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8-29-08:  Creative Blogging at its Best.  The Dead Journal.  Bookmark this and keep checking back. 

I've got something I've got to get off my chest. 'm super pissed at my Ward. One week after we lost our little girl, the Ward asked my wife to take a meal over to a family that just had a baby girl. I didn't know this happened. Then the other night, the Ward had a Mother/Daughter Night and asked my wife to bring a Dish to the activity. I came home and found that she was upset about something and I got it out of her... I was livid... pissed off in a way that I almost never get. I went to the church... the activity was still going on... the ladies in charge were located and I went off like Mount Vesuvius. “Are you insensitive, cruel, or just shockingly stupid?” Among other things. I've never done such a thing before at Church, in front of people. But I could not take this... this hurt my wife on a very deep level. This hurt me too. I'm still furious.

Selling guns still thrills me. Especially one I sold today. A young lady of 12 years came in and wanted a hunting rifle (her parents where there and did the paper work) to hunt Mule Deer and Elk. She looked like any 12 year old girl, dressed in normal fashion for her peer group – save for the big Rodeo Buckle she wore. She picked out a Browning X-Bolt in 7mm-08 and topped with with a 4-12 Elite 3200... very nice. She did get a pink sling so Dad wouldn't mistake it of course. She promised to bring in photos of her hunting results. I suspect she's going to do great. Her Dad looked fit to burst with pride.

Some guys are digging my shotgun's Breecher Choke and asked where they can get it for their own shotgun. Well, here's one you can get. Okay, now while you are there, you AR guys wanting to take the Sproing out of the system... well, here is something for you. I know my buddy Ben wants to get something like this for his AR's. So this is one I know he's going to want. Oh man... check this out... the coolest 10/22 Conversion EVER. That's badass.

8-27-09:  Busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest: Sorry for the light blogging lately.. I've been super busy and then when I come home, I'm just so wiped out I don't feel like writing. So I've been working on some things... Silvershot... Privateer... my two books which have been stagnating.

Ted Kennedy passed away... I had Cake and Ice Cream that night. Now the Democrats are saying to call Obama Care now “Kennedy Care” and they say we should pass the Bill in his memory. Is that really good enough to Honor Ted Kennedy? I don't think it is. I mean, come on... the man has served this Great Nation for half a century. We can do better than this. I think we need to treat Ted's Honor with the respect reserved for the Ancient Kings of his Ancestors.... We should name the Nationalized Health Care Plan, “Kennedy Care”. Yes, I think we should. And then we Bury the Bill with him.

I've been working on the Tactical Shotgun Course I want to put together. I've looked at some stuff on borrowed DVD's from some places that are famous for training. And it's exactly the same stuff that I was taught back in the 80's.  I called a couple different schools... and their programs really have nothing new in them.  In fact, they seem to have a lot of "filler" material. What I mean by that is that they get really technical and repetitive about less important stuff that has more to do with walking around with the gun than it has with actually shooting the gun.  "The Blasty End points at the other Guy" is about as technical as some of the courses get. Isn't there anything new for shotguns?
Well, I tell you what... When I worked the dark side of Richmond, one thing I almost always had in my hand when I was alone and had to step out of the cruiser... a Pump Action Shotgun.  Specifically, a Mossberg 590A1 with all the evil scary features.  It resolved more problem simply by its shear presence.  It had a sling and a folding stock... I remember the most I had to use it one time... I simply pulled it off my shoulder and slowly and deliberately unfolded the stock while looking a certain someone in the eyes. That someone suddenly changed his tune and he was no longer a possible threat. He was compliant and even courteous.  I didn't even have to raise the muzzle.  Such is the power of the shotgun. I have much respect for The Gauge.  One thing about The Gauge... ammo for it is pretty cheap.  A box of shells is 6 bucks for good target loads... or 15 for 100 of the cheap stuff. 00 Buck and slugs are more, but that's okay as we don't shoot a lot of those.  So really, it's affordable.  And you can buy a really slick new 870 for about 600 or less.  It's powerful... no other fighting gun puts out this much power and versatility. You can hunt everything from Quail to Grizzly, and stop fights Right Now with a 12 Gauge. Yet it is often ignored, or even scoffed.  It's not sexy.  Chris Costa doesn't use one - only Old Guys like Tom Knapp.  They don't have all the cool stuff other guns have.  Still... it gets the job done.  All the time.  It needs more respect... it deserves more respect... from everyone. Anyways... I'm putting together  a new modern Tactical Shotgun Course.  I'm going to take what I was taught, mix in some stuff I learned form 3Gunning, some stuff I learned from the street, and mix that with some new modern stuff that takes advantage of the shotguns unique capabilities... I'll probably hold a class in October.  Who would be interested?


8-23-09:  Interesting times and interesting people to talk to. I met Patrick Garcia, who used to work for MagPul and is on the MagPul Dynamics Art of the Tactical Carbine 2 DVD. Huge guy. Impressive. He wanted to sign up for my Advanced Carbine course, but I do not have one scheduled yet. No pressure there, but can I put together an Advanced Course that can challenge the likes oh him? Yes, I think I can. Because everyone needs to train, no matter how good we think we are, we need to continue to push ourselves. So I look forward to having him in my next course. We talked for awhile, and one of the things we discussed was the new BAD lever MagPul came out with. This is a simple bold assist device that allows one to drop the bolt on the AR with the trigger finger. Awesome. He also had a couple MagPul stocks... one was the UBR that I could have snagged if finances were not so tight. I don't know if I'll ever get the chance to get another one... as Patrick says... they are like Unicorns. Oh well. Some day.

