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FEB 2008

2-28-08:  Just get the hell out of Illinois and let the Goblins and Liberals have it. If you are a gun owner, conservative, or you believe in Freedom – get the hell out of Illinois. Let Chicago become the new New Orleans and let them Katrina themselves to death. All police officers, state troopers, fire fighters, deputies, EMT's, and everyone else there in Illinois who gives a damn – turn your back on the state and leave. Put in your notices, and pull up the steaks. Move to a state that understands what Liberty means, and that it isn't just a sorry excuse for a Jeep.

Why am I saying this? Kim lays it out in proper fashion so I wont restate it all, you can read it there. The asshat in charge of Chicago put forth some asinine legislation that is being taken seriously by the asinine legislature in Illinois. Basically, they just took the Bill of Rights, and fed it into the shredder. This is an open invitation to criminals and slime bags to do whatever they want to, whenever they want to do it. Well, an invitation to criminals and slime bags who are not already in the government there.

Sell your property, do whatever you have to do, and get out of that ill state. Just get out while you still can.

Prince Harry, the soldier. This guy is awesome. He really brings balls back to Britain. He's the 3rd in line to be the King of England, and he's living like just any ordinary grunt. He's been in some fights, he's engaged the enemy, he's seen the elephant. I think he is the best thing to happen to the UK since Monty Python. And that means that people in the UK are going to hate him for having a pair of balls the size of coconuts and showing the London Liberals what a Real Man looks like. It's been a long time since their was a real man in the Royal Family. Bravo, Harry. Now keep your head down, your wits about you, your feet and your powder dry... and you'll be just fine. If the soldiers around you have respect for you – then that's all we need to know about you. You have our respect too.

Now if the UK could just get new rifles... then that would be fantastic. Oh, and by the way, the Royal Army needs new helmets too, because the ones you have now makes a soldier look like a tit.

Hot New Gear Alert: Vortex Optics has a new optical gunsight that looks very good. They are calling it the StrikeFire Red Dot Riflescope. If it is as good quality as what they put into all their other stuff... then this new red dot is going to rock to a shockingly high degree. I ordered one this morning. I'm going to make it suffer. I'm going to put it on the rifle I'm going to use for instruction when I start teaching again. (more on that in a bit) If it can hold up to that sort of abuse, hundreds of rounds every weekend, rough handling, being passed around like a Bangkok hooker, then it will handle the occasional use most regular guys will give it. As far as this unit goes, I like the features. Red or Green switching is awesome. A fine 2MOA dot is great. Most red dots are 5 or 6 MOA in size if they are not adjustable. And best yet, it has a 2X doubler on it. That isn't much, but you combine that with the fine 2 MOA dot... and this is going to let you be much more precise at longer ranges than a regular red dot. Great battery life too. And the price? That's 1/4th the price of most combat optical gunsights. Vortex is making to flavors of this... one is hunting and the other is tactical. I'm thinking maybe I should have ordered two of them. Downside? There is no downside that I'm seeing here. The only thing that sucks about it is that it is not going to be out until June. But I have my order already placed. I don't care... I'll wait.

I was asked about the new HK .45 pistol. Yes, it has new lines, new interchangeable grips and a new name. But otherwise, it's another rebadged USP .45 and that's about it. Too little, too late for me to be impressed. For me to be impressed, HK would have to knock two hundred bucks off it and give it a bloody fantastic trigger and throw in night sights.  And wash my car.  And cook me a good steak... if they can manage it.  I had a USP before, and I liked it, but really the gun was average. I tried the newer P2000 pistol that so many guys raved about, and it too was completely average. While most of the pistol was fine, the trigger was actually really quite poor. For the money, it really didn't offer anything to justify the expense I was seeing in it over a lot of other handguns. If i was going to pick another handgun right now in a similar class as the HK, I'd look at the XD and M&P. The XD is great and has a lot of features that I like... and so does the M&P. The M&P is offering a rebate of 50 bucks with 2 spare mags, making it one hell of a good deal. I'd get the M&P .45. That's my pick.

S&W was really come a long way. Since last year they killed off all the mutant shaped “3rd Gen” autos and concentrated on the M&P series and 1911's. Both of these families are outstanding guns and offer solid value for your hard earned dollar. S&W has also brought back all the old favorites in their “Classic” series. They don't have the pinned barrels and the recessed chambers... but it's close enough that we can appreciate those old classic revolvers. These are ideal for the guys that have an old gun they got passed down from Grand Father but they don't want to shoot it because of historic, sentimental, or collector value. With these new options, you can have your cake and eat it too. They are well worth the price for a gun you can take out and shoot or carry daily and not have to worry about lowering the value of a collector gun.

2-27-08:  One of the best rants about the UK rolling over for radical Islam. I don't know who this guy is, but he has his head screwed on right. Which is a good thing, because the radical Muslims will want to be taking it off right about now. Keep an eye out, because we are going be to facing the same thing here. Well, in a way we already are. Micheal Savage is facing Muslim front groups in court because they want to shut him down because he speaks out against radical Islam. So buckle up. With Obama looking like the Democrat front runner... we are going to be in for a ride.

The Long Range Rifle Course. I woke up this morning thinking about this. MAN, I'm looking forward to this. This gives me a good excuse to buy a really good scope. I'm not sure which one yet, but I just might be able to swing one from a vendor at a good discount.

I'm still scraping ice off my windshield in the mornings. I was thinking about the whole Global Warming issue that the Libs keep spouting off about... and then I look at NASA and their weather tracking... and they show Global Warming ended years ago and now we are in a Global Cooling cycle. All of this has nothing to do with anything that Man Kind does, but it all stems from the SUN. Mars does not have any SUV's rolling around (sorry, our Mars Rovers are all battery and solar powered) and yet Mars has the same cycles. That proves that Climate change is mostly solar rated. Al Gore and the Earth First guys can just shut the hell up, and if you believe in Global Warming and it being caused by Man – you can shut the hell up too. I'm freezing my ass off, and so are a lot of other folks when we should be picking spring flowers and sneezing from the pollen. Uh, not that I pick flowers. Ever. Shut up.

2-26-08:  Who wants to go to a long range shooting course with me? There is a long range rifle course, being taught by Marine Snipers, who really know their trade craft. I'm going to be there... I've just got to schedule the time off with work. Sounds like an absolute blast. Five days of shooting class... should be extremely awesome. I'm bringing a video camera and will be covering this. The goal of the course is to be able to get you to do 1000 head shots. That is an impressive goal to aim for.  I'm all over this.

Holster Update: I think we are good to go now. I've got enough funds now to get the holster ordered. Thank you to all who pitched in.

Email from Douglas:This time of year I generally dress in jeans, dark biker boots, a dark colored longer coat and my slightly larger than normal shaved noggin.  I drive a late model Grand Marquis. ("the cop car with chrome")  I have owned it for a few years now and have done some upgrades to the exhaust, motor, trans, rear end etc...  It sounds like a Cobra Mustang.  I really like the car so I keep putting more money into it.  My only other choice with all my kids and dogs is a mini-van but, I just cannot convince myself to get one.  I am about 5' 6" and around 240 lbs of Greek-Mexican scariness according to my friends and family.  With all of that in mind I will begin the story; The other day I went to the local Belle Tire to have the tires on my car rotated and to get an alignment.  We have a problem here with gigantic pot-holes this time of year and I felt that the car could use some help.   I  went in and  requested  the work to be done on my car.  Suddenly, I see this guy come from across the service bays and walk into the customer service area where I was speaking to the service adviser.  They turn their backs to me and start quietly discussing something and I go to sit in the waiting area.  Typically, you have to wait a good two hours to get work done here.  I was in and out in about 45 minutes.  Unusually good for a walk-in I thought.   I barely had enough time to make the phone calls I had planned to fill my time with.   They rushed me out of the  building  and  walked me to  my car.  They did not even charge me.  They said it should have been done when I had been in earlier for front end work.  One of the guys had this huge grin on his face as he followed me and then watched me drive away.  I could not figure out what was going on.  I picked up my daughter who goes to afternoon kindergarten and dropped her off at school.  There in the school parking lot I opened the trunk of my car to give her some gloves and a scarf that I keep in an old briefcase.  When I looked into the trunk, I realized what was going on with the Belle Tire employees.  Along with the briefcase there was an old aluminum bat, some nylon rope,  several large zip ties, two partial boxes of pistol and rifle ammo, a hacksaw, duct tape, a large mag-lite, a pair of black plastic tool cases/kits that resemble large pistol cases and some old barbecue sauce stains on the carpeting.  All I was missing was the plastic tarp!  In their eyes I was some kind of stereotypical scumbag, Guido up to no-good!  At first I was offended, then I started laughing.  I have been to Belle Tire about 4 times in the past year .  I hardly ever use the trunk for anything except grocery shopping and I have not ever really cleaned it.  As for the tools, we are always rotating them out of my older brother's garage and into the trunk.  These guys knew who I was by sight and remembered me.   Little do they know that I am a Christian man, with a family and I have even been trained and hopefully soon to be in ministry.  Be aware that everyone will judge you by your appearance etc....  Don't be a stereotypical thug or a wannabe.  You could make it difficult for everyone else who is an upstanding gun owner.  In the future, I will dress more professionally and clean out my car.  Where I live, barely anyone seems to  know what to do in the presence of  firearms.  It is kind of sad really.  That being said, I can't wait to go back for new tires this spring. - Douglas

2-25-08:  The FAG gun. I'm not anti-gay or anything so don't take offense. But there are a lot of guys out there, or should I say, “in these parts” that just don't want to buy a gun with the serial number starting out with the letters “FAG”. The pistol is a great handgun, a .40 cal Walther P99QA with the OD Green frame. It's a fantastic shooter. I reviewed one for CCM and I was impressed by just how good it was. Now, we have sold several P99's but this one here is just stuck. No one buys it. No one has said anything about the serial number, but usually guys who are enthusiastic about the P99 will look at this gun, put it down, and walk away. No one wants the FAG gun. Come on, someone out there must be willing to give this pistol some love.  It might have a queer serial number, but it's a straight shooter.

Our buddy Ben has put a sweet gun on layaway. A very astute selection... a SIG P220 Elite .45. We are pleased for him... he's been eyeballing this gun since he started. The Elite series is a bit shorter than the other P220's and it sports a nice beavertail style extension like a 1911. Two tone with red wood grips, it looks awesome. And with night sights, it's not just a looker... it's a serious handgun for serious work. Kudos, Ben.

Me? I've not put a thing on layaway lately, not since the Ruger Single Six. But the SIS Ultra is probably going to be next.

Thank you to those who have sent in some good gunsmith contacts.  Those have all been included in the Directory.  If I missed one, please hit me again. 

The light at the end of the tunnel? Ralph Nader just threw his hat into the ring. FANTASTIC! This is great news for the Republicans and all Gun Owners. If Nader can do what he did before, we are in a much better position. Nader's followers may have grown, gathered more numbers. We hope. If that is true, he is going to split the Democratic vote again and give us that much more advantage. GO NADER! YEAH!

