt custom for the same money.  Especially if you are looking for something to turn heads.

Special thanks to Newly Promoted Horde Commander (we had a vacancy) Darin! He is  sending us an old style natural keyboard.  The best keyboard ever made. God bless his soul!  I had gone all over the place out here looking for any natural style keyboards with no joy.  Oh, well, yeah, I did find one.  Wireless with a wireless mouse bundle for 120 bucks.  WTF?  120 for a mouse and keyboard?  NO FREAKING WAY!  Commander Darin has saved us!  

Speaking of saved… this news is too good to be true.  The captured Marine that was said to have had his head cut off and his throat slashed… has been released?  For the sake of his family, I hope this is true.  For his deserting the Marines and going AWOL… if that was true, he doesn’t deserve to come home… not even to Utah.

Black Five has just identified The Horde Goddess Thanks to Kim for the link to that!  She makes Iraqi men cry.  For real.  BOOYAAAH!  The weapon she’s commanding there is an M249 SAW.  It’s only chambered for the measly 5.56MM NATO round, but it makes up for the lack of punch with it’s 200 round belts.  That my little lurking liberal readers is a real MACHINE GUN.  What you see on the news held up by Diane Feinstein isn’t a machine gun like she says it is… it’s only a scary looking rifle.  Our Goddess is packing the real deal.  And I wont bet against her that she knows how to use it either.  From personal experience, the SAW is the most accurate machinegun I’ve ever fired.  More so than the Hog, er, the M-60 for those needing the technical name.  I know some fellows out there don’t like the idea of women in combat.  This is an outdated emotional state of mind.  Women can be the most vicious of killers, and they have a good pain tolerance that they claim to be greater than that of men.  I doubt that, but they can keep claiming it.  They don’t even need to be on that time of the month to be nasty…. Just tell them that the enemy thinks their ass looks fat in BDU’s, and stand the hell back.    (Chicks in BDU’s… something about the cut of fabric – but the asses look damn good BDU’s)


1030hrs:  Last night I was working on some writing when all the sudden my keystrokes were doing some weird things.  The letters O and P would open up the search window and a browser window, while some letters wouldn’t type anything at all.  Very odd.  Arrow keys would open up the Start button and back space would type numbers.  Very strange.  I thought it was a weird setting I accidentally hit.  Tried for over an hour to correct it.  D’oh!  It wasn’t a setting.  It was the keyboard.  Damn.  I had that keyboard for seriously 5 or 6 years.  For some reason the thing just decided to fritz out on me.  I’m using a tiny little IBM style straight keyboard and it blows!  I’m weird about some things… Pens too.  I’ll spend 15 or 20 minutes at an office store just picking out a pen.  It’s got to “feel” just right.  Keyboards are the same way.  My old keyboard was an older style MS Natural keyboard that they don’t make anymore.  It was wide and spacious… like the front bench seat of a 68 Caddy.  I can only barely type on this little IBM POS.  It’s like it’s been lifted off a laptop or something.   It’s like driving my Bronco around and then jumping into a Geo Metro.   I just can’t type on this thing.  I’m 3 fingering again at best.  Nasty thing.  There are a couple computer shops out here, so I’m going to have to drive all over the freaking desert just to find another good keyboard.  This is no big deal really, but I’m going to miss my old one.  It just felt right… The way the keys clicked… the spaces between the keys and the layout... It was perfect. I don’t mean to geek out on the Horde like this, but the computer and you interface on 3 things.  The Monitor, the Mouse, and the Keyboard.  If one of those is out of whack… it’s just very un-Feng-Shui.  So now my writing is going to be out of balance and have no harmony.  I think some of you Horde member out there, the more geeky of you, will know exactly what I’m talking about.

The SF Gate article that I responded to but decided not to fisk… Well, Kevin over at Smallest Minority fisked it deep and hard.   What can I say, the man has more patience than I.

Some very good news has come up!  Over in Iraq, we found a huge bomb factory, arrested some 60 asshats, and discovered a mountain of documents that will lead us to other terrorist shitbags.  This is most excellent news.  This is a very big step in our fight against terrorism and to help solidify the new Iraq.

Chris Muir cracks me up Day By Day is golden.  I read it first thing every day.  Sets the whole tone for me.  Today’s strip is classic.