Speaking of Training Courses, those that have asked for a Tactical Shotgun course... Yeah, let's put that together for alter this fall.. Maybe October. Others have asked quite urgently for a sniper course. If I was to do such a course, especially as a one day course... the concentration would have to be one of three things. A. Field Craft, positions, and everything that gets one into the position for the shot... things I have to admit I was very good at. B. Shooting known distance targets. C. Shooting unknown distance targets. To be honest I would much rather organize a larger class and bring a couple of LRI's instructors out to teach it. Shep and maybe Jason or Marty... those guys are the experts and I defer to their extraordinary skills. But would they even want to waste time with a 1 Day Course? I don't know. I kind of doubt it. You can't teach everything you need in one day.

One course that I am thinking about putting together is a Hybrid Designated Marksmen Course... A shorter range sniper course geared for AR rifles, yet stretching out the ranges to 500 or 600 yards. Running an AR like a dedicated sniper rifle... using some Sniper field craft and techniques. Reason being is the prevalence of Heavy Barreled scoped up AR's with optics like a regular sniper rifle use. How can we get the most out of these type of rifles? This is worth exploring.

The other guy I talked to was Former Congressmen Bob Barr, on Armed American Radio. Going out Live on the Air for thousands of listeners... I hope I didn't disappoint. The time was short as always and we can never get to what we want to talk about. Oh well... the show is going to be 2 hours soon and then discussions can get real.

So we had an interesting weekend, to be sure.

Blogging turned out to be rather light this week. My apologies. There has been much goings on out here and the hunting seasons have begun. Archery Elk is in full swing and it just gets nuts from here. I know there are a lot of hunters around that love the Archery hunt, but I'm just not that into hunting with a pointy stick. I should probably get into it more, but I have enough passions already. However next time I kill an elk its going to be with a handgun. (Previous elk was slain with a .30-30 – clean and it dropped Dead Right There) But that is neither here nor there.

I'll be on ArmedAmericanRadio again tonight. Just as a call in guest again.

I've been tinkering with Vegas Movie Studio 9, that Hordeman Jim has supplied us with. Oh man... if the weather didn't suck today, I'd be out shooting some clips right now. Maybe I'll do some of my Rolling Commentary and monkey around with that. Just fiddling with the tools in this software... it's like sitting in an airplane cockpit for the first time. Kind of overwhelming and awe inspiring at the power and potential at one's fingertips. I flew a C-141 Simulator at McCord AFB many moons ago... and that tingly feeling as I grabbed the controls and pushed the throttle... I got the same feeling here. I'm not kidding.

I love this guy. This former US Marine knows how to launch a verbal political attack. This popped up on and has been circulating the channels... So I'm going to post this so I don't get 800 Million emails about it all next week. What I would have really liked to have heard is this Politco's response after the Marine walked away. Brother's and Sisters – THAT is how you do it. Simple, Straight Forward, and Direct. This man's words hit like Sun Tzu's admonition of hitting the enemy so hard he can't hit back. What are the Democrats to do about this? I wouldn't be surprised if you see this on The Daily Show and Colbert... because the only response to this is to make fun of the Marine in some asinine way. You can't counter the message so you mock the messenger.

This is the nature of the political battleground now. We have these Congressmen who have established these political dynasties and are so far out of touch with the real world, the reality, and out of touch with the people who elected them... they have become so elitist that they look down their noses at those that used to be their neighbors, their co-workers, and they don't have a moment enough of time to talk to you unless you make large contributions to their political campaigns. I'm sick of it. We need Congressional Term Limits. This is something I've been barking about for decades and it has never been more true that today. They are lying to us daily... all of them. Congress and the President. And they just expect us to roll over and believe their BS. Even the Ultra Liberals at Air America is calling the President a Liar.

I got called an A-hole yesterday.

Wish I had called the cops.  I will not have such a regret as this again.

8-20-09:  I've been looking at some of the firearms courses offered around the country and I'm just floored. A thousand bucks for one course back east. 1200 bucks for another course. Wow. That's a lot of scratch. What's interesting about it is that they are not teaching anything that I'm not teaching. They charge more, and they have triple the round count. One course requires 1000 rounds of Frangible, Lead-Free ammunition – that's what, 500 bucks worth? That's an expensive way to go get your training. What does my training offer? You will learn the same things, you will have fun while doing it, and you will save time and money. I'm charging 150 bucks for the course and you'll need 200 rounds of ammo. Let's put that into some perspective.... If you are shooting 9mm, that's 51.99 for the ammo at retail pricing so for about 201.99 you get a full day handgun training, or for a bit more a full day of tactical carbine training. That much money doesn't even get you the require amount of ammo for these other courses where you blast targets all day long in repetitive drills. I'm not saying repetition isn't important, it is. But the more you blaze away and the faster you do it all in one session, the less value is placed on each shot. Only hits count. Not how fast you can run your gun empty. I teach you what you need to know, and leave it up to you to practice those skills. You can practice as you can afford to buy the ammo... as you have time. So what do you think? Wanna drop a Grand all at once or about 200 bucks worth and build on it as you can. I'm not trying to be a Dollar Store for Training... Maybe more like the 7-11... it's about convenience. Especially since in a lot of places they just don't have all the ammo you need, or still have limits on it.