Cuba: I think it would be a good idea to invite the new Cuban President to White House. Open up some American Cuban relations, and exert friendly influence to encourage them to become democratic. Give them some sugar. Give them some incentives to come our way. Let them know that if they come over to our side we will open up trade and they wont be able to handle the wealth from all the tourism. That's just my opinion. Let me tell you why I feel this way. First off, we need more friends than enemies. If we can make Cuba a friendly nation, we can keep China from getting deeper in bed with them. Our policy on Cuba has not worked. Let's try something else. Venezuela should take note, that Castro has been a pain in our ass since the 50's and we've not touched him. So we are not going to tag Chavez out either. That chubby wannabe dictator is a bit too full of himself. That right there is another reason to reevaluate our policy of assassination. Our friend and fellow blogger, Ben has opined that should he be made Lord Ruler of some nation, his military would be completely made up of political assassins and spies. Chilling point of view, but an interesting one. Chavez is acting like a complete dickhead... let's take him out. Venezuela replaces him with another guy that is anti-USA, take him out too. And the next guy. When they get in a guy that can play nice with the USA, then he gets to play. I think foreign relations would improve dramatically around the world. Back to Cuba... Castro's brother should be the first target of selective hedge trimming if he doesn't want to play. The longer we allow China to court Cuba, the worse it will be for us. Let's also, while we are at it, take out the leaders of China, Iran, and North Korea. Make it all happen at the same time. Instantaneously it would change the world. Now, let's not forget Deniability. We didn't have anything do with it. Not us. Now smile pretty and wave. Now fire the space based laser weapon. In all seriousness, recruiting and training and using operatives native to those countries would be ideal... make it happen, we will put you up in a condo in New York City.

Quick Holster Update: We are almost there for the Galco Miami Classic rig. Almost there. With the money that has come in via PayPal and those that have promised, we are close! This is awesome. The Horde is the best... you guys rock. Thank you.

Small technical issues: If you may have picked up on any 404 errors, I'm on a different IP address now so there may have been some short downtimes..

2-24-08:  I want a sissy gun: The Kimber SIS Ultra is on my mind a lot, brothers and sisters. I spent all day Saturday flitting about the gun shop, and coming back the this little pistol and just holding it. It feels amazing in the hand. The gun is slick to grab, but with the 30LPI checkering and the stippled grips, the gun locks into your hand. I have to tell you, this one geeks me out. I feel all gooey inside when I just look at it. Photos in magazines do not do justice to this thing. The finish is a deep charcoal gray color that looks amazing. The night sights are bright and clear and have that one detail that I've said serious combat handguns have to have... a rear sight that you can use to jack the slide... and Kimber did it. They finally got away from those annoying “Novak Style” rear sights. I'm loving that. I love that so much, I could run away to Vegas with it.

Holster for Paul Update: Okay, some money is starting to come in. This is great. Lots of questions for how to donate to the cause. PayPal works the easiest. You can send it to Ogre at this domain. If you can figure out how to email me, that's the address. Forgive me for not posting the email address directly but any time I do, I can a flood of spam. Now, if you don't want to use PayPal, you can send me a check. Don't worry about my address being a PO BOX, because out here where Ogre Ranch is, it's Rural and we don't use physical addresses. You sent me a letter to my actual address, it just goes to the PO BOX anyway. Hell, even UPS and Fed Ex often deliver to the Post Office. That's just the way it is out here in my desert. Paul, if you are reading this, don't worry about this being trouble... it's not a problem and we want to help you out. You've helped all of us out, it's our turn.

Michelle Obama: We have all heard Mrs Obama say that for the first time in her adult life, she is proud of her country. Then we read her college thesis paper about her blackness and that she is going to use all her resources to help the black community first and foremost and that even her Liberal professors just can't understand her black thing. (Whoa, that's not racist or anything!) Normally, I wouldn't care what this lady said. But Bill Clinton's administration showed us that we don't elect just one person, we elect a Couple. A Co-Presidency. That is a something that we should probably consider for future elections – start here with Obama. What I don't like is they way that she said something as a matter of fact and then later said she didn't mean it that way and was misunderstood. No, Mrs Obama, I understand clearly. The best way to see a Liberal for what he or she is, is to take what they say at face value the first time they open their mouths. Considering her school paper, I think her original statements were actual and her explanations are less than genuine. So for the fist time in her adult life, she is proud of America... This is revolting to me. America has been a fantastic force for good and a huge ally for the Black community in Africa. No other nation gives so much and asks for nothing in return from Africa. You would think she would appreciate that. Is this the First Lady that we want to live in the White House? I'm not thinking so. I don't think our President should be bigoted. This is why I don't like Huckabee... and this is why I don't like Mrs. Obama. Is Mr. Obama the same as she?

We are doing counter tops at Ogre Ranch right now, cutting tile and all that stuff... so my update is very brief. But there is a lot of stuff I want to talk about... I'll post it tomorrow.

2-23-09:  Horde, I need your best local gunsmiths. My Gunsmith Directory is out dated and lame. I need new contacts and updated information. Send me this information with the subject “Gunsmiths”. Don't send me just any guy with a set of files... only good gunsmiths that you have used, who are talented, and have done good service for you personally. I have states that still have no listed gunsmiths. Let's flesh out this list. If you are a good gunsmith, you can submit yourself, but let me know you are doing that.

The Kimber Covert series. I forgot to mention the Kimber Covert series. They are a bit more than 1200 because they come with Crimson Trace laser grips, which are nice. I don't like the digital camo pattern, but the two tone finish is nice, and the desert digital isn't too revolting. In the hand, the solid steel 1911 feels great and the gun has everything most shooters want on a 1911. It's not exactly a favorite, but it's right up there. We have the Ultra and the Custom sizes... both very nice. They are missing a couple things that keep it from being a top end gun, in my opinion... I would like to see the SIS style rear sight, ambi safety lever, and a mag well funnel. If it had those things – it would be a top notch, top rung, over the top pistol. Kimber has just come up a bit short. Oh, and make those laser grips all black and you would have Ogre's .45 right there.  Hmmm... well, no, that would be the tactical models... but I'd still like the upgraded Covert. 

Guys, I've had people tell me they would help get a shoulder rig for Paul who is a disabled Vet. Unfortunately no one has actually donated even a buck to the cause. Again, we are looking for a shoulder rig for a Glock 22.

2-22-08:  If I was going to buy a new 1911 in the 1000 to 1200 dollar range, the choices are prime. I remain a fan of the Kimber Tactical II guns. We retail them for a cool grand, and that's probably the best thousand dollar 1911 you can get. At the upper end, there is the Doug Koening signature from S&W. Well, there are two signatures, but one is 12 and the other 18, so I'm talking about the 1200 model. It is good looking with the same two tone look the Kimber Tactical has. I like that. Now, I'm also a huge fan of the Commander length 1911. A Kimber Tactical “Pro” would probably be ideal. They are the same size and weight as my S&W 1911sc, yet they have the ambi safety, night sights, checkering, and the mag well funnel. Our IDPA shooting buddy, Larry Bridges, has a Tactical Pro that is smooth as a puma. I think that would be the one I'd spend my own money on. A little less than the Kimber Tactical Pro is the Dan Wesson Bobtail Commander. Very nice gun that I've mentioned before. The only down side to the Dan Wesson is that it is solid stainless and thus heavier. I prefer the light weight frames on my carry guns, but if you elected to get the Dan Wesson in 10MM, then you will want that extra weight and be happy to have it. I've shot the Bobtail Commanders in .45, but not in 10 yet. The more I think of the 10MM, the more I like it. Looking at all the ballistic data, it's a true winner. Just not for sissies. Speaking of sissies... Kimber's new SIS gun? Fantastic. We got in two versions. The Custom and the Ultra, meaning the Government length and the sub compact length. The small one very well could be the best CCW 1911 Ever. Let me say that again... the Ultra sized SIS pistol from Kimber just might be the best 1911 for concealed carry ever made. Period. You have to get one in your hands to really appreciate what I'm saying, and I don't sling such pronouncements around lightly. I'll talk more of this pistol in the future. Let's just say that I really – really like it.

Get a shotgun: I've had more questions regarding good “first guns” or guns for home defense or for people who want to give a home defense gun to someone who isn't a shooter... in all cases, I recommend a shotgun. A simple pump action shotgun is a universal tool suitable for most any situation. For smaller folk, give them a 20 gauge. Full sized dudes, a 12 is fine. A 20 gauge pump shotgun is simple, easy, rugged, hugely powerful without being too intimidating to shoot. They are also fun to take out and blast with and are not expensive to play around with. I personally like the 20. It works very well for everything short of turkey and goose hunting. Home defense loads for the 20 for a kid or lady home alone... #4 shot, BB shot, #2 or Buck shot would all do fine. The more populous the area, the smaller the shot you should use because it's less likely to retain enough energy to kill someone after passing through walls. Inside a room, a load of BB Shot will be more than effective to drop even the biggest bad guy. You can have a nice brand new Remington 870 for about 280 bucks and used examples are all over the place for much less. It doesn't have to be a tactical model. It doesn't have to be fancy. Just basic as basic can be. That's all you need. If you have to have just one gun... get a shotgun. Shotguns remain the most under rated tools we have in our arsenals, and one of the best.

Shoulder Rig for Paul. No one has a shoulder rig for a Glock that they can donate. So we shall just have to purchase one for him. If you would like to donate a few bucks, that would be outstanding. We need about a hundred and fifty for a decent shoulder rig. Send the funds to me via PayPal and we'll get Paul something nice. Unless someone out there knows someone that has a shoulder rig for a Glock 22, that would still be great.

Bullseye: The US Navy just gave a big flaming middle finger to China. Shooting down that satellite was a good move. Totally useless exercise, but showing that they can do it demonstrates to China that they are still playing catch up. They shot down a weather satellite in a much much higher orbit. Like 550 miles up. The just nailed a descending satellite at was only 150 miles up. The difference is speed. The lower orbit satellites are moving much faster. The Navy and NASA both agree that it is like shooting a speeding bullet with another bullet. From my understanding, that's about right. So this is a very impressive intercept. This also shows that we can nail an ICBM as it's about to reenter the Earth's atmosphere and destroy it before it can amount to anything. Hey China! Suck it! That's awesome. Good job to the boys in the US Navy. Well done.

What is funny is the reason we said we had to shoot it down. Dangerous fuel? Anyone with a basic understanding of science knows that this fuel would be no issue. Upon reentry, the satellite would be super heated and the fuel would explode or burn off high in the atmosphere where it would be rendered harmless. The real reason we shot it down is that this was a Spy Satellite and we have tensions building with Russia and China and we don't want to give them any chance of gathering any intel on us. That and we wanted to show the rest of the Globe that we have tools and we have the talent. Flipping off China and keeping our secrets safe... that's why we shot down the satellite. Hazardous fuel is a reason to make all the Greentards happy.