Kim has some disturbing news.  “Presidential candidate John Kerry promised full amnesty for illegal aliens if they manage to stay in the country five years. The Arizona Republic reported that Kerry proposed "earned legalization" in a speech to a "highly partisan" audience of more than 4,000 members of the National Council of La Raza.... Under Kerry's "earned legalization" plan, immigrants would qualify for legal residency after five years in this country and close screening for security purposes.”  WTF?  I take it Kerry is also going to save this country some money by disbanding a few things like the INS, the Border Patrol, and US Customs?  Cause we are going to need all the money we can get to provide welfare and healthcare for all our new citizens.  This is just suck fucking bullshit, I can’t stand it.  I have no problems with the Mexican people… I don’t.  but it’s the ones that come rampaging into our country unannounced and uninvited and illegally that I have  a problem with.  I remember vividly the last time I was down by the border.  I got into a gunfight with a member of the Mexican Mafia and caught a .45ACP slug right on the sternum.  Right over the heart.  Luckily I was wearing a vest… the trauma plate of which was defeated, but the layers of Kevlar underneath it caught the round and saved my life.  I still have the slug.  My return fire wasn’t as effective as I would have liked.  I hit the guy twice in the knee with my own .45.   This cat had crossed the border in true “wetback” fashion.  So maybe this is one of the reasons I have very little tolerance for illegal aliens.  A shattered sternum can do that.  It really weird because if someone else touches my chest, I feel like an electric current there on my chest.  Anyways.   I’m still pissed at my own shooting performance there.  I was aiming for the fucker’s head.  Last I heard the bastard is hopping around Villahermosa on one leg cussing Americans. 

I've gotta run right now.  I have got to find a real keyboard.


July 4th, 2004: Independence Day.  Other than Memorial Day, this day is our most important national holiday.  I’ll not make any speech about it or try to say anything profound… but this year this day seems almost sacred to me.  God bless our troops, God bless the United States of America, and God bless our President.  And screw John F’ing Kerry for spitting on these things.

For Independence Day, I want to share this article I found on THR.  That’s awesome.

If you look up articles by Dave Kopel, you will find a lot of stuff that is just pure gold.  Stuff I used when I wrote my article about the AWB.   He has now published a new article, and one that I might even say is his best work yet.  Fifty-six Deceits in Fahrenheit 911.   56?  That’s all?  That’s about a lie every two minutes.  Holy cow, with that much bullshit, is there any room in the movie to tell any truths?  I don’t think so. 

I’m going to fisk this article up to the elbow.   Okay, no, I wont… but I do want to respond to it.  First off, not everyone who owns a gun is a redneck.  This is the first stereotype that ignorant, snail-skulled, liberal anti-gun people like to throw out.  Let’s not forget that your favorite Senator Diane Feinstein packs a pistol too, she just thinks you shouldn’t be allowed to.  She can, you can’t.  Do you see the blatant degree of elitism shown in that?  Second of all, real assault weapons are full-automatic and these of course have been banned since 1935.  What is banned in this so called “assault weapons ban” are nothing more than useless cosmetic features that make a weapon “look scary”.  The AWB is actually about as asinine as banning tattoos and saying that it will reduce crime.     Had this article come from a source that was a little less fucked up than the SF Gate, I might have taken my valuable time and fisked it to the hilt, but quite frankly it isn’t worth of such an effort.  If any of the Horde wishes to do so, feel free and I’ll post the Fisk.

I’ve said many a time that the Beretta 8045 Mini Cougar is a fine weapon… but don’t take my word for it.  “MadOgre, Funny I saw that you are soon to evaluate a Kel-Tec P3AT.  Well see mine here.  Like you I’m also a Beretta fan and just picked up a mini cougar 8045.  Awesome firearm!!!  I’m in no-way an expert on firearms, nor do I play one on TV.  – Chitty”

I want to ad another link to the OG HORDE & ASSOCIATES roster Your American Backyard.    Not only do we find a lot of good gear here at decent prices, but they also have an excellent forum of which I am now a member.  Some good company over there so go  register and hook up.  Also, there is a place to sign up for a free Kel-Tec P11 giveaway there in the forums… and I put my name in the hat for that.  No, I’m not going to tell you where it is, you have to find that for yourself.  I don’t need the competition on that.  HA! A P-11 would make for a great review gun.  The cat running the show there is the same guy that used to run Triton Ammunition, Fernando Coelho, a very cool cat that I had the pleasure of meeting at SHOT 2000.  He gave me and my shooting team the ammunition for the WC3Gun competition.  A true gentleman.    I posted a thread about motorcycles you might want to take a look at.  I have a little idea that I’d like some feed back on.  