We've got some good news from our friends at Armed American Radio. They just jumped from a 1 hour format to a 2 hour format. Bang. Done deal... Do you know what this means? It means that AAR is going to start spreading like a wildfire across all markets. This is a big jump for them. You guys should call up your local radio stations and ask them to consider bringing AAR to their station. It's on the satellites and they have to do is pull it down and give it a listen. You guys heard how condensed the 1 hour show was... now AAR will be able to really get into a topic... it's going to get 100% better.

The Death Book for Veterans: Ex-Soldiers don't need to be told they're a burden to society. This is from the Wall Street Journal. The Democrats keep mocking the “Death Panels” that they were accused of having. Well, it's true that the bill did not specifically order “Death Panels”. But it did talk about End of Life councilling with a political appointee. And any time you have a decisions that come down to whether or not investments should be made in something... there is always a committee meeting, a panel meeting, or a council meeting about it. Hospitals, businesses... this happens. And in this case, it could be two political appointees talking about an Old Republican Vet, and there you go. Water Cooler Death Panel. It's something that will happen if this Public Option for health care goes forward. As we read in this WSJ article, we see that this is actually Old News.  The government has for a long time discarded it's vets and anyone else it deems to rubbish.

8-18-09:  The Gauge: I kind of opened a small can of worms in a comment I made on the radio show. No, I'm not talking about calling the President an Idiot. He is... and everyone agrees. No, the comment was about the best tactical shotgun. My knee-jerk response was Remington 870. Really we could have talked Tactical Shotguns all day long... but the short answer comes down to the 870 every time for me. For a gun that you must defend life and limb with... a gun you have to know will back you up in a fight. Yeah, I'm pulling the 870. And I don't have a bit of doubt about it. No shotgun out there is as brutally tough, rugged, built to last... none else has the long history of hunting and fighting in all conditions... no shotgun has ridden in as many police cruisers... simply comes down to no other shotgun is as proven. No other shotgun has been there and done that like the good old boy 870. You can get the 870 is a whole mess of different configurations to meet your mission requirements, but in the end, it's still an 870 and as a platform it is unrivaled.

Okay, now having said that... I'm not saying that there are no other good tactical gun options out there. The Mossy 590 is another personal favorite if you want a shotgun that can do double service as an I-beam. The semi autos have a lot of good arguments for them as well, Mossy's newest ones are indeed slick as hell and worthy of every consideration. Benelli's and FN's latest shotguns are super slick. No doubt about it. But let me put it this way. If I jump out of a plane and pull the ripcord – I want that chute to open up right proper. In a fight, if I level the gauge at goblin and tell him to stop – I need to know that should I need to drop the hammer – that thing is going to bark on command. I can't second guess it and I can't have a failure. I'm not talking 3gun or any shooting sport here... I'm talking about Lives being on the Line. And that being the case – Remington 870 is my first choice.

8-16-09:  Armed American Radio: The show went well. Very well. I honestly had a great time with this and the show went by too fast. So much to talk about! We could have gone on for hours and we had just one. All too brief. But it was a good show. I'm now downloading via iTunes all the past shows I can get. There will be more news about AAR later. What I tried really hard not to think about – was that I was live in Reno, Carson City, Atlanta and some other areas... and I'm going to be steamed all over the place... I can't think about “Audience”. If I do, I freeze up, stutter, or just choke. But instead I just kicked back, thought about what I was really doing – which was just having a conversation with friends. And THAT made this fun. Because it's always fun talking about guns with friends. Always.


8-14-09:  What a hell of a day. It was a great day in terms of sales... high end range finders, optics and guns. I did well that way. On the other hand... I had a top shelf, full of BB's and Pellets totally collapse, dropping said little round things to the floor where the containers shattered in a spectacular display of high volume particle physics. Yeah... that was special. Did I mention that I really hate BB's? No? Well, I just found out myself. Yeah, I hate BB's now.

One of the guns I sold today was a little CZ rifle in .17HMR. Topped with a Nikon Monarch 2-8x32... the little Monarch that uses Nikon's Camera lenses. Very clear scope. Incredible. It looked good too. Sweet setup. The price was about 800 bucks out the door after tax, which makes it one of most expensive .17HMR kits I've put together... but it was easily the best.

Last night I talked to Mark Walters... he's the host of Armed American Radio. His one of the columnists for Concealed Carry Magazine, writes “The Ordinary Guy”. Great guy, felt real comfortable talking with him... let me put it this way... I'm now really looking forward to Sunday night now. Mountain Standard Time, 6:00PM we get going. The show will have a call in number, so this will be a chance for The Horde to call in. Ask questions, give me suggestions, just talk. If you are in Reno, Carson City, Atlanta, you will be able to listen up on your Stereo... If not, you can go to 920AM WGKA's page HERE, and click LISTEN LIVE and stream it to listen in. If you miss it, it's on iTunes. It'll be on the AAR page too. Now, if there is something you want me to cover, hit me before hand. What am I going to talk about? I bit about Blogging maybe, I'm going to talk about Crusader, about Training, about Competition, about this is going to be fun.