McCain was fooling around with a Lobbyist? Oh come on. We don't need anyone trying to say that McCain is just like Clinton. How come we have seen all the candidate's wives, but we've only seen McCain scrotal looking mother? Or at least heard from her. I'm not liking that harpy one bit. She's a nasty old bigot and needs to be kept out of the public light. McCain is probably not much better. So now he's wanting to get jiggy with a young ladies. Allegedly. I really don't care about that. I tried to find a reason that this would have some sort of significance, and the only thing I can come up with is that this is a move to bring some Democrats over to the McCain camp... because this is “just sex” and it's a private matter and not a national matter or he's just like Bill. Either way, it's pretty creepy.

I'm in a bit of shock over here. A fellow I know was recently killed in a freak highway accident and I just now found out about it. His name was Colin and he was a truck driver. A large chunk of ice fell off another truck and smashed through his windshield like a cannonball. Colin was killed instantly. Now he was not a friend of mine, and I didn't know him all that well... but we had many conversations together about guns and loads for hunting. He was a good guy and a welcomed regular customer at the gun counter. He will be missed and our prayers are with his family.

Speaking of Killed In Action: (sorry if that comes of as callous considering the first post) My KIA Shortage is sorted out and running again on all four cylinders and the check engine light is now off again. I had a couple wires that had shaken loose off the plugs... undoubtedly because they had not been seated properly to begin with. And that is probably because they are almost impossible to get to. I can appreciate good engine design and layout. But the Sportage doesn't have it. It has something else... I have no faith or confidence in KIA. Not any Kia. The only way I can think of to help the Kia is to yank the engine and drive train and replace it with something more robust, and beef up the suspension with at least 2 more inches of lift... at least. I'd like to see 4”. An engine out of a Subaru would be a good choice in this application. It also needs lockers at all four corners. Of course, for the cost of these upgrades... it would be ridiculous to do all this to a Kia. Unless you worked for Kia and wanted to build a show car. For the money, I'd rather spend all that upgrade money on something else like a Land Cruiser or Jeep or something that doesn't make people say “WTF?”

The internet situation at Ogre Ranch is frustrating. The wonderful company that my DSL is through says that “the work order is in the system and it will be 5 to 10 days”. Fantastic. I'm so happy about this I could just shit. My hell I wish Bresnan Cable was out here. I had very little problem with those cats. Those guys knew what internet service was all about. They did filter port 25 traffic so all my outgoing email had to go through their servers... that was a bit annoying but I could live with that. Considering it was more than twice as fast... yeah. I can deal. Oh well... Bresnan isn't out here in Ogrestan, so I have to make due with UBTA Net. They know there is no other option out here, and they have everyone by the short and curlies since there is no competition. There is no other local phone provider, so there is no other DSL provider out here in the sticks. They are, hands down, worst service provider ever. My brothers in Iraq have better service. The Pony Express would be an upgrade.

2-19-08: Sportage Shortage: I don't know what happened, but all the sudden the Kia feels like it's lost two cylinders. Can't even make it home tonight, and I'm at my In Law's cathedral house. It's too dark and cold to deal with it right now, I'll catch a ride home and deal with it about the time most of all y'all read this. All this to the list of reasons I CAN NOT STAND THIS FUCKING KIA!

My Pops asked me why I did not post about my Mother. My folks came to town a couple weeks ago and spent a few hours with us. While they were here, they wanted to pop a few rounds. My mother did quite well for a novice shooter. She was able to handle a 9MM P99 very well, but had trouble loading the magazine. I think a magazine loading tool would be a huge help for her. Those come free with some pistols, such as the Springfield XD. Dad also fired a few rounds, and true to his training at “The Farm”, was throwing those rounds right through the X ring. Spooky. She wanted to check out some other guns and looks at all of them we had. One she really fancied was the SIG P250, which is an excellent pistol. She could work the slide and all that just fine on the SIG. The only downside to the SIG is that it is a little spendy at over 6 Benjamins.

Mayor Dumbass Daley proves yet again he is still mentally retarded. Read this if you can stand it. If he wants to protect the citizens of Chicago, give the good citizens guns. It really is as simple as that.

Email:Yo Ogre, I Googled "used holsters"and was directed to your site.It's one hell of a site! Gorgeous models too! I've added it to my "favorites list. Anyway I'm in the market for a used shoulder holster for my Glock 22. My preference is leather. I'm a disabled vet and my S.S. check doesn't take me very far. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for a hand out just a fair deal on a good used set up. Got any in your box? Please let me know. By the way, after reading some of your articles, you have my vote for Commander in Chief of our great United States! That is a promise. You have my word. With your ideas and beliefs the U.S. would be back on track in short order. Like our fore fathers intended it to be. Thanks for the great read and a line on a good used shoulder holster, if you can come up with one. God bless and good luck! Paul

Thanks for he email, Paul. And thank you for your service and sacrifice for our Great Nation. I'm not a Glocker, so I don't have any rigs for a G22. But perhaps one of The Horde has a G22 Shoulder Rig. If not, perhaps The Horde could pitch in a couple bucks and we could buy Paul a decent Rig? What says The Horde?

The question has been raised and it is a valid one. Is Barrack Hussein Obama really Black or is he Arab? Off the cuff, his Dad being Muslim and given his name, it's good question. Considering the lies in his biography... It's worth investigating. The question was posted here, and over here. Imagine for a minute if we were in WWII and we had a German or Japanese candidate. The party pushing him forward... poor taste.

New Guns: We are not bringing in STI to the shop, but we are bringing in FNH, and an expanded Kimber line... as we got the Kimber situation sorted out. I remain a Kimber fan personally. I like every one I get my hands on. Some STI's make say “Yeah, it's okay.” I know some guys are huge STI fans, and I like the company and what they are doing... and I like some of their guns... but not the full line, like Kimber.

Let's add a blog to The Horde's reading list. Mistress At Arms. She's got a good head on her shoulders, she shoots, and she rides. She's in.

2-18-08:  The Friends of the NRA banquet. Saturday night I went to the banquet. Shrimp and Prime Rib was served. The shrimp was actually pretty decent but the beef was especially fatty. I like Prime Rib and I don't mind some fat on it. But this was just wrong. This was something only Jack Sprat's wife would like. The horseradish was weak too. But what was I expecting? The catering was done by “The 7-11 Ranch Restaurant”. This is a very popular eatery for tourists to Vernal because it's old, but the food is horrid. No, really... it's nasty. I've eaten their twice and both times it was flat out revolting. I'm surprised the shrimp was as good as it was. The secret to getting as much money for the NRA from the local members is to serve lots of booze real cheap. Beer was everywhere and mixed drinks flowed like water, even in a town full of Mormons. Some drank, some didn't... so those that drank had to make up for those that didn't. At least that is what the plan seemed like. The guns going out as prizes and for auctions were good and plenty. Someone from every table won something, and those that didn't win could bid. There were a couple Mystery Guns, and that means you bid on something that you have no idea what it is. 4900 for a gun that turned out to be a John Wayne Winchester 92. Nice, but you could buy one for 1500. The other was 2500 for a S&W 22A, a 200 dollar pistol. Other guns seemed to go that way too. Crazy. The whole idea that it is going to a good cause is questionable. It at least pushes the boundaries. But everyone had a good time, no one minded the shelling out of the cash like it grew on bushes, and the NRA raised a ton of money. Considering the fight for our guns coming up in the future... it is a good cause. One we should all get behind. If you are not a member of the NRA, now is the time to join up. Our rights are going to be assaulted like never before.

After the event passed the peak, I pulled the Kia Sportage to near the front door so I could load it. I didn't realize just how many guns the NRA had going on. The thing was completely full of guns after we were done loading it up, and the car sank low on the suspension. Wes took some pictures of it, because it was just silly. The value of the guns in the car was far beyond the value of the car. I think I had over 50,000 dollars worth of guns (considering what people paid for them) in there. This didn't include all the other stuff the NRA auctioned. Paintings, sculpture, other stuff... like hunting and fishing trips. We don't have to transfer those things. Just the guns.

Now, while I was loading the guns into the Sportage, one of the heavy drinkers was in a rolling boil about not winning one of the auctions. He was drunk out of his gourd. I counted at least 8 mixed drinks after I noticed he was drinking a lot. Well, this dude was standing outside near my car and I didn't like that for security reasons. He cussed me because I was loading up a gun that he thinks he should have won and didn't want me to take it. He cussed me something fierce, and wanted to get into my car. A quick shove with a foot around his ankle not only got him away from my car, but made the point I wouldn't tolerate him trying again. He picked himself back up and stayed a few more feet away. Just to be sure, I went to the other side of the hall, where a police officer I know was sitting, unaware of this guy. I whispered into his ear and he came right out and called for a Uniform. Well, he stepped out to see this guy for himself, and got cussed. Well, the officer was off duty but was having none of that. He exchanged some words and changed this guy's attitude. We finished getting the car loaded with no more problems.

The biggest problem of doing all these transfers is the next day at work. We have all these guns going out, busy has all get out, but no sales. The store donates all those background check fees, and our time on the clock.

Some thoughts on the Kia Sportage. I've come to the conclusion that I really and truly can't stand this vehicle. The stereo is weak with a poor antenna. There is an excessive amount of road noise, and that was even with completely bald tires. There is wind noise. The fuel economy is not nearly what it should be for a small underpowered motor. And when I say underpowered, It's crazy how little power the thing has. On the highway where the Contour can cruise up all the hills like it was nothing, the Kia forces me to grab for 3rd gear. Instead of 65MPH, I'm down to 45 and I have fully loaded semi trucks wanting to pass me. As soon as we get Mrs. Ogre's can fixed, I'm selling the damn thing. I'm tired of it. Now, my beloved Sister In Law needs a second vehicle, and I could give it to them... but I think her husband would like it at first, but end up hating me for it. I respect him, and I wouldn't want to do this to him... saddling him with such a turd on wheels. Of course, the little thing does have some good points. It is four wheel drive and that is something needed out here. So the Kia isn't a complete waste of petrol. Just mostly. As are most Cross-Utes.

If I had to pick out a Cross-Ute type SUV. For those in Florida, that means an SUV type vehicle built off a car platform instead of the righteous and true truck platform like God intended. Where was I? Yes. If I had to pick a Cross-Ute, I'd pick a Porsche Cayenne Turbo. While some folks think they are ugly I've grown to appreciate the looks. It looks like a chunky 911... and that isn't such a bad thing. The 911 is a good looking car. The Cayenne has similar lines, just in a bigger dress size. Like Liz Tyler's sister. The traction system is very attractive, the on road performance is even more attractive. The shear amount of raw horsepower makes it drop dead sexy. And it gets a heck of a lot better gas mileage.