July 2nd, TGIF FRIDAY! 2004, 1430hrs:  Like I said I was going to… I went to the county offices and registered as a Libertarian.  Just doing that little thing felt damn good. 

Commander Bobbitt sends us this:


I think Commander Bobbitt expresses my sentiments perfectly.  I was just reading this news when his email came it.  That about sums it up.  I would like the names and addresses of each one of the fucknozzles that signed that letter.  Ranger has a few piles of stuff for them.

Email from Horde Marine Captain Matt:Ogre, I got my latest issue of the Marine Corps Times yesterday, and who's on the front? John F'ing "the people that I admire so much for serving with me in Viet Nam are a bunch of war criminals" Kerry.  Your piece on his lunacy prompted me to send you an overview of this wack-job's attempt to try and sound hawkish.  After knocking the Army for using stop-loss(not allowing military members to get out once their contract is up), the only solution he offers is... MORE INTERNATIONAL INVOLVEMENT!  That's right, don't entice current members to re-enlist, get the UN involved!   That ended up being a recurring theme in this interview.  That, and the fact that "Allies have a distrust for this administration. If you're not prepared to share decision-making with them, how can you expect them to put troops on the ground?"  Golly, last time I checked, we were a sovereign nation, which means WE DON'T NEED BELGIUM'S PERMISSION TO ATTACK OUR ENEMIES!!   Oh, and the Opposite Day thing was great.  As for official Horde issue, what are your thoughts on blended metal frangible rounds for ammo?  I've read some neat things about them, though I haven't had the chance to try them.

Thanks for the email Matt.  While I wasn’t a Marine (ARMY!  HOOAAAH!!!), my brother was, so I feel an attachment. I also admire the fact that the Marines do not have to issue new head gear and come up with new catch phrases so everyone feels better and tougher. The Army has become completely silly with that sort of thing.  Disgracefully so.    John F’ing Kerry is as they say, a complete nutter.  Unlike Bill Clinton, Kerry would not sell off America… Kerry would just give it away!  With the sentiment of the Democrats in wanting the UN to monitor US Elections, and Kerry’s wanting to give all the warfighting to the UN… and even Bush’s push to empower UN Peacekeepers… It’s not going to be very long before we start seeing white APC’s carrying guys wearing baby blue bonnets at our own 4th of July parades.  I can not think of a more disgusting act a political leader could do than to advocate anything having to do with the UN.  Other than booting them out of the Country.  Cause let me tell you, Mad Ogre’s Presidency… Day 1:  Level the UN building with fire from a newly recommissioned Ohio Class Battleship.  (which would be given to the USMC to support Marine missions as they see fit)  I may or may not give the UN warning of this… all depends upon my mood that morning.

Regarding the blended metal ammunition.  This is nothing more than a very fancy way of doing what a jacketed soft point is already doing.  There is no magic bullet, and catch phrase buzz words like “Blended Metal” is nothing more than marketing hype.  Everything in a bullet is already metal, and I really don’t see any advantages blending it would give you.  The key to a bullet’s effectiveness isn’t in what it’s made of, so much as where it’s put.  Bullets that are properly placed are already effective enough if they are in the proper caliber.

Email from Thefumegator:Howdy from Tooele, Ogre. I was pretty shocked about what you said in your 19:15 July 1st commentary... This is coming from someone who is scared shitless about being pulled over. My first time being pulled over was a year ago while I was living in Logan (going to USU). The cop claimed I was doing double the speed limit (bullshit!).  The next time was in good ole hometown Tooele, where our cops think they are the hottest thing since instant rice. They pulled me over for HAVING MY TAILGATE DOWN.  The next time I was pulled over for no taillights, which was a legitimate reason, I guess. The guy also lives near me and let me go (a wire harness that came unplugged).  That's a 66% illegitimate pullover rate. The bad news is that Utah is like that everywhere, which leads me to my point: I'm with you -- I'm already registered libertarian. Let us Utah folk know when you decide to run, and I'll camp out at the polls like it was Star Wars Episode III.  Thefumegator” 