8-13-09:  Member of The Horde, Jim – Special thanks goes out to him... Everyone raise a glass... Jim has Sony Vegas on the way to Ogre Ranch. So as soon as it gets here – you will see a dramatic increase in video quality of my YouTube clips... and more importantly... It's another step on the path to Project-X launch. YouTube has been my training grounds... practice... learning things about doing video... all getting ready for Project-X and this is getting us very close. Seriously, Jim, Thank You.

Email from Jim Matheson, my Democrat Congressman:

Dear George,

I want health care reform that achieves these goals: lowers costs for Utah families and businesses, increases the quality of care provided and expands access for every American.

The President has said he will not sign a health care bill that 1) adds to the deficit and 2) fails to lower the excessive growth of long term health costs. I am on the same page. According to an independent analysis, the bill recently considered by the House Energy and Commerce Committee fails on both counts.

Skyrocketing health care costs are straining family budgets, threatening the survival of small businesses and exploding our national deficit. Even Utahns with good coverage know they are paying more in premiums, deductibles and co-payments and they are getting less. Costs are staggering for Utah businesses who try to do the right thing and offer insurance benefits to employees.  Utahns who lose a job, or change jobs, or want to start a business fear they'll have few health insurance options and they will be expensive.

Health care costs are the number one driver of our long-term deficits, which is why achieving health care reform is the single most important thing we can do for our nation's long-term fiscal health.

The status quo is unsustainable and unacceptable. Inaction is not an option.

In years of looking at health care and after meetings with many stakeholders, here's what I know:

  • In order to get real cost savings, we must reform the incentives of a system that equates more expensive care with better care

  • We need to align incentives for doctors and hospitals so that they're reimbursed based on the quality of care they provide, not on how many tests or procedures they prescribe

  • A third of the $2 trillion spent on health care in this country goes towards administrative costs, not to patient care. We need a more efficient, less bureaucratic system.

Americans currently without insurance must have the opportunity to receive affordable coverage. Insurers should not be able to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions. They should not be able to hike premiums when people become ill and they should invest in prevention and wellness programs.

As always I am very interested in your opinion.  Please take a moment to respond to the following survey so that I can hear from you.


Jim Matheson”

Well, that's a nice letter from my Representative. Must have taken a staffer all day to write it.

My Response to Jim:

Jim, the problem I have with the Democrat's Health Care Reform is that I don't like being lied to. In all honesty, have you read the bill? The President keeps saying that “You can keep your current plan.” That is a bald face lie. On page 16 of the bill says that if you have insurance through your employer, after a grace period, you are moved to the Government plan. If you have your own private insurance plan, sure you can keep it... Until the plan changes in any small detail. At which point you are now required to take the Government plan. The bill requires this information to be given and tracked with your taxes. If you don't take the governent plan when required by law, you have a huge penalty. So the Government plan is eventually compulsory. So the President is lying to everyone and the DNC has sent out all their minions to lie to the American People. The bill stipulates the requirement of End of Life Counseling to tell people who to end their lives. That is in the bill. What else is in the bill? Automatic payment on Abortions and Non-Citizens... Meaning Illegal Aliens get their Health Care paid for. So irresponsible and illegal people get full coverage paid for by blokes like me that work our backsides off to make ends meet. The major decision makers in our health care would no longer be our doctors, but political appointees who's performance metric isn't how many people he's helped, but how much money he has saved by denying coverage or getting people to kill themselves. The Bill penalizes doctors who admit people for the same thing twice... so the bill actually is prevents good health care. What else does it do? Limits access to Specialists and pushes doctors into General Practice instead of Specialties so eventually there will be little or no Specialists. That again means poor health care and not just that, but will cost lives. Pretty much telling Doctors what kind of medicine they can practice. Jim, Socialized Health Care is flat out going to kill people. You have made an argument that reform is needed. That may or may not be true. But I don't see ruination as positive reform. You don't make a plan fly better by crashing it into the ground. I urge you to vote against any health care reform that is not written top to bottom by actual doctors. Sorry, Jim, but I don't want you to be my Doctor. I don't want you to be my pilot. You are not qualified. You are my Representative and that is the only job I want you to do. And if you turn out to be a DNC Muppet, then I don't want you to have this job either.

God's sake, read the bill.

George Hill – Voter.