Have you guys seen these Obamagasims? Women around the country are fainting and falling over while listening to Hussein Obama speak. I think the cause of this is a sudden onset of a rapid IQ drain. All these different people fainting, and always the same result. Obama tells someone to give her water. Guys, this is the Dems National Health Care plan. “Give her some space, get her some water, she'll be alright.” I can imagine HOUSE on TV looking at some mysterious case... “give her some space, some water, and she'll be alright.” Saint Obama's Water of Life. This is hilarious. How can anyone take this joker seriously? It's crazy.

Home internet issues. I can send and receive email, but I can't browse the net. Has something to do with filters placed in the internet going through the local school, which is the hub here in this little town. Short line to the school, which as fiber to the provider.... so I do have a decent connection as far as DSL goes. But someone screwed up the config at the hub. They'll get a guy out there to get it sorted, but until them... my access is very limited. Forgive me if updates become irregular for the time being.

2-16-08:  Updated Weapons Section:  I killed the Charter review and put up the PDF of the actual article as printed.  It missed too much info without the photos and subtitles...

I'm going to the NRA banquet tonight. Looking forward to the prime rib and maybe win a prize. Who knows. The NRA has purchased a ton of guns for prizes for tonight. I have a whole sheet listing log numbers for the prizes. And that's just the guns. Lots of other stuff too. Should be fun.

I've been sent tons of email about the latest campus shooting. Here is my take. The Media needs to stop covering these and virtually promoting them like they are a sports event. Yes, they are a part of the problem. Before the media starting making huge things about these events, they never happened. It's called creating Copy Cats and that happens when the media makes icons out of the maniacs. They also need to fight the need to investigate every gun the shooter has ever purchased and then publish every dealer and every gun shop that has ever sold the guy a gun. Because that actually has NOTHING to do with it. A guy goes batshit crazy, and the media makes a point of showing how everything else is at fault accept the guy that decided to go homicidal.

They big question is “What Can We Do About It?” Luckily the answer is dirt simple and it works every time. Notice something about all these shootings? They always happen in Gun Free Zones. This is America... we have guns. We have a bunch of guns. So many in fact, that it would be logistically impossible to ban them all. It would be much easier to round up and deport every illegal alien. So more gun control and more laws and more bans just isn't going to make anyone safer. That's a fantasy. Here in the real world, the answer is to get rid of Gun Free Zones. That means in Federal Buildings like Post Offices too. Get rid of the gun zones, and you get rid of the feeding grounds for these predators.

Now what can we actively do about these things? We CARRY. We get everyone we know to carry. As responsible adults and Citizens of America, we carry. If we have more and more people packing everywhere, mass shootings will be a thing of the past. Look at American History... The old myth of the Wild West is an epic fantasy. When you look at the actual historical accounts, shootings happened very little. We have far more now than back then when people carried guns regularly. Now we have far fewer guns carried, yet shootings have gone up. Simple math there. But why? Because back then we as a people took our personal safety seriously and we didn't depend on or expect others to protect us. We have to get that attitude back. The Rugged Individual has been shunned and mocked as an archaic throwback, caveman, or red neck. Those self-righteous liberals can go ahead and mock and point fingers and laugh and call me a red neck. At least I'm not a sheep. At least I don't look at something happening and cry that “why doesn't someone do something?” The Horde doesn't wait. The Horde acts. The Horde doesn't cry wolf. The Horde shoots the fucking wolf. This is why wolves don't come to Horde Country... they prefer to prowl Gun Free, or otherwise known as “Sheep Zones”.

Having a concealed carry permit isn't good enough, just like merely owning firearms isn't good enough. Too many gun owners I know don't carry. Too many people I've talked to say they are getting a permit just so they can have the gun in their car or truck. This isn't nearly good enough. What good does your .38 do you when you are inside and in the second story of a building when an insane gunman comes in the front door? You can't draw your weapon because your gun is out in your car. Look at the NIU shooting. Even if someone had a permit, NIU is an All Sheep Zone... they were in the lecture hall and the gunman came in... this isn't a good enough situation. The gunman was able to kill unhindered. The casualties could have been much higher. Remember, evil is not defeated by running from it. We have to be ready at all times. If you are at home, what is your plan in case of a home invasion? What about a gunman at your work? I like the Marine attitude of having a plan to kill everyone you meet. Not that I have anything against people, but the admonition to always be ready is sound advice. Have a plan. Have a contingency plan. Have a back up plan to that. The Army has a saying that I also like... Plan for the worst, but hope for the best.

Rack it: As Jim Rome says about a good call, “Rack it”. Read this email: “The term RINO isn't limited to those who hold office.  It extends to people who dont vote or rather vote for someone who's unelectable so as to keep their consciences clear.  Some of these conservatives who wont vote for McCain are like little kids who dont get their way, arms folded up holding their breath and stomping their foot with a big pouty face.

The truth is we're are a two party system.  No matter how you justify it, a vote for Ron Paul or simply not voting at all is a vote for the libs.  Period, end of story, wrap it up YOU VOTED FOR THE LIBS.  I love Ron Pauls ideals and wish he were electable, otherwise I'd vote for him in a heart beat.  I wish Fred Thompson had survived because I would vote for him too.  Now we're left with McCain and like all politics it's a compromise.  But before you RINOs decide to abandon the voting process, keep in mind we will have a democrap controlled congress to contend with, plus hillary or obama would appoint those far less desirable than McCain would.  How'd you like that on your conscience?  Bottom line: lock it up whiner!  Vote for the guy that's electable and would keep hillary and obama OUT. - Boomstick

Outstanding take. That is what I'm talking about. Following the news, Obama is getting to be amazingly popular. McCain has no hope of beating him. Luckily, Hillary Clinton is working hard at backdooring the nomination. If Hillary wins it, McCain will defeat her easily. There are a lot of Dems that dislike her so much, they'll vote for McCain. And she will really get the Conservatives out to vote. So let's all push for Hillary!

2-15-08:  The NIU shooting situation:  I'll be posting about this tomorrow after some more details come out. 

A picture of what the future will be like:I am just really disappointed in the way things are going.  You may not have known but, I am in Michigan where the economy completely sucks and democrats from Lansing and Detroit  completely control  the state.   If anyone wants to know what  happens with  Democrats  in complete control, just look at  Michigan.   People are leaving  the state  by a rate  of 2 or 3 to 1.  Taxes  are  too  high and businesses are leaving as well.  Let me see...  the economy is suffering, lets raise taxes and fees on individuals and small business owners and just make it worse!?  I know it is bad here because I am from the western part of the state where it used to be insulated from the eastern idiots.  Now it is even bad here.  I am a college student and I will be finishing a bachelors degree in business management this summer.  If I can't find a decent job, I am just going to keep on going to school.   Maybe I will get a  masters degree.  - Douglas

In a tough job market, making yourself a better candidate for hire is not a bad idea. Education is always (almost) a wise investment. The only problem with college is that, it's college. That means racking up debt and dealing with a system designed not to educate, but to milk you of money so you will be so poor you have to vote democrat because your on the dole. I know a doc that has been in private practice for 14 years. He's still paying off his student loan. I say this because I've got my debt and my paper and I only learned anything from taking not course to my degree but the courses that I wanted based on my interests. Those classes taught me things. The decree program was nothing more than a list of useless credits designed to take my money. College is more of a scam than Nigerian Emails.

An email of a different opinion than mine, but a reasonable one... if not wrong:Ogre, I am one of those voters that will abstain from voting for president this year. I cannot fathom telling my children that I voted for Hillary, Hussien Obama, or McCain. I will vote for Congressional seats, and Senate seats, but I would rather see Hillary, or Hussien Obama fuck up the country for four years, and then send a REAL conservative to the white house to clean things up, than to send a head-case, liberal-in-hiding like McCain to the white house to fuck things up so that the Democrats can claim power for the next 24 years. That's called fighting the power! I will not compromise, and I will not give in, I am a conservative. Steven” Read the email below... Kristopher makes a point about voting. At least if we do get McCain, we will have purchased a bit more time to get ready.

An email about the dude calling for armed revolution because he's all bold and brave on the internet:Batshit Insane is about all that properly describes that rant .... These same retards who make "Vote Dem and get the revolution started" statements would be the same ones that either knuckle under, or get themselves killed in pointless last stands, while the adults have to move their stuff into safehouses or storage, go underground, and fight to win. Bloody idiots. You do not start shooting until you have exhausted every last peaceful option. We are no where even near that yet. If nothing else, voting for McCain will give me at least four more years to buy ammo. Regards, Kristopher

2-13-08:  Friendly Fire isn't. Back when I was “in” we had something that was called the “Viper”. This was an AT-4 rocket launcher simulator. The AT-4 was like a very large LAW rocket... bigger, badder, actually effective against armor. The LAW was that Vietnam era rocket that had the launch tube that expanded. That was what I was trained with in BASIC, but when I got out of Basic, my unit had AT-4's which for some reason wasn't even mentioned in BASIC there at FT. Benning. So I come out of training as a fresh grunt, still wet behind the ears, they gave me a couple AT-4's as a part of my load out because we normally don't carry DRAGON II anti tank missiles which is what I initially trained with for my anti-armor specialty. Anyways, so we were out in training exercises and I had this Viper launcher that was fitted with a MILES gear laser system in it. You had these film canister sized simulator charges that gave you the back blast of a launch and it had a digital counter that read “4” for the number of shots I had with this “weapon”. The mechanism was jammed on the one I had, and one of the trigger buttons had become stuck. I remember my platoon was taking a little break and we were all sitting around. I decided that I needed to try to unjam my weapon so I started fiddling with it. All the sudden the “4” turns into a “3” and damn near my whole platoon was KIA according to the MILES gear. It took 10 minutes for the guys with the GOD KEYS to resurrect the platoon. No one was very happy, and I felt like a total shitbag. My Platoon Sergeant never reamed me out for it... but instead he gave me a wink and said “Let's save all of it for the enemy next time.” He was very understanding. Unfortunately I felt sick. I took training ops seriously. When I first got KIA via MILES, it made me physically sick to my stomach. I couldn't eat for a couple days. When I wasted my platoon, I lost about 5 pounds from the puking. That was the first and last time I had a negligent discharge in the Army. It was also the first and last time I had a friendly fire incident. My SGT didn't have to chew me out... he knew I'd take care of that well enough. Well, there was another FF incident, a couple of them, but they involved a semi-retarded LT named Brown that had just got out of ROTC. We would zip him at the start of a training op just to get him out of the way because he was dangerous. He would always lead us in the wrong direction and put us right in the heart of the enemy's kill zones. Yeah, he didn't last long. He transferred out and we got a new, good LT. Anyways.

I tell you this story, because one of The Horde has had an incident. This was last year. A fellow shooter accidentally/negligently put a round of 230 grain .45ACP JHP through his arm. He is doing much better. The shooter must be really feeling like wanker. The Hordemember had to have multiple surgeries and bone grafts to put his arm back together. He was lucky. The docs did a good job. He has most of the use of his arm back.