Since when is a tailgate down illegal? I see open tailgates ALL THE TIME.  No one is getting pulled over for that! That’s bogus. The only valid reasons in my book for pulling someone over is either the driver is doing something stupid and seems to be a danger, or if you match a description of wanted person and they need to check you out.  That’s it.  NOTHING else is valid.   Before this incident, about 2 or 3 years ago I was pulled over – get this – on the highway out in the middle of nowhere between Vernal and Roosevelt – for 2 MPH over the speed limit.  2. Open highway, clear weather, no construction zones, no deer, no high wind or migratory nuns crossing the highway… 65MPH zone… and I get pulled over for +2.  The cop was also dead serious about it to.  What a fucknugget.  If THAT isn’t bullshit, then there is no such thing.  I argued about it, came unglued and was lucky he didn’t bust me for disorderly or something… I scared him off writing the ticket that he was wanting to write.  For 2 over… hell.  The more I think of this shit, the more venomous I get about it.  My apologies to the badge wearing hordemembers out there… but if you are in uniform, in your patrol car… if you want to talk to me, wave me over… We can chew the fat about anything you like and I’d be happy to do so.  But park beside me and not behind me.  When I run, I got some changes in mind.

My brother in law I think summed up my state of mind nicely.  


1000hrs: Last night I had the chance to catch some CSPAN.  The only “Reality Show” other than FOX News that’s worth watching.  On CSPAN 2 I think it was, they had John Kerry’s prep talk to Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow/PUSH mafia.  Kerry, the more I hear him speak from his own mouth, the more I am convinced that he should never be allowed to run this country… or any other.  Not even France.  Not even a small Island Nation in the south pacific.  Nothing.   He shows signs of being unstable.  He also showed signs of lying and making things up as he went along.  I couldn’t count the number of promises he made there… but it’s a laundry list of free entitlements.  And it’s all based on falsehoods. 

First off, he went on about sending jobs over to India.  Okay, I’m not happy with that either, but he is making it sound as if those jobs are coming out of the ghettos in Chicago and the Bronx and taking away opportunity from the disadvantaged black man.  I would bet that with some research we could find that not one job went to India from the ghettos.  Most of those jobs are all High Tech jobs coming out of places like Salt Lake and San Jose where the High Tech jobs originated.  The gang members in the inner city of Richmond probably never even knew that was going on (or what a computer is) until Kerry mentioned it.  I don’t know what one has to do with another in that case, but Kerry was selling it and Jesse Jackson was buying it.  

The Kerry went on to talk about how in the black population there is 10% unemployment and that is about twice the rate of white unemployment.  Let me go out on a limb here, but I think maybe that race doesn’t exactly have anything to do with this.  This is an education issue and not a racial one.  Hold that thought for a bit.  This is where Kerry looses it.

Kerry then talks about a black philosopher’s idea of open and free education and then goes on to give that credit for all economic growth in the United States from the 1820’s to the 1920’s.  What the Hell?  No, I’m sorry, but that wasn’t the reason for such growth.  The reason for that growth was hard core capitalism and laissez-faire economic policy!  Had nothing to do with free high school.  It was all about the Government staying the hell out of private business.

Then Kerry talks about virtually giving away 4 year degrees.  My question to Kerry then is what will a 4 year degree be worth then?  How do you give away free online college course to people who don’t know how to turn on a computer?  The programs are already in place to help people who need it go to college.  The Federal Pell Grant program works rather well and I don’t understand how a new program would be better.  But I guess that doesn’t sell well so Kerry basically sold Rainbow/PUSH on creating a whole new program to do the same thing.  He talked a lot about “Creating Partnerships” but never mentioned just what the hell those were or are supposed to accomplish.   

The problem with Kerry’s plan is that the problem isn’t in the college systems… but at home.  It all starts at the bottom.  And Kerry’s plan doesn’t do anything to fix it.  Kerry’s plan only reinforces the problems and bolsters the downward spiral with more entitlements that only serve as a means to buy votes.  There is no way in hell Kerry could produce on all these promises and even if he did, the outcome would be minimal.  Real change is going to have to start at the bottom and work it’s way up to the college level.  The inner city black populations are creating their own social Darwinism here and the only people the can blame for this are themselves.  A US President is not going to be able to stop that… and it seems to be that Rainbow/PUSH isn’t even trying to help the situation.  They only want to coddle the masses… tell them that others are the ones at fault. Rainbow/PUSH are the Musicians playing while the ship is sinking. 