I've brought up the subject of MHI: THE MOVIE's cast. And this has turned into a great topic over on Now I want to throw down the more important question. Who is the MHI Director? There are a lot of options here, and a lot of good ones. But who could capture MHI the best? It really comes down to Two Guys: First Option, The Mann. Micheal Mann is strong. The use of guns in a stark and realistic way... Mann is unsurpassed when weapons are involved. His use of light and music set the tone and tension... he is perhaps... no... I'll throw this down, Mann is the Best Director there is. His use of the environment... Mann's locations become their own characters... He really gives his movies the right atmosphere. But can he also capture the Camp and Vibe that MHI has? For creepy vibe and campy atmosphere and fast paced strange story telling with odd creatures, Guillermo Del Toro is a force to be reckoned with. His work on Hell Boy and Pan's Labrynth shows he can Direct strange new worlds. But can he still deliver the stark reality that MHI needs to “Make It Real”? Either way, one of these two Directors could make a fantastic MHI. These guys are my top two picks. But you can only have 1 Director. And neither one of these two guys have the Full Enchilada. We need someone who can not only do both sides of the coin... but we also need a Director that can Respect MHI's original Vision, make it stark and real, with a camp vibe and cool monsters... one that can also make you want to run out off the theater fully pumped up and ready for zombies and monsters. Looking at past movies, looking at what they've done. Looking at how they have done it. Looking at the Vibe and the examining the grain... there is only one man that can truly bring MHI to life. Robert Rodriquez. Because this isn't about doing a good job, this is about getting MHI right and making it the best. Robert Rodriquez takes full control of the directing, uses the latest digital filming techniques and understands how to turn Vision into the Final Cut. Robert Rodriquez is my pick.

I just heard that the US Post Office is going to stop deliveries on Saturday's. This is to save money because the Post Office is unable to make a profit. Yet UPS and FedEx are doing quite well, essentially doing the same job. This clearly shows us in a timely fashion that Private Industry knows what it's doing, and the .Gov doesn't. Yet the .Gov still wants to run Health Care? They can't even drop off a Package and they want to tell Doctors how to run their shit? Asinine.

Guys, I need a hand. I need a bit of software, but I can't afford to buy it right now... I'm not asking for a handout... but just help getting some spare funds for this. You can help me get what I need simply by you getting what you need... When you need some Gun Related Product, please come to, click one of the links to Brownell's and order what you would have otherwise just got normally. See, if you order through one of those links – I get a little commission. That commission ads up, and presto, my paypal account balance all the sudden has enough credit on there that I can order Vegas. We both get what we need, both win. Gun Lube, Cleaner, Parts, Upgrades... all your guns stuff... get from Brownell's off my links. Another thing that would really help me out – is if you or anyone you know is looking for Optics, especially any optic over 200 bucks... Get it through and make note that I sent you. That would be awesome.

8-12-09:  This Sunday, I'm going to be the guest on a Radio show. Tune into Armed American Radio this Sunday to catch it. Should be fun. Things to talk about:, Crusader Weaponry, Crusader Training, Politics, and how much fun it is to just get out and shoot. This is going to be fun.

News reports say that Officials see rise in Militia Groups across the US. I'm not really bothered by this... not worried. I see this as a healthy exercise in voicing our Liberty. However I am not a member of any militia group, nor would I join one. I pray that those in these groups take no action. By all means, rattle your sabers guys... voice your disagreements with the Government, but please do so peacefully. The best, most effective mechanism for real tangible and lasting change in our government is built in. If you Militias want to make a difference, then you need to organize a voter drive. Get out to everyone in your area, and admonish them to register to vote, and to get out and vote. If they can't vote on election day, they can vote earlier. Get this information for your area, where to go and how to do it – and spread the word. This will do more good than posting masked videos on YouTube. But it takes real balls to do it. Anyone can hide behind a mask and yell at a camera. Real balls, Real Men... Real Patriots... will push the vote. But it takes hard work and guts to go talk to people you do not know. This is called Foot Work. This is what is required, and this is what is going to save the country. Keep your cool, be calm, arm your self with information, printed so you can hand it out, and go Door to Door. Put up information booths in high foot traffic areas. Make signs. Take out a Radio or Newspaper Advert. Be positive about the political process. And always – always – speak the truth. Tell the truth about Good Candidates... tell the truth about Bad Candidates. If there is no Good Candidate, find one. Or vote for the lesser of the two evils. Be positive and honest and encouraging. THAT is how we will win. Not with a rifle.

However, if it comes down to force of arms... Man... I pity those that oppose us. The Left has no idea the volume and concentration of Whoop-Ass they are open on themselves.

Nancy Pelosy thinks the US Airforce is her Personal Taxi Service? She thinks they are supposed to sit around and wait for her in private jets just in case she feels like flying around... Congress thinks they can just vacation on our Dime? WTF? Who do these assholes think they are? These people need to be FIRED. We need ALL of them to be kicked off Capital Hill. They need to be replaced with people who understand that America is a Republic... a Representative Democracy... and that they work for US, we don't work for THEM.

8-11-09:  What a TEASE! Our friend Larry Correia is writing for SWAT Magazine... he's going to the ITRC competition in WY, Aug 21st – 23rd. He's awesome with the carbine but needed a precision rifleman on his team... so he contacts me and I look at my schedule... and that is the one weekend I really can't make it. I can't get away for anything. Man, I so want to go... this isn't even funny. 500 yards to 1000 yards... Most of the shots are between 500 and 700. That's my zone! I smoke Prairie Dogs at these distances... a Man Sized target? Have mercy. Now get this... there is one more tease... They are going to be shooting from moving helicopters! WHAT? I've not done that since the Army. Shooting rifles from helicopters... and I can't make it. This isn't a Competition for me... this is my dream weekend... and I can't go! Damn and blast! So Larry calls the Runner Up Choice... yeah... he can make it... but he doesn't have a rifle for it. So they are going to take my rifle up there and another guy is gets to shoot it. At least if I can't go have the fun, my Remington XCR will get to do it. All the luck. Next time. There had better be a Next Time! AARAARRRRRHGHHGGHGHHGHHH!!!!!!