Then there was the incident over in Grand Junction last weekend. A gun shop employee took a rifle from a customer and some how ended up shooting another gun shop employee center mass with that unloaded .243. The dude was in Critical last I heard. Both employees were former law enforcement with a long time under their belts. Plenty of experience. Yet it happened. A customer bringing in a loaded weapon, that happens. Even at my shop. And we have a rule about that... you bring ammo in, we keep the ammo. I've pulled shotgun shells, .45 ACP, .44 Mags, Nines, and .22's out of “unloaded” guns. I have a small collection of rounds that had not only been brought in, but pointed at me. These guys forgot to check. You don't forget to check... you just check it per routine. Make it your habit.

I tell you these stories for a good reason. Guns are like poisonous snakes. You can handle them for years without any problem. Most will go a lifetime with no problems... but these snakes are just waiting. The moment you don't respect them, that's when they will bite you. The moment you get careless with a firearm, it will bite you. Always, always, always follow the basic firearm rules.

The 4 Rules of Firearms Safety:

1.  Handle all firearms as if they were loaded.

2.  Never point the gun at anything you're not willing to destroy.

3.  Keep your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard until you have made the decision to fire the weapon.

4.  Know your target, and know what is beyond the target.

Some guys out there will try to make the list only 3 or expand it to 5 or 6... but the number is just 4. Four rules. Simple as that. Don't over think them, don't discount them. Just learn all four rules and turn them into habits.

2-12-08: I get some weird emails, but this one takes the cake:I just wanted to let you know that "God said it would be Huckabee" about 4 or 5 months ago.  I know you do not like the guy, but for many he seems more palatable than McCain.  Personally, from the very beginning I think the republicans just did not turn out any good/great  candidates this time around.  I know a woman who knows nothing much about politics, but who has been right every election that I can remember since Bush 1.  She is a prayerful woman in her late sixties, retired and says she hears from God, the Holy Spirit etc....  She does not espouse one party-line over another, she just says many months out who it will be. Since hearing this months ago I have been watching this guy with no money, blatantly Christian, blatantly humanitarian and moving right along as the others drop off.  The thing I remembered most was how Fred Thompson attacked Huckabee in every debate.  People thought Fred was secretly working with McCain.  Giuliani was just not conservative enough and also thought to be in with McCain.  They all seemed to key in on Huckabee thereby giving him the spotlight early on.  As McCain and Huckabee debate in the future, the differences will start to show even more how conservative or not conservative they are.  I just don't think people really researched these guys this time around.  My personal vote would have been for Thompson, followed by Romney, then Huckabee. I do believe that God is in control so I do not get too upset by the news.  We just need to keep the dialogue moving, discussing the differences between the parties and everything will be as it should.  In and of myself, I would just like to start over.  Call a time-out.  Say that this is just not working and ask what people really want and just start over.  We would probably end up with two or three separate nations:  One for deviants and godless sodomites, one for strict constitutionalists/conservatives, and lastly one for lazy idiots who just want to go with the flow because everyone can do whatever they want/liberals.  The good in this is that eventually the deviants would die out since they do not reproduce, the liberals would be too busy dominating each other to bother the other two, and we would be in heaven on earth, hunting, fishing, making babies and working for a living like we are supposed to.  Sounds good.  We need to buy some more guns and make this happen. Sorry man, maybe I need some sleep, but we really need to do something different. Later. Douglas

So some little old lady is the prophet of politics and she says “God says it would be Huckabee”? I don't know if you are serious.... but I have a feeling you are. Good grief, dude. Well, God might have said that, but the voters have said it's going to be McCain. The Huckster (and I don't call him that our of jest) has 217 delegates and McCain has 812. Huckster says he didn't major in math, but majored in miracles. Yeah, that's cute and would be a good saying if he was a preacher at a pulpit. But on a podium talking to voters, he comes of as an idiot that doesn't know he's be not just beaten, but completely crushed. What is he expecting? Maybe that heart attack for McCain? Maybe that's the miracle he's talking about? Hey, who knows. It's possible. But Mike winning some how? That's not going to happen.

Now I thought that email was nuts. This one is snakeshit crazy: “You have guns. Someone wants to steal your guns. Do you give them to him? No one wants to be first. The first makes a bet that there is a substantial number of people who feel the same way he does and will jump in after him once the first takes the initiative. If he's wrong, he's branded a psycho, a murderer, a terrorist, and killed as soon as he's caught, if he's lucky. Even if he's right, he and his family are in peril until the last of the tyrants have thoroughly watered the trees. So says history. If the two parties' nominees are McCain and Obama (since I think Hillary's probably too smart to encourage anything drastic involving banning/stealing firearms), I hope Obama wins. I hope he gets Congress to ban as many guns as he can. I hope he manages to get confiscation legislation passed and signed. I can't wait for the first to make up his mind. Jefferson expected a revolution every twenty-five years or so; he didn't expect the "free" citizens to put up with as much as we have been. David

Jeebus, dude. No, I don't agree. I do not want an armed revolution. That's not the way to do it. We don't hope for that shit, but we wont run from it. There is a difference there. I've said it before, and I will say it again. I believe our government has the mechanisms built in for change - PEACEFUL CHANGE - and improvement.  It is our first and ultimate duty to exercise those mechanisms... this is why Jefferson's prediction was proven false. We had a civil war over States Rights and it was one of the worst wars this nation has ever seen. Wishing for another one? Are you kidding? You are talking about death on a massive scale not seen since the Black Plague. It would make WWII look like a playground argument. No, I don't hope for a civil war.

Another email, this one not on the lunatic fringe:Ogre: I saw the picture of McCain on the right hand side of your news page.  That caption might be the most accurate statement I’ve seen anywhere for the last six months.  It’s brilliant.  Thanks for the sadly accurate statement. Chris

I really wish it wasn't McCain. I don't think McCain has any chance of winning. Look, it seems like Obama is going to be the Dem's Nomination. He sounds good, he looks good, and he makes wild promises without backing them up by saying how he can possibly deliver them. I think he is a little spooky creepy the way he gets people to fall all over themselves without thinking about what he's saying. I don't think any candidate is capable of beating him. He's like a force of nature at this point. I think the White House is lost this time around. I wish it were otherwise, but we have to face facts and reality, cold and hard. Normally I'd say vote out the incumbents and vote in a new guy. But this time, we have to play it a little different. This time, we have to try to vote out ever Liberal and get a Conservative (true conservative) into as many offices as we can. We have to anchor the House and the Senate. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have got to go. If we can do that, then it doesn't really matter who gets elected President, because we can keep them in check. It will be a battle, but it's one we can win and then in 4 years we can play the game on our terms.

Finally an email that is straight up: Hey George, In response to hearing about other readers bitching about your decision to support McCain, I just wanted to say thank you. You kept your integrity and thought of the nation as a whole. If the rest of America did that to begin with, then it would have been Romney that won the primary. But instead, we had Republican hardliners vote for McCain simply because he gave them the impression that he was one to. If they based their decision on what was best for America, then we would be seeing a different picture all together. It's good to see that you are thinking strategically, and putting the future of America before your selfish pride. Because to support anyone else, at this point in the game, would unfortunately just further divide the republican vote. We, as a whole, need to pick the best candidate we have available and stick by him. Otherwise, we've lost already lost. SSgt. Bowen
Thank you for the email, Sergeant. It was clear that the enemy's plan worked and their Kung-Fu was stronger... they were able to divide us, split our votes and make the strongest candidate against them, be defeated by his own party. And no, I'm not talking about Ron Paul. I have talked about not voting on just one issue. But at this point, we have slipped down the the end of the rope, and not that one issue is the knot at the end of the rope... Guns. McCain might not be the candidate that we want, and he might not be the most Pro-Gun candidate we could have had, but at least he hasn't said right off the bat that he wants to take our guns wholesale. That's all we have. This is why anchoring Congress is absolutely critical. This is going to be the most important thing. I can't give you a list of who is running where and who to vote for. You are going to have to research this out yourself... but we have to take back Congress. Nothing else matters. Don't get caught up in the Presidential race at this point. It's pretty much wrapped up by Obama. So much hype about that guy, they are trying to take all the attention away from the congressional races.

10MM is the new Black: With all the talk about 10MM, where can we get good ammo for it? I was introduced to Double Tap Ammunition today.

Ruger's 22 Charger. Headshot Willie has picked up a 22 Charger pistol today and had to show it off. The Charger is a pistol version of the classic 10/22 rifle. Simple as that, nothing special... but this is something Volquartsen has been doing for years and years and charging twice as much for it. Willie and I shot it, it ran great, was scary accurate, and for less than 400 bucks (that includes the Bushnell red dot sight on top of it) it is the most fun you can have with your pants on. We'll get some photos and a full report in a couple weeks.

If this cop was talking to my kid like that, he'd be lucky to end up a dude on a ranch.  He's freaking out a bout a salutation and respect?  Respect is a two way street and Officer Daisy Duke in his little scooter car needs to learn to have some for the citizens he is sworn to protect and serve.

2-11-08:  FBMG has posted images of their new shop and it looks great. I am very proud of those guys for hanging in and expanding. They kick ass and I'm happy for them. I've had questions what my joint looks like. So if FBMG can show us there's, I can show you mine. Here it is. We have more guns than Cabella's. That's two rows up and down, five deep. There are no duplicate guns there... that's one display representing the inventory we have in stock waiting new in the boxes. There are loads of handguns, and on the other side of the register that you can't see very well is a whole case of rifle scopes, binoculars, range finders and GPS units. Yes, that's a Tommy Gun over there, and a .50 BMG. The only things we don't deal with is HK and Beretta Long Arms. (we do Beretta handguns because that's a different dealer program) We very well could be a stocking STI dealer in a couple weeks. Anyways, take a look here.

If Obama or Hillary wins, I'm out of a job and FBMG is going to have to sell plush bunny toys and water pistols.  Hey, that's not a bad idea guys.  Plushy Fuzzy Bunnies with Guns.  I get 10% for the idea!  ;)

McCain: I've got about a three thousand emails in reaction to my coming out in support of McCain. Most folks understand where I am coming from here. Other's still hold to the ideal that McCain is a twat and will refused to vote for him. Idealism is great, don't get me wrong. I know I railed against McCain and I still don't like the blithering sod one damn bit. Unfortunately the nasty truth of our situation is that unless we all get behind the Republican Nominee – who will be McCain – the Democrats will win this. Hillary or Obama... looking like Obama right now. Obama will take away our guns. He has said so. He wants to enact an Assault Weapons Ban II, and other sweeping gun bans “for our safety”. Hillary is no better. McCain is at least the smallest Shit Sandwich we have to deal with. He is the most pro-gun option we have. Of for the love of all that is holy, shut up about Ron Paul. He is not in the running. The only chance Ron Paul has is if McCain has a massive coronary and Huckabee chokes to death on his popcorn fried squirrels. If that happens, then yes, I will happily vote for Ron Paul. But it is not likely to happen. So yes, I'd rather see a bag of crap like McCain in the White House rather than a Liberal. I know McCain isn't much better, and I find it disgusting to be in this situation. It's like Man vs Wild and in order to survive, we have to drink the juice squeezed out of this elephant turd. We have to get behind him and vote for him or we are done. If you write in anyone else, or vote for anyone else, you are in effect voting for the Democrat. That is just the way it is. That's the reality of it. I hate it with a passion, but I also hate the reality that I can't fly and I don't have magic Jedi-Potter powers. But there is nothing that I can about it at this point, is there? So now we just have to do what we can to survive. So hold your breath and suck it up. If you want to vote different, you are going to split the vote and that is the very reason we are in this situation to begin with.