And don’t you dare call me a racist for saying this.  I’m not, and those who know me know that I am not a bigot of any sort. Because I’m not the only one who is saying this.   Bill Cosby is absolutely correct. 

Email from Horde Member: Ogre, I nearly sprayed the monitor with coffee when I read your post about Opposite Day. It was funny stuff right until the end. I don't mind reading about the shag but I find it implausible that the Ogre would want to cuddle. So overall a funny post but i just did not find the last bit believable.

I would give serious consideration to your decision to register as a Libertarian. Third parties are ineffective in our political system because of our first-past-the-post electoral structure. Check out Duverger's Law ( I think you instinctively know this which is why you are not going to vote Libertarian this fall.

Change comes from the inside. The Republican party was a mess in the 60s and 70s. LBJ won in a landslide, Nixon won big more because he was seen as tough on communism and people hated LBJ than because of Nixon's sterling conservative agenda (that was a joke, his platform made real conservatives cry). Agnew, the VP, resigned. Then Nixon resigned. Ford was a bumbler, also with no agenda.

But wait. The seeds had been planted. In the 60s Barry Goldwater had the guts to call it like he saw it. He laid the groundwork for the modern conservative Republican movement. It took a few elections to percolate through but by 1980 Reagan harnessed Goldwater's rhetoric and triumphed.

We need to get back to this. We need another Republican candidate who is interested in Goldwater/Reagan conservativism. Why not any of the minor party candidates? It is quite simple. None of those parties have a sufficiently large and powerful political apparatus.

I predict that more conservativism is coming. The liberals made a big push in the 90s to advance their leftist, statist agenda in the disguise of moderatism. With a Democrat controlling the White House and all of Congress it was easy. They passed harsh gun control legislation, advanced their medical insurance plan, etc. And boy did it backfire. The House and Senate turned Republican after the 1994 elections for the fist time since 1954. Clinton's remaining hallmark legislation like welfare reform were really items on the Republican agenda. The trend line in in our favor.

There are exceptions to the rule. Sometimes change is enforced from the outside. But that is not usually the case.   Let me know what you think.  BEN

You didn't catch it...  As soon as I said maybe it was... it wasn't... so of course I didn't want to snuggle.  Snuggling is strictly foreplay. Afterplay is all about either sleeping or sandwiches.  Come on... I'm an Ogre.

Yes... I am very familiar with Duverger's Law.  I'm well aware of the problems with 3rd parties.  This is what made the Bull Moose party fail if you look up that election.  The party with the most votes wins, but the more parties you have the fewer votes are needed.   


Let's take a look at the political structure.  You have the majority of the left moving to the center...  You have the majority of the right moving to the center.  While there is a bitter rivalry between the parties, the actual ideology is becoming blurred and mixed.   You have the far left being the freaks that they are, but in most cases you look at the Democrats and the Republicans and you can't tell which is which.  Its virtually one party.  I'm looking at voting for a Democrat on the race for the 3rd district here in Utah. (Maybe, I'm still looking at the new Republican candidate for that one)   But the Libertarians have the potential to swell up and replace what used to be the Conservatives in the Republican party and while the other two are homogenizing, the Libertarians can pick up the torch of an actual 2nd party option.

I don’t agree with all the Libertarian stances, but I agree with a lot of them.  I disagree with fewer Libertarian positions than I do the Republicans.    I’m off to register right now.  I’ve got a lot to talk about still, so come back this afternoon.