My rifle in question here is my Remington 700 XCR Compact Tactical, topped with a Pride and Fowler RR800-1 scope and a Harris bi-pod. It will do well. Up in Wyoming to boot... which is what that rifle is zeroed for. I zeroed it at LRI, and haven't needed to touch the turrets since. They are going to be having a ridiculous amount of fun up there without me. Bastards. ;)

We had an attempted kidnapping here recently. Scary situation. Thank heavens for Shalyn Searle who was observant and courageous enough to act. She's a Concealed Weapon permit holder... and a cutie too! So give some applause to Shalyn for stopping evil.
Senator Specter... You are a sad sad man. And you will be out of a job soon. Listen to this clip. Some guy shouts him down, so pissed off he could barely talk... and Spector spins it that the man was just pissed about the “Procedure”? What? And what about Dingell's Town Hall? Is this man pissed about “Procedure”? What people are pissed off about – is the Democrats DEMOLISHING our Nation. This healthcare plan? They want to kill babies, now they want to kill Elderly and Crippled? Obama himself said that maybe it's better to give an old lady a pain pill instead of a needed surgery. Meaning they just send the woman home to die. They want to pick who lives and who dies... Tell me that they wouldn't end up getting political about it... tell me that they wouldn't “elect to neglect” a political adversary... say a Republican who has a Concealed Carry Permit. Tell me he wouldn't get bumped to the back of the line or “just given a pain pill”. Obama's healthcare plan is twisted and evil. And so are the Democrats who support it.

I've got lots of reasons to be critical of Obama... I don't like any of his policies. But to be critical about the Beer Summit? MADD is torqued over Obama's beer summit... I think it was a stupid stunt, and pointless, but it's nothing to get torqued off about. They are saying that the President having a beer is some sort of advocation of intoxication. Come on now. That's just stupid. That's like saying sexy “Catholic School Girl Outfits” is an advocation of Child Porn, Sexual Abuse of Children, and or Catholicism. If you think that, you don't get it... not only that, but evidently you are a dim bulb as well. Come to think of it... I'd love to open up an English Tavern staffed with women dressed like that, serving Guinness and English style foods... I'd call it “The Headmaster's”.

Where was I?  What is really irritating is that the Dems and their Town Hall meetings now want to pick and chose who gets to participate in their Democracy. This hypocrisy is insulting. Check this out. The same Democrats who fight against an ID requirement to Vote, now want to require an ID to come to the Town Hall Meetings.

Every day, the Democrats show themselves to be much worse than the Fascists that they claim Republicans to be. Too many people like to say that there are no differences between Republicans and Democrats... Yeah, keep trying to sit on the fence... there are differences. Stark differences.

Okay, I'm done with politics for awhile. On to more pleasant topics. That Headmaster's idea isn't a bad one.  Anyone want to invest?

Why am I doing this? Me, joining the local Fire Department? Why? I don't know... but I am. Our community is short handed in the Emergency Response, so someone needs to step up. I'll help out when I can.

8-09-09:  Nancy Pelosi says it's “unAmerican” to protest the Democrat's Town Hall meetings. I call bullshit. It wasn't very long ago when Hillary Clinton, in her shrill voice, screeched that it as American's we had the right to protest “any” administration.

Is Nancy Pelosi saying that Hillary meant any administration other than Democrat?  She's calling our side unAmerican, calling us Nazis because a few folks had Nazi swastikas... Nancy is such an idiot... those banners were calling the Democrats Nazis... and they are acting like it too... Nationalist Socialists... acting just like them.  But seriously, Nancy Pelosi is the biggest idiot I've ever seen.  She makes Joe Biden look like he has his head on straight.  And that's a tough act to pull off right there... good job, Nancy.

Email from Scott: Well said, but I really want to hear what or who made you write it. There's a ton of instant gun experts out there lately. Part of the problem I have is that 95% of gun counter guys are morons. You're among the 5% so take it easy...I'm sure you know what I mean. (Cabela's and the others) Between them and You Tube idiots, these people can learn enough to be dangerous to themselves and unfortunately to others. Unfortunately possession does not equate to proficiency, but try to explain that to some of these folks.”

8-9-09:  THE GUNS OF MHI, work in Progress.

8-06-09:  So what's going on in the USA? Let's see... The Dems are being giant spoiled brats, spending money they don't have, ruining things they want but shouldn't have... Auto, Banking, Healthcare industries... now they are wanting you to rat out your friends, making an enemies list, and now dropping some 200m on some private jets for Top Dems... and if you protest or speak out against all this... you are just part of a Fake Angry Mob. So it's okay for Dems to bring in ACORN to make angry protests at AIG's exec's homes, protest all over the damn place... but as soon as we raise our hands and question the Dems... WHOA , Hold On There Angry Mob!

So all you Dems that voted for Obama... come on... is this your vision of a better America? If it is... fuck you.