The Simmons just had to go. I pulled the Marlin out on Saturday and looked at it. There, glowing red like a sore boil, was that red turret ring on the top of the scope. Like a goiter. It had to go. So I took it off. That was Saturday. Today, I was at the gun counter and I was thinking about what I could do. I don't have the money right now to drop on a decent scope and I was set to just wait until I get something from my next magazine article. Well, it just so happened that the Bushnell that busted on me finally came back from repair. They didn't fix it... they just replaced it. So that's going to be fine. For the time being that is. And I have to say, it looks a hell of a lot better than that Simmons. It will do.  Now if we could just replace McCain as easily... then I'd be a happy Ogre.

2-10-08: Upon further review of the political situation in America... I've decided that I will have to hold my nose and cast a ballot for McCain in November. McCain is Pro Second Amendment so at least we have that. As long as American Citizens have guns, there is always hope. We can lose everything else, but if we remained armed, there will always be a parachute. If we lose our guns, we lose everything.  While McCain might be vile, there is hope that we can take back the House and the Senate... we have to make that our scrimmage line.  If we can take back Congress, I'm going to celebrate by buying one of these:


Regarding the idea of expanded 10MM offerings from Doug:A 2.5 inch tube, make it seven shots of 10mm, I'd be a happy munchkin. Maybe a 1911PD in 10mm too. And an M&P too. And a beefed up 396 five-shooter L frame. And while I'm at it, a 6 or 7 inch 1911 longslide in 10mm. And an M&P AR-15 or two. A "Pistol version" with a 10mm piston-fired 8-inch upper, and a 16 inch.  Load that puppy for a 16 inch barrel, list it as 10mm Carbine/SMG ammo, and I'd be interested in seeing what 155-200 grains of screaming fast, fat and heavy bullet could do in comparison to a stubby groundhog caliber rifle. You can do some great stuff at 100 yards with a 5 inch 1911 10mm.  Add barrel and appropriate powder loadings for a 16 incher, I'd be interested in how much distance it would take to drop down to mere .45 ACP at the muzzle levels. I mean, just look at the .357 and .44 Magnum lever-action carbines.

Ah yes... a 10MM Carbine such as the Beretta Storm or even a kit for an AR... let me be honest. That makes my tongue hard. A lever? Wow. I would be all over it. Even just a mild mannered .45ACP Lever action would be amazing. I'm just a sucker for a lever gun. Especially short handy little potent lever actions. Think of this for a second. A short Winchester 92 with a big loop, like John Wayne's in True Grit, in 10MM. Hell. Yes.

Email from Cory about unfucking our Nation that hits the nail on the head from 1000 meters with a .338 Lapua:Ogre, The way that the shit is set up as far as voting districts goes, assuming that it is still that way, is based on population. Which is perfect, however the fallacy of the present system is not the districts, but the 60-85%, depending on the polls and the type of election, that don't seem to give a rosy shit one way or the other. You and I, and most if not all of your readers, care. We may disagree on issues, but we exercise our civic responsibility whenever we can. It is a responsibility more than a right and as such, the majority seems to think responsibility is a four letter word if you buy what the media sells. 1) I think the key to fixing this country, and I admit I may be a minority and at odds with your thought processes, is to use the technological tools available to successfully reach out to the majority of Americans that are apathetic. For example: You have been bloggin' for what? 10 years now? From small beginnings you are one of the premier dudes to watch. I hear tell that the mainstream media cruises your blog among others daily. The internet is an amazing tool. The problem that I have seen in the recent past with it is starting at the grass roots level. (Doomed to failure in the present system as I see it.) However, if the legislative system were retooled from the top down to provide an ease of access to proposed and as yet unratified legislation using a media that everyone is at least aware of could, in my opinion, make a huge and sweeping change to the present process that is still stuck in the ancient tactile way of doing business vice the virtual which America has embraced.) 2) The other thing to do is to break away from this hard line partisan process. To, as I have mentioned before over the years, rekindle the leadership model of the Reagan Administration that rewarded cooperation and frowned upon hard line irrational loyalties. 3) An introduction of a bill to further reform campaign finance and limit the control of either party over the debate process would also be a fine start. So that perhaps, I know it sounds crazy, the true voice of the people might actually be heard every once and a while. 4) (Disclaimer: These are my crazy aluminum foil hat ravings and mine alone?) Shit for that matter I don't see why we can't revert back to the old school process of the loser being VP. It sure as shit would curtail the mud slinging I should think. I also think dueling should be brought back into mainstream popularity. I know for a fact that I can out shoot and out melee any of the libs I have met. That would surely fix the nation. Plus in my experience every libertarian that I have met is a righteous bad ass in comparison to hippy pot smoker liberal activists (ass-hole fucktards-snaggle-fraggle). 5) WTH? While we are at it dissolve "Affirmative Action". It is no longer affirmative imho. It's a bunch of bewl sheet! We so could rule the earth man. (Sorry have a serious problem taking my self seriously for too long.) Assuming that you have read this far (I have rambled and the Ogre has little time), I absolutely agree with your observation that the system is assed-out and needs speedy repair (obviously), however redrawing districts based on county borders would tip the delegate balance in an irresponsible fashion. I also think that we should all write in Romney as VP. (And G. Hill as special advisor to the President.) 6) (More snaggle, less fraggle) Oh yeah! Make "No Bid" Contracts punishable by death or at least water boarding. It's kind of un-Constitutional if you think about it. It is a federally condoned monopoly which if I am not mistaken the Founding Fathers wrote something about. War is big business and a huge topic of research and development and as such I find it hard to believe that a guy can come up with the one thing that no one can do. Considering humankind has been at war for 33,000 + yrs off and on. But hell, maybe I'm wrong. ALL HAIL THE OGRE! His righteous demi-human vitriol, may it reign supreme! HAIL!

Thanks for the email and the kudos, Cory. And bravo for the excellent and well thought out email. Your first point is one I failed to make. The voter apathy that is chronic in America that keeps voters – good registered voters – home during the election. Voter turn out is the #1 problem in America. Everyone has an opinion and people talk a big talk... but they don't actually cast their ballot. Then there are the infuriating dicks who say “I don't vote” and come up with some bullshit rationalization that they are above the ballot box. If you say that, I've got news for you... you are not. You might be dense, but you are not above the vote. It is your Civic Duty to study the candidates – like them or not – and pick one. If you don't vote, you have no voice. If you don't vote, you have no right to spouting off your ignorant opinion. First amendment violation? Your Vote is your greatest right to speech, yet you throw it away so casually. That is so very pathetic. And don't just listen to the news and then make a choice... you gotta work on it. Look at each candidate without bias, study the issues and find the candidate that fits the most issues – and vote. That's how it works. My previous suggestions were ways to counter this voter apathy and stimulate turnout. Make each voter more important. A city or two of 2 or more million on one of the coasts can counter several “fly over” states. With California being so over populated, and so strung out on stupid... a direct democracy sounds good on the surface, but we would all be held hostage to Hotel California and The Big Apple. That only sounds good if you are a smelly hippie.

Yes, this is my 10th year as a blogger. (wish I thought to archive my stuff earlier, but no one did back then) I try not to think about it, but there are those in the media that follow frequently. All media outlets have tapped me, including talk radio. The military, the gun industry, and all levels of law enforcement read me too. Movie and Television people are frequently consulting with me on projects in about 4 different countries. And I have authors of fiction hitting me questions about characters and what if's... I just enjoy helping out. It would be nice to get a more regular consulting fee out of that, but right now I don't mind collecting future favors.

Our man in New Zealand sends us a reminder of what is at stake in this election:   In May of 1919 at Dusledorf, German the Allied Forces obtained a copy of some of the "Communist Rules for Revolution." Nearly 50 years later, the Reds are still following the rules. As you read the first, stop after each item, and think about the present day situation where you live - and all around our nation.

We quote the Red rules;

A. Corrupt the young; get them away from religion. Get them interested in sex. Make them superficial; destroy their ruggedness.

B. Get control of all means of publicity, thereby :

1. Get peoples' mind off their government by focusing their attention on athletics, sexy books and plays and other trivalities.

2. Divide the people into hostile groups constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance.

3. Destroy the peoples' faith in their natural leaders by holding the latter up contempt, ridicule and obloquy.4. Always preach true democracy, but seize power as fast and ruthless as possible.

5. By encouraging government extravagances, destroy its credit, produce fear of inflation with rising prices and general discontent.

6. Form unnecessary strikes in vital industries, encourage civil disorders and foster a lenient and soft attitude on the part of government towards such disorders.

7. By specious argument cause the breakdown of the moral virtues, honesty, sobriety, continence, faith of the pledged word and ruggedness.

8. Cause the registration of all firearms on some pretext with a view to confiscating them and leaving the population helpless.


That's the DNC's Play Book.

2-9-08:  D'OH! I said “.257 Magnum” when I meant to say .327 Magnum. I was in mid conversation about the .257 Weatherby Magnum. My apologies for any confusion over the matter. I mix up the names of my own children sometimes too. My bad.

Expanding and finishing the thought that I started the other day:  What can we do to unfuck our country?  First off, we need Congressional Term Limits. You go to Congress you get 2 terms. If at the end of the second term you can make it to the Senate, you can have two terms there. Two in the House, two in the Senate max. That's it. Politician should not be a life long career, it's a service. And annual pay raises? No. Not hardly. The time of American Political Dynasty needs to come to an end. With that, we must kill our screwed up Voting Districts. Redraw all the lines to existing counties. If the County lines don't work for the area, local residents can vote on redrawing, splitting or making a new County based on State approval. There must be a governing body for that county, sheriff's department, the whole nine yards... it's got to be a real county not just an entity for the purpose of a vote. No more Gerrymandering. The only reason I can see to redraw a county would be to separate a city from the rest of the county. For example, Salt Lake City from the rest of the district. Now, to prevent the US from being held hostage to the big liberal cities, we give each county 1 vote. That's it. One city or county is not more valuable than another. Sorry New York, LA, San Fran... but you are not all that. Now one of the biggest problems we have is voter turn out. One way to help that is to not alienate voters that vote late. All primaries are done on the same day, just like general elections. Our best candidates dropped out before things even got started. Polling data is not released until after the election. Doing this would be a gigantic step to fixing our country and putting it all straight again.