July 1st, Thursday, 2004: 1915hrs:  I’ve been thinking really long and hard about this morning’s events.  To be honest, I am deeply bothered by “the system” and the position it put me into.  I am super pissed off the more I think about it.  I don’t believe The State has a right to put me into such a position.  I wasn’t driving dangerously… I wasn’t in an accident… I was just minding my own business driving home in the middle of nowhere – and BAM.  All the sudden I’ve got to produce papers and shit and really put on the defensive.   Then I have to go and prostrate myself before an unelected official.  I don’t blame the Trooper for just doing his job as he believes is right and just – but the laws are in my opinion complete and total unconstitutional fucking bullshit.   I’ve been thinking about this all day… and I’ve decided.  I’m going to register Libertarian.  I’ll vote for Bush this watershed election, just to vote against Kerry in a way that is most effective…  But on all the other tickets, I’m voting straight and hard core Libertarian.   Tomorrow morning I’m going into the registrar’s office and officially make my self Libertarian with a capital fucking “L” and an exclamation point.   Not only that, I’m going to also check out when I can register run for the next State Representative slot and I invite all the Utah Horde to do the same.  Because Utah is one seriously fucked up State and while some things are slowly getting better, everything else is going to hell in a hand basket.  The Utah State Legislator is full of some of the biggest asshats on the planet and I don’t give a rat’s ass if they go to the same church I do.  They are selling out our freaking liberties for a damned house on the east bench.   This is my jihad right here.  MOLON LABE!

Oh, check out the new Ogre Swag.

1715hrs: Why Ogres are no fun on Opposite Day:

Boy: “Dad, it really sucked when you took us to the park.  I hated it.”

Ogre: “Huh?  What?”

Boy:  “Oh, it’s Opposite Day.”

Ogre:  “You can’t have an Opposite Day, it’s impossible.”

Boy:  “Why?”

Ogre:  “Because Opposite Day is like Anti-Matter; as soon as you declare it is Opposite Day – it isn’t.”

Boy:  “Huh?”

Ogre:  “If it is Opposite Day , and you say it is… then it isn’t.”


Ogre:  “Because if reality is nothing more than a shared hallucination agreed upon, then as soon as you agreed upon it, it wouldn’t be.”

Boy:  “But how would you play Opposite Day?”

Ogre:  “You can’t.”

Boy:  “Why not?”

Ogre:  “Because the opposite of day is night. And you don’t get up at night, you go to bed.  So an Opposite Day is really just you going to bed.”

Boy:  “Oh… uh… thanks, Dad.”  *Runs off*

Overheard in the hallway:  Boys:  “Hey, we’re not going to go tell Dad it’s Opposite Day!”

Boy:  “Don’t do that… he isn’t any fun.”

Boys:  “Yeah!” *Feet running my direction*

Boys:  “Bye Dad!  It’s Opposite Day!”

Ogre:  “You can’t have an Opposite Day, it’s impossible…”

I don’t know… maybe it is Opposite Day.  Last night after the Missus and I had a good shag, then she rolled over and fell asleep while I was wanting to snuggle.



Huge:  Ford F350 w/ 6.0L PowerStroke V8 Turbo Diesel

Full Sized: Nissan Titan V-8 Crew Cab

Big: Unimog


Huge:  Ford Excursion (Suburban)

Big:  Chevy Suburban  (Dodge Durango)

Small: Jeep Wrangler Rubicon


Flagship:  BMW 760Li

Midsized: *Tied* Chrysler 300C Hemi, Audi A8 Quattro (A8)

Small: Audi A6 Quattro  (Subaru WRX)

Sport: Mazda RX-8  (Cooper Mini S)


Sport:  Ducati  999R  (Honda Superhawk)

Touring: BMW K 1200 GT 

Cruiser: Yamaha V-Max  (Honda VTX1800)

Dual Sport: *Tied* Suzuki V-Strom, BMW Dakar (Triumph Tiger)

Dirt:  KTM 525EXC

I have to admit, I am both impressed and surprised with the nominations.  Most everyone had issue with my truck categories, and I adjusted it according the suggestions… namely ditch the “Compact” category and go up from there.  Vehicles in parenthesis are Ogre’s personal choices The nomination for the “Super Huge: Caterpillar dump truck” was noted.  A lot of you guys calling a Suburban just “big” have me worried.  The votes for the RX-8 was overwhelming.  Evidently you cats love this little sports car a lot.  The voting on the bikes was pretty sparse.  Not a lot of riders responded.  Some good bike choices there, but probably not my first choices.  The Horde may be brutal and thuggish, but we have impeccable taste.  Bravo Horde!