You don't know crap: Just because you purchased a Glock, doesn't mean you are a Gunslinger just like buying a Snoop Dog CD doesn't make you a Gangster. You can buy your pistol... you can fondle it... you can play with it... but you are not going to be proficient with it when you really really need it until you get training and you practice. A lot. Until you spend some serious time on the range with your gun, practicing... you don't know crap. So when you bluster about how “good” you think you are to guys who really know shooting... Well, let's just imagine you going up to Snoopy and talking how Gangsta you are and rapping him some of his rhymes.

The Pontiac Effing Montana: I can't believe this... Wife comes rolling into town today... radiator blows apart. Why?  It got hot, and Pontiac radiators are glued together... I remember the good old days when radiators were welded and then dipped in lead to seal them up... Nope. Not any more. Now they are crimped and glued. If money wasn't so damned tight right now – I'd blow up that effing Pontiac van and buy her a Chevy Yukon XL. Unfortunately that is about as far from an option right now as me buying Colt. (pipe-dream of mine, to buy the company and bring it back to the days of glory) We've dumped, what, 5 grand into repairs? Seriously... this thing is stupid... and there is not a damn thing I can do about it.... this might be the death-knell to my hunting trip to Africa next summer.... shit.

Strange Days at work. 

You can stop laughing now... .

Okay, levity out of the way... I have to tell you guys how disgusted I am with the Democrats. They are running our nation into the ground and act offended that you dare question them. This video clip right here shows us everything we need to know about the Democrats as a whole... this is a microcosm of the DNC. Specter the Defector is a gigantic ass. His “Town Meeting” just goes to show his indignant superior attitude.

I think one of the problems we have is that we are electing too many lawyers who like to use Legalese Language when writing these bills. We need plain language, bills that are much shorter, make sure that all Congressmen actually read the bills... and most importantly... not allow pet projects to be thrown in to bills... each bill is One Subject Only. One Topic. One Concern... and if something doesn't concern the bill – you pet concern can not be added to it. Then Presidents can use a Line Item Veto to clean up the rest of the garbage. But even as it is now... 1000 pages... Who Knows what BS is in those 1000 pages. So your Legislatures need to read that crap all the more carefully. No more of these big bills coming out at 3AM to be voted on before 9AM... that's asinine and irresponsible regardless of what Party you belong to.

8-3-09: MadOgre Channel on YouTube. 

Friend of mine wrote something that I think bears publication here on His Primer On Zombies. It's a good read, and a warm up act for him. He's writing a book and it's going to be a damn good one. It's not about Zombies... but this bit is. Enjoy it. I did.

A Primer on Zombies By M. Kupari

I’d like to take a moment to discuss a top that's very important to all of us.  I'm writing, of course, about possibility of a Zombie Apocalypse.
First thing's first: don't believe everything you read.  Movies like
Dawn of the Dead and even books like Monster Hunter International are works of fiction.  These stories shape the nature of zombies to suit the authors' preference.  This is fine; MHI is a great book and you should all read it..
That said, there are a lot of myths about zombies out there.  They are not, for instance, "re-animated corpses".  They're not the "undead".  There's no Voodoo magic involved, folks.  It's a
virus.  It's a particularly nasty virus, one that twists human DNA like a kitten with a ball of yarn, yes, but a virus still.

It works like this: in the first stages of infection, most of the brain is destroyed as the virus takes over.  The process is not well understood, but the person the victim was effectively dies.  The virus mutates the surviving parts of the brain (the more primitive parts) and works from there.  The science of it is difficult to explain, and I’m not a doctor.  All that really matters is that once you're infected, there's no cure.  The only thing you need to know about the brain (as it relates to zombies) is that it's the best aiming point.
The newly-created Zombie is imbued with an impulse to kill and/or eat most any living thing it comes into contact with.  The mechanisms behind this are also very poorly understood, but again, the science isn't relevant for most of us.  There does seem to be an indication that as the Z-Virus burns through its human victim, it requires more and more proteins, sugars, fats, and sodium, and that this drives the Zeds' insatiable appetite.  Zombies that haven't eaten in a while become weak, and slow down, shambling like the zombies in classic movies.  This also happens to ones that suffer non-lethal injuries that somewhat cripple them, or if the victim had some kind of disability. 
If they don't eat, eventually they'll keel over and die. This happens much more rapidly than it would take for a healthy person to starve to death.  As I said, it's been suggested that the Z-Virus requires a massive amount of food intake on the part of the victim in order to survive.
As a result (and unlike in the movies), often times the victims don't last.  It takes a robust human to survive the ravages of the mutations, and most of us won't survive in zombified form for more than a few days, weeks at most.  This is why zombie outbreaks are usually contained and we haven't had a zombie apocalypse; the virus tends to burn itself out, like an Ebola outbreak, before it can spread too far.  There are fears that a less voracious, slower-mutating form of the virus might appear, which could turn an outbreak into a pandemic.  Hopefully, this won't happen and the government won't have to place the Hammerdown Protocol into effect.

On the other hand, there are a small percentage of victims that, shall we say, adapt to the Z-Virus.  In these people, the mutations tend to run wild with their DNA and they can become, in effect, super-zombies.  Some mutate into horrific monsters.  Some gain incredible speed and agility.  Some are able to climb walls and stick to ceilings like a gecko.  Some can jump great distances.  Some seem to become ringleaders, and are somehow able to guide, possibly even command, hordes of regular Zeds..