The new SIG P239 in .45 GAP. When the GAP cartridge came out, it didn't make sense until the Springfield XD was offered in it. Then the XD came out in good old ACP and the GAP just faded out of the picture. Well, SIG has come out with the small 239 in .45 GAP and this makes me scratch my chin and nod with a raised eyebrow. Two quote Spock, “fascinating.” If the 239 works in GAP, then there is a couple other possibilities that would be worth exploring. Such as a .45 GAP CZ 2075 RAMI or a KAHR MK series pistol. Those would do very nice in a GAP cartridge. Now, I do say that these are fascinating, or perhaps interesting. And they could validate the .45 GAP cartridge. But they are not quite enough to break me away from a compact 1911 style gun in the classic ACP. Especially if there are such good SIG P220 Compact alternatives.

Ruger's new .327 Magnum. The hot new .32 sounded interesting at first... a 6 shot SP-101 is appealing. But I've thought about it more and after studying the subject in greater detail, I'll have to take a pass. Going smaller is only desirable in electronic gadgets. I can deal with a 5 shot snubby, but make the most out of those 5 shots. How about a 10MM SP-101? I really want to see more 10MM options out there. As a cartridge, the 10 has everything a serious hand gunner wants. The only downside to it is that there are few platforms for it and few factory ammunition flavors. Kimber, SIG, Springfield, FNH, S&W and CZ all need to come together to with the ammo makers to really promote the 10MM. Why? Because if these companies really want to make something that shooters will say “I've got to get me one of these!” it will be a hot 10 instead of the lackluster offerings they have dribbled out with no marketing to even let us know they were making one. There have been several 10's that I never knew they were making until it was mentioned that they had stopped making it. I want to see a Beretta Storm and a Kel Tec carbine in 10MM. A Big Ten Snubby would be fantastic... basically a new flavor of the middle .41 Mag. The .41 Mag is fantastic but it was closer to the .44 Mag than what the market really wanted and you can't count on handloaders to really generate a lot of buzz. I think a 10MM snubby would be ideal... a hotter .32?  I'll pass.

2-8-08:  The Archbishop is shocked at the hostility of the response to his Sharia law comment. My faith in the UK is restored to a degree. They have not completely lost their minds... they are only still subject to a broken crown. No one is perfect. There are calls for the Archbishop's resignation and that is a good start. I think they need to take a little more action than that and not just ask for him to quit, but to fire him altogether. If that is even possible. I don't know. But the guy embarrassed not just his church, but the whole country.  The Archbishop thinks this guy should be able to judge you:

Archbishop:  You are a moron.

I can't drive 55. Remember when this came out? I remember thinking the song was cool, but what's up with the Banana Suit?

When David Lee Roth left Van Halen, I thought Sammy would be the perfect replacement. I was right. He did a great job. But he still didn't have that mojo that David Lee Roth had. The energy. Once David Lee Roth left, Van Halen continued to make some very good music.

The same can not be said for David. He tried very hard, put out a couple videos that were all about bikini wearing girls, and then ended up a Vegas lounge act. No mojo at all. This is one of the worst fall from grace examples out there.

2-7-08:  Romney backed out. DAMN IT. I didn't see that coming... but I can understand where he is coming from. McCain whipped him with that sniveling wormtongue Huckabee hanging on just hoping McCain throws him the Veep bone. Pathetic. Since when has a Nominee selected a rival? That doesn't happen very often. Maybe in 2012 Romney could make a come back. But how often does that hold water? He had his chance in the spot light and backed out of it. I think Romney is done. Let's get someone with a strong Pro-Gun back ground that understands economics... like Larry Correia. Someone else. Or at least someone else for the Republicans.

This does open up other doors. 3rd Party doors. With the Republicans being split as the Romney Super Tuesday results illustrating... we need to find ways to throw in wedges into the Democrats. If we can split the Democrats... then the 2 Party Monopoly will be crushed. We could have smaller Republicans, Greens, Dems, and.... and... Constitutionalists? Libertarians? Who could be that hard line Conservative and Pro-Gun party? I heard a blurb from Michael Savage that sounded good. A movement based on Borders, Language, and Culture. That is a good place to start. Romney could do well as a 3rd party player, as long has his running mate was solid and conservative. Once again, I suggest Fred Thompson. But before we move on 3rd parties... we have to break up the Democrats. I'm not sure how. Maybe by seeding our people into the Democratic Underground and the Daily Kos. I think it is possible to break them in two chunks. The Liberal wackos, and the old school LBJ Democrats like Lieberman and Zell Miller. The way we do this in convince the old school Democrats to leave or to get the Liberal Wackos to go Green Party. I know this is dangerous, but the risks are worth it. If we can break the Left, we can defeat them from our own 3rd Party. 

What can we do to unfuck our country? First off, we need Congressional Term Limits. You go to Congress you get 2 terms. If at the end of the second term you can make it to the Senate, you can have two terms there. Two in the House, two in the Senate max. That's it. Politician should not be a life long career, it's a service. And annual pay raises? No. Not hardly. The time of American Political Dynasty needs to come to an end. With that, we must kill our screwed up Voting Districts. Redraw all the lines to existing counties. If the County lines don't work for the area, local residents can vote on redrawing, splitting or making a new County based on State approval. There must be a governing body for that county, sheriff's department, the whole nine yards... it's got to be a real county not just an entity for the purpose of a vote. No more Gerrymandering. The only reason I can see to redraw a county would be to separate a city from the rest of the county. For example, Salt Lake City from the rest of the district. Now, to prevent the US from being held hostage to the big liberal cities, we give each county 1 vote. That's it. One city or county is not more valuable than another. Sorry New York, LA, San Fran... but you are not all that. Now one of the biggest problems we have is voter turn out. One way to help that is to not alienate voters that vote late. All primaries are done on the same day, just like general elections. Our best candidates dropped out before things even got started. Polling data is not released until after the election. Doing this would be a gigantic step to fixing our country and putting it all straight again.

In the mean time, there is a chance that I grit my teeth an cast a ballot for McCain only if it means keeping Hillary out of the White House. But it would be the most reluctant and unhappy vote in the history of the world. I do not say that lightly.  Then again, maybe not.

Here is something else interesting I heard from Savage. The Archbishop of Canterbury has suggest that the UK allow Sharia Law. Uh, no. There should be a huge outcry from Britons calling for a public flogging of the archbishop. This is one of the most revolting things I've ever heard. Now the reaction from the UK is going to be very telling... if there is an outcry, then there is hope for the UK. If nothing comes of it... then the UK is already lost and in short order, the Muslims will be decapitating Graham Norton's and Eddie Izzard's heads. Not like that would exactly be a bad thing... but we just can't allow that. And while we believe in the First Amendment I think we can also agree that the bishop needs to shut the hell up.
Okay, time to talk guns. We've seen a lot of very interesting things from the SHOT show. Some new stuff and some logical improvements to existing lines. One of the most “Gotta Get Me One Of These” things is the GSG-5 semi-automatic rifles... it's a .22 that looks like an HK MP-5. I want one. The first guy that says he wants that in a 9MM gets kicked in the balls and publicly mocked. SIG may have killed the P245 but they do have some very nice P220 Compacts that I am really digging. There is a new version of the 556 rifle that has a long barrel... I like that... I could have one. But I am going to wait and see about the FN SCAR first.

Here is a little issue that is irritating. Now I live in a small town. And in this small town there is now 3 other joints that are selling Kimber handguns. Including some dude out of his apartment. This is not allowed according to dealer agreements. We are a full line Kimber dealership and Kimber is allowing these others to poach. This is some serious bullshit. As a result we are considering bringing in a higher order of 1911 pistols. We are thinking STI here. I like the Spartan, Ranger, Guardian and a couple others... MSRP for the Spartan is only $660.00 and that makes it a great entry level 1911 .45 for those that would otherwise consider a Custom II. Oops. Sorry Kimber. I hope we get those STI guns in because every one I've seen have been very slick and we could sell a ton of them.

The 1911 .45 platform. I'm going to go out on a limb here and admit that the 1911 handgun is the best handgun design on the planet. The cartridge it should be chambered in is .45ACP... this is the Holy Grail combination of weapon and cartridge. Handguns do not get better than this. Now there are a lot of options in the .45 1911, the cosmetic styles, barrel and grip lengths, and all the other features out there... you could easily build a collection of 1911's and have them all different. This is fantastic. For a design that is now over 100 years old, this shows the genius of the design. Since the 1911 came out, there have been different and newer designs, but I can't say that any of them have been any better. Different doesn't mean better. Back to the 1911's... my favorite version of the 1911 is the “Commander”. This gives the shooter the best balance of size and capacity. It's my opinion that the Light Weight Commander in the pinnacle of the American Handgun Achievement. You might have your own opinion here... but my vote is for the Light Weight Commander in .45ACP. This is one of the reasons I just don't get all giddy about the Springfield EMP pistol in 9MM. It's too small.

So what can you get with your Economic Stimulus Check? Well, it looks like you are going to get a check of at least 300 bucks. What can we get for $300? I suggest the Remington 870 Express 12 Gauge Shotgun. The shotgun is the universal home defense system. Every home should have one. If you are lucky and get more... the Remington 700 SPS is a great rifle and top that with a Nikon Buckmaster scope and you have a good long range hitter. Whatever caliber you want from .17 Fireball to .300 Rem Ultra Mag. Pick one.

2-6-08: Email Issues: Looks like if you have sent me an email since the first, and I didn't respond... I didn't get it. Turns out that I left my email account settings on one of my desktop machines that my kids use... and they discovered Thunderbird. So they've screwed things up for me and deleted emails and such. I've got that sorted out so it wont happen again. But in the mean time, I've no idea who emailed me or what. Sorry guys.

Another problem we had here was a leak in the roof. Because of that, we have a hole in our bedroom ceiling. Fun times at Ogre Ranch. Ice build up causes some issues that allowed the run off from the roof to come back around under the eves and run off inside.  We only found this when all the sudden it started dripping on my bed. Couch time doesn't work for me. So I've not slept since last Saturday. I'm hoping to sleep well tonight.