1100hrs:  MAD OGRE: THE SMOOTH CRIMINAL.   “I plead ‘Guilty’ your honor.”  (Don't worry Momma, it was just traffic) The court deal is over and done and I don’t want to talk about it.  I am convinced that 90% of the justice system regarding motor vehicle issues exists only for the cause of collecting revenue, and the other 10% is just to keep people from killing each other on the highways and school zones.   Why do they even play these games to collect money?  Why don’t they just charge more at the gas pump in taxes and just leave us alone?  *sigh* Anyways… the judge was this cute older lady and she kept smiling at me.  That was kinda weird.  Maybe I shouldn’t have winked at her?  I don’t know… but she did cut my fine in half so I consider it all to have gone rather well.  Time to open up my Media Player and listen to some Blues and read the news. 

Check this out, Commander Martin sent this one in:

"Politics is not a bad profession.  If you succeed there are many rewards, if you disgrace yourself you can always write a book."  -- Ronald Reagan  (1911-2004)

If you were up on trial to legally fight for your life, would you be a belligerent asshat?  Saddam is doing just that.  I’m just wondering how he is going to be executed.  Beheaded, firing squad, or hanging.  If there was justice, they’d feed him feet first into a shredder.  That was one of his favorite things to do, so it only seems right.  Iraq has to execute him.  They will not have a legitimate government if they don’t.  If Saddam gets a prison sentence, the resistance will continue in hope of putting him back on the thrown.  Saddam has to die.  If Saddam dies, the insurgents will eventually run out of steam and Iraq will be able to move forward as a nation.  I’m just saying this as an observation.  Personally, I don’t give a fuck about Iraq.  Let me be very clear about this… I think we did what we had to do.  Saddam was a monster and we took him down, and that was long overdue.  But I don’t think we should be responsible for rebuilding Iraq.  Fuck them.  They should rebuild Iraq themselves.  The “Hearts and Minds” approach is a poor way of fighting, and it doesn’t work.  We have illustrate a great deal of care avoiding civilian casualties, and to me that’s good enough.  We took down the threat, time to move on to the next threat.  Syria, Saudi Arabia, North Korea.

You just have to feel sorry for Nicole Kidman.  She just can’t find a man.  I know, I know… the poor dear.  While I am not particularly attracted to her, I know a lot of guys that are.  I’m not saying she’s not pretty, she’s just not my type.  That and I am happily married to a beautiful red headed dancer who is more than capable of killing me if I didn’t say that.  But seriously, I think she is just looking in the wrong directions.  Let me go out on a limb here, but scoping the guys on the Oscar Nomination lists might not be the best way to find a guy.  My suggestion is to try an online dating service.   Good luck Nicole, there is a guy out there for you!

Since I have had this DSL connection here, I’ve had about 2 or 3 dozen URL Directory Traversal attacks on my home PC.   This is pissing me off.  I’m running dual firewalls over here because I have to try to make up for my ISP’s lack of service.  I wasn’t able to use my own DSL modem or DSL router and the cheap ass one port unit they pretty much forced me to use is about the chinsiest piece of shit I’ve ever seen.  A NetGear unit could kick its trash.  Since I’ve switched to this, I’ve been attacked left and right.  The system reports that these attacks have all been blocked, but how do I know they have really been blocked?  I’m pretty sick of this shit.  I paid for a minim 256K download, and I don’t think I have ever had it that fast.  It is faster than that POS wireless connection I had.  Oh, it was pretty fast at first… hitting 1.5mps when it was first hooked up, but then it went down to 500 and then to 256 and then to 128… and then to 12 or less.  This DSL connection out here isn’t as poor as the wireless was, but it’s pretty bad and not what I am paying for.  Especially since I made a year or two’s agreement for service and I don’t feel I’m getting what I paid for.  Considering the extremely high cost I’m paying every month… I would expect some faster speeds.  And not only that, I have to put up with freaking hackers trying to get into my box?  This is bullshit.  All this is coming down to one source – the most fucked up ISP on the planet.  I remember when these guys first started doing this.  “DSL?  What’s that?”  That was only a very few years ago.  I’m not making that up.  The guy running the show thinks he is a techno-lord… I wouldn’t have hired him for anything on the teams I used to manage.  Hell, I laughed at résumé’s better than this jackhole’s and he thinks he’s freaking Zeus out here.  I’m one of the few people out here with an email address that isn’t USU staff.  It’s sad.  And this is the best “service” available out here.  North Korean Mud Farmers have better connections.  It’s truly sad.

The 2004 OG Horde & Associates awards will be posted after I recount the nominations.    




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