Individual zombies, though, aren't much tougher to kill than a human-
at first.  As the mutation progresses, the Zeds in turn become progressively tougher.  Blood clots faster.  Their brains, mostly destroyed by the virus, require less oxygen than ours.  They don't feel pain.  They don't go into shock.  They don't feel fear (though, for reasons not entirely understood, fire will often drive them away). 
This makes mature zombies more difficult to kill.  It's not that you need a headshot to put a Zed down; it's just that a CNS hit is the most reliable way.   If you shoot a zombie in the chest, it'll most likely keep going until it bleeds out.  This will give the zombie plenty of time to rip you apart.
With that in mind, an argument can be made for more powerful guns with the most violently destructive hunting ammunition you can find.  If you can't make a headshot (something that's difficult to do when a Zed is charging at you at a full run, and you only have seconds to react) you want something that'll do the most damage. 
Shotguns are the best, but are limited in range and capacity.  Rifles are excellent all-around zombie defense weapons.  Don't get too caught up in what caliber or type.  Just pick something reliable that you can shoot well and learn how to use it.  Have plenty of spare magazines (if applicable), a lot of ammunition, and get some raining. 
.308 kills things better than .223, 7.62x39, or any of the intermediate calibers, but weighs literally twice as much.  In handguns, 9mm, .40, .357 Sig, and .45 all tend to perform about the same, especially on zombies.  10mm and any of the magnum revolver rounds are superior at dropping a running Zed, but you then have to deal with more recoil (and in the case of revolvers, a capacity of five to eight rounds, depending on make and model).
I throw that out there just as some food for thought.  As I said, don't get caught up in minutiae.  Having the skill to use your weapon, and a friend to watch your back, is a hell of a lot more important than which optic or which caliber or which gun.

Moving right along, it's also a myth that if you get bitten by a zombie, you automatically turn into one.  This is true in some very poor countries, but most modernized countries have been working on zombie vaccines for years.  Have you gotten a flu shot in the last twenty years?  If so, you more than likely received the latest iteration of the Z-Vaccine.  Steps like this have prevented a major epidemic from happening.  We haven't had a major zombie epidemic world-wide since the 1918 "Flu Pandemic". 

(Remember what was said about not believing everything you read?  While millions did die from the flu, millions died from a major Zed outbreak as well.  Governments have worked hard to quash this bit of history, though, since it was only a miracle that stopped this pandemic from going apocalyptic.)

The problem is, of course, that the vaccine only works so well to begin with, and the Z-Virus, like the common cold, is constantly mutating and changing.  Constant vigilance is required.  Since 1919, a Z-Virus outbreak on a massive scale has been the stuff of fiction.  We're long overdue for the next big outbreak.
So what can you do?  Make a plan.  Get your bug-out-bag together.  Get yourself armed, get yourself trained, and get yourself ready.  Ammunition isn't the only concern.  Food and medical supplies, as well as clean potable water, are critically important as well.  It's also critical that you network with like-minded friends and make a plan; you will NOT survive if you try to go solo.  You have to sleep sometime.  Zombies
never sleep.
One final note.  When you're buying your equipment and supplies, invest in gunshot wound treatment kits and body armor.  In the event of a zombie outbreak, the Zeds won't be the only threat out there.  Society almost always breaks down during an outbreak.  Law enforcement is overwhelmed and unavailable.  Basic public services cease.  There will be people who will try to take advantage of the chaos, and may attempt to victimize you.  Trying situations bring out the best and the worst in people; anarchy and chaos go hand in hand.  Be prepared to defend yourself and your loved ones from other non-infected people.  Remember that they may also be armed.  They may outnumber you.  They may be motivated by desperation, or they may just be bandits and criminals.  Either way, it may require you to kill or be killed.
Stay low, watch your six, and aim for the head.  -MAK

8-1-09:  Killswitch is Dead Nuts On, Dialed In: I had not really had a chance to put Killswitch “On Paper” and really dial it in. Tonight after work, I did just that. It's dead on at 100 Yards. Fine tuned, center of the bullseye. What this means at, say 25 yards, it's about a half inch low, it gets closer all the way in to 100 yards where it's zeroed... and then it starts a gentile drop off... out to 200 it's 8.5 inches low. What this means for a P-dog is that I hold right on it all they way to about 150... and hold just above it's head out to 200 yards. Easy Breezy. Now that it's worn in and shooting awesomely... perfectly zeroed... I'm going to go for the .17 HMR Grand Slam. Which is 1 P-Dog (or gopher) for every round for one whole box of ammo. That's 1 Shot, 1 Kill, for 50 rounds... Zero Misses, Zero Grazings... we're talking Smoked Dog. That's the .17 Grand Slam. I'm going for it...

One of my Tactical Course students, Bob, the gentleman in the photos wearing a Gunsite hat, brought over a memory stick with 80 photos from the shoot. His wife is quite the photographer. So I had to mix in these new photos into the Training Video... which of course lengthened the video so I had to throw in some more music.. It's more fun to watch now. Not as much fun as the course was... the course wasn't just a kick... it was a Training Course and a Tailgate Party. Gotta love it. Next time I'm bringing a grill and brats. Best part of this new version of the video, Marshal Dodge's boys tearing it up.



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