I'm quite disgusted with the Super Tuesday results. The Liberals have hijacked the Republican Party or the Repubs have moved to the left. I don't know which. But McCain is far from Conservative and he's suckered a lot of feeble minded idiots into thinking he is, or they are just liberal idiots to begin with. On top of this, you have Huckabee who has no chance of winning, is staying in out of spite, just to split conservative votes to keep Romney from winning. This confirms my opinion of the Huckster – which is quite low and has only gotten lower. Then you have McCain using Huckabee – and Huckabee knowing it and playing along. Either way, McCain is a slime bag of the highest order and Huckabee is hanging on his coat tails which makes him just as slimy. If Huckabee really gave a damn about the country and believed in real conservative values, he would take it for the team, realized that 3rd place is not going to get the White House, he would drop out and give his support to Romney who is the only conservative in the race. But Huckabee isn't that noble and because of that he will allow Liberalism to win the day. This is like the mother who agreed to let King Solomon cut the contested baby in half just so she gets her part. Going back to those who voted McCain... how could you? No, seriously. When you have a guy that shares the shower with Teddy Kennedy, who co-authors bills with Feingold, who has been more of an obstructionist to the Republicans than Harry Reid, and is well liked by Hillary Clinton... and was a key member of the Keating Five... Notice something about the Keating Five? McCain was the only Republican. What does that say? He is both Liberal and Corrupt... and you voted for him? You are either an idiot, or a liberal idiot.

As it's looking right now, we will have a choice in November for a Liberal D or Liberal R. I might just write in Ron Paul or Mitt Romney... because I will not vote for a Liberal. McCain is only conservative as long as it gets him elected. Once he is elected, he is going to be as Leftist as he pleases. So he will not get my vote. Looking at the Democrat side of the ticket, I'm torn. If I had to choose between Obama or Clinton, I'd rather Obama won the White House, because he's a Liberal Democrat and Clinton is a flat out Communist. But if Clinton wins the nomination we could defeat her easily even if we risk getting a Hard Line KGB Communist in the White House. So I'm torn on who I'd rather see win on the Dem side. I guess it's kind of like selecting your own method of execution. I'm feeling like the Ghost Busters talking to Gozer and I have to pick my Destructor.

2-4-08:  The difference between Europe and The United States: Hordeman Craig sent us an answer to the old image of the skinny girl and fat girl.

That pretty much sums it up, doesn't it?  Now, I know I've got a whole bunch of Readers in Europe, don't take offense guys.  If you read this website... I know you are not French!

The United States is on the brink of a very dangerous cliff. Hillary's plan on garnishing wages for those that do not have health insurance is incredibly dangerous. If that was to pass we would be on the cusp of socialism with that move. Forced universal health care. Garnishing wages takes away a person's freedom of choice. What if you are of a religious faith that doesn't believe in going to the doctor? Let me tell you... I don't believe in going to see a Doc unless its serious. I don't go in if a have a sniffle. I don't go in if I have an ache. Hell, I don't even go in if I need less than 20 stitches... and even then, last time, I did it myself. But that's just me. I don't like Doctors and Nurses and Clinical Staff... The whole wear this stupid gown so you can pretend you have some dignity left... no... I don't need that. But if I do need it, I know where to go. I know who I want to talk to. Hillary's system would force me to go where her program dictates. Her program would take away all my choice. Mandates of any nature is compulsion and that's just not the American way. If we allow one step in Hillary's direction, we have just taken a large step of the edge of a cliff that leads to flat out communism. Her vision where the Government controls and regulates everything is not an American vision. Hillary doesn't understand the American Dream... she wants totalitarianism under her direct control. That's the big difference between Democrats and Republicans... Democrats believe they have every right to tell you what to do and how to do it. It's the easy way out from personal responsibility... a world without sin. The Republicans, for all their faults, still believe on a whole that you know how to sin as well as they do. You have every right to sink or swim on your own and if you sink, they'll throw you a rope. I'm libertarian, but a compassionate libertarian. I believe in those life lines. America is the greatest, wealthiest, most powerful nation on the planet... I think we can afford to take care of our less fortunates. Capitalize “Our” less fortunates. Not the world's. Americans first. I don't think there is anything wrong with assistance programs. But I don't believe we should have institutionalized, generational government handouts to support those that just don't give a damn. There are those that just can not hold a job... those that can't get by... those that just need help... we should be able to help them. And what little they make, we should let them keep it and not garnish it. Because that is what Hillary's plan is. Those that don't have health insurance probably don't have it because they just can't afford it. I don't think we should rip out their paychecks because they can't afford it. Health insurance is hideously expensive. To force it would take away as much as half a month's wages. This would force a lot of people to quit their jobs.... to try to find work under the table. In all seriousness, Hillary Clinton is the biggest disaster this country has ever seen.... worse than Pearl Harbor, 9-11-01, Katrinia, Gettysburg, and The Great Depression all rolled up into one. The only thing that should go over that cliff... is Hillary. I say toss her off it and then wash your hands with antiseptic soap.

Tom Selleck's 9MM. After many emails and much research, I can not find one instance where Tom Selleck used a 9MM in a Movie or TV. Still not sure about “Lassiter” though. No one in The Horde has seen it or remembers any detail about that one. Now the issue of stage/stunt guns using 9MM blanks is a Non-Issue. The gun Tom Selleck used in Magnum PI – both the Commander and the Combat Master he packed as back up – were made to be, were portraid to be, and were referred to as .45 ACP guns. They showed Tom loading .45ACP rounds into the Commander several times. In film and on stage it's all about what the gun is supposed to be... the only people who care about what it is off stage are the Props and Weapons Master. They also use propane to fire machineguns and cannons... and now days it popular to use CGI and edit in sound effects so the guns don't even fire anything at all since they are molded out of solid hard rubber. This doesn't change the fact the guns are supposed to represent the guns they are portraid to be. So this rude asshole, remains just that. An ignorant, “just read an NRA magazine and thinks he's an expert” asshole. We are done with him. I bet the NRA magazine failed to mention that if you were to some how load a live 9MM shell into the gun, it wouldn't go into battery. Because it is not a “9MM”. It's a 9MM Blank conversion. The chamber is too short to load real 9MM loads. The blanks are 9MM brass that is crimped tightly or heavily wadded. The bore is anywhere from 2 to 4MM... just enough to give some flash and provide enough back pressure to cycle the action. I've worked with several different kinds of blank firing guns and guns converted to firing blanks in local productions, both film and stage. And before anyone else emails me about this... Chewbacca was a guy in a hairy suit.

Okay guys, I want every Horde Member and every other Gun Blogger to read this and spread the word. I can't even begin to articulate my anger at this. It has been illegal to fire a gun in Virginia since 1987 for other than controlled discharge (WTF?) or for hunting. So no plinking, target practice, or competition... you are only allowed to zero your gun for the hunt and to hunt – that's it. They arrested a fellow gun owner for this. Time to write your Politician!

A .38 Caliber Circumcision. Cross your legs before you click this link. Ouch. The guy had it coming, That's what you get when you go down the criminal path.

A good question was put forth by Tom Kovach. Tip of the hat to Curmudgeon. Tom asks if McCain is even eligible to be a US President. You see, McCain was born in PANAMA. Wait, what? McCain might not be a Natural Born Citizen. No wonder the Dems love him so much. All he has to do is get the Republican Nomination, then all they have to do is invalidate his candidacy.... done. They won. Or if McCain wins, legal challenge, and pow – they win by default. This could play out in any number of ways. Just another reason to NOT vote for McCain.

2-3-08:  Ruger has decided to make a small compact auto for concealed carry. They call it the .380 LCP, and it is in .380. Looks a lot like a Kel-Tec, doesn't it. This is a good move for Ruger, but it isn't anything ground breaking. And it's just a .380 which isn't exaclty anything that gets anyone excited. Still, Ruger has made a small automatic, and that's a start. Too bad it's not a 9MM or bigger.


Feeling like some Ted Nugent today... Stranglehold.  My favorite.


2-2-08:  Wired Magazine had an article about guys trying to win a price building a car that can get 100 MPG. These guys are going about it all wrong. Trying to built tight little engines is a great idea... but then to take that engine and bolt it straight up to a 1990 5 speed transmission. Thats crazy. One of the worst places in a car to loose energy is in the transmission. You typically loose 20 to 28% of your power in the drive train before it gets to the tyres. There is no way you can push all your power through the tranny... if you want to get the most miles per gallon, you have to get the most energy from your gallon. That means you have to ditch the transmission. Wait, what? No transmission? So how can you get the engine turning the wheels without a transmission? Ditch the mechanical drive train. I've railed against electrical cars for some time. I know. I complained about them last summer. I don't like them and I don't think I would ever drive one. But looking at the project objectively, it's an intellectual puzzle and being the natural born critic that I am, (my nickname was “The Judge”... my grandfather gave me that one) I have to give my 2 cents when I see these guys going about it as stupidly as possible. They are smart guys, but they are going about it all wrong. Now let's get back to my plan. Small diesel engine turning a generator. Generator feeds 4 separate electric motors, one motor for each wheel. Combine smart computer controls to manage the energy, regenerative braking, and other tweaks such as tapping the heat of the engine to further generate energy like how BMW has been playing with in their hybrid concepts... in a light 4 person transportation module, I think you could easily hit 100 MPG. When I say light, think about how much weight you loose when you yank out the transmission, drive lines, axles, differentials... Thats a lot. How much more do you gain back when you add in batteries... I don't know. But it's a start.

Congratulations to the Horde's Matt! He just had a healthy baby girl today! Lucky bastard. I don't even know what a baby girl looks like. I'm jealous. I wouldn't give up one of my boys... but I do wish I had a little girl.

This is how we roll on Coyote Hunting here in Utah: 48 coyotes.  That's how it is done.

I just put a Simmons scope on my Black Marlin.

Email on McCain: ””

The problem (well, one of the many) with McCain was that he would have been a Democrat if John Kerry has selected him as his running mate. Let me put that in another way. McCain would have sold the Republicans and the rest of us... sold us out for a shot at being the Vice. McCain is a slime bag of the highest order. I can't stand him.

Cryptic email:” Only a true idiot would call someone a moron and then forget punctuation. Normally I would have just ignored such an email, out of the blue, no qualifying statements, no reference to the movie in question. So this had me scratching my head. Tom has and uses in his personal life, a selection of 1911 .45's. So this Mental Giant,, isn't talking about Tom himself. He isn't talking about Magnum PI, because he packs a 1911 .45 Commander most of the time and backs that up with a Detonics on occasion. He plays a lot of cowboys, but packs .45 Colts in those... then there is the Sharps in .45-110 in Quigley Down Under. I can't remember a 9MM Cowboy gun... High Road to China he had a Lewis Gun... Run Away was a rocket pistol of some sort. His Jesse Stone movies are .45's, again, 1911's. Man, I don't know what the hell he's talking about. Lassiter? I don't know, maybe he had a Luger or something in that one... I don't know... no one knows. No one saw that movie. I know... He did appear in a few episodes of “Friends”. That must be what this dork is talking about. Maybe Tom packed a 9mm in Friends. Seriously... can some one tell me what the hell this guy is talking about?

Want to get pissed off? Read THIS. 0-Pissed in 3.2 seconds for me. You might get there faster. Gun Permits and Sex Offenders. Things like this are not resolved with letters to the newspapers or to the state. Things like this are resolved with Litigation. We need Pro-Gun Lawyers to Stand Up and SUE THE SHIT OUT OF THEM. If you need money, we'll donate to pay for it.






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